Nickolas and Jason Ch. 04

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((((Really sorry for the delay – internet and family troubles – so so sorry!))))

Leander goes by the name Lion

Jason goes by the name Spider

I can’t change their names – they’d be real mad!



Tension was high in the Drama Hall. Spider had been in a vile mood with himself for the past four days and their trip away was coming ever sooner. He’d hardly spoke to Nick at all in this time. His talk with Casey had just unsettled him further. He’d not thought about the whole love situation at all. Trevor had draped himself across Spider’s lap and was talking at him even though he rarely answered with a full sentence. Nick and Claudia came in to the room and were instantly hit by the bad atmosphere, they sat with Nile and watched Trevor prod and tug at Spider.

“I think you’re hormonal.” Trevor said to Spider, quietly so only they could hear.

“What?” Spider asked with a smile.

“Hormonal. This is why you get so sulky.”

“I do not get sulky.”

“Oh you do.”

“Like when?”

“Like now. The tension in here is so oppressing.”

“Yeah, sorry.” Spider rubbed a thigh apologetically. ” I’m just having a bad time.”

“If you were a bit more accepting you’d probably be happier.” Trevor suggested.

“Accepting? Accepting of what?” Spider looked puzzled.

“Feelings and stuff.” Trevor waved a hand. Spider looked at him, looked into those big eyes Lion loved so much and sighed.

“Possibly.” He looked over to the door as Lion came in. “I’ll be fine.”

“Oh I know.” Trevor smiled. Lion scooped up Trevor’s legs and sat next to Spider, placing Trevor’s legs back over his own. At lunch Spider disappeared. Nick was sick of the tension so he went to find him. He was sitting on a wall just out of the campus.

“Hi” He glanced at him.

“Talking to me now huh?” Nick folded his arms and leant on the wall.

“Don’t start.” Spider glared at him.

“Look, either talk to me or don’t. Either way I don’t really care.” Nick snapped. “Just stop being an arse.”

“So you’ve come to find me to tell me I’m an arse? Nice.” Spider sulked.

“Yes.” Nick frowned at him. ” I just don’t get what’s up with you.”

“You want to know?” Spider got down from the wall quickly; it shocked Nick who took a step backwards. “You want to know?” Spider growled. Nick nodded and felt his heart thud with fear. “You. You’re what’s up with me.” Spider grasped Nick’s wrists and turned him so his back was on the wall, pinning him there. Nick’s brow furrowed in confusion. “The way you act around me, the hints you drop the unsubtle flirting…the way you…” he was so close to him now, nose at his ear, one leg between Nick’s own “rub against me…” he ever so slightly rocked his hips against Nick, who’s wide eyes conveyed how scared he was and although it shouldn’t have it – turned Spider on so much. “You do weird things to me — make me feel confused, make me feel unsure.” Spider slid his arms up his back so he was holding him. Nick didn’t relax. Nick took a chance and kissed him delighted when he kissed back. He pushed Spider away softly so that he was still holding him.

“I don’t think you’re as straight as you want to be.” Nick said. Spider’s eyes narrowed, had all this been a game to him? But Nick’s expression was soft, not mocking.

“I just need some time.” Spider stroked his back. Nick nodded, neither was quite sure what that meant, was it time to adjust? Time before he could commit?

“Come on, come back?” Nick asked. Spider nodded sadly and they walked back towards the hall. The silence was slightly uneasy, Spider looked stressed and uneasy so Nick thought he’d bring something up. ” Tucker.”

“What?” Spider looked at him.

“That guy I … er… ‘blew’ was called Tucker.” Nick confessed.

“As in Tucker the jock who moved away?” Spider asked. Nick nodded. “Oh my god! He always said he was getting head off some saucy red head but … well … wow!” Spider laughed. “Well I never. You little minx.” Nick blushed.

“I am not coming to the lodge.” Nick said softly.

“Why?” Spider frowned.

“I think you need some time without me around bugging you.” Nick looked at his hands.

