New Horizons Ch. 03

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Bent Over

As Jim and I are lying back side by side he sees that I am hard again, but as he has just cum he is soft. We had both written each other about wanting to feel a cock harden in our mouth so I ask him if he would like a cocktail.

As soon as I have said it I know it was a mistake as Jim quickly replies; “Yes please tell me a story about your fine cock!”

Laughing I move to the wet bar in the suite and say; “No one of these.” And hold up a bottle of rum. “We have rum, gin and scotch.”

He says a rum and coke will be fine.

I make our drinks and lay back beside him. We talk about everything but what just happened. Honestly I am still a little unsure of how this is going to pass. I still feel that even after what we have just done with each other the fear of embarrassment or humiliation is still there.

Jim must sense this when he says; “I really don’t know what I enjoyed more, sucking you off or what you did to me.”

Almost immediately I feel blood rushing into my prick and say; “before we get hard I want to feel you stiffen in my mouth and my cock in yours.”

We kiss wetly but quickly and turn into a 69 on our sides. I feel him take all of my soft cock into Acıbadem escort bayan his hot mouth and want to do the same to him but am still so mesmerized by the sight of his cock all I want to do is look at him. His shaved balls hang loosely under his fine looking cock which has softened enough so that the foreskin is now covering the crown.

As Jim caresses my balls I feel my cock start to stiffen in his mouth and start a movement slowly fucking his mouth. I then see him flex his cock reminding me of what I am there to do.

I take him completely in my mouth which is full of hot spit and start rolling him around with my tongue. He starts to harden quickly and as I am working that wonderful foreskin back and forth over him he fills my mouth with hard cock.

I reach around him with my free hand and start to caress his ass cheek. Squeezing and flexing his ass cheek I know is opening his anus. I want him to adjust to the thought that his ass and anus are all an integral part of our new sexuality. I am not touching his anus just trying to keep him aware of its value as an erogenous zone.

We are both very hard now and he is at his fullest tumescence and I can Escort Kaynarca not hold all of his cock in my mouth comfortably.

I roll us over so that I am on top as he is more able to comfortably suck all of my cock. I am fucking his mouth in sync with my sucking of his cock.

Now he has both hands free and is holding and stroking my ass cheeks, spreading me so that now my anus is opening and closing. This excites me so much that I feel my orgasm approaching.

Jim takes my cock from his mouth long enough to quickly say; “Cum for me buddy, give me your hot cum.”

As I quicken my pace I ask him to cum with me and am moving his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster.

I can see his balls tighten up into his groin as I feel his cock get even bigger and start pulsing and shooting his hot seed into my mouth. This pushes me over the edge and I fuck his mouth even faster until I start shooting my cum into his mouth.

As our orgasms almost reach completion I am so sensitive in his hot mouth it almost hurts so I freeze all movement and spill the last of my cum into his mouth as I hold his cock in mine and feel the last of his cum entering me.

My Aydınlı escort mouth is so full and as this is the first time another man has cum into my mouth and I want to experience everything about it. Not swallowing, some of it is running out of my mouth down around his cock and onto his ball sack.

Recovering slightly I start to slowly fuck his mouth again while slowly sucking him.

I turn my hips to the side and feel him gently sucking my cock as I pull it from his hot mouth. I let his cock slide out of mine at the same pace and roll completely onto my side. Laying there all I see is his wonderful cock laying across his hip. All shiny and wet with my spit I watch as it softens. I watch the foreskin as it seems to now be covering the crown. Softening his cock falls from my sight between his legs.

As I am turning around to lay next to him I am surprised to see him pull my face to his and kiss me wetly. He pushes his tongue between my lips and forces some of my cum into my mouth. It surprises me but excites me even more.

We hold like this kissing and fucking each others mouth with our tongues.

He breaks the kiss and I lay next to him. We are both silent for some time just listening to each others breathing.

When it seems that we have returned to earth Jim says;” I want you to fuck my with that hot cock, will you fuck me?”

I tell him I would love to fuck him and only wish is that we could fuck each other at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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