Niece Surprise Pt. 03

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This chapter picks up immediately following Part Two.


Freshly showered after the exertions and excitement of the evening, we dressed and left my flat to walk the short distance to the pub. I was feeling pretty good, walking with a gorgeous young girl on each arm and had a big smile on my face, even though the feeling that I had been somewhat manipulated still loitered at the back of my mind.

It was obvious that neither of my two nieces was now wearing a bra. Sophie had arrived at my flat this evening without one and Kristen had clearly not replaced hers after her shower. Fortunately it was a fine late summer evening and the temperature was comfortable but still both girls’ nipples stood proud through the thin material of their dresses and their boobs jiggled attractively as we walked along.

Kristen spotted me stealing a glance at Sophie’s chest. “Hey you!” she said. “I know Soph’s are bigger but mine are nice and perky, aren’t they?” She thrust her pretty boobs forward in her dress.

“No need to get jealous” I replied. “You’re both gorgeous and there’s no way I could choose between you.”

“Lucky for you, you don’t have to” interjected Sophie, linking her arm through mine. “You’ve got us both!”

Unfortunately, that feeling at the back of my mind allowed my mouth to come out with its retort before my brain had fully clicked into gear. “True, but I wonder what it’s going to cost me?” I blurted out.

“What do you mean?” Kristen shot back.

I realised I had to tread a little carefully here as there was a chance that I was wrong and I could easily ruin a great situation I had going. “Sorry, but I just get a feeling there’s something going on here that I’m not fully aware of” I said cautiously. As I did so, I saw Kristen shoot a nervous glance at Sophie that removed any lingering doubt in my mind. Staring straight at Kristen I said “Come on, out with it. What is it that I don’t know?”

Kristen couldn’t hold my gaze and shifted her eyes to Sophie, who was clearly the leader here. I turned my head to her. “Well?” I said.

Sophie hesitated for a few seconds and then replied “Sam, there is something we wanted to ask you. It’s a big favour and … yes, I suppose we were trying you out to see if you might be up for it. We were going to ask you tonight anyway.”

I guess I should have been angry but, as I had suspected there was something behind the events of recent weeks, I was more intrigued than annoyed and I told Sophie to spill what it was they wanted. She explained that she wanted to help out a friend who had been without a relationship for several years and, though clearly in need of some physical male attention, was too shy to set about resolving her situation. Sophie though that if she could find someone who would, not to put it too fine a point on it, give her a good fucking it would relieve her frustration and boost her confidence for the future.

I was taken aback. When I recovered my composure I wanted to know more about this friend, but Sophie was not willing to share many more details. In response to my many questions, she would only reveal that it was a girl she and Kristen had known for a long time and that I had almost certainly met her. She was not a virgin as she had been in relationships with men in the past but she had been involuntarily celibate for quite a while, was very shy and lacked any confidence.

I racked my brain to think who it might be. There was one friend of the girls from school that I though it might be. Ellen (or was it Ella?) was in Sophie’s class at school. She had been to my parents’ house a couple of times that I could recall. I thought of her because she was painfully shy and timid, quite the opposite of Sophie who, I know, had tried very hard to help bring her out of her shell. She was a not-unattractive girl, if a little plain, tending to carry a few extra pounds and who, I clearly remembered, had developed an impressive pair of tits at quite a young age.

I couldn’t think of any other candidate, so assumed this was who Sophie was referring to. She really held no great appeal to me and I told Kristen and Sophie that I really wasn’t up for it. Sophie, in particular, looked very disappointed.

By this time we had arrived at the pub. As the evening was still warm, the girls bagged a table in the small garden while I went into the bar to get us some drinks. I got to the bar and ordered a pint for myself, a white wine for Kristen and an orange juice for Sophie, who was driving.

Two guys sitting at the bar were watching the highlights of an earlier football match on the TV. While I was waiting for the drinks, a goal was scored late in the match. One of the guys started to celebrate. His friend, clearly a supporter of the losing team, was not so happy. “Oh fuck off! That was just a lucky deflection. No way you lot deserved to win that today.”