“I want you there.” Spider said sadly, then brightening up. “I want to see your pjs.”

“Oh behave!” Nick shoved him and scurried away. Spider gave chase and soon scooped him up. He placed his forehead on the others and looked into his eyes.

“Come?” He asked.

“Right now?” Nick smirked and Spider purred, nuzzling into him. These displays of wanton lust didn’t do either of them any good, but at least they were talking again.

“No, to the lodge.” Spider bit his ear lightly.

“Okay.” Nick smiled at him and they walked back to the hall. Everyone was relieved that the tension seemed to have dropped, even when Spider grumbled at Nick for breaking the drill bit he was using to put up some shelves the tension didn’t rise.

“What the layout of this lodge then?” Trevor asked. “Where will we sleep?”

“Well, there’s three double rooms and a double room with single beds. Nick and I will take that one and the three other couples can have the doubles.” Spider told him. “And don’t you dare give me that crap about you and Lion not being a couple because it just won’t wash.” Trevor’s jaw dropped and he heard Nick giggle.

“Um.” Trevor bit his lip and looked over to Lion who Kolej Escort was also enjoying his embarrassment. “Oh you’re loving this too? Of all people!” He sulked.

“Come here and stop whinging.” Lion held his arms open and Trevor crawled into them, hiding his face in Lion’s neck. Secretly they were both rather happy that their relationship was out in the open — they hadn’t purposely been keeping a secret but with Spider’s mood swings they thought it would probably be best not to bring any attention to it.

The house was full of people, they had all gathered before they were setting off to the lodge, which was a four-hour drive away. They’d decided to set off at six when the roads would be quieter. Casey was in the kitchen talking to Lion.

“It’s really odd not seeing you around all the time.” He said.

“Yeah, I miss hanging out with you guys.” Lion frowned.

“I never thought you and Spider would break up for good.” Casey shook his head. “I thought you’d have your fallings out and then settle down.”

“Hah, me too.” Lion smiled sadly. “But he didn’t want it. I tried to make him happy but I couldn’t and I didn’t want to lose him as a friend so a mutual split was the best option.”

“Are you happy with Trevor?” Casey leant on the counter next to him.

“Oh yeah.” Lion smiled broadly. “He’s adorable.” He paused. “I’ll always love Spider though.” Casey hugged him and they went into the lounge where Casey fussed over Nathan’s broken leg. As six rolled round Casey began to fuss more, making sure they had everything they needed. ” Case we’ll be fine!” Lion reassured him.

“Okay, okay.” Casey piled them into cars and kept Spider and Nile out. ” No racing! I want you there safely.” They both nodded. “Have fun baby, I love you.”

“I’ll be good. Love you too.” Spider hugged him and then Josh who told him to call them when they got there. ” Let’s go!” Spider grinned getting in the car, they had split themselves into Spider, Nick, Lion and Trevor and Nile, Jazmin Claudia and Nathan. Nick was driving first with Spider navigating — Jazmin was behind the wheel of the car behind. Trevor was leaning on Lion in the back, he wanted to cuddle up to him but thought it might wind up Spider so he resisted. Spider was fiddling with the radio trying to find a decent station once he’d done that he instructed Nick to drive onwards. “What sort of driver are you Nick?”

“What do you mean?” Nick asked.

“He means are you mental like he is?” Lion commented. “Seriously, he’s like a madman behind that wheel.”

“I am not!” Spider leant round the seat.

“You so are.” Lion said. “That’s why Case wont let you drive him anywhere — he fears for his life.”

“You tell such lies Lion!” Spider grinned. Nick spent most of the drive just focussing on the directions Spider provided whilst Spider chewed his nails and looked out of the window, it was starting to rain. After they’d driven for about an hour they decided to stop at a service station. They got out of the car and waited for the others to park and get out. Nathan hobbled about and they helped him inside to browse round. Spider sat on the steps and smoked with Nile. Trevor needed the toilet but didn’t want to go alone; he was worried that the truckers would leer at him so Nick followed him with a sigh. Lion was amusing himself with Nathan and his broken leg, much to Claudia’s distress.

