New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 08

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The next few days were a whirlwind; we were all horny pretty much nonstop. My brother Will and his son Nick showed some incredible stamina. The three of us took turns on my son Leo’s hole, determined to stretch it as much as possible before the full moon.

As I was drifting off to sleep one night with his slim young body in my arms, I told Leo more about our nature. I explained to Leo that as the full moon approached, he would gradually lose control over his form and become a beast, unable to hold back his desires to feed and fuck. He would become dangerous to himself and others, risking being seen by humans. The only cure was sex with the other men of our clan.

“That’s why every full moon, the whole clan gets together up at the lake. For five days, we help each other out, and celebrate our manhood and our desires. Your great-grandpa Nathaniel owns a big chunk of land out there, so it’s nice and private and nobody disturbs us.”

Leo was quietly contemplative for a bit. He stroked my arms that were wrapped around his chest, and looked out the window where we could see a corner of the waxing moon.

“How many are there in the clan?” he asked at last.

“With grandpa Nathaniel and all of his descendants, you are number seventy.” I kissed the back of his neck.

“Wow… that’s a lot.”

“Yup. Grandpa has six sons of his own, and their sons, and their sons too. Now my oldest cousin’s oldest son has a son of his own, so the fifth generation is started. Are you nervous about the big crowd?”

“A little. There’s going to be so many people there I don’t know.”

“Nah. Not really. Remember, follow the scent. Nobody there will mind if you get up close to them to get their smell. In fact, it’s expected. It’s how we say hello in our family. As soon as you catch a man’s smell, you’ll know how you’re related and feel at home with them. Just like your Uncle Will, and Nick. And they’ll get a smell of you and know you’re my son, and they’ll welcome you in with open arms.”

“I think I’d like that. And everyone is going to be having sex?”

“Yes. And you realize, you’re going to be new to the family. Everyone is going to want to have sex with you.”

“Oh wow… all of them? That’s a lot.”

“Yup. That’s why we’ve been getting you ready for it. It’s tradition in our family for everyone to give the newest son our seed. It’s important. Our seed bonds us together as a family. Once you’ve had everyone’s inside you, you will feel it.”

He looked worried. “That’s a lot. What if I can’t take it all?”

I laughed and reached down to jiggle the buttplug still inside him. He’d graduated to the medium-sized one now, and loved it so much that he insisted on wearing it to bed.

“You’re my little slut, son. You are going to do just fine. It’s natural to be nervous, but just remember that everyone else in the family has been through it too.”

“Including you, dad?”

“You bet, son. I remember it well. I thought it was going to be difficult, but I loved every moment of it. I had so much cum inside me I could feel my belly jiggling when I walked.” I laughed. “Then when grandpa Nathaniel put his cock into me, I thought it was going to split me in two like firewood. But he was gentle, to start with. When he started to move it back and forth inside me, I fell in love with him right then and there.”

Remembering all of this had me hard again, and I could feel my cock pressing against the base of the plug inside my son. I contemplated pulling it out and satisfying myself once again inside him, but decided I was too tired. I pulled him tight, feeling his wonderful little furry body wrapped in my arms. I kissed his bearded cheek and was asleep a few seconds later.

The next morning, as we gathered for breakfast, I could tell that the moon was heavy in the sky. Everyone was tense, their breathing short and their eyes darting around. The animal nature was beginning to surface, and we would need satisfaction if we were going to stay in control.

Will’s already long beard looked like it had grown another two inches in the night. In his bleary state he’d dropped several crumbs of toast and eggs into it.

Leo, barely aware of what he was doing, leaned over and started snacking right out of Will’s beard. Will laughed, and Leo realized what he was doing and blushed bright red.

“It’s okay, kid,” Will said jovially. He pulled will close, face to face. “You’re thinking like an animal, trying to groom. This is your first full moon, it’s going to be especially hard for you. When you get urges like that, don’t be ashamed. Just look to your father and I, we’ll help you through it.”

Leo nodded, and Will met his lips for a reassuring kiss.

After breakfast, we packed up our necessities for the land. We wouldn’t need any of the camping gear; everything we could need would already be there if we wanted to rough it. And if we wanted some pendik escort luxury, Grandpa Nathaniel’s home was large and he would be happy to have us. Likewise, my father had his own cabin out at the land, and I usually ended up staying there.

