New Horizons Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Orientation Revisited

For the maximum enjoyment, read the first three parts. As always, there is more if you want it.

* For the first two days following the chapter meeting, I had to fight sleep all day long, then again as I checked my e-mails in the evening. By Wednesday night, I was nearly back to my old self, whoever that really was.. It was fortunate that my work load was light, giving me the opportunity to work on some projects that I’d been putting off; projects that required me to be physically active, thereby helping me to stay awake. I’d had few phone calls during the week and very few postings to my web sites that required replies. I’d wind up shutting the computer down early unless I scanned through one or two lesbian support groups pages. The only activity I’d engaged in was to watch a lesbian video Thursday night with my dildo there to help me over the top…twice.

Waking up Saturday, I decided to give the place a good house cleaning. Hearing a knock on my door just before noon, I wiped a hand across my sweat smeared brow and went to see who it was. One look and the postman just smiled. “Not much doubt about what you’ve been up to is there?” I grinned and grabbed at his pad to sign for the package he’d brought. He tipped his hat and laughed as he walked away.

Seeing no return address other than a mail handling office box number, I sat it on the coffee table and studied it for a few seconds. There was little doubt where it came from but I also knew that you just couldn’t be too careful. Carefully slitting the tape that secured it shut, I slowly opened it. A box that was neatly wrapped in pink paper lay inside. When I lifted the box from the outside carton, a familiar fragrance floated over me. I smiled and unwrapped the box, then opened it to find a beautiful pale rose colored silk camisole with matching panties. After examining them for a few minutes, I stripped off my clothes to hold them against my nude body.

I almost cooed at the feel of the soft, sensuous material moving over my skin as I turned this way and that, admiring the way it flattered my body, moving seductively with my every move.. Looking in the full length mirror, I liked what I saw, and felt a tingling between my legs as I envisioned what pleasures they could bring. .

As I began to place the items back in the box, I noticed an envelope…a pink envelope. When I held it to my face, I inhaled it’s fragrance and allowed some memories to filter through my mind. Carefully opening it, I lifted a single page of pink paper from it. “Hello, Samantha,” it said. “Please wear this when you attend your next session.” Turning it over in my hand, I sought some clue as to when and where the next session was to take place, but found nothing to provide any information.

I heard nothing further until Thursday, when I checked my email at work. I was surprised by a message from an unfamiliar sender, and started to delete it until I saw the subject line, which simply said “Session.” I was sure I knew what it was, and just to make sure no one was going to walk in on me while I read it, I stood and quickly scanned the office. It bothered me to know that someone knew my private office email though. The message was simply a time, date and location on a pink page with the usual medallion at the top. I copied the message and deleted it immediately, then emptied my trash file. Unsure of my benefactors wishes, I decided to contact Melissa once again to clarify the situation. Melissa didn’t answer the phone, but when I was directed to her voice mail, I requested that Melissa tell me whether I should wear anything other than the new items, or wear only a summer weight raincoat.

When I got home, I had an email from Melissa advising me that a skirt and blouse would be acceptable if I wished.

Arriving at the designated location nearly a half hour early, I sat in my car, studying the large warehouse building. Though there were windows on the second floor, they appeared to be covered or painted over. The ground floor was solid concrete with no windows at all, only a pair of doors which were covered with a blue fabric of some kind. At the time noted, I entered the building, walking through the front office and down a long hallway. Locating the door marked with the familiar medallion, I stepped in to find the rest of my chapter already there, standing together in a small office. Cricket stepped forward to wrap me in a warm embrace, kissing me tenderly. “I’m glad you could come, Samantha.

Dawn, Trish and Justine stepped forward to embrace me as well, kissing me softly.

“This will be your second session as a spectator,” Cricket explained. “As I told you I would I counted your chapter session as a spectator session. Watch the session closely if you can and for as long as you can. However, as the session progresses, you may find yourself to be extremely aroused by activities in front of you. If that happens, you are free to satisfy yourself if you feel the need, or you may approach escort atakoy other nearby members whether they be members of your chapter or not, for sexual activities as long as the other member is willing. If you are approached, it is entirely your choice as to whether you participate or not.”

