New Year’s Eve 2014

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Some of you knew, some of you may have suspected, but for those of you who had no inkling, I have been fighting a serious illness for the last six months. The photos that have been posted on my blog recently were taken New Year’s Eve, when I dipped a toe back into my sexuality for the first time since the surgery last July. My sexuality had been dormant for the most part since then for a couple of reasons. One, my body needed to time to heal. The normal things that Master and I did for our sex play could not be immediately accommodated by my ravaged body. The surgery point needed time to heal without being damaged, and then there was the pain. But those things are beginning to get back to normal, so physically, I was getting there. Second was my psyche needing time to heal as well. It was like my sex drive was put in neutral. The feeling of being damaged goods. While Master and I still had sex, the activities were limited, and still are, although as you will read, the bounds are opening up a bit. He was hesitant to touch me, afraid to hurt me or damage me. I am happy to report that He is beginning to be more physical, more like the old “Master”, but still protective of me. Besides being my Master, He is also my husband and life partner. So, he is protective of me.

Master did turn to others for some of the things that I could not give him during this period. We have a quasi open marriage, as my followers know, so it is not unusual for Master to use other subs and slaves. It was somewhat hard on me, because now, Master was not using other women because of his voracious sexual appetite, but because I was unable to fulfill his needs. Other slaves or subs reading this will understand the hurt of not being physically able to serve your Master’s needs. It is what we live for.

Most notably, another Master who belongs to The Country Club, and who keeps a veritable harem of slaves and subs at his beck and call, loaned Master a comely wench who is a wonderful girl and nearly as perverted in the breadth of her sexuality as I am. She volunteered to serve Master. For the past five or so months she has crawled at his heel in The Country Club, attended orgies with him, even served his friends and clients as I did in the past. She moved in with us, although she did not share our bed. (I did note from time to time since she has been here, that Master would creep from our bed and go use her in the middle of the night.) She was very respectful of my condition and position, and never made any attempt to supplant me in my bed or in Master’s heart. She was here to serve during my illness and even now remains, until I am back to full health. Her name is Judy.

As the holidays approached, Master and I discussed what celebrations we would be having and attending, and what activities we would engage in. I expressed to Master that I wanted to try to participate in some fashion, as much as my health would allow. Master was pleased at this, but still protective, because some of our activities can get rough, particularly since we would be partying with a group of friends from The Country Club. Things have been known to get a bit rough there at times.

For New Year’s Eve, we would be dining in a private room at an exclusive restaurant. After dinner, we would retire to a nearby hotel, where the group had rented several rooms on the top two floors, enough that each of the eight couples would have a private bedroom, plus there would be ample space to play. The ample space was provided by the Royal Suite at the hotel. (I hesitate to describe it, since it might give away our location, but here goes.) The Royal Suite is a two story suite at the penthouse level. The upper level is on the top floor of the hotel and the lower level is on the next to top floor. There is a grand stairway that joins the two levels. Off of each central area, there are two bedrooms, and those bedrooms each connected to another, so the total was four bedrooms on each floor. The sitting lounges on each floor of the Royal Suite were sumptuously appointed with a scattering of divans, sofas, chairs, tables and chaises that would provide ample surfaces for our orgiastic activities. The hotel staff had draped the more dainty upholstery with coverlets and throws to protect the furniture as best they could. It helps that one of the couples in attendance just happened to be the hotel owner and his slave.

By the way, one whole wall of the Royal Suite is glass, over looking the city skyline, and providing a spectacular view of the waterfront and the midnight fireworks, should anyone not be providing enough fireworks of their own.