Before we got dressed, I had Leo lay on his back on our bed and slid the buttplug out. His beautiful, tight little hole was gaping and pink now, and the sight of it filled me with pride and lust. Nick, Will and I took turns giving him a quick ride while the other two sucked him off, and after we’d spent our needs for the moment I found the largest butt-plug and slid it in. It was enormous, at least as big as my father but not quite as big as my grandfather. Leo gasped as the thickest part of it stretched him even wider yet, and when the neck of it landed home and the base of it lodged firmly against his ass, the look of satisfaction on his face was priceless.

None of us showered before we left; there was no point. We were all oozing phermones, and when we’d gotten in the car together the concentration was enough to drive us to distraction. As the front-seat passenger, Will dutifully leaned over to give me head as I drove. The feel of my older brother’s warm, wet mouth around my cock was comforting. Without it, I would have had a hard time driving. It was a four hour drive, too far to make it without giving each other release.

About an hour into the drive, we were passing through the foothills and up towards the mountains. I looked in my rear-view mirror to see Nick sucking Leo; the sight of those two hairy young men, handsome as fuck and lost in lust, brought me to my second orgasm. Will gulped my load back happily; I rubbed his beautiful bald head in appreciation.

Halfway through the drive, Will and I stopped at a rest station and switched as usual. Now I was the one who got to give him some release; I unzipped his shorts and teased out his already-hard dick. I got to work, my nose buried in his soft bush. He was well-endowed, but my experiences sucking every cock in the family had taught me how to take the entire thing down my throat.

Over the last two hour stretch of the trip, I managed to tease two loads out of Will’s cock, and was happy when he decided to use my mouth as his urinal instead of pulling over. I swallowed his piss gratefully; it tasted sweet and delicious, and strong with the taste of a rutting animal.

We locked the gate behind us and made our way up the gravel drive through the woods to grandpa Nathaniel’s lodge. Calling it a cabin felt like a strange understatement; it was huge, easily a mansion. Our grandfather lived here year-round, along with his a few lucky members of the family who got to tend to his needs.

As soon as we’d parked, we already had a welcoming party. Will and I were thrilled to see our oldest brother Mike and his youngest son Tyler. We had seen them last month on the full moon, of course, but seeing everyone again always felt special. I could see Leo gawking at their nude bodies; he would get used to being surrounded by naked men soon.

Mike had a good pelt of hair over most of his body, just like Will, but with more gray hair. Mike also still had a full head of hair, with a slight tint of ginger. When he smiled, his beard opened up to reveal a strong, wide mouth full of white teeth. Right now though, the smile he was giving us showed canines a bit sharper than normal. When he pulled Will and I together for a hug, I could smell the beer and cum on his breath. He greeted us each with a sloppy kiss.

When Leo approached him nervously, Will saw him for the first time. His eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. He looked at me with a shit-eating grin. “Is this pup yours?”

“He sure is. It’s okay Leo, you know what to do.”

Leo approached him, and summoning his courage he stuck his nose in Mike’s pit. Mike lifted his arm happily to give Leo better access. I noticed as he did so that he’d gained a little tone; he’d been working out.

Leo sniffed and grunted like an animal. Mike had obviously been busy working up a sweat, and Leo loved it. Mike lifted up Leo’s arm too to get his own whiff, and seemed to enjoy what he found.

“So you’re my new nephew,” Mike said cheerily. “Welcome to the family. Now, let’s get you out of these clothes.”

The rest of us were already mostly naked. Clothes weren’t needed here, and it was rare to see anyone wearing them. Mike stripped his nephew down quickly, enjoying his first look at Leo’s lean, hairy body. He was especially excited when he found the buttplug still inside Leo.

“Getting him ready for the family, huh boys?”

I laughed. “Considering what he was getting into, I thought it was a good idea.”

Once he had Leo naked, Mike pulled him into a bear hug and proceeded to explore his nephew’s mouth with his tongue. It was exactly his brand of warm, kind domination that I loved.

When Mike finally let him breathe, Leo looked like he was about rus escort to pass out from joy.