The other responding with a huge grin on his face. “Don’t matter how it goes in. Still counts as a goal. bursa escort I’ll take the win any way it comes!”

Hearing him suddenly made me realise how stupid I was being. Why was I turning down free sex with a willing girl and putting the fun I was having with Kristen and Sophie at risk?

I paid for the drinks and carried them on a tray out to the girls in the garden.

As I set the tray down, I told them I had reconsidered and would be happy to help their friend out. Kristen squealed with delight, hugged me and planted a kiss half on my cheek and half on my lips. “Thanks Sam” she said. “You won’t regret it. We’ll make sure of that, won’t we Soph’s.” Sophie nodded in agreement.

While we drank, we talked about the potential logistics of when and where. We agreed that my flat was the best place for me to meet their friend and Sophie would arrange it as soon as she could.

Then we walked back to my flat together, Kristen virtually skipping with excitement all the way. When we arrived, Sophie went towards her car. Kristen suggested she would stay with me for the night, but Sophie said she should really go home with her. I was feeling a little tired so did not put up any argument. The two girls drove away as I made my way indoors.

A few days later Sophie called to say it was all organised for the following Friday evening. She and Kristen would arrive around 7:30 to set things up and their friend would get there about an hour later. I wondered why they would need an hour with me before things got going but was happy to wait and see what transpired.

That Friday just happened to be a nightmare at work with a big job going badly wrong and taking far longer than it should. I didn’t get home until nearly 8pm and found Sophie and Kristen waiting on my doorstep. Luckily I had texted Sophie to say I was on my way, so they were cool.

I quickly opened a bottle of wine and the girls had a drink while I went for a shower. I came out of the bathroom in just a robe to be met by Sophie who ushered me into the bedroom. She reiterated that we really didn’t have much time now to get ready and, as if to reinforce the point, the doorbell rang at that moment.

I heard Kristen go to open the front door as Sophie made me lie on the bed with my robe wrapped loosely around me. Then she delivered the bombshell. She said that, because her friend was lacking any self-confidence and feeling very embarrassed, I was to be blindfolded throughout the encounter. I started to object, but then thought better of it. In for a penny, in for a pound, I thought and just nodded my agreement.

Seemingly from nowhere, Sophie produced a silver coloured hood and pulled it over my head. It was reasonably loose fitting, so felt quite comfortable, and it was made of a thin mesh material that meant I could breathe normally but see no more that vague outlines through it.

Next, she stated that she was going to tie my hands to the headboard. “No way!” I objected. That was definitely a step too far and I would rather call it all off than be tied up. Sophie immediately realised how serious I was and relented. But she said I had to promise to restrain myself and let her friend lead all the action. “Don’t worry, Soph’s” I replied. “I’ll let her set the pace.”

Sophie slipped her hand inside my robe and slid it up my thigh. Her soft fingers grasped my cock and started a slow massage which soon had the blood flooding into the spongy tissue causing it to become good and hard. She bent down to bring her head close to mine. “Now Sam, you have to allow her total control” she whispered. “Then, if all goes well, I promise you Kristen and I will be ever so grateful.” With this she moved her head down my body and planted a soft kiss on the top of my now very erect dick, making it twitch uncontrollably.

She then rearranged my robe to cover me up and left the room. I lay there in silence, my cock making a tent in the robe, excitedly anticipating what was going to happen next and what recompense for my services I was going to be able to extract from Kristen and Sophie afterwards.

After a couple of minutes I heard the bedroom door open and saw a the vague shape of someone approaching. The bed shifted as someone sat down on it beside me. A large shadow loomed, almost certainly as a hand waved in front of the hood to confirm I could not see. I reached out with my right hand and felt the hem of a skirt or dress against a bare leg before it was gently but firmly moved away.

Invisible hands opened and spread apart the white towelling robe I was wearing. Soft fingers landed and started to trace small patterns on my chest. They toyed with the hair and circled my nipples before the fingernails started a slow journey south. They hesitated for a second when I shivered involuntarily as they approached my groin. Fingers then trailed through my pubic hair and round the base of my penis, followed by the full hand cupping my ballsack and starting a gentle massage.

