New Bonding

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The characters in this story are over the age of eighteen.


Alice was washing up at the kitchen sink when she felt David’s arms round her waist. This was the moment she had dreaded for a whole week. Her husband Ralph was away for a fortnight on a business trip, or so he said, and Alice was alone with David. There had been a lot to sort out in her mind since the event that had taken place the previous week, and her only surprise at David’s approach was that he had taken so long.

She turned in David’s arms to face him and was about to speak when David said, “Do you still love me?”

He kissed her and for a few moments she let his lips linger on hers, but as she felt his tongue probing for entrance to her mouth she pushed him away, freeing herself from his arms.

“Don’t kiss me like that,” she said firmly, “you know you shouldn’t.”

David was not to be so easily deterred. He too had done some thinking since last week and had concluded that he had never had such a wonderful experience before and he was more than ready to repeat it.

He put his arms round Alice again and said, “You didn’t mind me kissing you like that last week.”

“That was different David,” Alice protested, “You caught me at a vulnerable moment; I was very angry with your father, I’d had row with him over leaving me again for one of his business trips and…and I suppose I wanted revenge, and so I…we…”

“It wasn’t just revenge though,” David said. “You told me it was the most beautiful experience in your life and you loved me, and you know damned well that father isn’t on a business trip unless fucking your secretary in some fancy hotel can be classified as a business trip.”

He pulled Alice closer and she could feel his erect penis pressing against her lower abdomen.

“Stop this, stop this David,” Alice cried out, “we can’t.”

“You didn’t tell me to stop last week,” David grinned, “in fact you told me not to stop.”

Alice continued to struggle in his grasp but he was much bigger and stronger than her and she knew that if it came to a physical contest she would be the loser, and so she tried to calm the situation.

She ceased struggling but she was trembling. She made an effort to control her limbs and steady her voice as she said, “That was last week and I wasn’t really myself, but now it’s this week and I’ve had time to think. I know how wrong we were and it must never happen again.”

David who seemed to be affected by the cessation of her struggles relaxed his hold on her saying tenderly, “How can anything so beautiful be wrong?”

“But it is, it is,” Alice objected, “people are put in prison if they’re caught doing it.”

“Then we have to be careful nobody catches us. Its something between us and nobody ever need know,” David replied.

“Listen darling,” Alice said, striving to keep her voice steady, “we may have got away with it last time, we won’t know that for a while, but even if we have got away with it we might not another time.”

“Got away with?” David queried.

“Darling, all that sperm you put it me, I’m still fertile and I could easily be pregnant, and you know your father had a vasectomy so it couldn’t possibly be his, it would have to be yours.”

“You said father hasn’t been near you for ages.”

“And that’s true,” Alice said a trifle tartly, I didn’t lie, and so even if he hadn’t had a vasectomy it would still mean he couldn’t have impregnated me.” She paused for a moment and then went on somewhat hesitantly, “And…and that’s another reason why I had sex with you, I’ve been so frustrated, and I needed comfort, and we were alone and…”

“No,” David interrupted sharply, “you’re not being honest. Last week we both admitted we’d wanted each other for a long time, and that was before this trouble with dad.”

“Yes,” Alice admitted reluctantly, “I did want to have sex with you before I realised your father was having an affair, and you made it fairly obvious you wanted me, but we controlled ourselves, and that’s what we must do now, so let pendik escort go of me and we can talk about it if you like, but that’s all; no more sex.”

* * * * * * * *

It was true that mother and son had been sexually drawn to each other ever since David had begun to assume the mantle of manhood and she had glimpsed his erect penis a few times.

It was also true that they had made love at a time when she was distressed and suffering intense sexual frustration. More than that, it had been Alice who had seduced her son: It was she who had kissed him; she who had opened her mouth to receive his tongue; she who had exposed her breasts to him and urged him to fondle them and suck her nipples; then she had drawn his hand down to feel her wet genitals to let him know she was ready for him.

When she had exposed his pre-cum dripping penis and began to stroke it, it was clear she had her son under her control, and at her suggestion they had stripped and ended up in the 69 position.

She had washed her son’s face with her female love juice as she received his warm young semen into her mouth, and even as she thought that was end of it, after a brief pause it was clear they were both ready for more. David was begging her to let him penetrate her vagina, and that accorded with his mother’s wishes.