“You’re so mean, leave the cripple alone.” She scolded.

“Cripple?” Lion began to laugh. “You didn’t just call him that did you?”

“I did…but I meant it nicely!” She also began to giggle. Nathan sulked and they laughed more.

“Are we going to change in about an hour?” Jazmin asked. Spider nodded. “Where are we stopping?”

“There’s another services — we’ll pull in there.” Spider told her. “Trevor will need to pee again I am sure.”

“It’s not my fault my bladder is weak!” Trevor sulked as he returned with Nick. They got back into the cars and set off, Trevor chatted to Lion about Mrs Charleston who had managed to anger his mother once again. Spider enjoyed listening to Trevor ramble on, he was sweet and amusing, he had noticed that Nick didn’t seem to talk as much as he used to. He blamed that on himself and the way he’d been acting lately. He just couldn’t help it sometimes he just wanted to cuddle up to him and kiss him, other times he wanted to hate him and hurt him. He was hoping this week away would calm his nerves.

Another hour passed and they piled out at the services, Trevor and Claudia scurried off to wee and Spider leant on the car, still chewing a nail.

“Bad habit that.” Nick pointed out.

“Yeah.” Spider nodded. “I have many of them.”

“Nah you don’t.” Nick shrugged. “Just the nail biting, smoking and sulking.”

“Do I really sulk that much?” Spider frowned.

“No you don’t. You’re so much fun when you’re happy though.” Nick told him. Spider promised to be in good spirits for this week. Nile was watching them from the services, there was something bugging him that he wouldn’t talk about. At first Nile had thought it was just the fact that he’d had to adjust to Lion and Trevor, but he seemed to adore Trevor, often letting him climb on him and harass him when he felt like it. He never asked Spider if he was unhappy because he’d normally share everything with him, but maybe he needed a little prodding this Rus Escort time.

“Ready?” Jazmin took his hand. Nile took one last look at Spider and nodded. They went back outside and Nile grinned at Spider as he got into the driving seat. ” No racing!” Jazmin scowled. “Remember what Casey said!”

“Sure sure.” Spider said winding the window down. “Get it and strap yourself in well.” They pulled out of the services lot and onto the open straights. They heard three rapid beeps from behind them and Nile zoomed past. Spider shifted the gears and raced after him.

“See?” Lion said. “Mental.” Trevor cuddled up to him and clung tightly. Nick was holding the dashboard looking terrified. Spider pulled in front and glanced at Nick.

“S’okay Nick. I always win.” Spider grinned.

“You’ll get arrested.” Nick frowned.

“Nah. It’ll be fine.” Spider watched as Nile pulled along side him — he could see Jazmin in the passenger side window obviously telling him off. They both slowed and drove normally much to the relief of their passengers. An hour or so later they were parked at the lodge.

“Oh swish.” Trevor flounced around the lounge. “Nice pad.” Spider nodded and began to turn the heating on. Nile started to make a fire and Lion was helping Nathan to the sofa. Spider showed everyone else upstairs and to their rooms so they could unpack their bags then they returned to Nathan.

“So what do you guys do when you’re here?” Claudia asked.

“Nothing really.” Lion smiled. “Laze about, go for walks, harass Casey. The usual.”

“But hop-a-long here rules out walks.” Nick pointed at Nathan.

“Well tomorrow we’ll chill and have our traditional scare-a-thon.” Nile grinned.

“I don’t like scary movies.” Trevor pouted. “Neither does Nick.”

“Don’t I?” Nick asked, unaware of that until now.

“No you don’t.” Trevor shook his head.