My bursa eskort dick, which had softened a little since Sophie’s kiss, immediately sprang back to full hardness. A second hand took hold of my shaft. With a loose grip it moved up and down, the fingertips exploring every bump and ridge of my solid flesh. Firming up its grip, the hand pulled downwards, dragging my foreskin with it. A thumb rubbed across the smooth skin of the dome that had been revealed, spreading slippery pre-cum all around the mushroom shaped head.

The movement of the hands on my genitals soon came to a halt. I remained still on the bed, awaiting the next move. There’s no doubt in my mind that the sense of anticipation was heightened by my having no visual confirmation at the time of what was happening or about to happen. The wait seemed long, though in reality it was no more than a minute. Then suddenly I felt soft breath against the bare skin of my cock, which twitched involuntarily at the sensation and the sudden realisation that there was a mouth only millimetres distant. A velvety tongue shot out and briefly brushed against my glans. It was followed by a few more tentative touches, just as if someone was testing the taste of something they expected to be unpleasant.

I must have passed the taste test since, a few seconds later, the whole head of my solidly erect dick was enveloped in the warm wetness of a soft mouth. It became immediately apparent that this girl was very experienced, if not expert, in oral skills. She used just the right combination of suction, manipulation and tongue movement to provide a wonderful sensation. Not being able to witness the bobbing movements of her head or see what her next move would be really added to the pleasure. I had never tried blindfold sex before but I was already, sure as hell, planning to repeat the experience.

Without thinking, I lifted my hands and placed one on each side of the girl’s head. I only rested them there, making no attempt to direct her movements, but she reacted immediately by pulling her mouth off my prick and standing up from the bed. Thinking I had broken the rules and blown it, I dropped my hands back to my sides and lay still. There was silence in the room for a couple of minutes, both of us frozen, while she decided what to do.

A soft rustling, followed by the sound of a zipper, told me she had made up her mind and was getting undressed. The bed sagged again as she climbed onto it, straddled my body and sat herself down across my thighs. Her hands gripped my wrists and held them in place as she moved her ass forward, sliding her pussy over my stiff dick and pressing it hard up against my body. For a while she continued sliding back and forth, massaging my cock, made slippery by my pre-cum and her saliva, with her pussy.

I was slowly picking up clues about my mystery girl. Touching her head, I had felt that her hair was straight and about shoulder length. Her hands were smallish, but her grip was strong. She was clearly not shaved around the pussy as I could feel her pubic hair rubbing against me.

After a short while she released my left wrist and used her free hand to take hold of my shaft. Lifting her ass up, she positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. She left it there for a full minute. I desperately wanted to thrust upwards, but didn’t dare do so in case it scared her off again. Then, without warning, she dropped down and impaled herself fully on my six inch boner with a contented sigh.

I tried to reach up and touch her body with the hand she had released but she grabbed the wrist and pushed the arm back down by my side as she started a rhythmic rise and fall action on my dick. Her pussy was comfortable but by no means tight. That, and the fact that she was very wet inside, meant there was little friction as I slid in and out of her. To compensate for this she began to gyrate her hips as she went up and down, increasing the pressure between my solid cock and the inner walls of her vagina.

This seemed to work for her and eventually she began to breathe more heavily, uttering some small, appreciative moans. This continued for quite a few minutes until I could sense she was approaching her climax. At this point she sat up straight and pushed her pussy down hard on my dick, grinding her clit against my pubic area.

In the process, she let go of my wrists and I took the opportunity to make a grab for her breasts. I got a hand on each and this time she allowed me to do so. Her tits were large, a little pendulous but reasonably firm. I ran my hands all over them. She had large, prominent nipples which hardened under my touch. I pinched them quite hard just as her orgasm exploded.

She began to shake and grunt loudly. I felt her thighs begin to quiver and then her pussy start pulsating round my cock buried deep inside her. The spasms lasted about 30 seconds before subsiding. Then she was still and all I could hear was her irregular breathing.

Having escort bursa not cum myself, I was hoping that she might start riding me again once the waves of her climax had passed but instead she climbed straight off me. She spent a few seconds picking up her clothes before I heard her pad across the room, open the door and leave.