“Does this apply to any other member,” I asked “or only the ones I know.”

“You don’t have to accept any advances from anyone, Samantha, but that’s up to you.” she replied.. “Some of my best experiences have been with women I’d never met. It’s your choice.”

When they felt I was ready, we left the room to enter a large area. Looking much like an area, long, thickly padded benches or couches sat widely spaced in a half circle on three levels, overlooking the now familiar orientation site. Though I didn’t see the padded table where I lost my anal virginity, the rest of it was familiar, being a circular area featuring a large couch and bed. . Between the spectators and the orientation area was a glass wall which prevented the sounds of the spectator area from infiltrating the orientation area. Already in place, dozens of other women gathered in small groups, which I assumed to be other chapters. All the women I saw were dressed in casual clothing, similar to mine. Some had already taken their seats while others were mingling with their own groups or others.

The women were engaged in light conversation, pausing to greet the members of our chapter in the usual manner as we moved through them to reach an open spot in the circle, where six sofas sat empty. Trish and Cricket moved to the second level, while Dawn, Justine and I elected to stay on the lower level for reasons I wasn’t sure of at the time. The women of chapter eight moved to greet us. It may have been my imagination, but their kisses seemed a bit more passionate than the normal welcoming kiss.

Chatting with each other, we failed to notice a young woman wearing a creamy white robe, who approached us, extending her hand to me. I took her hand in mine, being pulled into what I now knew to be the customary embrace and light kiss.

“Hi, you must be Samantha.”

“I guess I’m guilty,” I replied, still holding her hand in mine.

She laughed but left our hands together. “My name is Beth. I’m the coordinator for the host chapter today. I just wanted to take a minute to meet you and invite you to just relax, and enjoy the experience.” We kissed each other once more as she turned to welcome the other members of our chapter, kissing each of them in turn, and exchanging embraces.

“Our guest of honor appears to be ready,” she announced, as she moved away..

Dawn pressed a finger to her lips as she offered me a seat. As I sat down, Justine slipped in next to me. The room fell silent as two women walked a blindfolded woman in from a nearby office. As I’d been advised, all members of the host chapter were completely nude. I felt a shiver move up my spine, remembering my own orientation not all that long ago. The guest wore a long skirt and a sweater that appeared to be cashmere over dark colored heels.. The two women left the guest of honor near the couch as Beth stood near her.

“Welcome Tammi. Are you ready for your orientation session?” The young woman nodded, but I couldn’t help but notice the way she was twisting her fingers together in a serious case of nerves “Do you remember your safety word?” The woman nodded without speaking. Beth motioned for the host group to step forward. There wasn’t a sound as the women moved closer. Justine rested her hand on my thigh and squeezed tenderly as three of the women began caressing the woman called Tammi. One by one, the members of the group approached the girl to kiss her and fondle parts of her body. With each kiss and each caress, my body grew warmer. .

The group backed away for a few seconds and I recalled how incredibly long those seconds seemed when you were in that situation. One thing that I noticed that this chapter did differently than my hosts had done, was that from somewhere I hadn’t noticed, a squeeze bottle had appeared, of oil or lotion, and the group passed it form member to member, each member liberally applying it to their hands, and working it in.

Once again, the group moved forward to stand near the girl. Three of the women began to fondle her stomach, ass and legs as another woman moved to unbutton the girl’s blouse.

As her blouse was removed, her breasts came into view. Not more than a B cup, they nonetheless were beautifully firm with dark, rigid nipples. Hearing a soft moan, I glanced around the room, noting the fact that some of the other spectators now had their hands under their skirts or working over their breasts. Some had already begun removing another’s clothing. Still, the room remained eerily quiet..

Looking back to the orientation, I watched as the girl’s skirt was removed, leaving her to stand in yellow thong panties. Once again, the group began getting intimate with the girl, escort bahcesehir stroking, touching and kissing over her body, who was almost constantly near orgasm.

