New Friends

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James picked absently at the paper label on his beer bottle. Momentarily snapped from his thoughts he looked around the darkened, sparsely occupied bar. A typical barfly to his left, slumped over his tequila shot and beer, murmuring to himself about who-knows-what pain the alcohol was expected to blur.

A young couple–a first date, probably–leaning enthusiastically over their small table. Smiling, chuckling, nervous but positive, the young man trying not to drop his eyes down at the cleavage that was so close, so soft but firm. ‘Just two more dates after this one,’ James knew the nervous young man was thinking, and he might get to see it, caress it, kiss and worship it.

An older couple sat quietly. Her eyes latched on to James as he scanned around the room. She was attractive for a mature woman. Tan, probably artificially, slim, wearing a short, flower-patterned dress most twenty-somethings would struggle to make look good. Late 40s, possibly well-preserved early-50s, James thought to himself. And nice. Very nice.

Well-practiced in admiring women from afar James instantly saw the large, well, huge diamond rock on the wedding finger. Her husband, however, seemed detached, eyes transfixed on his smartphone, paying little heed to the shapely calves and plunging neckline of the dress that clearly indicated a woman of self-awareness and confidence. Of course, the well-dressed businessman had no doubt seen it all before, but his emotional distance was obvious.

James’ attention returned to the ether, picking again at the bottle.

A tap on the shoulder snapped him from his daydreaming. Turning quickly, wide-eyed, he saw the flower-dressed woman smiling at him. She brushed a few strands of her long, straight brunette hair from her face and said, simply, sexily “Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you looking around. My husband over there is busy with work…again…and I’m bored. So, I’m Pattie, what’s your name, what do you do, and what are you doing here drinking alone on a Tuesday night?”

James took a moment, stunned at both the approach and the candid nature of the questions. But he had nothing to lose in possibly making a friend. He shook his head to clear it, cleared his throat, and answered: “James. In business development for a start-up. Because I’m bored and needed to get the hell out of the house.”

“Well,” said Pattie with wryly, “you know that scratching at the label is a symbol of sexual frustration?” Her pink-lipsticked lips slowly curled into a smile as she looked James up and down, and up and down again. James was momentarily stunned again, but repaid the motion, considering it only polite, pausing momentarily to drink in the deep cleavage, imagining for a moment the bra beneath keeping 36C breasts (he guessed) perfectly positioned.Ê

She pulled out the stool next to James and slid onto it, letting her dress ride up. James tried hard to keep fixed on her light blue eyes. But, his mind racing, he suspected this Pattie knew exactly what she was doing. When Pattie looked to the bartender to order, she slowly lifted her knee to cross her legs that afforded James the opportunity to catch a momentary glimpse of her landing strip. No underwear. Sassy, he thought. Sexy, too. This quiet night might have a story in it after all.

James and Pattie continued to make small-talk. Her husband–they both kept glancing over–was lost in emails, texts, the work shenanigans of an entrepreneur who had done well, Pattie explained, though he maintained an obsessive compulsion to micro-manage every facet of his business. His life? Well, there Pattie drifted off, suggesting that the mantra of money not buying happiness may well be true.

Pattie quickly snapped herself out of this temporary malaise. “Come on,” she said, “let’s all of us go back to our place. We have free booze and can chat the night away. It’s not far, and before you argue, I insist.”

His inhibitions dulled by a few beers, and always game for a story to tell on his deathbed, James shrugged. What the hell, he thought. Pattie signaled the bartender and paid the check, which bahçeşehir escort James vehemently resisted until Pattie lay her hand on his upper thigh, ostensibly blocking his route to his wallet, and insisted with a confident smile.

Grabbing her husband–Brian was his name as they were quickly introduced–and pulling him from his phone, they headed for the door, the car, the freeway, the house.

Outside the front door of the sprawling, larger-than-he’d ever-seen mansion, James was stunned. Pattie waltzed inside with a skip. Brian tried to swing a loving smack on her ass as she went by, but missed and followed through to the fake hair fix, casting a gaze sheepishly at James to see if his embarrassment was noticed. It was.

Inside, Pattie was already stood at the wet bar with a cocktail shaker in hand. “Brian,” she commanded, “fix the drinks while I change. And make James welcome, comfortable, and boozed up.” She trotted off up the winding staircase and Brian dutifully got to work mixing the drinks. “Scotch?” he offered. “And relax,” he added, softening his voice and manner. “You’re more than welcome here, glad to meet new friends, and Pattie clearly has taken a shine. Which is important…” He trailed off, but finished up the drinks. “Let’s take a seat.”

James and Brian moved over to the pristine sitting room, the kind that looks like it belongs in a museum and no one should ever sit on the chairs.

