Niece Rindi Ch. 19 – Candy’s Story

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Group Sex

This is Candy’s story to tell. I decided that she needed to tell her story, It includes the main theme and characters from the Niece Rindi series.

‐———Friday June 23

“Su and I are going to sit and eat with you, I told Roy, “Can’t have Rindi be the only girl with all those cute young good looking guys,” I tell my boss and the owner of Pirates Cove restaurant. He claims we are all partners but none of us would be here if not for him, I wish I was Rindi though.

The boys are more than happy to make room for us and quickly two of them bring us chairs and we sit down to eat.

The cute red headed boy is across from me and keeps staring at me. I wonder if I look all right, do I have flour on my face or is something else wrong?

Roy is talking with Paul who along with the five boys had just brought the six newly painted Escapes over to the restaurant.

The red headed boy finally talks. “It’s you, you’re the mermaid from the logo with the most incredible boobs.” He turned almost as red as his hair, while the other boys teased him.

“I haven’t even seen them yet myself,” I said, without thinking. Meaning the new logo’s. Everyone is laughing at me now, I turned red and thankfully Roy ordered me to help him bring out the pizzas.

As we walk into the kitchen, I feel all of them are watching me so I add a bit of wiggle to my walk and twitch my butt. The short white skirt allows them to see my black silk panties. In the kitchen Roy starts slicing the pizzas and puts two huge slices on each big plate.

“I felt so sorry for that boy when he tried to compliment me and then I embarrassed myself, I meant I hadn’t seen the logo not my boobs,” I tell Roy. “I bet he masturbates thinking about me in that mermaid outfit.”

He smiled at me and chuckled, then he said. “Candy, you are cute enough he would masturbate no matter what you wear. If you want to date any boy you like go ahead, Rindi and I don’t want to hold you back and you deserve your own life, just one rule though. If you have sex be exclusive, we don’t want any problems like what happened with Claude, at the senior prom.”

I agreed and we went back to the table, I wheeled a serving cart with five plates of pizza and so did Roy. He gave one to Paul and then Rindi, Passed two plates down and kept one for himself. I handed out one to Su and then the cute redhead. Then I handed each of the other two boys a plate and took my own back to sit next to Su across from the red headed guy.

“These are huge slices,” said Paul, “I don’t know if I can handle eating two pieces.”

“The girls can each eat two pieces, they are the reason this restaurant even exists,” Roy told the owner of the car painting place.

“I would like to hear that story?” Paul said to Roy.

The red head nods his head agreeing he wants to hear this, so do the others. Roy is a great storyteller, he has so much emotion in his voice.

Roy takes his time, finishing one piece of pizza first then says, “It was spring break in March for those two,” he points at Su and I.

“My fiancee,” he kissed Rindi, letting the boys all know she belongs to him. “Invited the girls for the week. I had ordered a new bread machine and I found out I could use it to make pizza dough. I asked the three girls what toppings they wanted. Pepperoni, mushrooms and olives, Oh My!”

Roy does a great Cowardly Lion impression. He also does quite a few other celebrity voice imitations and is always saying stupid shit to make everyone laugh.

Then Roy gets mean. “Neanderthal, unimaginative cave girls,” He calls us three girls. I am happy to see Rindi punch him on his arm and he rubbed it before continuing. “I put scallops, shrimp, cashew nuts and mushrooms on top of mozzerella cheese and my own special alfredo sauce. Last weekend the girls each made about 25,000 dollars just from pizza sales.”

Holy Shit! I think, I had been putting my monthly checks in the bank, I had nearly sixty thousand right now from the last three months. If this keeps up why would I even need to go to college? That is more than a lot of people make yearly.

The boys have all finished eating and even Paul managed to finish off his second piece of pizza, although he burped a couple times and farted on his way out the door.

Once outside the redhead tells me his name is Kevin. He leads me over to the freshly painted gray vehicles. “Here are the cars we painted for Pirates Cove,” he tells me with pride in his voice. “It was I, myself, who designed the water and the mermaid, the other guys did the boat and all the rest, except for the Jolly Roger flag, that was mine too, but it was quite easy. The mermaid is probably my best work ever and I’m happy that I got to meet the attractive girl who modeled for the picture.”