Everyone in attendance was aware of my condition, and some special accommodations were made for it. Unlike the other slaves, I would be allowed to remain partially clothed to protect and hide Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort my surgery site. I had chosen a simple black velvet dress with a vee neckline and a flared modestly long skirt. Under that, I wore a black bra with white polka dots and black patterned pantyhose, which I was chagrined to find had full knitted in panties. You may refer to my blog for photos taken prior to departing for dinner. There is also a hotel hallway flash. grins Judy did not accompany us to dinner, but ate room service at the hotel and joined us for the later festivities. My own duties for the evening would be mostly “clean up”, as you know if you follow my blog, one of my favorite activities, and light straight fucking and cock sucking. Nothing too strenuous, and certainly nothing corporal in nature.

Dinner was exquisite. It is a trick to pick the right amount to eat before one of these parties. You want enough food to give you energy, but not enough to bloat you or make you sluggish. You wanted tasty, but not too garlicky, because you are going to be kissing numerous people over the course of the evening. Yes, we actually do kiss frequently as well as join other parts of our body. I had a small steak, creamed spinach and au gratin potatoes. Master had a huge tomahawk rib eye, French fries and broccoli rabe. The wine was a pleasant 1998 Chateau Berliquet. Champagne also flowed freely. Some of the other slaves’ dresses for dinner were nearly scandalous. Each couple had their own waiter and some of the guys were new to serving our group, so they had difficulty keeping from staring.

When we had finished eating, we were starting to get up to leave. The tabs were handled by the office, of course, not by being presented to us at the table. The limousines were summoned and coats were being fetched. Master called our waiter over and they spoke conspiratorially. He then brought the waiter over to me and placed my hand in his. “Tip him,” He commanded. My stomach started doing flips. This was the first time since surgery that Master had shared me. A small step toward normalcy.

The waiter led me into the kitchen and then into a short hallway behind. Off that hallway was the executive chef’s office and he took me in there. The executive chef was in the office, but took no notice of us. The waiter sat me on the sofa in the office, and then stood in front of me. He unzipped his fly, and I fished his semi-hard cock out of his pants. I opened my mouth and slid him in, being careful not to knick him with my teeth. I reached into his pants and cupped his balls as my mouth started to work up and down his shaft. He moaned. A lot. I only worked on him for about five minutes before his hips started to jerk spasmodically. I knew he was close. My other hand went to his shaft and I began to jerk him off into my mouth, while my tongue and lips worked on the head of his dick. I could actually feel his balls tighten in my hand just before his cock spasmed in my mouth and I felt the gush of the first spurts of his semen. I swallowed rapidly as I could, which tended to massage his cock more and coaxed more and more cum into my waiting cum receptacle. I was back in my element, sucking a stranger’s cock and eating his cum. When he had finished cumming, he seemed a bit unsteady on his feet, but the chef ordered him back to work.

At this point, the chef got up from his desk, walked around the desk and up to me. I knew that Master would expect me to serve this man as well. He whipped the large apron tied about his waist up out of our way and over his shoulder. I was surprised to find that his cock was already out of his pants and at full attention. Apparently, he had been masturbating while he watched me suck off his waiter. I opened my mouth and my head bobbed on him with gusto. In what seemed no time at all, he was emptying his balls in my mouth. I did not swallow him, but opened my mouth to him to show him his cum on my tongue. Then I spit his seed into a trash can sitting next to the end of the sofa.

The chef thanked me and showed me back to the banquet room where Master was waiting for me with my coat in his hand. We left the restaurant and headed to the hotel. On the way, I related what happened to Master in the chef’s office and he told me I was a “Good girl.” The best compliment a sub or slave can ask for.

We arrived at the hotel and went directly to the Royal Suite. I could not help but stop and admire the beautiful view, the lights of the city arrayed before us. The water in the distance, where the fireworks would be. The sounds of women being fucked, or whipped echoing through the suite. Master and I went to our bedroom. Judy was there waiting for us. While Master removed his tux, Judy, who was already naked, helped me out of my clothes, pulling Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort those confounded pantyhose off my legs last. I put my suede strappy shoes back on, and stood in just my bra. Master kissed me, and pushed me onto my back on the bed. Judy sucked him just long enough to get him ready for me, and then gently guided his cock into my dripping cunt. He supported his weight on his arms and pumped me slowly but strongly. Just right. I was quickly building to an orgasm, but Master withheld his permission to cum. All the while, Judy was behind him, licking his balls and ass from behind. Her hand, cupping my mound, with her fingers on my clit made it difficult to hold back. Master withdrew and stood without cumming, his cock bobbing in front of him, glistening with my juices. Judy quickly grabbed it in her mouth, and sucked him clean. But Master pushed her away, and presented his cock to me. “No, Judy, that is Kristen’s job tonight.” I sat up and took him into my mouth and licked him clean. He pushed me away when I tried to suck him off.