They had ended up with Alice lying on the living room carpet, David on top of her, and as they both entered upon intense orgasms she felt the convulsions of his penis as he drove his young seed deep into her rapaciously clutching vagina, as if she would drag the sperm out of his testes until they were empty. In this she was unsuccessful.

After a shower they retired to Alice’s bed and there copulated twice more; long slow sexual couplings until deeply satisfied they finally fell asleep.

It was when Alice awoke the next morning and found her self alone in the bed that the events of the night began to trouble her. In her love for David and her own urgent sexual need she had allowed her son to fill her with his sperm. It had been wonderful, the most beautiful experience in her life, but he might have impregnated her.

In other circumstances, in a situation where there was no Ralph to be considered, she might have welcomed being fertilised by her son, indeed at the height of her orgasm she had even begged him to fertilise her. But there was Ralph to be taken into account, him and what seemed to her like a myriad of other problems.

The fact that David made no approach to her for sex had led her to resolve that there should be no more sex between them. Her one great problem was that having experienced the most satisfying sex with her son, would she be able to resist him if he did make an approach?

* * * * * * * *

David still had his arms round his mother holding her close, but for a moment he relaxed his hold and moved to stand beside her, one arm still round her waist. He now had one hand free and with it he began to fondle one of his mother’s breasts.

Alice tried to struggle free of his arm but he tightened his grip and began to undo the buttons of her blouse.

“No David no,” Alice cried out desperately as she tried to remove his hand, “You mustn’t do that to me me, stop it, let me go.”

She was too late, David had undone the buttons and pulled down her bra to expose her breasts and he began to caress them.

Alice, beginning to plead, said “Don’t darling, please don’t.”

As if he hadn’t heard her appeal David murmured, “They’re so beautiful, and remember when I sucked your nipples, do you remember what you said?”

“Yes, I remember,” Alice admitted, her face flushing, “but now I’ve said we can talk, but not do this.”

As David bent over her to take one of her nipples into his mouth his hold on her waist relaxed. Alice made a convulsive effort to free herself. For a moment she succeeded but had only trapped herself between two low cupboards in the corner of the kitchen. Trapped in this angle David had her snared. If he had a mind to, and if Alice attempted pendik escort to avoid him again, he could keep her pinned in the corner whichever way she tried to escape.

His mother virtually at his mercy David slid a hand under her skirt and stroked his way up her thighs until pushing aside the gusset of her panties his fingers began to explore her genitals. Had he any doubts about the genuineness of his mother’s resistance before, those doubts were now confirmed. Her genitals were saturated.

As David continued to stimulate her Alice’s legs could barely support her. David felt his mother’s body sagging and he withdrew his hand from her genitals. He lifted her unresisting body and seated her on top of the cupboard angle. Alice seemed to have no resistance left in her as her son removed her panties and then parted her legs.

David knelt before her, his head between her legs, and his fingers parting the outer lips of her genitals, he gazed for a moment at her soft pink inner lips and then began to lick them.

Alice, making low whimpering sounds, seemed to finally surrender to her son’s foreplay, and gently stroking his hair repeatedly murmured, “Oh my love…oh my love.”

It was when David’s tongue finally found her clitoris and began to tease it with the tip of his tongue that Alice seemed to recollect her need to resist her son. She began to weakly cry out, “No…no…no, don’t do that to me, please darling don’t do it to me, you know what it does to me, please…please don’t, you’ll make me come. Oh God…God…I’m coming, I’m coming…I’m aaah, dear God oh…oh…aaargh.”

As Alice frantically responded to her son’s stimulating tongue David had to hold on to her thighs to stay contact with her. He revelled in her female taste and fragrance and felt as if he could be with her like that for ever.

Alice’s orgasm gradually subsided and she was moaning, “What have you done to me…what have you done?”

David rose and pulled down the zip of his flies, releasing his massively erect penis, and standing before her he pressed it against his mother’s outer lips, and as it passed though and touched her inner lips Alice moaned, “Don’t come in me darling…please…please don’t come in me.”

Alice was torn between her fear of incestuous pregnancy and a deep longing to experience her son’s penis in her vagina again, and feel him fill her with his young seed. Caught between these contradictory emotions her legs were still parted and remained parted, as if inviting her son’s penis to penetrate her deeply.

As he pressed the head of his penis past her pubis and into the soft embrace of her vaginal tunnel David whispered in her ear, “I love you, mum, and you know you want this.”

