New Horizons Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I try to return the feeling to Jim.

As Jim is sitting back on his heels I get up onto my knees and crawl to him. I take his face into my hands and kiss him full on the mouth. We had both discussed this and both were not sure how we would react. At this moment I really didn’t care. He had gotten me off so well that all I wanted to do was share the feeling; he could tell me if he didn’t like anything I would do.

He seemed to be surprised at first but when I stuck my tongue in his mouth searching for any of my cum left over I felt him relax and get into the moment. He put a hand behind my head and pulled me even closer to him and started tonguing my mouth too.

I reach down to hold his impressive cock. This is the moment I have fantasized for so long. He is much bigger than me and I am surprised by how hot he feels in my hand. My hand can only cover the middle of his cock leaving both top and bottom free. I slowly stroke back and froth. His cock is so hard but somewhat soft at the same time.

I take his balls into my other hand and hold them in my palm.

Still tongue fucking each others mouth I am stroking his throbbing cock and rolling his balls in my hand.

I take my hand from his balls and push it on his chest so that he falls back onto the bed. I spread his legs and get between them. I am consumed with the thought of his cock. The foreskin fascinates me beyond belief. I stroke him covering and uncovering his purple crown. His cock is smooth with no bulging veins sometimes seen in pictures. It is seven inches of long, smooth, hot sex just begging for my attention. I inspect it like I have never seen one before. I haven’t, my cock is the only one I have ever experienced and this is like the first time all over again. I can see the lines in the skin on his cock head as I expose it from the foreskin. I think this is just like a fingerprint. I don’t think we will see a cock print on our passports just yet, but know if I see another hundred cocks in my hand there will never be another first.

Jim is all but forgotten, all that matters is his cock, his center. It kartal escort is like the rest of the picture is out of focus and my mouth is drawn to it. I have been orally obsessed for as long as I can remember. I ate a lot of pussy before I ever put my cock into one.

I have my hand on the center of his cock leaving about 3 inches from the head exposed. I open my mouth and take this into it. I close my mouth and lips on a cock for the first time and it amazes me how hot it feels. I am surprised at how strong it feels in my mouth. I had been so fearful of some of the tasteless labels this act can bring that I had waited forever to try it.

Well I am now a cock sucker and really don’t feel any different than after the first time I ate a girl in the back seat of a 67 Mustang. This is just sex, but also a sharing, something between two consenting people and I am not changed. Wiping this from my mind I return to the cock in my mouth.

My mouth is full of spit which I swirl around and over his cock. I run my tongue over him and hear his moans. I had almost forgotten Jim was attached to this wonderful organ. I move my hand from his shaft to his balls and try to take as much of him into my mouth as possible. When I feel his cock head hit the back of my throat I still have some left unsucked. I decide to concentrate on what I can handle now and start making love to his cock.

I move my head back and forth sucking his cock in and out. I run my tongue around and under the shaft until just the crown is in my mouth and a suck on it like it was the last thing I will ever do. I work his foreskin back and forth sucking it beyond the end of his cock.I roll it between my lips sucking it, running my tongue tip into it to lick his cock head.

I am like spoiled child afraid of never getting any of this again. I am possessed with this act of sucking cock. I think that if I never have the courage to try this again I will find all the answers I have sought tonight.

I can feel him getting close to orgasm and being selfish do not want this to ever kaynarca escort stop, so I spend more attention on his balls and ass.

I reluctantly let his cock fall from my mouth and holding his balls up start kissing them. I take his scrotum between my lips and stretch it out displaying his balls inside.

I also have a hand between his ass cheeks and am making small circles on his perineum. He seems to like this and after some time I feel he is ready to go beyond his comfort zone.

I say to him; “Jim please trust me and relax, let me show you something wonderful.”

I start by wetting my first three fingers in my mouth and slowly run them between his ass cheeks to and beyond his anus. His moaning is more frequent and louder. This tells me he is comfortable with what I am doing. Bringing my fingers back between his cheeks I run my index fingers tip over his anus lightly. Just enough to feel him tense up.

I remind him: “relax and trust me Jim, I won’t hurt you.”

I wet the tip of my index finger again and put just the pad on his anus. He flinches but I feel him relax allowing just the tip to push past his first anal ring where I stop.

I hold my finger tip there and ask: “How does that feel? Would you be comfortable going farther?”

Jim can only whisper; “Oh yes please I want to feel more!”

I ask him to turn over and he rolls onto his knees and forearms.

I am caressing his ass cheeks with both hands taking my time. I can see his crinkled anus and am as excited as when I first saw his cock. I run my fingers between his cheeks and over his anus until I feel he has relaxed enough to enjoy what I am about to do. I spread his cheeks with my hands making a triangle with my fingers and thumbs around his anus. I lean forward and just breathe on him. I know he can feel my hot breath on his anus as he sighs. I lean forward and kiss him lightly right on his ass hole with my wet lips. I hold there putting light pressure until I feel him relax enough for his ass hole to open just slightly. I push my tongue tip kozyatağı escort into him and tongue him.

He falls forward so that he is resting between the side of his face and his knees.

Thinking I have him now I ask; “Jim what do you want me to do? Do you want me to make love to your ass? You have to say it aloud, it will free you. I am your cock sucker and I want to eat your ass. I want you to cum like you have never cum before but you need to say it. Tell me what you want, but I need to hear you tell me.”

Jim moans “Yes, do it for me, please eat my ass my cock sucker. Eat my ass.”

I am so hard now I can feel my cock slapping my belly with each heart beat.

I feel Jim move to hold his cock and tell him; “Let me do that, let me do it all for you. Hold your ass open for me my slut, show me what you want.”

As he reaches back to hold his cheeks open for me I lean forward and kiss him hotly on his ass hole. I lick it like it is my last meal, running my tongue in, around and over his anus. I take his ball sack in one hand and start to stroke his cock with the other.

We have gone into another sexual dimension together. I know for me there is no turning back. I am sure I haven’t given up anything from my past sex life only crossed another horizon to more pleasures. I think I should have done this years ago!

It doesn’t take much of this before Jims breathing quickens enough to tell me that he is about to cum. I take my hand from his balls and surround his cock head with my fingers. Feasting on his ass, stroking his cock faster I feel his hot cum hit the palm of my hand. Shot after shot of hot cum hits my palm until it overflows and runs down my wrist. When I feel him stop I pull back from his ass and let go of his cock. He rolls over onto his side and now it is my turn to sit back on my heels and enjoy his moment.

When he catches his breath he says: “I have never cum like that before. Thank you for showing me pleasure I was so afraid to explore.”

I then show him my cum covered hand and as I flatten my tongue on my palm I lick his up essence. I can’t get it all with one try so I lean forward and offer him my hand.

He takes my hand in his and licks up as much cum as he can, rolling my hand over to get what has run on my wrist.

As I lay next to him he sees how hard my cock is and says; “This is going to be a great weekend. Do they have room service?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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