I stared at my picture on the gray Escape, the green sironemelia looked amazing, the gold scales sparkled in the sunshine. I looked at my boobs there are two tiny starfish just barely covering my nipples on either side, it takes up both Otele Gelen Escort of the passenger doors. The other cars each have different things on the nipples, one has clam shells, one is two small fish, one is hermit crabs with the claws pinching to hold on the sides of the boobs, one has two tiny seagulls, I think that one is Roy’s, the last one is two big white pearls.

“Thank you Kevin,” I said giggling at him, while he blushed.

Then Roy says to Paul, “These Escapes are only five seater vehicles so I will have to drive one of your boys back to the shop.”

I looked at Roy in a begging manner and he saw me and smiled. Beckoning me to come to him. He handed me a key fob. “Here take one of the new grays, I know how long it takes to get to Gotcha’s and back, I’ll do your job while you are gone but remember what I said in the kitchen earlier?” Roy said to me.

“Which one is it?” I asked him, meaning the car of course.

Roy teased me and said, Probably the redhead.” I glared at him and he started laughing at me. He dodged my attempt to kick him.

“Push the button that looks like a horn, the car will let you know which one it is,” Roy said to me.

I pushed the button, the horn started beeping and headlights flashed on and off from the gray vehicle with the starfish nipples that we had been examining. I told Kevin to get in and we pulled out of the parking lot.

“Your boss seems like a really great guy, letting you girls be partners in something he could have made millions doing himself?” Kevin questioned me when we were driving away.

“Roy is the nicest guy I have ever known, he’s great to work with. He doesn’t consider himself our boss, he keeps telling us we are all equals. We know he makes all the major decisions though. Even Captain Jack, who started Pirates Cove, admits it’s Roy who makes it all work, with his recipes and his ideas. He wouldn’t have ever needed to work either, he was a millionaire right out of high school, he claims it was luck, but he also says that he’s not a genius.” I tell Kevin.

“Wow!” Kevin exclaimed, “He really did all that?”

“All that and a lot more, Su and I live in his huge lake house with he and Rindi.” I tell Kevin and then I giggled a bit. I giggle a lot, Roy says it’s cute and most guys like it if the girl they are with giggles and pays them attention.

The half hour trip to Gotcha’s seemed much shorter, Kevin wasn’t as shy as he had seemed in the restaurant either. I think he’s a bit intimidated by the other guys as he’s the youngest one, and they all graduated college, he will be a sophomore in the fall, three months away. He just turned nineteen a few months ago. We exchanged phone numbers and he asked me if I had a boyfriend.

“No, My last boyfriend was kind of a clod as Jack would say, I broke up with him in March at the senior prom. Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked him.

“No, most girls in high school teased me about my hair or my pimples. The college girls all want guys that are studying to be doctors or lawyers, not many are interested in artists since not many of us get rich at it.” Kevin said this kind of sadly.

“You need to hear Roy and Rindi’s story, not right now. I need to get back to Pirates Cove, Roy is planning a party tonight for our new dj Molly, I promised him, I’d come right back.” I told Kevin, then I surprised him by kissing his cheek and his red embarrassed face matched his hair color. “Call me,” I said and waved at him as I left. Life is good, as Roy would say.

I got back to the restaurant. Roy, Rindi and Su had about a hundred pizza crusts all ready through the first cooking phase. We can’t freeze them if we don’t cook them so these will all be used today or thrown out. Roy says it’s better to toss them out than to lose a customer to a cardboard crust. He and Rindi are in a bit of a hurry as they need to make several stops for tonights party.

I thanked him and Rindi for doing my work and for letting me drive Kevin over to Gotcha’s paint shop.

“Are you going to see him again?” Roy asked me.

“I’d like to, he’s a nice guy and needs to hear your story soon. Go do your errands we can talk later.” I tell Roy.

Su and I finished our shift at six thirty, the party is at eight and we are supposed to bring up two pizzas, still leaves an hour and a half.

I called Kevin, giggling just a bit when he answered his phone and asked who is it? He hadn’t programmed in my data yet. I tell him it’s Nipples, he gets a laugh from that.

“Hello Nipples, my name is Red, the Artist,” Kevin chuckled.

We talked for over an hour, he’s at his parents home on his bed, he had been looking at various art sites on his tablet computer and using a search engine for a new job since Gotcha’s only needed him when they had enough work for three artists. “Many times they only need just one artist, and since I am the most recent employee, they don’t need me often. Most customers just want paint Balgat Escort jobs not murals or logo’s,” he informed me.

“Ever think about delivering pizzas?” I asked him.

“That wouldn’t be my first choice,” he says, “I do need something though?”

