New Horizons Ch. 11

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Chapter 11-Training Continues

Dear readers. This is a long chapter, and slow starting with lots of set up and characterization. Some of you may find it too long or too detailed early on, but those of you that know my style and how I feel about telling the full story will understand. As always, your comments and critiques are more than welcome, and if fact, are greatly appreciated. Thanks for staying with me.

The morning after Beth’s visit, I awoke early, slipping on a robe to get some coffee. As I watched the coffee brewing, It reminded me of the situation that was brewing in my life. The trouble was, I wanted everything without giving up anything. I wanted commitment without giving up the group. I wanted some rest without denying myself of the opportunities for pleasure that were so plentiful. And there was the fact that I knew in my heart that I didn’t really want to be exclusive to any of my lovers. Not Beth, or Justine, or Dawn, or any of the others. Each offered me a different type of sexual excitement, and I hadn’t had the opportunity to be with Heather or some of the others yet either.

I sighed in resignation, accepting the fact that I had become too addicted to my lifestyle to make any significant changes. At the same time, I had to find a way to become more organized, closely evaluating each opportunity and realizing that there were going to be times when I simply had to tell myself, “no, not this time.”

One decision that I finally made was not going to be popular, but I had to limit my chapter meetings to every other month. I just couldn’t spread myself that thin any more. Beth’s comments about what I was doing to my body hit home. I hadn’t realized it until I stood in front of the mirror before coming downstairs. I was losing too much weight. It was time to re-focus.

I also decided to talk to Laurie and Beth about the training sessions. Every week was too much and it limited what I could do in the way of recruiting and wasn’t that supposed to be my focus now? I feared that sex was going to cease being the pleasure I craved and become too much of a job or a responsibility. I’d rather have less and better than more and more.

With a cup of coffee in hand, I went into the living room to go over my upcoming events and try to prioritize them in such a way that I didn’t miss any of the important ones, or take on more than I could handle.

Recruiting had to return to my number one priority, the only other option being to contact Laurie or Beth and ask to be dropped from the program. I knew that if I made that choice, I’d face a lot of pressure from everyone in the organization and besides, I wasn’t sure I wanted out, at least not yet. I needed to give myself more time before I made that decision. Danni’s orientation would be posted soon and I had to leave myself some wiggle room in my schedule since I promised I’d be there for her. The next candidate that I’d studied enough to go after was Brandi, the one I had rehearsed for with Beth and Jillian.

In the meantime, I had a training session on Tuesday so the soonest I could meet with anyone else would be Thursday or Friday. I opened a new older and began organizing my information on Brandi, spending a great deal of time on the photos of her attempted orientation, carefully studying her facial expressions and the body language. I tried to literally become her in each photo. I made myself a note to discuss the possibility of multi-camera videos of the orientations just so I could read their body language better.

It was obvious that right from the very beginning, she had displayed at the very least, a reluctance, if not an absolute fear of being there. The orientation should never have been held without more preparation.

Note to self: pre-orientation screenings could avoid a lot of refusals in advance.

When I called, her phone rang several times and I was just ready to hang up when her voice mail picked up. “Brandi? Hi, this is Samantha with Totally Woman. When you have some time, would you give me a call? We obviously did something terribly wrong and my job is to find out what we did right and what we did wrong. I’m not going to pressure you or anything, I just need to ask you some questions and offer our apologies.” I left my number and some times when she could reach me and just as I was ready to hang up, I heard the phone connect and a very sweet, very sensual woman’s voice.

“I’d just like to forget it ever happened, Samantha,” she stated, and I felt that she was ready to hang up.

“Brandi, give me just a minute or two would you?”

“What do you want from me?” she asked. “I made a mistake, that’s all. I guess I…I don’t know, I guess I wasn’t expecting anything like that.”

“I understand, Brandi, I really do. I wasn’t involved with your recruitment or orientation but I know you went through some very emotionally trying situations and I’m sorry. It never should have gone the way it did.”

“That’s all right,” she replied. “let’s just say I wasn’t really ready for that and let it go.”