As they sipped the expensive scotch Pattie reemerged down the stairs wearing a dark blue silk robe. James noticed it wasn’t fastened too tight, swinging open to her upper thigh as she swayed gracefully into the room. Both James and Brian followed her but snapped to order when she declared “we should enjoy these in the hot tub.” James and Brian looked at each other and an awkward pause descended. “To be honest, love, I have to follow-up with Charles about that thing, but take James here and I’ll join you shortly.”

“James?” Pattie inquired.

“I don’t have any shorts,” James responded quickly. Pattie cast a glance to Brian who made a slight head movement and stood up, heading quickly to his study. Pattie took James by the hand and led him through the dining room out onto the patio. She pulled back the cover of the hot tub and the steam cascaded into the chill night air. “Come on,” she said, and signaled for James to approach. He did so, slowly, and as he stood in front of her, Pattie said “Okay, let’s even this up if you’re nervous.”

She slipped out of the silk robe revealing that tan, toned body in a black bikini. Looking up at James she reached behind her back and unhooked the bikini top, curling her shoulders to let it drop to the floor. She stood there momentarily, and this time James could not help but look down and see her incredible breasts so proud, her nipples standing to attention in the cold night air.

Pattie giggled and turned to the hot tub, stepping in to its steaming, bubbling waters, keeping her eyes fixed on James. Now down the rabbit hole, buoyed by the beer and scotch, James kicked off his shoes, pulled off his polo shirt and dropped his jeans, removing his socks with an awkward hop. Still keeping eye contact with James, Pattie wriggled in the water, then lifted her bikini bottoms above her head, smiling widely as she cast them on to the deck.

James sat on the edge of the hot tub, took a deep breath and pulled down his shorts. He quickly dropped into the water opposite Pattie. “No, no, this side,” she whispered, beckoning him to sit to her right. Slowly, James stood up, offering Pattie a clear view of his slowly stiffening cock. She licked her lips. James sat down beside her, his heart now racing.

“Relax,” commanded Pattie as she brushed her right hand on James’ thigh and his cock responded in anticipation, swelling in a way that bolstered his confidence. “Brian,” Pattie then yelled, which shocked James into keen awareness. Here he was, naked, in a hot tub, with someone’s wife, that someone not far away in the house. Brian appeared at the doorway with a tray bakırköy escort of martini glasses.

“You two having fun?” he asked as he placed the tray on the edge of the tub and took a seat. “Drink up and relax.” he said, smiling for what James thought was the first time.

Brian moved behind Pattie and leaned down over her head, moving his hands down her shoulders to then cup her breasts as she lifted them above the water line. Her nipples were rock solid as he slipped his hands over them, looking at James as he did so. “I’ve still to finish my project, so you kids enjoy your drinks and I’ll be back soon.”

As Brian left James reached for his drink, shaking slightly with nervousness, and chugged the chilled martini. Pattie once again placed her hand on James’ thigh, lightly pressing her red painted nails into his skin, moving her hand up and down. The moment James turned to look her in the eyes she darted her hand on to his now erect cock, and she explored the seven inches of its shaft before curling those nails over its circumcised head. James face contorted into a panicked expression and he tensed, placing his hand on hers.

“Brian?” James whispered. Pattie rolled her eyes with an exaggerated motion.

“Brian,” Pattie yelled again, causing James to flinch and his hardened cock to melt to softness in Pattie’s hand.

Brian appeared at the door again.

“Brian, James won’t let me play with his cock–and it’s impressive, you’ll like it–but he thinks you might not approve,Ó Pattie stated. Brian nodded slightly and cleared his throat.

“James, you are fine,” Brian responded in a seemingly stern, but accepting manner. “Pattie clearly likes you, so you kids do what comes naturally. Just don’t cum in the hot tub, alright? I’d rather not have to clean it out. If you can help it, of course. Pattie can be quite persuasive.”

With that, he disappeared into the house and James turned back to Pattie who was now smiling broadly. “Now, where were we?” she asked, and leaned into James lifting one hand behind his head, parting his lips with her tongue and pressing her hot mouth onto his, swirling her tongue around his teeth, then pushing harder as James responded, and using her other hand to reignite his now stiffening cock.

Pattie pulled away slightly but kept hold of James’ throbbing cock. She looked down at it through the ripples and bubbles of the hot tub. “Sit on the edge,” she commanded. Slowly, James lifted himself up, sitting on the edge, feet in the water, and exposing his erection. Pattie kneeled in front of him, kept her eyes on his, and lowered her head, taking the tip of his cock sweetly into her mouth. James looked down, immediately realizing he must control himself or he’d shoot his load in mere seconds.

