Nicky Takes Charge Ch. 03

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We got back to Nicky’s place in the early evening, having stopped for a few beers to get to know each other, and loosen up a bit.

We’d hit it off, and he seemed really keen to play with us. We discovered his name was Mark, and it turned out he was bi, and found both of us interesting.

Whilst in the bar Nicky had revealed her crotchless knickers to him, and I had sat still in between them as he reached over me, tongue kissing her in front of my face, and fingering her to an orgasm in the bar. All the while getting strange looks from other punters.

Now we were all in Nicky’s living room, and she told me to fix everyone drinks, which I complied with. When I got back they were tongue-kissing on the sofa together, with Mark pulling the shoulders of Nicky’s dress down.

I put the drinks down on the coffee table and just stood, watching them.

He freed her tits from the top of her dress, ruffling it down around her waist. Taking them both, one in each hand, he roughly pulled her tits up towards his mouth, biting each nipple in turn.

She moaned lustfully, spreading her legs open on the sofa.

As they returned to tongue kissing, him tugging and twisting her nipples with his fingers, I knelt on the floor before Nicky, lifting her dress, and running my tongue across her clit.

Her pussy was already soaked, and I got to work teasing and pleasuring her pussy.

As they kissed, Nicky’s hand found its way to the fly of his cargo shorts, dexterously unbuttoning the top button, and then lowering the zipper.

Nicky pulled his semi-erect cock free of his shorts, and even part-flaccid it was already eight inches and growing harder to her touch. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, and she grinned at me staring at him.

As she began to slowly stroke his thick cock, he plunged his tongue deep into her mouth again, eliciting a soft groan from her. With their mouths still interlocked, she gently ran her fingers into the back of my hair, pulling my head sideways, moving my face from between her legs to in front of his cock. His circumcised cock was now fully erect, over nine inches and probably three around, right in front of my face. It had been quite a while, but I had to admit, I really wanted to suck his beautiful cock. I moved towards it, my eyes transfixed, as they continued to French kiss above me. Nicky move her hand away from my head, and towards her pussy, where she began to wank her clit, rubbing it and flicking it back and forth with her fingertips.

I poked my tongue out, making contact with the corona of his glans and running the tip of my tongue around its base before gently licking along the length. I felt him clench his butt cheeks, pushing his hard rod upwards towards my face. I teased him, by leaning back away from his thrust.

As he lowered his weight again, I leaned forward over his cock, covering my teeth with my lips, and taking the whole glans inside my mouth, at the same time teasing the opening with my tongue.

They broke their kiss, and Nicky put her hand back on the back of my head, gently pushing downwards.

“Come on cocksucker, deep throat him!” She encouraged.

I slide my hands under his buttocks, and took him deeper into my throat, developing a rhythm as I sucked him up and down, occasionally taking him cock out of my mouth to lick the length of his rod, and teasing his balls.

Before long he put his hands on either side of my head, and began thrusting harder into my mouth.

“Oh yes! You little cocksucker, I’m going to come in your mouth!”

Furiously face-fucking my mouth meant all I could do was try to keep my throat and mouth as open as possible as he brought himself off in my face.

I managed a sideways look at Nicky, who had now laid on the sofa on her back with one leg up on the back of the sofa, and her fingers working furiously in and out of her pussy as she watched Mark fucking my mouth.

“Ah, agh, agh!” he grunted, as he exploded into my mouth, shooting the first load straight down the back of my throat. The second hit me across the tongue and down the throat, then he pulled out of my mouth, shooting several more thick wads across my face.

Right at the same time I heard Nicky moaning, as she brought herself off with her fingers.

“I hope you’ve got more left in you…” She said, looking into Mark’s eyes, before tongue kissing him again, and beginning to stroke him back to full hardness straight away.

“Because I want to feel your big cock deep inside my wet pussy,” she purred.

After wanking his dick a few times, she decided he was hard enough and swung her leg over his lap, kneeling either side of his lap with her arse inches away from my face.

She slowly lowered herself towards his hard cock, teasing the end of it against her wet swollen lips, more for her own pleasure than his. Unable to resist the urge to be penetrated, she slid herself slowly down his shaft, moaning gutturally as she felt his thickness stretching the inside of her pussy.

