New Maid – Where’s Alice

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New Maid – Where’s Alice?

by bistander

Greg and Marcia were driving home from the University of California, Santa Cruz. “Thank God for Spring break,” Greg said and pulled into the driveway.

Marcia said, “It’s not like we’re gonna get to do anything fun here. Might as well have stayed at school.”

“That’s fine for you,” Greg said. “You majored in drinking and going down on your roommate while I spent the semester working on a 4.0 GPA. By the way, do Olympic long jump hopefuls taste better than the other girls you’ve been with?”

“Jerk!” Marcia snapped. “You should try it sometime, your girlfriend might finally have an orgasm.”

“Marcia, with a package like this,” Greg handled his crotch, “there’s no need for that.”

“Seriously, I’ve seen that little pinkie-sized dick. You think that satisfies her?”

“You wish you could see it,” Greg said. “You know Mom and Dad will be devastated if they find out the money they spent on college turned you gay.”

Marcia smiled, thinking about how naive Greg was about sex and her. She had been going with girls and boys before he even knew how to jerk off. “For your information, I’m not gay, and Mom and Dad better not find out what I do at school,” Marcia said. “If they do, then they might find out that you have been banging that black girl.” She opened her door.

“That’s not as bad as carpet munching,” Greg said. “Besides, if there were any hot black chicks in the Brady’s world, Dad would be on it.”

Marcia shook her head, thinking, I bet that horny fucker would, and said, “Crude, so fuckin’ crude.” She slammed her door.

Greg got out of the car and looked over the roof. “Listen, potty mouth, why don’t we agree to leave school stuff at school and try not to fight while we’re home. Let’s get along.”

“Deal,” Marcia said. “Carry my bags.” She smirked with satisfaction, flipped her golden locks over her shoulder and started toward the house, slinging her sexy bubble-butt side-to-side with vigor. Greg was probably staring at it as all the Brady boys did.

When Greg and Marcia got in the house, Greg dropped their bags in the foyer and said, “Something smells good.”

“Thank you,” Marcia said.

“Yeah, I meant whatever is baking. I bet Alice made us some fresh bread to welcome us home.”

“Mmm, I hope so,” Marcia said. “Let’s go see.”

When she reached the other side of the den, just before entering the kitchen, Marcia held up her hand and stopped her brother. “Shh, look at that.”

They peeked into the kitchen and stared at the woman washing dishes. Her uniform was uncharacteristic, even though it was a maid’s uniform. The black skirt with white trim was incredibly short, and the excessively high heels made her long legs never-ending. The matching shirt was sleeveless, and the woman had black and white garter things on her upper arms. Her cropped, sandy-blond hair was partially under a matching hat.

Greg thought she resembled someone he’d seen in a porn movie. If she bent over her perky ass would show, and based on those legs, he wanted to see that butt. He whispered in Marcia’s ear, “I bet you’d like to get a piece of that ass.”

“I got a better chance than you, and she’d enjoy it more.”

“We’ll see,” Greg said and walked into the kitchen. “Hello.”

The maid turned around, drying her hands on a dishtowel. Her beautiful, chocolate-colored eyes widened and her large mouth curved up into a big smile. “Hello, you must be Greg and Marcia. Mrs. Brady told me to expect you. Your parents said to apologize for them. They wanted to be here when you arrived, but they had to take your brothers and sisters someplace. They will return after dinner.”

“Where’s Alice?” Marcia asked while Greg’s eyes ate up the sexy woman’s features.

“Oh, I’m sorry to say, Alice fractured her hip. I’m Jay. I’ll be with you until she recovers. She’s up North staying with her sister.”

“Aww, that’s terrible,” Marcia said.

Jay hung the towel on the oven door handle and gave Marcia a big hug. “I know it must be upsetting. Alice has been with you for years. I promise I’ll do my best to take care of you.”

“I bet you will,” Greg said under his breath. “How long ago, um, long have you been here?”