“If you wish,” I replied. escort bayan “but I’d appreciate your help, Brandi. I just started this job and it’s a job that was created just to make Totally Woman more responsive to members and candidates. In short, we are trying to improve the entire program. Only by correcting our mistakes will we be able to do that. All I want to do is to get your feelings about some things, maybe discuss a couple of my ideas with you, things like that.”

“Just to talk?” she asked.

“Just to talk,” I agreed, keeping my fingers crossed as I spoke.


“How about Ignacio’s out on Stevens Road? It’s quiet, with widely spaced tables and booths and the food is terrific. I’ll buy you dinner as an apology. That’s why I have an expense account.”

We agreed to meet Thursday night at seven. When I put the phone down, I took a deep breath, held it and exhaled. This was not going to be as easy as Danni was. I immediately called Beth to ask her for the contact name at Ignacio’s, one of “our” establishments, and she graciously offered to get everything set up for me. An hour later, she called with my contact names, the details for the restaurant, and wished me good luck, then reminded me of the training session with Heather on Tuesday. I almost backed out but didn’t want to cause any problems since I’d only been on the job for such a short time. Besides, I wanted to get Heather naked.

I was pleased with the progress I’d made with Brandi and the training session would be a good chance to see what Beth and Heather had to say about it.

We met at the Windward as planned, only this time, Beth and Heather were standing just outside the entrance to the new lobby, waiting for me. They took me on a brief tour of the building, showing me photos of what it originally looked like and what it had become before the restoration began. The difference was staggering. It was like taking an aged movie star and remaking her into a statuesque beauty of elegance and class. The pools were both finished and open to members on a case-by-case basis. There were no restaurant facilities at that time, but we walked through the area set aside for that and discussed the plans for its construction. They planned on offering rooms on the first floor within a year.

The whole time we were walking, my focus was on Heather’s petite ass, rock solid and full of motion as she walked. Before I left there, I knew I would possess that little body and my pussy quivered at the thoughts of that activity.

When we retuned to the pool area, Beth went into the refreshment area to get some iced tea while Heather and I pulled some chaise lounges together near the pool. While it wasn’t extremely hot, the sun was extremely bright, the kind of sun that can burn you to a crisp in nothing flat. Wide umbrellas were leaning against the building so we set three of them up in such a way as to block a wide area of sun.

We discussed my meeting with Brandi and the various problems that I could be facing. Heather warned that I could expect a very difficult time turning her back to being interested enough to get her to another meeting.

“I’m sure I it will be difficult, I agreed, but look at it this way. If I can turn a candidate that has this mindset, I should be able to convince most anyone. I believe she just wasn’t ready for such a traumatic event, and that brings me to some suggestions that I have.”

I detailed my idea for the video cameras and then homed in on our recruitment procedures. “If we take the time to find out more about their personalities and maybe feel out some of their phobias and fears, we might be able to avoid a lot of the refusals. I’ve been studying it and we’re running at twelve percent refusals. That’s too high and my focus is to turn fifty percent but that still leaves six percent refusal. I think we can cut that to two percent or less if we work at it.”

“Man, Samantha, for someone just getting into this, you’re really on the ball,” Heather replied. “The video cameras might be a problem in some of our orientation sites but maybe the answer there is to stop using those sites. As far as the pre-screening idea goes, I don’t know just how we could do that without defeating the purpose of the orientations.”

“Did you have any specific suggestions?” Beth asked. “We’re open to any changes that would make the program work better of offer our members more services but I have agree with Heather, I don’t know how to make sure we don’t compromise the orientation concept altogether.”

“I have some ideas,” I professed, “and I’d appreciate any input you could give me. I really do think that we can do it without compromising anything at all. How about this? What if I came up with a solution? Do you think the management would provide me with the names and contact information on some potential candidates and let me see what I can do?”

“I’m sure they would be willing to listen to anything you have to suggest that will improve our program. That’s why they offered you this position. Be sure you have all your facts bursa vip escort and be prepared for critical analysis. You might want to run everything past one or two of us first.”

“Actually, my thought is to involve one or two of you on each candidate,” I agreed.

“That might work if we can work it into our schedules,” Heather agreed. “I’ve probably got more open times than the others right now.”