Without kayseri escort needing to be told, I leaned forward, kissing her arsehole and cheeks, and circling her ring with my tongue. Mark took her tits in his hands massaging them before bring one nipple, and then the other, up to his lips to gently bit each one. She begin to ride his cock, sliding her pussy up and down his thick shaft. I alternated between licking her arsehole, penetrating it with my tongue, and licking and sucking his balls.

“Oh fuck yes!” Mark said. “Keep sucking my balls while I fuck your girlfriend!”

“Oh, mmmm.” Nicky moaned as she enjoyed being stretched by his cock. She twisted her own nipples in her finger tips before reaching behind her to play her fingers through my hair as my tongue one more explored into her anus.

“I want your cock in there!” She asked. “I want you two to DP me!” She asked lustily.

I rose up on my knees so my cock was level with her rear, and pressed my cockhead against her now nicely lubed ringhole, coated in my saliva.

She pressed back, her pussy still filled with Mark’s cock, and swallowed my cock up inside her arsehole.

“Oh fucking hell that’s good!” Nicky exclaimed. “Give it to me you bastards!”

We quickly developed a rhythm fucking both her holes. I began erotically kissing her along the back of her neck and shoulders whilst Mark alternated between kissing her nipples and tongue kissing her on the mouth. I could feel the pressure of kiss cock against my own through Nicky’s soft internal flesh, and within a few minutes we had her close to the brink.

“Oh fuck your two cocks inside me are going to make me cum so hard!”

“Oh god, come on boys, come with me, both of you!”

We both increased our tempos and began fucking her in earnest, losing our rhythm but driving ourselves both closer to cumming.

I felt my orgasm growing and Nicky was moaning loudly trying to hold off. Mark began grunting and thrusting harder, and I tried to match his tempo.

“Kiss each other boys. I want to watch you French kissing as we all come!”

I leaned around her left side and she leant to the right, and Mark used a free hand to pull my face closer, driving his tongue into my accepting mouth. We swirled our tongues together as Nicky exploded into orgasm, her muscle spasms and contractions squeezing both our dicks and causing both of us to erupt inside of her pussy and arse.

We kept thrusting away, filling her with more and more cum until we couldn’t go any further. All the while we remained with our tongues interlocked, swirling erotically around each other.

“Look at you two faggots getting in on!” Nicky teased. “I bet you can’t wait to fuck each other! Which incidentally, is what comes next! Just as soon as you clean my holes up that is….”

Nicky climbed off our cocks, and rolled onto her back on the sofa next to Mark, her legs splayed obscenely wide open, and her gaping pussy and ring both oozing fresh cum.

I knew what she wanted and dropped my face to her snatch, sucking as much of my own gooey cum out of her arsehole as I could. I then moved to her pussy, eating the thick creampie that Mark had deposited there.

She again ran her hands through my hair, holding my face close to her snatch. “Now you know you promised you’d let me see you get fucked like to good little faggot you are, didn’t you?” She teased.

“Yes.” I agreed, between slurping licks.

“Yes, what?” She barked.

“I promised I’d get fucked in the arse for your pleasure.”

“So now I am going to watch Mark fuck your tight little gay arse. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Mmmm.” I moaned, still concentrating on her freshly fucked and swollen pussy.

“Say yes!” Nicky ordered.

“Yes, I want it so much!” I replied.

“The thing is though,” she paused contemplatively, “I’ve got a little bit of a fantasy I’d like to see….”

Her voice trailed off. I looked up slightly sheepishly. I looked to Mark, who grinned at me and then Nicky, obviously intrigued. His cock amazingly began to harden again. I couldn’t believe how much stamina he had. After just one orgasm my own much smaller dick had shrivelled up to its un-erect four inches.

“Both of you, come with me!! Nicky ordered, as she stood from the sofa, cum trails still ran down the insides of her thighs. She took a hand of each of us, leading the two of us side by side towards her hall way. I thought at first we were headed to the upstairs bedroom, but instead we headed towards the kitchen at the back of her house, and then turned suddenly right behind the stairs into what seemed to be a spare bedroom.

The walls were painted deep red and the cornices and skirting boards were black – contrasting dramatically with the rest of the house. It was spartanly decorated except for a black wooden four poster bed against the far wall, a small set of black drawers opposite the end of the bed, and a tall, figure length mirror next to the drawers. A short red love seat was also positioned in the corner. White lace curtains draped from the upper canopy of the bed, but we tied back towards the bedhead.