Tyler had been waiting patiently, but now he stepped forward, eager to meet his new cousin. He lifted his arm and Leo eagerly went in to enjoy his scent. He also lifted his arm for Tyler; he was getting the hang of this. It was a great show to watch; Tyler was about the same height as Leo, and not quite as hairy or as built as his father but still very sexy.

“You’re my cousin,” Leo said. “And you belong to somebody.”

He was really catching on. Of course, Tyler wore the locked chain around his neck, which was a giveaway, but I think he could figure it out by scent, too.

“That’s right. My brother Hunter owns me.”

They kissed, which was interesting to watch. Leo was used to men dominating him, but Tyler needed to submit. They floundered a bit at first, but then Leo seemed to figure it out. He forced his tongue into his cousin’s mouth and stood up straight to lean down on him.

Tyler smiled as they pulled away. “Welcome to the family, cuz.”

“Did you get permission to play around?” Will asked Tyler.

“Of course.”

I slapped Tyler’s ass. “Good. I can’t wait to get back inside your tasty ass.” I gave him a friendly kiss.

“Hey, I have an idea,” Mike said with a grin. “Before we get back to the party and everyone pounces on your new son, why don’t we pull him aside and give him a proper welcome?”

“You guys go on ahead,” Will said, patting Mike on the back. “I’ve got a bunch of young studs waiting inside who need a good pounding.”

Nick joined him as they walked off to the lodge, and Mike turned to me with that shit-eating grin.

“What do you say, bro? Can I get first dibs on your kid’s hole?”

I laughed. “Come on. Let’s find that picnic table in the clearing over there.”

We walked off, and with Tyler in front of me I got an excellent view of his round ass. He was fairly average in build, with a bit of belly, but his ass was perfect. It took restraint to keep from jumping him on the path.

The picnic table had been out in the elements for a few years, but it was well-known for being a secluded spot to play around without getting splinters.

As soon as we got there, Mike descended on Leo and began to make out with him hard. I knew from experience that my son was in for a great time.

Knowing that Tyler would need a firmer hand, I started off with my hands around his throat. Not tight enough to hurt him, just to let him know who’s boss. He sighed with pleasure. Of his uncles, I was the one who seemed to know best how he needed to be treated.

I spat in his face. He obediently opened his mouth wide, and I let go with a few sprays of spit right on his tongue. His face had a look of pure bliss.

I pushed him down to his knees; he fell readily. His mouth was still wide open, ready to receive. I jammed my cock right for the back of his throat.

He didn’t gag or flinch in the slightest; his training was going well. I grabbed the back of his head and started pounding hard; rather than resisting, he had his hands on my hips encouraging me to pound even harder. I could feel the head of my cock slipping around the curve into his throat; it felt so hot.

Mike, meanwhile, was being far more gentle with my son. He had Leo sitting on the edge of the table now. They were still making out, and feeling each other’s bodies with their hands.

There was so much to enjoy about what I was seeing. The older man taking charge of the younger man, the uncle savouring his first time with his nephew, the two of them nude and carefree surrounded by blue skies and green trees. It made me nostalgic for when I was young like Leo, and Mike introduced himself to me in the same way.

I pulled my dick out of Tyler’s face to give it a slap and another spray of spit. He was in ecstasy, but also out of breath. I decided to give him a break, instead shoving my balls in his open mouth for him to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Mike was giving Leo a more gentle treatment, exploring his upper body with his tongue. Mike’s tongue was long and thick, and he was skilled with it. Leo looked like he was going to blow his load just from what his uncle was doing to his nipples.

I turned my attention back to Tyler. With a gesture, I had him back on his feet again. I grabbed him roughly by the balls and gave a long, sustained pull. He flinched, but did nothing to stop me. As I squeezed and yanked on his balls I returned my tongue to his mouth, which he accepted happily.

The contrast between Mike’s gentle treatment of my son and my violent treatment of his was fun to experience. We caught each other’s eyes and smiled, both of us happy to know our sons were in good hands.

Next I turned Tyler around and bent him over the table, then dove to my knees to bury my face in his ass. It wasn’t as furry as my own son’s, but it was round and full and delicious. The feeling of his sancaktepe escort cheeks hugging my face felt wonderful.

His hole was beautifully wrecked- he’d obviously been fucked hard several times already, and it was only the first day of the gathering. He may have even been fisted, or had some toys inside him. I could smell several other men on him. I played my tongue and lips over the loose swollen rim of his hole before diving my tongue deep into him. There was little resistance.