Alice, in a last effort to stop what now seemed to be the inevitable, continued to plead weakly, “No…please…don’t do it to me…don’t do it to me,” but David silenced her with a kiss and this time, and in contradiction to her words, she opened her mouth to receive his tongue.

David thrust his whole merciless length into Alice, and ending the kiss for several moments’ mother and son gazed into each other’s eyes. Alice’s eyes were still pleading, but it was a different pleading. It was as if she feared that David’s pause indicated he had changed his mind and he would now stop his assault on her.

* * * * * * * *

Having been aroused to a high pitch of sexual arousal Alice finally succumbed and whimpered, “Do it to me darling, do it to me I need you so much.”

David began to move in her, slowly withdrawing and then thrusting in again. Alice tried to respond to his movements but her position didn’t allow for this, her only response being the spasmodic gripping of her son’s penis with her vaginal muscle. This drew cries of ecstasy from her son whose thrusts became increasingly frantic and he cried out, “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

His mother’s legs wrapped round him and she slipped off the cupboard and with David’s hands under her buttocks supporting her Alice wailed, “Yes…yes come pendik escort in me, put it in me, I want to feel it, all of it in meee…ah, oh my God…oh my darling…aaargh…”

She felt the convulsion of his penis as his sperm erupted deep into her and in her own orgasmic frenzy she cried out, “Deeper…deeper…all the way in.”

As David thrust the first surge of his semen into his mother he held her tightly to him for a few moments, and then with short sharp jabs he continued to release the rest of his seed into her. When he finally finished ejaculating into his mother he stood still but Alice pleaded, “It’s not stopping…not stopping…stay with me…don’t leave me.”

David, realising that his mother’s orgasm was still tormenting her continued to lift her up and down on his penis until with a sigh of contentment she relaxed but still clung to him with his penis still in her vagina as if she would never separate from him.

What they had not fully realised the first time they had copulated had now come to full awareness. They had experienced that supreme act of love between a mother and her son, Alice knowing that her son’s penis and sperm belonged in her, that he was hers and she was his, and now there could be no going back, and there could be no more resistance. They had found nirvana, the sexual paradise which so few ever fully experience, and which perhaps only a mother and son can fully know.

They were both breathing heavily as David, still managing to keep his penis in his mother’s vagina, gently moved her to sit again on the cupboard. For a few moments they looked into each other’s eyes and saw there the love and need that they could no longer deny. The bond that had been that of mother and son now had an added dimension; they were still mother and son, but were also lovers bonded together in the profoundest of all bonds, that of sexual love between a mother and her son.

* * * * * * * *

For a while Alice stroked David’s hair and fluttered little moist kisses over her son’s face until she felt his penis hardening again inside her. As if to delay the inevitable she whispered tenderly, “Let’s have a shower and then go to bed darling.”

She managed to withdraw from David, but as the still nerve sensitive head of his penis passed over her pubis he gasped with anguish and clutched Alice to him.

“Soon darling, soon,” Alice said soothingly, but barely able to control her own urgent need for him, yet knowing that from now on they would be constantly open to each other in the act of sexual love.

The act of love! David’s question had been, “Do you still love me?” That question had been answered and would be answered repeatedly in the time to come; the answer was found not so much in words, but as he penetrated her vagina and felt it overflowing with the fluid of female love.

Although Alice had not and did not ask that love question of her son, she nevertheless received his answer in the sperm he repeatedly injected into her vagina, and it even surprised him that he could produce so much semen. Perhaps that is another outcome of a mother and son sexual bonding, the constant readiness for more?

There was no doubt about their future as lovers, but had there been doubt it would have been annihilated after the shower. They lay in bed and began that sweet exploration of each other’s bodies, an exploration that would never end along with the constant wonder at the beauty of the male and female form, especially that of a mother and son who in a sense had been part of each other from the time when her son had been in her womb.

Alice had warned David of the possible consequences of their love making, but now those consequences were ahead of them if they took place at all. Was it the price they would have to pay? Was it a price that in their deep selves they wanted to pay – even longed to pay? Was new life even now stirring in Alice’s womb?

The answer to those questions was yet unknown and would not be known for a while. If Alice was found to be pregnant how would they cope? What would happen to her marriage with Ralph? The most likely outcome would be the end of the marriage and how would it be beyond that?

Neither Alice nor David knew the answers to those questions. What they did know was that whatever happened they would have each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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