Glancing over at Dawn, I saw that she had not removed her blouse. I smiled, remembering how tasty her breasts were and how good they felt in my hands and mouth. As the blouse slipped to the floor, she returned to fondling her breasts and nipples as she watched the scenario unfold below us. Her right hand began moving up my leg and under my skirt. I spread my legs to give her access but her focus was on the action and on her own breasts.

As I watched, Tammi was led to the bed and her panties stripped away along with her heels. I remembered well the feeling of helplessness that swept over me as my hands and feet were secured and knew she was feeling it now. As the tender caresses began anew over her body, two of the women began ministering to her breasts, while another woman moved between her legs to begin stroking over her labia, opening her up to further exploitation.

Without even realizing it, I had my fingers under my skirt, stroking over my the soft surface of my panties as the scene before me grew more and more erotic and I grew progressively more needy. Justine picked up the slack by moving her fingers under my skirt, lifting it to brush over the soft fabric of my panties. When Dawn stood, I unhooked her skirt, dropping it to the floor to be kicked aside. She turned to me and I knew what she wanted. I began fondling her mons and stroking over her panties as she tortured her breasts. Justine got up and pulled me to my feet again to begin kissing me as she fondled my breasts with those long fingers of hers. I pulled away from her long enough to strip Dawn’s panties away, then bent to hold them as she stepped out of them and kicked them aside

Justine meanwhile, had worked her way past me to take Dawn into her arms and start kissing her as she mauled Dawn’s breasts. Feeling neglected, I sat back down to watch the action unfold before me.

Tammi’s pussy was being licked and fingered while she fingered the two who had been working on her breasts. The louder they moaned, the more I needed to come. I looked up at Dawn and Justine but they were too much into each other at that point to be of any help to me. So I did what any woman would do under those circumstances, I slipped my fingers under my panties and started on my clit.

My panties were soaked through by now and I wanted release to come soon. When Tammi lost control of her body, One of the women rammed her fingers home, hammering into her so fast I could hardly see her fingers..

No matter how hard I beat into my pussy, I couldn’t quite get over the top so I took my fingers out of my panty leg and jammed them in from the top but a small hand stopped me. The woman who had been caressing me smiled up at me, but held tight to my hand, preventing me from bringing myself off. I surrendered to her, hoping she would take care of the situation, but she held my hand as I looked back at the action. One woman had slipped her fingers into Tammi’s pussy while a second held her labia spread wide. Two other women had the poor girl’s breasts in their lips and teeth, forcing cries from Tammi’s dry throat as she begged for release.

I jerked my eyes from the scene to look down on the girl kneeling in front of me as her fingers slipped into my panties. I slid forward and raised my hips to let her slip them from me and over my legs. She held them as I pulled my feet from them, then she threw them somewhere. I urged her to hurry as my attention was drawn back to Tammi’s orientation, hoping that now that she had my panties, she’d take my pussy next. When Tammi’s orgasm hit, it was a hard one, forcing a loud cry as she thrust her hips wildly into the woman who had her tongue in her slit.

As Tammi began to calm, one of the women who had been working on her breasts, rose to climb onto the bed. Lifting her leg over the girl’s face, she eased down onto her. It didn’t take a second for Tammi to react to the fragrance of a wet pussy in front of her face. When the woman slipped a pillow under Tammi’s head, she began licking over the woman’s slit. I watched as Tammi thrust her hips into an invisible lover while she gobbled the woman’s pussy. I knew what Tammi was going through because we both needed the same thing. We needed to be either fucked or eaten. and we needed to come in a hurry.

I groaned in happiness as I felt the young woman in front of me move between my legs and begin tonguing over my thighs, sucking that tender flesh at the tops into her mouth to nip at them, then suck the pain away. A fingertip slipped through my slit, followed by another which allowed her to spread me open to the tip of her powerful tongue and my body reacted in appreciation.. Spreading me wide, she rammed her tongue into my depths. I humped into her face as her fingers moved over my pink lips, holding them wide. Hearing a gasp and a cry of finality escort gungoren from Dawn, I gazed over to watch as her orgasm rocketed through her.