“You’re such a woman.” Nick teased. Trevor flounced off to sit with Lion. They decided to have an early night as the drive had taken its toll on them. Spider lay in his bed listening to the rain outside steadily getting heavier he was tired but he couldn’t seem to get to sleep his mind was running away with him. He knew Lion and Trevor were in a room not far away from where he was and he couldn’t help imagine what they were up to. Nick stirred in his sleep and turned over, arm lazily dangling out of the bed. He wondered why the other made him feel so conflicted this thought stayed with him until he fell asleep.

Trevor sulked and snuggled into Nile’s side — he did not want to watch the horror movie — people being hacked up with chainsaws didn’t interest him at all. Although getting cuddles of Nile did — Nile had taken to Trevor very well. Nick was fretting about as the stormy weather got worse and the threat of thunder was getting more likely by the second. He was sitting in front of the armchair that Spider was sitting in, the film had just started and the lights were out but the room was suddenly lit by a bright flash that shocked them all. No one had brought a music player so there was no way for Nick to escape as the thunder grumbled in the distance. Attention was turned back to the film but Spider could sense Nick’s discomfort and fear. He reached down and lifted him onto the armchair pulling the throw that was behind him around them both. Nile glanced over as Trevor tugged him to show the two cuddled up. Nile smiled and they went back to the film. Nick settled himself, unsure if Spider would allow him to lean on him but Spider was in good sorts and stroked his hair as he cuddled into his neck complaining about the thunder. Spider was glad it was dark, as he had felt his cheeks burn when the red head snuggled into him. They watched gory film after gory film and it was clear that Trevor’s stomach couldn’t take it as he spent most of them with his face in Nile’s side and complaining. Lion would glance over when he heard a grumble of distress but soon turn back when it was just Trevor being a woman. Nick had watched all the films but couldn’t remember a thing, as Spider’s hand had been under his shirt stroking his side in an effort to sooth him. He rearranged himself to be more comfortable and Nick stroked his chest softly as he snuggled closer the thunder not bothering him so much. As they watched a film about mutants he found himself absentmindedly stroking down Spider’s chest and over his stomach — Spider didn’t seem to have noticed, he was still fixated on a mutant. Nick ghosted his hand over his crotch and felt a lump — obviously his stroking had registered with him. He rubbed at it delicately feeling it firm up under his touch. Spider did his very best to ignore it — but he did give Nick’s ass a squeeze with the arm that was around him. When the movies had finished it was nearly two in the morning so they all headed to bed. Spider walked into his room and saw Nick pulling his shirt over his head, shaking his hair lightly to settle it back down, and he was shocked at what a toned body he had – he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his perfect chest. Nick met his eyes and looked self-consciously at him.

“Well.” Spider commented. “Who’d have thought you’d be hiding that under your oversized shirts?” Spider saw him blush. “Oh surely you’re not blushing? After you just made me hard downstairs?”

“Um I…” Nick began but found himself pushed up against the door. “Jason!” Yenimahalle Escort

“I don’t get you.” Spider whispered, biting at his ear. ” Do you want me?” He kissed Nick roughly and he pushed away to look at him.

“Do you want me?” Nick smirked. That smirk angered Spider of course he wanted him, he just asked so he’d have to admit it. He pressed his hand against Nick’s crotch and found him hard; he rubbed him and saw Nick’s eyes darken with lust.

“I’m going to have you.” Spider growled tugging down Nick’s jeans and boxers, he let Nick remove his shirt and pushed him onto the bed, covering his body with his own, lips ravaging that chest that had made him so hard. He was turned on to find that Nick was a moaner and repeatedly had to cover his mouth with his own when he was toying with his nipples as the red head was loud. Nick worked off Spider’s jeans and felt his cock swell when he found he wasn’t wearing underwear. ” I’m going to fuck you so hard.” Spider growled to Nick who moaned with both pleasure and fear. Spider had pressed a finger on the entrance to Nick’s body; he toyed with it whilst kissing him. “I need…” Spider whispered to him, leaning over to the cabinet and opening the top draw. He took a handful of stuff with a laugh and led Nick to the end of the bed, bending him so he was braced against the bed end. He lubed a finger and worked it into Nick’s body. He added another two and began to stretch him, deftly rolling on a condom and lubing that up too. When he thought Nick was ready he positioned himself and pushed his length inside him. Nick’s body tightened. “Okay?” Spider whispered.