Pattie’s mouth now enveloped his shaft, taking it deep so it touched the back of her throat. James’ head instinctively snapped back as the pleasure rose. She caressed his well-trimmed balls, then licked across them, sucking one softly into her mouth, juggling it with her tongue. She looked up at James who was concentrating keenly on not erupting, but it wasn’t working. Pattie’s warm, wet mouth was proving too much.

Just as James opened his mouth to utter “Pattie” he exploded with stream after stream of hot, thick cum, straight into Pattie’s mouth. His entire body shuddered as she continued to push her mouth down his shaft. Suddenly James panicked. Did he just cum in the hot tub? He looked down as Pattie lifted her head, mouth open, showing the pool of his man juice on her tongue. Quickly, she swallowed, eyes fixed on James. A trickle of cum slipped from the side of her mouth, dripping slowly towards her chin. James could only stare as Pattie lifted her finger and seductively wiped upwards from her chin, pushing the small pile of cum into her mouth and licking it clean. “Remember, no cum in the hot tub,” she said.

With that she looked back down as James’ cock softened and began sucking the tip, cleaning up every drop.

“How was that?” she asked.

“Fantastic,” başakşehir escort is all James could utter as his muscles relaxed, “but what can I do for you?”

“I’m glad you asked,” Pattie purred. “Let’s switch places.”

James slipped back into the water on his knees and Pattie sat on the edge of the hot tub, spreading her tan legs to expose her pussy, the inner lips poking out, seemingly begging James to caress them. James pulled her towards him, kissing Pattie deeply, and slowly moving his hands over her fabulous breasts, cupping them gently, slipping her firm nipples between his fingers. James kissed down her neck, her shoulders, his tongue lightly grazing her skin as it bubbled with goose-bumps.

He hovered over her breasts, opening his mouth wide to cover her small, deep-red areolas, then bringing his teeth lightly together on her nipples. Pattie gasped as he pulled gently, then released, then flicked his tongue. Pattie moaned lightly again, whispering “so good” as James moved down to her belly button, his left hand remaining attached to her breast, kneading it in rhythm with her body’s motions.

Finally, James arrived at the top of the landing strip he’d spotted earlier. This was it, the road to the promised land. His own cock began responding again, turned on as he was about what he was about to do. James’ tongue searched for and found the hood over her clitoris, exposing the sensitivity and starting to write the alphabet. A, B, C…the shapes of the letters creating varied movements over the nub of her clit, causing Pattie to take shortened breaths. HeÕd read about the technique in a book, and that meant it had to work, right?

James moved his hand from her breast, and while his tongue remained in place, used his fingers to slowly pull apart her engorging lips. Was it the hot tub water or her own juices? James could tell how wet Pattie now was and he easily slipped two fingers in her pussy, curling his them upwards to try and find the G-spot. Pattie wriggled slightly, seeming to help direct him, understanding what wonder his fingers sought.

James now licked the full length of her pussy, drinking in the sweet juices that told him this was Pattie, not the hot tub. He took some satisfaction from that and refocused on his fingers pushed deep inside her love mound.

Pattie jerked suddenly, indicating James may have found the spot. “Oh yes,” Pattie cooed, “right there, that’s it, softly, slowly.” James slowed down rotating his middle finger inside her pussy in slow circles, changing directions, while his tongue continued to zip over her clit, the juices now flowing down his chin.

Pattie lifted her hips, pressing her mound into James’ face. “Oh, I’m coming” she said softly as James remained focused on softly caressing her G-spot as his hand slipped around inside her. Then Pattie tensed, gasped, and came with some force, her pussy lips tightening firmly around James’ fingers. Two, three, four times she pulsed and James fought to stay in place, his face now covered in the sweet juices flowing from her.

Steadily, Pattie started to relax and James gently removed his fingers from the warm confines of her flush pussy. He lifted his head, his mouth and chin glistening in the light from her cum. They smiled at each other.

“It’s okay for that cum to be in the hot tub,” said a voice behind them. James had forgotten all about Brian in the ecstasy of his and Pattie’s orgasms. He looked behind Pattie’s shoulder and there stood Brian, himself now in a robe that hung open to show his own erect cock that he was steadily stroking himself. James quickly splashed his face with the water in the tub, Pattie sighed and slipped back into the steaming water.

“Very good work,” said Brian as he walked towards them, holding out towels, “but you’ve been in there a while, you’ll be prunes. Come inside, we’ll get some more drinks.”

Shy and nervous, James stood up and took the towel as Brian looked him up and down. Then Pattie stood up and Brian brought up the towel, rubbing it lightly over her shoulders and breasts. They smiled at each other, then both turned to look at James, both smiling broadly that turned into a little chuckle, then a hearty laugh. The stern, nervous look on James’ face softened and he too joined the laughter and followed them back into the house.

“A little less frustrated now?” Pattie asked, looking back at James. “A little,” he replied smiling broadly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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