“I’ve been getting to know your family for a month already,” Jay said. “You have a wonderful family. All your brothers and sister have been great…very receptive.”

“How come nobody told us?” Marcia asked.

“Mr. Brady didn’t think it would be a good idea for you to be upset while at school.”

“Yeah, she has a hard enough time passing without being upset,” Greg said.

“Shut up,” Marcia said. “Is that bread baking?”

“Yes, ma’am, it is,” Jay said. “Alice told me it was your favorite.”

“Oh, that was sweet of her…and of you, of course, thank you,” Marcia said.

“You’re very welcome, sweetheart.”

Marcia grinned triumphantly at Greg and said, “I’m going to take my stuff upstairs, unpack, and get myself fixed up.”

Jay looked Marcia up and down. “You already look very nice. You’re even prettier than Alice said.” She turned to Greg. “And you young man, MmMm, those college girls must eat you up.”

He gave his sister a victorious grin. Marcia mumbled on her way out of the room, “Too bad he doesn’t eat them…”

Jay donned oven mitts and said, “Excuse me, sir, it’s time to collect Sex hikayeleri the bread from the oven.” She approached the oven in three long, slinky strides, made a production of opening the door and bending over. The short, frilly skirt promptly rose, revealing a small pair of white panties. She took her time getting a hold of the bread.

Greg licked his lips and stared without guilt at what the maid wanted him to see. What an incredibly fat pussy, Greg thought when he eyed the bulge between her legs.

Jay closed the oven door with her knee and placed the hot baking dish on the stovetop. She removed the mitts, turned around, set them on the counter, and walked toward Greg with hip-swishing strides that were intentionally exaggerated. She stopped when her chest touched his, stared intently into his eyes, and asked, “Were you looking at my ass, young Mr. Brady?”

“Ah, I guess I was, sorry.”

“Did you like it?’

“Sexy, it is very sexy.”

Jay rose to the balls of her feet and spoke with her lips brushing against Greg’s, “I’m glad you like it.” Her hands covered his groin, one on each side of the ridge, rubbing up and down. “Ooh, were you having bad thoughts about me, sir?”

“Ahh, I might have had some bad thoughts.” The maid was opening his pants. “What, urr, ah, are you doing?”

“I promised Alice I would do everything in my power to take care of the whole family,” Jay said and tugged on Greg’s erection. “It wouldn’t be very good of me to get you up, like this, then not take care of you. Would it?”

“Ahhhmmmm, I suppose not.”

“We won’t have much time, so we’ll have to forgo any foreplay,” Jay said while sinking to her knee.

Greg stared down at the top of the maid’s head, gasping when his cock head plunged into her hot mouth. She slurped loudly, then gagged. The horny maid was cramming his dick down her throat like she wanted to choke. He had never had such a blowjob. Her tongue lapped at his ball every time she took all of him, and slippery throat juice was dripping from her tight sack. The new maid was going to make him blow his load in less than two minutes.

“Ah, that’s good,” Jay said and looked up. “Got you nice and wet.” She stood up and pulled him by his cock over to the counter. “Mm, I can see why Peter and Bobby look up to their big brother so much.”

He watched Jay turn around, bend over and brace herself on the counter; her skirt flipped up. Was it possible that he was about to fuck the maid in the kitchen? Jay widened her stance, turned her knees out and reached back between her legs. “Come on; we don’t have much time. In my ass,” the maid said in a husky voice. “I want to feel you in my ass.”

What the fuck. He hadn’t been home for thirty minutes, and the maid was bent over, asking him to fuck her in the ass. Nobody had ever asked him for that, and the one time he tried to get it, he got slapped. Here goes, he thought and forced his boner down between the maid’s ass cheeks. She pulled her white panties aside, exposing the tiny puckered ring. He pressed his slobbered cock head against it and shoved forward.

“Ahhh, fuck, that’s good,” Jay said and pushed back, forcing more dick up her ass. “Come on, fuck that asshole, fuck it good and hard. Give me all of that young cock.”