“Now. For this to be just right, I need you to put these on!” Nicky ordered, reaching into the top drawer and handing me what looked like padded leather wrist restraints.

I looked at her with a quizzical expression on my face.

“Just do it!” She ordered.

I complied, locking first one, then the other wrist into the black leather wrist cuffs.

“I like where this is going!” Mark said. Nicky grinned at him in reply, teasingly running her fingernails across his chest and slowly rubbing her fingers up and down his now hard shaft a few times.

“I thought you might! But I suspect he is going to enjoy it even more!”

Next Nicky reached again into the drawer, and produced a red leather steel boned overbust corset, with three steel buckles at the front, and black cross lacing at the back. It also had four dangling straps for attaching stockings.

Not pausing to seek compliance from me, she wrapped it around my waist, tucking the other side under my arm, and began fastening it behind my back. The hard steel bones, shaped into a feminine curve pinched my waist in narrower than I had ever felt, causing my head to swim and forcing me to gasp for air. Despite having no bust, it was obviously designed to close tight against the chest, regardless of size, and felt tight all over. I saw my reflection in the figure length mirror and was stunned by the feminine shape I had suddenly achieved, and how the corset accentuated my hips and arse. it even squeezed my pecs together in such a way to make it look like I had, small a-cup breasts.

Next she handed me a pair of matching red thigh-high stockings and helped me roll them up each leg, fastening them to the corset’s straps.

“Mmmm. Just as I hoped.” Nicky purred.

“You look seriously fuckable in that!” Mark exclaimed, stroking his cock as he stared at my figure.

Next Nicky produced a narrower black leather belt which she fasted around the narrowest point of my waist, over the top of the corset. It featured two clips which sat to either side, and before I realised what they were for, she had clipped the wrist restraints into them. Try as I might, my hands were firmly locked against my sides just below my ribs.

She turned to Mark with a wicked grin on her face. “You like?”

“Oh yes!” he replied.

Next she produced something I had never seen, and didn’t really understand at first. Nicky saw the confused look, and held it up before me.

“Posture collar, you little bitch. Lift your chin!”

I did as she commanded, and she fitted the tight black leather neck restraint around my throat and shoulders. At the rear it sat high up behind the base of my skull, fixing my face in a forward direction.

Nicky put her hand on my chin and unsuccessfully attempted to move my face side to side, smiling at the obvious effectiveness of the posture collar. I found that I was more or less unable to move my upper body.

Nicky gently put her hand against the small of my back and pushed me towards the four-poster bed. I reached the edge and instinctively lifted first one, then the other knee onto it, so that I was kneeling on the edge. She pushed me in the back, harder this time, forcing me to fall forwards, my face crashing into the bed.

I was now up on my knees with my face buried in the fabric of the bedcovers, and my hands attached closely either side of my waist by the thick tight leather restraint belt.

My breathing had slowed to shallow gasps, made doubly difficult by the bedcovers, and the tight corset I was encased in. She used her hand to move first my left, and then my right knee slightly apart from each other, widening how spread my legs were. I was conscious that from their view my ass was raised and spread, and presented a highly fuckable target.

“Mmmm. This is perfect!” Purred Nicky. “Just how I imagined… Mark, please feel free!”

Mark moved towards me, still stroking his long, thick member, now fully erect and as hard as a piece of sculpted marble.

He moved behind me, his cock level with my waiting hole.

“Mmmm. I can’t wait to see this”, Nicky said as she moved back towards the drawers where she removed a large curved pink gel dildo. She then went and sat on a chair in one of the rooms corners, placing one foot on the seat, and spreading her legs to give her access to her pussy, which she began to gently rub as she watch Mark position himself against my ring.

By now I was actually tingling with the anticipation, desperate to discover how his thick rod would feel inside me. He spat on his fingers, and gently began massaging it around my arsehole, which felt exquisite. Next he pressed the tip of his rock solid cock against my pink flesh, slowly circling it and spreading the moisture. I couldn’t help but press backwards, eager to feel that flesh buried inside me.