“Yeah.” Nick nodded. Spider lifted one of Nick’s legs and began to thrust into him, feeling the hot tightness around him he was holding Nick’s hip with his other hand, guiding him back towards his body with each thrust. Nick panted and moaned as Spider invaded his body. Jason bit his lip he didn’t want anyone to hear — and he wanted to see Nick’s chest more so he pulled out of his body. Nick tensed wondering if he’d done wrong, only to find Spider pushing him back on the bed, sliding back into him and pulling his legs around his hips so he was looking down on him, he rubbed his chest and played with his nipples and he thrust into his body. One of Nick’s hands was on the pillow and the other was near his face, his eyes were shut. Spider looked at him, looked at the toned chest, the stomach and the brown hairs that curled around the base of his cock, which had shocked him — he’d known Nick dyed his hair but he thought he was a natural red head. Then he fixed his stare on the necklace he had bought him, even after they argued he never took it off; it made Spider’s cock twitch when he thought of it as his claim to ownership. He saw Nick’s body shiver in the cool night and suddenly realised that this wasn’t very intimate at all. He leant back and got hold of the duvet, pulling it up as he moved to lie on top of Nick holding his arms above his head on the pillows. Nick was helpless and could only rock his hips to meet Spider’s thrusts. Spider was kissing him again, long deep slow kisses, his tongue bar teasing Nick’s unadorned tongue, he slid one hand under his head and the other down his body to stroke his cock. Nick’s arms went around his neck and then felt down his body to his ass, feeling his hips thrusting into him turned him on and he gasped his pleasure. Spider nipped at his neck and jaw as he stroked him faster, Nick panted beneath him, his soft warm skin against Jason’s, one arm around his neck, one on his chest. Spider felt his orgasm building and fucked him harder.

“Mmm you’re mine Twinkle.” He growled and bit his ear. “Who’s?”

“Oh god, yours.” Nick breathed. Spider purred and stroked him faster, he felt himself teeter on the brink of orgasm and kissed Nick to stop himself calling out then he was coming hard he felt a stab of pain in his chest. He put his head on Nick’s shoulder and felt the boy’s rapid breathing. His senses came flooding back and he swallowed the bile rising and tried to control the tears that had sprung into his eyes. What had he just done? He’d fucked Nick senseless — how was that not letting him get to him? He looked down at Nick who was flushed and covered in his own come; he just wanted to get away. But something made him regain control so he leant down and kissed Nick again, stroking his face then he reached into the cabinet and took out a towel, wiping Nick clean before throwing it at the side of the bed. Gently he pulled out of Nick, surprised there was no blood for a first time that had been so intense, he removed the condom and put it with the towel. He needed a fag but he couldn’t just abandon Nick so he pulled up the covers and cuddled him against his chest. Nick hadn’t said a word yet but seemed content enough with a cuddle. Soon enough Spider’s heartbeat had returned to normal and he excused himself to smoke, glancing at the time as he pulled on his jeans — three a.m. Nick yawned and snuggled under the duvet to try to figure out what the hell just happened. He closed his eyes and opened them to find half an hour had passed and still Jason wasn’t back from his post orgasm smoke. He got out of the bed and pulled on a shirt and some boxers and crept through the house to find him. He was sitting on the back porch head in his hands – Nick stepped into the cold night and he looked up. “Jason it’s cold and early.” He said quietly. “Come in?” Spider said nothing so Nick sat by him, running a hand up his arm as he observed his body, he hadn’t tied his jeans and Nick could see a teasing tuft of black hair at the flies. “You’re freezing, you’ll get ill.” Spider nodded and they stood, heading back to the room when they were there Spider swapped his jeans for shorts. Nick was getting into his bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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