Greg grabbed the maid’s hips and groaned with pleasure each time his groin slapped against Jay’s solid butt. If this was how the new maid was going to act, he didn’t want Alice ever to come back. The expression on Marcia’s face would be priceless when he told her he ass-fucked the maid in the kitchen.

At the bottom of the stairs, Marcia’s pace slowed. There were strange, yet familiar sounds coming from the kitchen. She placed her laundry on the couch and quietly crept toward the grunts and moans. When she peeked around the corner, Marcia stifled a gasp. Oh my God, she thought, could that really be happening? It was surreal and wickedly arousing. Her brother had the maid bent over, and he was taking long strokes, driving his cock up her ass. Ooh, it had been quite some time since she accidentally on purpose walked in on Greg. My, my, her brother had grown considerably. Marcia smiled and thought, he does take after his father.

One of the maid’s hands was in front, moving roughly up and down her groin. Marcia assumed she was rubbing her clit while taking Greg’s cock up the ass. Marcia pushed her hand into her shorts and found her already moist pussy. Jay cried out each time she shoved back against Greg’s thrusts.

Marcia was disappointed that her brother had outdone her, but happy she got to witness this spectacle of erotica. Unfortunately, Greg was approaching climax, and Marcia needed more time to finish herself off, so she quietly backed up, got her dirty clothes, and headed for the laundry room.

Jay was a noisy fuck, that was for sure, and she was fingering the hell out of herself, Greg assumed. He vigorously hammered away, slamming his bloated cock up the maid’s ass. His balls drew up and jerked. Hmm, hope she wants my load in her ass, Greg thought and grinned through a long, grunt. His cum blasted deep in the maid’s shit tube. He kept his dick balls deep, pumping every last drop up the maid’s ass. She groaned and stiffened. Her sphincter clamped down on his pulsing shaft. “Ah, fuck, yeah! Give me all your hot cum, give it to me, fill me with it.”

Marcia haphazardly Sikiş hikayeleri tossed her clothes into the washing machine, added soap, and closed the lid. A big grin spread across her flushed face as she discarded her shorts and panties. Her hot juices were seeping from her swollen pussy lips. She mounted the Maytag. Her pussy wet the cool metal surface. Marcia pushed the start button and braced herself for that first snap of the water valve opening. “Ahh, mmm,” she purred and poked a finger between her pubic bone and the machine. It slid through the wet groove. “Ooooh, yesss.”

She wished she had brought a dildo. When the rubber suction cup was stuck on the white steel, and the fat cock was stuffed inside her pussy, it would transfer the slightest vibration through her core. Oh, how many times had she creamed all over Alice’s washing machine? Thank God the woman had never caught her. It would have given the prudish lady a heart attack, and without a doubt, she would have run to Marcia’s mother and reported what a slutty little daughter she was. As much trouble as it might have caused, there would have been some satisfaction in it, too. Marcia loved the idea of being the bad girl in the family.

The old Maytag chugged, sloshing the water and jostling Marcia’s body. She moaned and frantically groped at her breasts with one hand while the other massaged her groin. It looked a lot like when she rode that mechanical bull at the bar.

Frustrated that she couldn’t get enough, Marcia straddled the corner of the machine and leaned forward, using her feet to move her crotch forward and backward. She lifted her shirt up to her chin and clamped her fingers down on a nipple, twisting it. Marcia closed her eyes and pumped her groin, grinding her smashed pussy on the vibrating metal. Oh, yeah, it was good to be home, making a mess on the washer.

Oh my, Jay thought and eased silently into the laundry room. That little vixen, Marcia, was whimpering on top of the washing machine. Jay took another step. The girl has experience pleasuring herself in here, Jay thought. Marcia had one leg dangling in front and one over the side, leaning forward on her firmly planted hand, grinding that delicious, bald snatch on the gyrating washer. The golden-haired girl had lovely firm tits with fiercely erect nipples. One of which was being violently pinched. Mmm, mmm, should I quietly enjoy the show or interrupt the girl and see where it leads?