“I’m sitting here listening to you,” Beth offered, “and I have to tell you that I don’t think you need the weekly training sessions, and I have mixed emotions about it, to tell you the truth. I mean, It’s great that you don’t, but I really look forward to being with you.”

“I’ve been thinking about that too,” I replied, smiling. Things were going so much easier than I thought they would. “We are supposed to have a monthly meeting with Laurie and Wendy, right?”

“Yes, and possibly some others,” Beth agreed.

I pulled out my Monthly planner and opened it to the following month. “The days highlighted in pink are my period days. We would have to consider that with each of us, but roughly, what if we met with Laurie and Wendy and whoever, the first Tuesday of the month, for instance. Then on the third Tuesday of the month, we have an organizational meeting where we discuss the candidates, work out plans of action and things like that. We could meet for an hour or so, then have a social time afterwards.”

“I like it,” Heather reported.

“So do I,” Beth agreed, “assuming we can work out the schedules.”

“It doesn’t have to be on a Tuesday either,” I replied, “and if necessary, we can change days on a given month.”

“I’m liking this a lot,” Heather replied. “My schedule was getting too goofy anyway.”

“What days are your chapter meetings, Samantha?” Beth wondered.

“Oh God,” I groaned. “I almost forgot about that, but it’s all right. They’re at the end of the week.” I reviewed the calendar and circled the date for the next meeting as well as the scheduled meeting with Brandi.

“While you have your calendar out,” Beth said, “Danni’s orientation is on the second Wednesday. Remember, you promised to be there.”

Another circle was added to the calendar with Danni’s name on it.

“I’ll hold my Thursdays open for candidate meetings at least for the time being,” I decided.

“It’s only going to get worse, Samantha,” Heather warned. “Do what I do and keep one or two days of every week for yourself plus the weekends. Otherwise, you’ll burn yourself out quickly.”

“Well, week two is period week so nothing gets scheduled then that requires me to be naked.” I replied, “and days one and two are no activity whatsoever. I’m a bear then.”

“So are there any problems you need help with” Beth wondered. “I mean this is still officially a training session.”

“Nothing out of the ordinary right now,” I replied.

“In that case,” Beth said, “We have one more thing to show you.”

Taking my hands in theirs, they led me back into the building, past the security guard in the lobby, moving through the pool area to take a left turn into the back hall of the main building. We walked about twenty feet or so and entered through a door with no marking of any kind, stepping into a room to die for. Obviously the living room for an elegant suite, the room had to be at least twenty by thirty feet in size, covered with a thick creamy carpet. The walls were a pale gold color, dotted with candle-lit sconces, and exquisite paintings, all nudes in various situations, some quite erotic, others not so much. Every piece of furniture was over-sized, from the couches that sat in front of the field stone fireplace, to the many chairs and chaises that dotted the room. Tables throughout the room were of dark, rubbed mahogany with tall, elegant lamps on each end table. Floral arrangements and bowls of fruit were strategically placed in several places.

“It’s beautiful,” I commented, stunned by the richness of the décor. “But what are we doing here?”

“You’ll see,” Beth replied, pulling me over to a mahogany covered panel. She pressed on a Totally Woman medallion, molded into the rich wood and it slid aside to reveal a dimly lit key pad. With a quick tap, there was a series of sharp clicks and a voice announced, “doors secured.” Another key tapped and a pair of panels on one wall slid back to reveal one of the largest video screens I’d ever seen. Another tap and a small wet bar appeared at the rear of the room.

“Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?” she gushed, pulling me through the room and into an intimate candle lit dining area with a large, ornate crystal chandelier. We turned to step into a compact but beautiful kitchen area. Another panel was opened and a touch to the key pad revealed the stainless steel range with hidden backsplash. The microwaves and ovens were similarly concealed and another button revealed a very intimate dining nook for two with a wine chiller, a warming tray, and small refrigerator.

Turning the other way, bursa elit escort she tapped a medallion on the far wall and a panel slid open, revealing a long hallway. As soon as we stepped through, the panel slid shut behind us. Dim indirect lighting illuminated the hall way that we now walked down. At the end of the hallway, she tapped another medallion and another panel opened to reveal what was obviously the master bedroom for the suite.