I was still flat out on the bed with my dick pointing straight up and wondering what to do now when the door opened and someone came into the room. Unseen hands pulled the hood off of my head to reveal Kristen standing over me. “How was it for you then, Lover?” she asked.

“It was a bit weird” I replied. “We were just getting going when she ran off. I was beginning to enjoy it but now I’m feeling a bit used. She rode me like some sex toy and fucked off as soon as she came.”

“Ah! Poor Sam” laughed Kristen as she sat down on the bed beside me. “Did she leave you high and dry? We’ll have to do something about that.” With that she grasped my still partly stiff dick and started to slowly jack me off. As her hand moved up and down my shaft, I quickly returned to full hardness. “How did you like being blindfolded?” Kristen asked.

I tried to explain to her how not having visual explanations of what was happening and clues as to what was to come seemed to increase the pleasure. She remarked that it sounded like fun and was something she would have to try soon. As we talked, Kristen gradually increased the pace at which she was masturbating me and by now she was pumping me quite fast. I felt the familiar build-up of pressure in my groin and grunted as I shot ropes of runny semen into the air. Most of it splashed down on my stomach and chest but I noticed that a little had landed on Kristen’s cheek. With her free hand, she wiped a finger down her cheek and scooped it into her mouth. Then she bent down and began to lick up the rest of the cum from my torso. While she did so, I casually ruffled her hair. “She has hair just like yours” I said.

Kristen looked up from her clean-up task. “Who’s that?” she asked.

“Ellen” I replied. Kristen looked at me blankly. “Ellen, or Ella. The girl tonight!” I insisted.

Still Kristen looked confused until realisation spread across her face and she burst out laughing.

“Oh, you thought that was Sophie’s friend Ella from school! No Sam, you’re way off the mark” she managed to say before the laughter took over again. I had been convinced that I knew the girl’s identity but was apparently wrong. That fact and Kristen’s laughter really annoyed me.

I sat up and pulled the robe tight around me. “OK, then tell me who it was!” I demanded. I could see from Kristen’s face that she was torn between the desire to tell me and the need to keep the secret. “Come on Kristen. It’s done now. There’s no going back and I think I deserve to know” I implored.

Expressions of doubt and excitement alternated on her face until she reached a decision. “OK, but you mustn’t let Sophie know I told you. She’d kill me” she said in a very serious voice.

“Of course” I replied. Then with a casualness that I really didn’t feel, “It’s no biggie. I’m just interested. Tell me who it was.”

Her decision made, Kristen was now super excited to share the secret. “I’ll do better than that. I can show you” she said, reaching into the back pocket of her jeans for her phone.

“What the…You filmed us?” I exclaimed incredulously as she located the file on her phone.

“Just a little bit” she said, as if that made it excusable. “Here, watch this.” She held the screen in front of me and pressed play. The video quality was poor as she had just poked the phone around the door and recorded. The camera moved around a fair bit but managed to keep the bed mainly in frame. I could see two bodies, one straddling the other. I could only see the back of the girl as she leaned forward, her ass rising and falling as she moved up, down and around on my stiff cock. Then she sat up as her orgasm approached and I saw my arms reach up toward her breasts. She flung her head back in the throes of climax, but I still could not make out who it might be. Pretty soon she had recovered enough to hop quickly off me.

The film clip finished just as she turned around, scanning the bedroom floor for her clothes. But it was enough for me to know. The shock hit me like an earthquake. I looked up at Kristen. She was staring at me with an excited grin on her face, like a child watching a parent open a gift they had given them.

“No!” I exclaimed. “Elaine! But how…why…?”. The girl I had been fucking, or more accurately the woman who had been fucking me, was my thirty eight year old sister.

“It was Sophie’s idea” explained Kristen. “Mum has been without a man for about ten years now. She really needed to get laid and Sophie wanted to help her, but spent ages trying to think of a volunteer partner. You were perfect. So much better than finding some stranger. But she knew Mum would never go for it. Well, that is, not until she was able to tell her you were fucking us both already.” Kristen giggled at the thought of Sophie breaking that piece of news to her mother. “After that she eventually agreed, just as long as you didn’t know it was her.”

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