Marcia’s pussy had warmed and soaked the steel. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, snapping between her pubic bone and the surface. She was thinking about Greg’s cock and the sexy maid’s ass. What a wonderfully vile and debaucherous act ass fucking the maid in the kitchen was. The only thing that could have made it more wicked and taboo would have been Greg fucking her up the ass instead. Mm, this is going to be one of my biggest and messiest orgasms ever, she thought and opened her eyes to see it.

“Ah, shit, oh, shit,” Marcia said when she saw the maid standing in front of her. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. This is so embarrassing.” She closed her legs and pulled her shirt down.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” Jay said. “You are a beautiful and sexy young lady.”

“Thank you,” Marcia said, relaxing her posture. “I saw you…you and Greg in the kitchen, and I got so excited that I couldn’t help myself.”

“I’m very sorry to have interrupted you before you finished,” Jay said. “I’m afraid your brother made me mess my panties and my skirt. I wanted to get cleaned up before your parents arrived.”

“I understand,” Marcia said.

The maid looked down at her thighs and gently touched each of Marcia’s knees. She smiled and willingly parted her legs. “I was making quite a mess myself.”

“I see that,” Jay said and massaged Marcia’s thighs. “I hate it that you didn’t get to finish on my account. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

She looked very carefully at the maid’s face and smirked as she wrapped her legs around Jay’s body. “Maybe a little kiss?”

“I’m not sure I’d be able to stop myself after just one kiss,” Jay said. “You are the kind of sexy creature that could make me lose control.”

“Good,” Marcia said and pressed her lips to the new maid’s strong, wide mouth. If her suspicions were correct, her brother was in for a hell of a surprise.

Marcia crossed her ankles and tightened her leg hold on the hot maid, pushing a heel into the groove between her ass cheeks. She was glad she hadn’t climaxed. Getting off with Alice’s replacement was going to be so much more fun.

“Is that the first time you’ve seen your brother’s dick,” Jay asked.

Marcia nodded, happy her new friend had brought it up. “Unfortunately,” she said. “It looked like he has a big one.” Mm, it was exciting talking about Greg’s cock. “My brother fucked you hard, didn’t he?”

Apparently, the maid knew Marcia liked hearing about her brother’s dick. “Oh, yeah, your brother fucked me really good with his big cock. Mm, Greg’s huge dick filled my ass with cum.”

“My brother squirted his hot cum in your butt, mmm.” Marcia got an amazingly perverse idea and pushed forward, sliding off the washer.

“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you?” Jay asked. “Why don’t you help me out of these messy panties.”

“Ah, my pleasure.” Knowing what she was going to do had Marcia’s pussy Erotik hikaye inflamed. She reached around the maid and got her hands under the skirt. Even though Marcia had been pretty sure of what she’d find, the stiff cock inside the soaking-wet underwear made her shiver with excitement. “Wow, you did cum a lot,” she said and yanked the panties down past Jay’s hips.

“Ah, yes, yes I did. I always squirt and squirt and squirt,” the maid said. “You better get my skirt off too.”

Marcia pushed the skirt down to Jay’s ankles, and the maid stepped out of it. For a minute, she admired the thick womanly ass and the balls hanging below it. “You’re amazing.”

“Thank you,” Jay said.

The sharp aroma of cum greeted Marcia’s nose. It was a smell she was familiar with. Her college roommate had often rushed home after her boyfriend finished fucking her, so Marcia could go down on her. Marcia grinned and cupped the maid’s balls. There was something else she learned in college, the joy of having her ass tongue fucked. Marcia liked that and she loved getting other girls off that way, too. This was different, though. The maid’s recently abused hole was still moist with Greg’s cum. Marcia circled the brown ring with the tip of her tongue. Mm, is that what my brother’s cum tastes like? She rammed her tongue into the maid’s asshole. It opened for her and Marcia pumped her tongue, coating it with Greg’s cum and Jay’s ass juice. It was a wickedly erotic cocktail.