I could taste the loads of five men inside him. His brother/master Hunter had cum inside him at least twice recently. His other brother Josh had been here, too. I could also taste the seed of my cousin Jack, who was Tyler’s mentor. His father Mike had also cum inside him. When Hunter gave him free reign to be used by anybody, Tyler became a real slut. Knowing that I had my face buried in such a well-used hole was a major turn-on, and I could feel my cock getting so hard it ached.

The most unique and distinctive taste though, was grandpa’s. Within the last hour or two, grandpa Nathaniel had unleashed his load here. I was a bit envious of Tyler; his great-grandfather gave a mean fucking and had a huge cock. No wonder his hole was such a mess.

I flipped Tyler over onto the table, and he quickly grabbed his ankles and exposed his hole to me.

“You are such a filthy pig,” I said gleefully, spitting in his face again. “A total slut. You’ve already got an ass full of seed, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” he said smiling. “Please give me some more.”

“Fucking slut,” I barked, spitting in his face.

Mike, meanwhile, had Leo on his back on the table now too, and was playing with his buttplug. Leo looked up at me and our eyes met. I saw something strange in my son’s eyes; he was aware of what was going on over here between his cousin and I, and was having some kind of reaction to it, but I couldn’t be sure what.

Then he nodded at me, and glanced at Tyler. I caught his meaning; he wanted to see more.

I spat again in Tyler’s open mouth, and then without warning rammed three fingers into his asshole. He grunted, but was able to take it readily. I shoved my other hand into his open mouth, pushing my fingers as far down his throat as I could reach. He gagged now, but caught himself and accepted it.

As I rammed my fingers in and out of his ass, Leo continued looking up at me. He was smiling now. I had suspected before that my son wanted some rough treatment; now I was sure. I decided that I would have to have some fun with him later.

Mike had pulled the plug out of Leo’s ass now, which elicited a sigh. He paused, looking for a place to put it down.

I pulled my hand out of Tyler’s hole and took it from him, only to reach down and shove it right into Tyler’s ass. Tyler gasped, caught off guard. It was a fairly thick plug, but he was loose enough to take it easily. Mike laughed, enjoying the show, before he knelt down to begin playing with Leo’s hole with his tongue.

Tyler was loose enough for me to fuck him with the buttplug fairly roughly, but still tight enough for it to drive him crazy. I rammed it in and out of him, and he moaned and groaned around my hand. I finally pulled it out of his mouth, letting him catch his breath, and gave him another slap.

I looked up to see Mike entering my son; the look of enjoyment on his face was priceless. I felt intensely proud of my son suddenly. I realized I was looking forward to parading him around and offering his ass to all of our relatives. It felt even more gratifying than offering up my own ass.

I caught Mike’s eye, and he nodded in understanding. I realized that he felt the same flush of pride, watching me violate his own son.

As Mike begin to establish a rhythym on Leo’s ass, I decided it was time to follow suit. I left the buttplug inside Tyler and lined myself up with his perfect plump ass.

It took a bit of work to position my dick around the base of the plug, but once I got around it I was able to side in above it easily. Tyler was not expecting this, and let out a surprised yelp.

I leaned into him, and wrapped my hands around his throat. I gave a bit of a squeeze this time, and I could see that he was struggling a bit for air. I knew I couldn’t hurt him; this close to the full moon, we were practically indestructible. I began ramming my dick into him, back and forth. It was awkward getting around the buttplug, but for the expression on his face it was worth it.

Tyler looked into my eyes and nodded; I tightened my grip on his neck. He was turning red, and his chest was heaving. Seeing this turned me on even more, and I fucked him harder.

Mike, meanwhile, was having a great time inside Leo. He was leaned over him now, their chests pressed together, this mouths pressed together too, and Mike was thrusting harder and harder.

Tyler was getting close to passing out, so I withdrew my hands. As blood rushed back to his head, I decided to go for his nipples instead. I knew his were particularly sensitive. They were thick and large, perfect for gripping. I grabbed them tight and gave them a little tweak; he yelped in pain but I didn’t withdraw. I played with them more gently for a bit, before giving them another twist. He yelped again, but was clearly enjoying it.

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