Indirect lighting made the walls seem opalescent. Candles in several places accented the mood with flickering flames that showed a king sized four poster bed, covered with a dark ivory comforter with the Totally Woman medallion in burgundy. Burgundy and creamy ivory pillows sat at the head of the bed and more pillows sat at the foot. Large nightstands in mahogany were topped with tall lamps showing nude women in erotic positions of love making. More of the now familiar nude art dotted the walls and a long, triple dresser on the one wall was reflected in an equally long mirror. At the foot of the bed sat a padded chest the same height as the bed that went the full width of the footboard. Flowers seemed to be everywhere and on the pillows at the head of the bed lay three cinnamon colored roses. A burgundy chaise sat in one corner of the room and a dark ivory chaise sat in another. A fireplace highlighted the wall near the bed, with the flickering flames of a gas log behind a glass screen featuring, of course, reclining nudes.

I was led into the bathroom next, or should I say bath suite? The deep Jacuzzi tub was large enough for a party of four and bottles of lotions and oils sat behind glass panels. At the foot of the tub was a glass covered cabinet that Beth told me was a warming cabinet for the large fluffy towels it held. Various bath sponges and puffs dotted the wall and all around the perimeter of the tub were shower heads, ten in all. A touch of a button and the glass doors slid shut.

The toilet area featured not only a toilet but a bidet as well. A mirror opened at a touch to reveal a supply of feminine products, creams and lotions, hair care items, and two coiled up white plastic hoses that Beth demonstrated to be for douche or enema as the situation demanded.

As we left the room, they showed me three thick fluffy robes of pale ivory that hung near the door to the bedroom along with very comfortable looking slippers.

All during the tour, the two women had barely spoken, letting the rooms speak for themselves although clearly, Heather was entranced with the electronic controls. She opened a drawer on one of the night stands which revealed yet another key pad and a remote control unit that looked like something from a sci-fi show. A tap on the keys and a panel on the wall at the foot of the bed slid open to reveal yet another large video screen. Another key tapped and a panel on each side of the bed opened to allow two smaller screens to swing out, allowing the occupants of the bed to see whatever was showing on the larger screen. She tapped another button which triggered several soft clicks, followed by a voice that reported, “system enabled.”

“You’ll see,” Beth said, reading the questions in my face.

Heather removed the remote from the drawer and slid it shut, placing the remote on the night stand. “That’s mine,” she declared, getting a laugh from Beth.

“It’s a beautiful room,” I stated, “but the real test of any room is how functional it is. If I were looking for room that was comfortable enough for a prolonged stay in bed, this would be the type of room with a few additional touches. I’m sure that a video system as complex as this one also has an equally complex audio system and that would be essential. Whether I wanted something soft and sensual or hard pounding sexual rhythms such as Enigma, I’d want balance and a good solid bass that rumbled through the walls.”

Heather picked up the remote and turned on the audio system, a truly impressive one with discretely concealed speakers. The system was well balanced, from the extreme highs to the deep thundering bass of the demonstration program.

“Very nice,” I declared. “Very nice indeed.”

Without being obvious about it, I had worked my way around behind Heather, acting as though I was checking the audio system from various spots in the room. I took the remote from her hand to place it on the night stand and put my arms around her, snuggling my nose into her neck.

My fingers quickly moved to cup her bra covered breasts, lifting them and molding them in my palms. One feel and I knew that these were spectacular breasts. “I like the way I have plenty of room to explore my options,” I stated, as she moaned her approval of my actions. “Notice the acoustics of the room, the way her moans seem to radiate around the room and back? That makes me want to see what she has that makes her moan that way.”

As I continued to caress her breasts, my fingers began to work at the front closing of her bra. I quickly caught her breasts in my hands as the bra fell away, revealing the glorious work of mother nature. They were firm, about a 34B, with dark brown nipples on rosy tan aureole. I found I was totally speechless as I held them in my hands. They had to be two of the most perfectly rounded, firm young breasts I’d ever seen, and the urge to suckle was stronger than I’ve ever experienced.

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