Just the sound of her orgasm was enough to move me closer to the precipice and as the girl sucked my clit into her mouth and nipped at it, I followed Dawn’s example and tumbled over the edge. Rather than let up on me, the girl then turned me on the sofa to crawl between my legs, which I wrapped over her back I noticed that Dawn had done the same but now her ass was in the air and Justine’s head was under her as they attacked each other’s pussy.

The young woman pushed her fingers into me and began fucking me slowly at first, picking up speed and becoming more forceful. My fingers were dug into the cushions as another orgasm got closer. She stopped for a few seconds to move and I felt her thumb move into my ass before the fingers were pushed back into me. Using my ass as a fulcrum, she pounded into me until I lost control and let the orgasm take me away from reality.

Once I was able to focus again, I glanced over to see Justine’s fingers were digging into Dawn’s ass cheeks, pulling Dawn into her face as they both began approaching the point of no return. I know how hard Dawn can come but when I reached my hand up to push a finger tip in her ass, she exploded, whipping her ass around as Justine fought to stay with her.

Even as I began to calm, the young woman began licking away my juices while her fingers remained in my body. My clit was so sensitive that I immediately moved into another orgasm. I hated to do it, but I finally had to push her away. She moved up over me to share my juices as she kissed me repeatedly and left without me getting a taste of her.

Below us, Tammi was doing her best to keep up with the ample flow of juices from the older woman’s pussy, sucking them into her mouth and swallowing them. The woman rocked back and forth over Tammi’s mouth, her eyes closed. I could almost feel Tammi’s oncoming orgasm as Tammi thrust her hips into a woman’s face while others sucked on her nipples.

I took a second or two to look around the room, taking note of the state of undress among other members, and hearing the soft moans of pleasure coming from them. When I looked back at Trish and Cricket, Cricket was lying atop Trish with her knee between Trish’s legs. Trish had her leg wrapped through Cricket’s as the humped into each other’s leg. The sweat that poured from them was testimony to the level of passion they were getting from each other.

When I turned back to the scene in front of us, Tammi had been moved to the table I remembered so well, her legs hanging down and lubricant was being poured over her ass. The woman with the strap on moved forward, spreading lubricant from a small bottle over the girls anus and pussy. Lubricating her fingers, she then pressed one into the tight hole, moving it around in circles, then adding a second, which brought an expression of distress from the young woman. Tammi’s hand went up in a sign to stop and the women waited the use of her safety word, but after taking a few seconds to breathe, she nodded as the fingers plunged deep into her rectum and began moving in and out. I tensed subconsciously, knowing what was coming next.

The head of the plastic cock was placed against the tight opening and pressed into her until it slipped in as she cried out, gripping the sides of the bed tightly. I watched as the cock was slowly worked deeper and deeper into the girls body until it a final thrust buried it inside. The woman who wore the strap on, grasped the girls legs and began working it in and out, moving a little faster with each stroke until she could tell that Tammi was near. With a series of three hard strokes, the cock was buried deep into her bowels as she cried out and her body tensed, then began forcing her muscles into a series of hard spasms until she cried out and collapsed back on the bed.

To the rear of our room, a young woman sat, fully dressed, all by herself. Her back was to us so I walked over to her and extended my hand.

“Hi, I’m Samantha. You look so terribly lonesome up her all by yourself.” The young woman took my hand and smiled. “Are you enjoying yourself,?” I asked. The young woman merely nodded without taking her eyes off my face. “What is your name?” I asked, trailing my fingers over her soft cheeks.. She moved over on the couch and invited me to join her.

“Allyssa,” she said, so softly that I barely heard her. She looked awfully young to be here, not over nineteen at the most. She wore a simple, pale blue blouse over a white skirt, nude nylons and blue heels. A simple, yet elegant string of pearls graced her slim neck, dipping down to just graze the top of her blouse.

Since most of the other women were too involved in their own activities to even notice the young woman, I took it upon myself to at the very least, make her feel welcome, but then something came over me. Maybe it was her long, auburn hair, or her gray-green eyes. Perhaps it was the soft inviting lips or the curve of young breasts under her blouse. I don’t know. It really wasn’t a conscious action when I picked up her hand. She seemed to hold back, but then she relaxed as my lips brushed over her palm.

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