“Ahhh, you, ah, you bad, bad girl,” Jay said. “Mm, that’s good, so good. Lick my sore asshole with that hot little tongue.” The maid bent over and reached back, grabbing Marcia’s head and forcing the girl’s face into her. “You like tasting your own brother’s cream out of my ass, don’t you?”

Marcia answered with muffled moans and continued to thrust fast and deep. Jay straightened and pulled Marcia to her feet. “Let me have a taste,” she said and pushed her tongue between Marcia’s lips. “You’re delicious, girl, absolutely delicious, and nasty in the most wonderful way. You got me so hard I need to fuck you, I’ve got to fuck you.”

“Oh, please, please do,” Marcia said. “Bend me over and fuck me the same way my brother fucked you.”

“Ooh, imagine your brother wanted to fuck you, too,” the maid said and bent Marcia over on the washer. “Would you like to have his cock up here?” she asked and started eating out the young girl’s tight little asshole.

“Ah, ah, oh, yes, yes, of course, I’d let my brother fuck me, but first show me how much you squirt and squirt and squirt up my ass.”

“Mm, I’m going to put so much girl cum in you that it will be leaking out of you for the rest of the day,” Jay said and pressed her cock head against the extremely tight, puckered ring. “Maybe you can sit on your brother’s face and make him taste me.”

“Oh, fuck yeah, that would be hot, so fucking hot. Mmm, give it to me, shove your dick in there.”

Jay gave the young girl the head of her dick, paused long enough to grasp both erect nipples, then plunged the rest in with one thrust while twisting the tit caps. Marcia squealed like the little slut she was. “Ah, oh, oh, yesss, yessss fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass.”

“You are a nasty girl, a really nasty, nasty girl.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I am.”

Marcia was out of her mind in that moment, ready and willing to do anything. She cried out with complete abandon, hoping her brother would hear and come fuck her. Maybe their father would fuck her too while her mother watched.

Jay continued pounding while Marcia came two or three times. Her asshole had never been so violently rammed. She needed the maid’s soothing cream to fill her and overflow. “Oh, oh, yeah, girl, here it comes, Marcia. Ooh, Marcia here comes the biggest load you’ve ever had.”

Marcia had another powerful climax when the first blast of transgender cum fired into her. The maid slammed in again and crushed her clit with a finger, grinding it. Marcia saw spots and felt waves of hot liquid filling her ass tube.

The next thing Marcia remembered was the strong arms of the maid holding her up. Her butt hole felt like it was hanging open and leaking. “Ah, what, ah, what happened?”

“I think I fuck the daylights out of you, girl. You blacked out for a second, and I had to catch you.”

“Oh God, that’s never happened,” she said. “Thank you.”

“For catching you or—”

“Both, thank you for both. Wow.”

Later that evening, Greg found a grinning, lethargic Marcia watching TV. “What are you so happy about?” he asked.

“Mm, nothing,” she said. “What do think about the new maid?’

Greg’s smirk was suggestive, but he said, “She’s very nice, and a good cook.”

Marcia was surprised her neanderthal brother hadn’t boasted about his time in the kitchen with Jay. It raised her opinion of him a bit. “Don’t forget to mention how good she is to look at,” she said. “Believe me; I saw you looking and looking.”

“At least I wasn’t drooling over her, like you, wanting to do some gay shit with her. Bet you’re disappointed she’s not into carpet munching.”

Marcia’s smile increased with satisfaction. “Of course, you would never be caught doing anything gay, right?”

“Damn straight,” Greg said proudly. “And I’m sure Jay is all about dick like a real woman would be.”

Marcia rolled her eyes and kept on smiling. “Yeah, we’ll see.” She turned back to the TV.

Greg scowled, trying to figure out why his sister was wearing that shit-eating grin. He hated it when she acted like she knew something he didn’t. Marcia usually did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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