“I’m sure Roy can find you something, I’ll talk to him tomorrow, it’s Saturday and we will be very busy again. Hey, come to Pirates Cove at ten thirty tomorrow if you can? I’ll have Roy come in and you two can talk a while.” I tell Kevin. “I need to go now, the party will start soon.

I turn my phone off. Su had gone upstairs to visit with Eddie and had practiced a few games of pool. Rindi always beats us and Roy is really good too, so Su and I have been practicing every chance we get. I text her phone and tell her to get her cute little butt back in the kitchen so she can carry one of the two pizzas I had just finished baking. Su is my best friend, we have been bffs since grade school.

Su came downstairs, looking pleased with herself. Either she had made a few great shots or she and Eddie had a thing going. Better tell her about Roy’s rules for dating.

“Su, are you thinking about dating Eddie?” I asked her.

“I don’t know, he hasn’t asked me out yet?My mom always told me if the girl asks first the guys will think she’s an easy lay and won’t respect her.” Su replied to my question, surprising me with her mom’s way of thinking. Must be her mom’s Korean background or something.

We each carried a pizza upstairs to the ballroom. Roy and the others are there. Molly and Megan aren’t here yet but as we set the pizzas down near the cake with the juke box icing, Megan comes flying into the room wearing her cute little female pirate costume, she runs straight to Roy and jumps into his arms. Shit, I wish I could do that.

He starts singing happy birthday and we all join in, he then has everyone sit and after making sure the ballroom doors were locked he hands everyone a glass of champagne and a plate for pizza. Megan sits on his lap and asks what Champagne tastes like, she has sparkling apple cider in her glass. Roy switched glasses with her and Rindi told him he shouldn’t let Megan have the champagne. He tells Rindi to trust him and watch what happens. Molly took a sip, looked like she wanted to spit it out, swallowed and shook her head no.

“That tastes like shit,” she said, while giggling and took back her sparkling cider.

Now she knows what it tastes like and since she doesn’t like it, she won’t want it, Roy told Rindi and Molly who had also watched the exchange.

“I wouldn’t have thought to have her taste it,” Molly said.

Neither would I, I’m thinking to myself, just another example of Roy’s genius mind at work.

Roy makes a comment about Molly needing a car that won’t die and hands her twelve crystal cars on necklaces, everyone laughs. Then he gives her the bag with soaps and perfumes along with bath oils. I’m slightly jealous until I realize with all the tip money Roy has given us plus our share of pizza sales, he has given Su and I much more than what a few gifts are worth. Then after Megan gives her gift of perfume and soap. Roy hands Molly a key fob to one of the new Escapes. He tells her it’s for her own use but belongs to the company and if she quits the car is no longer hers. Then he hands Megan two keys and she takes them to Jack and Phyl.

Shit, shit, shit, my car is eight years old, it’s starting to have problems, what did this new bitch do to deserve the new vehicle?

After the party is over and we are all leaving to go home, Roy surprises us, “Did I forget, you two? he asks Su and I. “Since you both have cars, I can’t imagine either of you needing a new vehicle?”

I quickly try to figure out if he’s teasing or serious. Rindi has the blue one, Roy has Gray, Jack, Phyl, bitch, that leaves two more in the parking lot.

Roy is nearly doubled over laughing at my reaction when he hands me the same key fob I had used earlier that day, he handed Su the last one. Su jumped in his arms and I thought she might smother him as she pushed her tongue down his throat. When he put her down, he picked me up. Roy doesn’t look real muscular but this guy claims to have bench pressed 185 pounds in high school, carried two 80 pound sacks of rabbit food at a time, one on each shoulder. Just the other day some idiot in the restaurant had pinched Su’s butt, she had screamed. The guy was well over two hundred pounds. Roy picked him up by the scruff of his neck and the back of his jeans, carried him like he was a newborn kitten and tossed him out the door, telling him to never come back. He lifted my ninety-five pound self up, like five pounds of potatoes, so of course I kissed him. Ten minutes ago I wanted to kill him in a jealous rage and now I think I really am in love with him. My emotions are all confused.

“Candy you and Su don’t get the same deal I gave to Molly.” Roy said.

Oh shit! what now? I think, Roy is Büyükesat Escort always telling us to trust him. Most of the time
I try to do that but lately I just don’t know.

“These two cars are yours now, we might need them for deliveries while you are working so keep them clean inside and out.” Roy tells us. “My name is on the titles but we can have that changed for the registration unless you don’t want them?”