“Master, we BOTH need to cum!”

“Not a chance, girl. I want you horny, and I have a bevy of women to fuck before I am ready to cum!”

We left the room and went to the upper floor of the Suite, where most of the action was. There seemed to be bodies everywhere, almost all naked, in various acts of wanton sex. In one corner, one girl was sandwiched between two guys, a cock in her ass and pussy. In another corner, two guys were taking turns whipping a slave tied over a coffee table. Two girls were sharing a cock between them, passing it back and forth, each trying to outdo the other with their oral talents. Judy and Master wandered off hand in hand, and I took up residence on one of the chaises, waiting for my first “customer.”

I did not have long to wait. The girl who was being double penetrated came over to me, and asked me to clean her. Apparently, both men, who were now sitting panting on the sofa where they had fucked the girl, had cum, one in her ass and one in her pussy. Copious amounts of cum were running out of both holes and down her legs. Considering her condition, I decided the best thing would be for her to lie on her back on my chaise, and lift her legs up, presenting both holes to me. She took up position, and I went to work. First, I licked as much cum from her legs as I could. Sucking and licking, I cleaned her thighs right up to her crotch. Then I went about cleaning her vagina. I locked my mouth over her opening, and sucked as hard as I could. At the same time, she squeezed, which pushed a huge glob of cum into my mouth, which I quickly swallowed. I used my tongue to probe her hole, and clean as much cum as possible out of her. Next I dipped down to her ass. I used my hands to pry apart her ass cheeks and then shoved my tongue up her rectum. I scooped out as much of the guy’s cum as I could and sucked her asshole like a straw, to clean her. I used my fingers to probe farther up her ass, at last getting as much cum out as possible. The only thing that could have cleaned her better was an enema… which I would have administered in one of the bathrooms, had she requested. When she was clean, I sucked her clit until she came. That way, she was already lubricated for the next cock. She thanked me with a tongue in my mouth and moved on.

As it turned out, the next two customers I had were the two guys who had just double penetrated the girl. I sat on my chaise and pulled the first cock to me. Now my purpose in cleaning these two guys is two-fold. First to clean any body fluids off of them. Secondly, to act as “fluffer” so they are ready for their next sexual encounter. I took the first guy’s flaccid penis into my mouth and ran my tongue all over it. I used my own saliva to wash him, and swallowed all the juices, both male and female that came loose. Once he felt, and smelled clean, I worked him in and out of my mouth, sucking him, and bringing him to the beginnings of an erection. At that point, he asked me to stop, so that he could have his next partner really get him going.

The second man stepped up to me and before I even got him to my mouth, I knew which hole he had been in. Not that it was particularly offensive, just distinctly different. I began my work, sucking on his cock, lathing and cleaning him.. When he was clean, he told me to stop, and then told me that he had to urinate. This does not happen too often in an orgy. Most guys take pity on the clean up girls and use the toilet. But the rule is that if the guy does not feel like leaving the orgy to take care of business, it is up to the clean up girl to take care of all his needs. So I told him to go slow, as it had been a while, and then I took him into my mouth. I prepared myself. He let loose Ataşehir Vip Escort a brief stream of piss and I swallowed. Then he let go another short spurt and I swallowed. Now some might think he was just being cooperative in prolonging the process. But I know this guy, and he is a Sadist. He enjoyed prolonging it, because it prolonged my humiliation. However, since his piss was rather bland, not strong tasting, it also tended to wash away the ass taste. When he was finished, he asked me to open my mouth, and he spat in it. I almost creamed my chaise, since, as my followers know, I love humiliation! Then he left, looking for another victim to torture.

