New man and new tights

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I’ve always felt frustrated that, like most men, I can’t, or haven’t been able to, really explore the erotic possibilities of dress. One day I decided to change that so I bought online two pairs of black tights. One pair had what looked like a suspender belt round the waist, with four straps going down round my thighs to support the stockings; the other pair were cut out at the back, framing my bum in black lace. It felt good when I tried them on, though it did take some time to pull them up, they were so tight and soft and I found it really difficult to get the seams straight on the backs of my legs.

Having put on the pair with the suspender belt round my waist I lay on the bed and looked at myself in the mirror. I had a little wank just to perk up my cock and to feel sexier. I decided to shave round my cock and balls to improve the look, and make me feel less ragged and more showy, as if I really wanted to show off my genitals, which I did. I went out a few times wearing trousers over the tights, had a few coffees, even went into work once, to see how it felt. I liked speaking to men and women, dressed in my suit but knowing I was wearing the Ankara Escort tights underneath and that felt sexy too.

After a while I decided to take the next step and that was to pick up a man or woman and have sex with them so I could try out the eroticism of my new look for real. If I could turn on someone else and make them fancy me then I might take the idea further and develop a complete erotic wardrobe.

It would be easier for me to pick up a man than a woman so I thought I’d go where I knew there would be a good set of male toilets.

It would have to be quite busy, with lots of men using the toilets when I was there so I’d have more choice. I picked the toilets in a motorway service station at about 6.00 pm when men were coming home from work. I stood at a urinal and undid the zip on my trousers. I held my cock out as if I was peeing, pinging the suspender strap on my tights, and waited for my pick up. I felt horny and sexy with these men coming and going, but would I be able to convince another man to have sex with me, however brief the encounter might be?

Quite Sincan Escort soon a man stood at the next urinal along from me with his cock out but not peeing. I looked down at his cock and then at him. I nodded at him to indicate one of the cubicles behind me, turned round and then walked over to the cubicle knowing that he’d follow me in.

I shut the door, stood with my back to the wall and slipped off my trousers, putting one foot up on the bowl. That way he’d get a good view of my hard cock. He immediately put both hands on my cock, one hand at the base and the other rubbing round the end with quick swirling movements. He spat on my cock a few times but it wasn’t enough so I squeezed some lube on to help him. He was really going for it and I could tell he loved wanking me. Sometimes he would bend down and put my cock in his mouth and suck me quickly before continuing with his energetic wank.

As he got more involved he pulled down his own trousers to give himself a wank, so I reached down and started to wank him firmly with one hand.

I looked down at him, his head swaying, Etlik Escort sighing and moaning with the pleasure I was giving him. I felt a real fondness for him and thought how much I wanted to kiss him afterwards , to feel our tongues between our lips, our lips touching, playing with each other.

His touch felt really good, strong and gentle at the same time with a lot of variety with each stroke. Once he put his hand between my legs and then inserted two fingers in my ass. I jerked forward with the pleasure of that and nearly caught him in the eye with my cock.

His wank got slower, giving me longer pulls, holding the end of my cock with his fingers, knowing that I would soon cum. I let out a cry as I felt the cum well up out of me and down my cock. He ripped off some sheets of loo paper and carefully, and gently wiped me off. He stood up as he pulled up his trousers and then gave me a kiss on my lips with his full mouth. He smiled at me, pressed a finger on my lips and popped a business card in my trouser pocket and said we must meet again.

When I left the cubicle I felt quite exhilarated, pleased with my performance and glad that I had met such a nice man so quickly. I think the tights had improved things, they made me want to show off and project my sexuality to other people. I now wanted to see how this new, more extravert sexuality would work with women, which I think would require a bit more planning than just popping down to a motorway service station toilets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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