Shit, let me just strangle him, I’m thinking to myself.

“Gamsahabnida!” Su exclaimed to Roy.

Shit, she annoys me when she speaks Korean, at least I know that word, but I should have thanked Roy first, she beat me to it and now I want a favor from him for Kevin.

“I really want to thank you too Roy,” I tell him and I am wondering if you will do me a favor and come in at ten thirty tomorrow to meet Red the Artist, I mean Kevin?” I asked him.

“Candy, any favor you want?” Roy tells me, “You should know me by now, that I’ll do my best to make it happen.”

Shit! I think, he’s so nice to everyone, why do I doubt myself so much when asking him for anything. I was valedictorian, well with only forty of us girls, it wasn’t such a big deal, but usually I’m a smart person. Why can’t I trust this man I love but can’t have. Am I being selfish not wanting to share him with anyone else? I think to myself.

Roy and Rindi lead Su and I in our new Escapes back to their home on the lake, they keep telling Su and I, it’s our home too now but sometimes I feel like an outsider.

Three garage doors opened as we entered the driveway, Roy has voice command for all four garage doors, us three girls just need one for our own car. We can always push the buttons inside the garage for the other doors if needed. Roy likes having lots of electronic gadgets. Most of them blue tooth, hooked to his phone or voice commanded. Inside the house we all go to our separate bedrooms, I got undressed and used my own bathroom for my evening rituals. I brushed my teeth using the electric sonicare toothbrush. Roy had given Su and I each one, when we moved in last week after graduation.

Ready for bed, naked, I put my slippers on and went to the next bedroom closest to mine, it’s the huge bedroom with the giant bed of Roy and Rindi’s. They are still in their bathroom, I hear Rindi cry out in orgasmic pleasure, so I make sure the blankets on my side are firmly tucked under the mattress, don’t ever want Su’s or Rindi’s screams of passion in the mornings to knock me out of bed again and knowing my three friends, it’s always a possibility.

Su climbed into the bed, naked also, we kissed and fondled each others boobs, Her nipples are so huge, the size of silver dollars, I can barely fit one into my mouth. I nibbled on them both taking turns.

She climbed on top of me, while I stared at the ceiling mirror, looking at her light brown butt in the reflection. Roy would say it looked good enough to eat with a spoon. He will occasionally kiss a butt cheek and he has been known to stick a finger or two inside one but he says analictus just doesn’t appeal to him. He has such talant for cunnilingus, boobgasms and straight sex that we three girls are probably so spoiled that most guys won’t measure up to our standards, even if willing to try analictus, at least not without quite a bit of training.

Roy is carrying a naked Rindi, when they emerge from the bathroom and his penis is limp, obviously they had been having sex while getting ready for bed. Roy put her gently onto the bed, then got in himself.

“Curtain close, the curtain obeyed and made a swooshing sound as the black curtain blocked out the moonbeams. Lights off, the lights shut themselves off. Alarm set for seven thirty,” he said, and after covering us with the comforter, all four of us fell asleep.

—————Saturday June 24

At seven thirty a rooster crowed, several ducks quacked, and then a bunch of cows started mooing. It was Roy’s alarm clock, he definitely likes strange things.

“Curtains open,” Roy said, and suddenly the room was bathed in light bouncing off the mirrors after coming inside from the huge window.

“Rindi, Su go take care of your morning bathroom things, I want to talk with Candy a few minutes,” Roy ordered them.

Rindi giggled and told me to enjoy myself, Su smiled and grabbed Rindi’s hand as they walked naked from the bedroom, into the big bathroom. That bathroom is bigger than my moms entire living room.

“I have the impression that you aren’t happy here with us,” Roy isn’t pulling any punches this morning. “I am wondering if it’s just homesickness, getting used to new surroundings or something else? We are your friends and if something is bothering you it bothers us. If you tell me the truth we can try to find a solution?”

How can I tell him I have fallen in love with him but can’t stand sharing him with other girls? Rindi doesn’t seem to mind, so why do I? Maybe it’s because she knows that for him it’s only a physical thing. That was what she said months ago when Roy made love to me that first time, just enjoy it but don’t get attached because he belongs to me. Shit! Roy was the first guy to give me an orgasm, the first to lick my pussy, he even shaved a pussy cat design on it using my pubic hair. He was only the second guy ever to fuck me and the first to make me orgasm from that fuck.

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