I took this opportunity to go into the toilet. I first purged my stomach because I did not fancy having a gut full of that guy’s piss all night. Then I used mouthwash to clean up and bit, washed my face and went back out to serve as agreed.

The next person to approach me was a girl. She asked to queen me, so I sat on the floor and laid my head back on the chaise. I felt a twinge of pain, but not too bad. The girl then straddled me, and sat on my face, her vagina plastered directly over my mouth. My nose was up her asshole. She wiggled her ass and squeezed her cunt muscles, which sent a torrent of cum, from Lord knows whose cock into my mouth. I swallowed and then dutifully shoved my tongue up her fuck hole, licking and sucking it clean of all the slime there. She rose and thanked me, and was immediately pulled over to a sofa and bent over the arm by one of the Masters who then rammed his cock exactly where my tongue had been moments before. He rode her hard, and she grunted with each thrust of his mammoth cock.

Judy was next to approach me. She practically ran from one of the bedrooms and over to the chaise where I was sitting. She grabbed my head, and holding me by the top of my head and a hand under my chin, she tilted my head back, forcing my mouth open. She then proceeded to dribble a huge load of cum out of her mouth into mine. That’s called snowballing. She had to spit the last bit and then said, “Don’t swallow that yet… it is from your Master. He only made four more after you before he came and he shot off into my mouth. Told me to bring it to you. He does love you, you know! Now, give it back! I earned the right to swallow it!” I looked Judy in the eyes, shook my head, and swallowed my Master’s seed. We both laughed and Judy ran off toward the bedroom again, throwing over her shoulder, “I’ll just have to go get another!!”

Master Roger was next. He came over, and after I cleaned his cock of some slave’s cunt juices, he asked me to suck him off. Since he had just cum, it did take a while but I loved that he valued my oral skills enough to want me to service him.

That is pretty much the way I spent most of my evening, licking cum from pussies and asses and cunt juice from cocks. In between serving, I consumed a large amount of champagne, and snacked lightly. After all, I did get a healthy serving of my favorite snack, semen, multiple times during the evening.

At midnight, the festivities slowed long enough to watch the ball drop over Times Square on a huge TV screen that seemed to fill an entire wall. Master and I kissed at Midnight, and then we each kissed Judy, too, before she was dragged off by another Master who wanted her to suck his cock. Master and I stood at the huge window, watching the fireworks over the water in the distance. Quite unexpectedly, someone approached me from behind, and pushed me forward against the glass, bending at the waist over the railing which ran all along the inside of the windows. My face was pressed to the glass, but I turned and looked at Master who was still standing next to me. It was a struggle not to drop my champagne flute. I did not know who was behind me, but quite suddenly, he shoved his cock all the way up my cunt, and proceeded to fuck me roughly, while he held me against the glass. Master looked into my eyes and smiled at me. He watched me get fucked, his face close to mine, sometimes sipping his champagne, sometimes touching his fingers gently against my cheek. He watched as two more Masters took advantage of my willing cunt, although only two of the three actually came in me. I did end up with a bit of cum on my nether lips. It might have been running down my legs, had the men not had previous encounters with other fuck toys earlier in the evening.

Judy escorted me over to the chaise, and she performed the task for me that I had performed for others so many times over the evening. I came as she licked me clean.

The orgy was winding down. Now, mostly, it was slave on slave, in little miniature tableaux, putting on shows for the Masters, who were pretty much fucked out. It is during this period that we slaves usually get to cum, under the expert oral ministrations of the other slaves. Master, Judy and I did not participate, but we retired to our bedroom, and slept together for the first time, Master in the middle.

We awoke to the New Year, and I hope to my continued recovery.

Happy New Year to all my followers and readers.

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