I could hear Nicky moaning in the corner as she got hot watching the performance. I wished I could look up and see what see was doing, but from the angle my face was pressed against the bed, I could only just see the chest of drawers and the door, so I was having to imagine what she might have been doing with that bright pink jelly dong.

My attention was brought back into focus as Mark’s knob pressed through my sphincter into my anus. He paused a moment, just leaving it still in place, with only the bulging glans inside. Even that intrusion into the entrance brought about a moan from me. He was so large and thick, it stretched my flesh apart.

Despite the minor pain of being opened up, I felt compelled to draw him deeper, to feel him right up inside me as far as he could penetrate, and I tried to slide myself back onto him.

“Ah, ah, ah!” he chided, slapping my arse and rocking back to keep just his glans in place, and in doing so teasing me immeasurably.

“Nicky, you have got yourself a proper little slut here! She is desperate for it!” Mark teased.

“I knew it the first time I saw him…” I could hear her voice from across the room.

“Why don’t you put her out of her misery?” Nicky added.

With that Mark drove his entire length balls deep up my arse, holding it there briefly, before beginning to slowly drive in and out.

“Ahhhhhhh!” A long low moan was all I could come up with.

He stretched my arse in ways I had never imagined, and it felt exquisite. He slowly began to work his thick cock in and out, stretching my sphincter and dragging its flesh out slightly with his outward strokes.

He gave me a hard spank on my right arse-cheek, making me purr. I pressed my arse back onto his shaft, feeling an overwhelming urge to be further impaled by his magnificent phallus.

Somewhere in the background I could hear the wet-slapping of Nicky’s dildo furiously fucking in and out of her snatch, and her accompanying whimpering, but her presence slowly diminished in my mind, as my whole focus shifted onto my anus and the fact that here I was, bound and immobile, my arse in the air, getting exquisitely arse-fucked by a hung stud like the little sissy I really am.

His cock-strokes were increasing in tempo, and I tried to match them, forming a perfect rhythm to provide us both with maximum stimulation. I was also trying to use my anus muscles to clench him, forming a tighter fit as he drove inwards, and taking his outward strokes to briefly relax.

I hoped it felt to him like my anus was pulsing around his cock, massing it, milking it, trying to tell him I needed him to reach his crescendo inside my arse, to unload his balls deep with me.

He spanked me again, increasing his fuck-speed, and now fucking me harder and faster than I could keep up with. I gave up on trying to match his strokes with my clenching and just relaxed, enjoying the pounding I was receiving in my arse.

Nicky’s voice was speaking guttural words in the background, urging him on, but her voice came to my ears as just musical tones, my brain unable to experience anything other than the pleasure I was receiving from behind.

His cock passing back and forth across my prostate was bringing me off in a big way, and I felt my own orgasm building. My cock was beginning to leak, and I was worried I was going to erupt before he started to come, but I needed have concerned myself, as I heard him beginning to grunt, and his thrusts became more violent and urgent.

“….fill his arse,” were the only words from Nicky’s voice which suddenly came to me clearly, and just as she finished saying it, Mark erupted deep within me, filling my bowels with spurt after spurt of his thick cum. At almost the same time, my own cock erupted, spurting much more liquid jets in quick succession as I came from within my prostate.

Mark must have spurted a dozen or so times, flooding my arse to the point that it was beginning to dribble out by the last of his finishing strokes.

He pulled his thick cock out, leaving my stretched sphincter gaping, and abruptly feeling empty. I was struck by a sudden and overwhelming desire to be re-filled, but was also aware of the trickle of think cum oozing out of my open and unprotected hole.

I was suddenly aware of Nicky standing nearby and could hear the sounds of sloppy tongue kissing, as I realised she had risen and was French kissing Mark behind me again.

“Absolutely amazing.” She said. “You fucked that little bitch like a stallion – that was so hot!”

“I have an idea,” Nicky continued. I heard her feet padding across the floor, the drawer opening again, and then her feet returning towards me.

Next I felt something soft and smooth gently circling my cum-filled gape, before slowly pressing inwards. The object was pointed with a smooth round tip but quickly widened its girth – a butt plug I realised. Nicky pressed it inwards with enough pressure for it to slide into my anus.

It flared out much wider even that the girth of Mark’s cock, before suddenly narrowing, as my sphincter closed round its narrow base, gripping the bulging plug into my rectum and holding it in place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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