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I shiver as I wait patiently to be joined.

I spent the morning being preened and waxed and plucked, made to look smooth and soft for my new husband. The officiating took place early, and I could barely see him through my veil. I’ve caught glimpses in the past few months when he would come to speak to my father, and today, during the celebration. But neither of us are allowed to see the other until we’re consummating our marriage.

I know he’s much older than my 19 years, and bigger than me. And I know that he requested that I be waiting on all fours for him on the bed, my face pressed into the soft blanket, and on display for him. My mother said consummating would hurt, but that being a wife means being dutiful.

The door opens with a click, and I hear footsteps coming close. There are hands on my hips. They slide down my legs, and then back up, rest on my thighs. “Spread yourself open for me.” He says, gruffly. My face gets hot, and shaking, I reach back to hold my asscheeks apart.

I feel his breath at my core, hot and exciting, before he’s flicking his tongue at my clit. He’s fairly skilled, or perhaps I’m just easy, and makes noises as he sucks and toys with the little nub. I can’t help but pant and escort gaziantep bayan sitesi moan, moving my hips to try and get more of him. After a bit, he licks a strip up to the hole, pushing his tongue into it.

He groans, and I get wet at the feel of the vibrations. “You’re so tight for me.” His mouth leaves me, and I hear rustling of clothes. Then, his buckle jingling, and his pants falling to the floor. Something bigger than his tongue prods at my hole. It takes me a moment to register, but I realize he means to consummate now. I whine, trying to wiggle away.

He pins me down with his body and slaps my ass sharply. I shriek. “Now now,” he begins, “it isn’t a crime to want to finally fill my young wife’s cunt.” I squirm some more. “It’s going to hurt,” I say shakily.

“I want you always presenting your holes to me, wanting to be filled with my cock. The first time has to be a catalyst,” he promises. I shake my head, pushing my face further into the bed.

The tip of his cock dips into my hole, pushing gently. I try to relax. Then, his fingers are at my clit, rubbing gently. More of him sinks in. He groans, and begins shallow thrusts.

“Good escort gaziantep bayan forum girl,” he says, as I get wet around him. He slaps my ass again, and I make a noise in surprise. “You like this big cock in you?” He asks, haughty. I make a soft “mhm”, and focus on trying to relax my body, to take more of him so this can be over faster.

He seems to realize this after a while, because he pulls out. It almost hurts because of how hard I’m squeezing him. He chuckles at the protest I give for half a second, before pulling me in by my hips and shoving me onto my back.

My face goes hot, and I can’t stand to look at him. He is much older than me, a friend of my father’s that has had dinner with us more times than I can count. I can’t believe my eyes, and I momentarily shut down.

He teases his cock at my entrance again, this time getting it wet with my juices. “Would’ve never sat in my lap if you knew I’m the one who asked for your hand, would you?” He asks, smirking. I could die.

He pulls my legs around his waist, and pushes into me, this time, with little resistance. His thrusts are deeper, and most of him is in me. I look away. Then, escort bayan gaziantep his hands are on my breasts, groping and squeezing roughly. “Hiding these pretty tits should be a crime,” he says, pinching a nipple. I whine, and arch up instinctively. He slips out of me because of it, and falters, just for a second.

Then, he grins, and slams back in. He grabs my hips and pounds away at me. “This is my pussy now,” he says, sweat beading at his forehead.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was turned on, that I didn’t like it. I’d fantasized about him once or twice, but had always felt too guilty to continue. And now, here he was, taking my virginity and consummating our marriage.

“Do you want to give me a baby?” He croons, thrusts jerky. He reaches between us and starts rubbing again. The coil in my stomach gets tighter and tighter.

“Yes!” I say, desperate for the release I know only he can give. He mumbles something and rubs harder, thrusts faster. It’s only a minute or so until we both cum together, loudly and tangled in each other’s limbs. I feel him in me, for one, two beats, before he pulls out slowly.

“If I knew your pussy was this good, I would’ve asked for your hand sooner,” he says, sitting up. I blink slowly, attempting to process this. Any of this. What just happened? He’s moving around the room. Doing… something?

Then his hands are at my hips. “Lift,” he says. Dazed, I do, only to have him situate a pillow under me. I must look confused, because he smiles, a little smugly. “To help you,” he drawls, “But don’t worry if it doesn’t. We’ll be trying for a while.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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