Niece’s Naughty Wedding Night Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over 18.

Carol, my niece and a newly gangbanged bride, mumbled something about washing her face, and skipped out of the front room of the bridal suite, and into the bathroom, still wearing her veil. I looked around at her other three uncles. We were all sitting with our pants off, and were all grinning. My intention then was to clean my cock in the bathroom when Carol came out, and sneak back to my room.

“God, she’s a hot piece of ass!” Said Mitch, referring to our niece.

“I don’t think we took her virginity away from her,” chuckled Teddy.

“I wonder if her sweet little ass is still virgin,” said Uncle Bud.

I got up and checked on Carol’s passed out groom Shawn. He was in his exact same position in his bed in the bedroom. Then I heard a noise out in the hallway. It sounded like a couple of female voices talking loudly and laughing, and the rustling of long dresses. Then there was silence for a minute. Then the female voices chanted, “Oh, Shawn and Carol!”

Carol came out of the bathroom. She had thrown a white sheer nightie over her garters and stockings. Her veil was now off. I could see right through the nightie and could easily see the detail of her tits, even in low light. Carol looked out the peephole and said, “It’s my sisters and cousins.” Before we could stop her, the drunken bride opened the door.

Teddy, Mitch and myself scrambled to get our underwear back on. I went and stood behind the door to hide, and hoped to get Carol in before my other nieces knew that we were there. Carol was standing in the doorway, half in the hall, talking to the girls in their red bridesmaid gowns. I couldn’t hear what was being said, but the other girls sounded quite drunk.

I heard more footsteps, and peeked through the crack in the door to see two young hotel employees walking down the hall. The two men slowed when they got to Carol, and no doubt got a good look at her in her sheer top. “Hi, boys,” she said, and the boys continued down the hall.

The bridesmaids drunkenly pushed into the room with Carol’s tacit approval, and caught us with our pants down.

All four bridesmaids walked in on us. Carol’s sister Pamela was nineteen. She normally had a reserved personality, but was quite nice, a Dean’s List college student. Her blonde hair was long. Her face was cute, her body was more slender than Carol’s, and her tits were smaller.

Carol’s youngest sister Nancy was eighteen. She may have been the best looking of the bunch, her body just as nice as Carol’s but her tits were slightly smaller. She had a gorgeous face surrounded by long blonde hair, and big bright blue eyes.

Carol’s first cousin Sherry was twenty-four, and had gotten married just last year. She was about two inches taller than the rest, at about 5′ 7″, and blonde like Carol and her cousins. Like Carol, she got sort of a slutty reputation as a teen. Her tits were just slightly smaller than Carol’s.

Another of Carol’s first cousins was Tiffany, who at twenty-four was the same age as Sherry. Tiffany had been married for about two years. She was the only brunette in the group. She had long, dark, full hair, and like Pamela was a little slender, bordering on skinny, but the difference was that Tiffany had some pretty big tits for such a skinny girl. They weren’t huge, maybe slightly larger than Carol’s, but they looked big on her skinny frame.

Expecting to see Shawn, the bridesmaids gawked at Teddy and me in our briefs and shirttails, and their Uncle Bud in his shirttail covering his bare bottom. Mitch was wearing only his briefs, his chest thickly populated with black hair.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Pamela.

“Oh, Shawn passed out, and they carried him to the room for me,” replied Carol.

“Why are you in your underwear?” quizzed Sherri.

“The air conditioner broke down, so we got comfortable,” quipped Mitch. It wasn’t going to fly, but it paused the drunken girls for a minute.

Carol closed the door, and asked, “Anyone want a drink?” And held up an open bottle of Champaign.

“Yeah!” Said the drunken teen Nancy. She took a swig and passed the bottle around.

“No, really, why are your pants off, uncle Teddy?” Asked Tiffany.

“We’re having an underwear party. You can’t stay unless you’re in your underwear,” he said.

A drunken Pamela actually bought that one. “Oh, I’ve heard of those.”

“OK,” said Teddy, “Then strip down to your underwear, or you have to put our liquor down and leave.”

Uncle Bud and Mitch echoed Teddy’s order. I still don’t think the girls were believing it, but they were drunk and in a party mood, and wanted the free booze. So Pamela started unzipping her bridesmaid dress in back. She giggled as she unzipped her dress, and let it fall from her chest, revealing her white strapless bra. The other three girls began following suit.

Uncle Bud went right for the youngest, Nancy, tuzla escort and started unzipping her dress from behind her. Teddy broke out more booze from the refrigerator, and Mitch unzipped Tiffany’s dress. The married Sherri looked at me, and I got up and unhooked and unzipped her dress from behind. Just to be helpful, I pulled her dress down off of her chest.

Just like that, four more young nieces partying in their underwear, standing, drinking, and conversing like nothing was amiss, surrounded me. All four wore white strapless bras pushing up their young ta-tas. Pamela had beige pantyhose over her white panties. Younger sister Nancy had skimpy white cotton panties, and beige thigh-high stockings. The married blonde Sherri had white garters holding up beige stockings, and white lacy thong panties, exposing her nice bare young butt. And the brunette Tiffany wore beige pantyhose with no panties on underneath. I initially stared longest at her, because I could easily see a patch of dark brown pubic hair over her pussy through the near-transparent hose. Sherri stood next to Mitch, looked at his hairy chest, and said, “Uncle Mitch, you’re hairy!” She placed her right palm onto his chest, and rubbed it in circles.

“Oh, can I do that to you?” asked Mitch, and immediately placed his hand on Sherri’s chest, and quickly massaged her tit over her bra.

“Uncle Mitch!” exclaimed Sherri, but she didn’t push him away.

I boldly stood in front of the slender Pamela as she looked down at my nearly erect cock pushing out my briefs. “Nice underwear, Uncle Jim,” she said, smiling at me. She quickly grabbed my elastic waistband near my hip with her thumb and index finger, and gave it a snap.

“I like your underwear, too,” I replied, and ran my index finger along the top of her bra, touching the exposed flesh above it. When there was no objection, just a little reserved smirk on her lips, I pulled out Pamela’s strapless bra, and peered inside. I stared at her small pale titties capped with hard pink nipples. Pamela just smiled at me.

Uncle Bud stood behind the eighteen-year-old Nancy, fifty years his junior, and massaged her bare shoulders. Nancy turned around, looked down and exclaimed, “Uncle Bud!” Uncle Bud’s long, dark, wet, semi-erect, uncircumcised cock was hanging down his leg, sticking out from his shirttail. The other girls all gawked at his manhood. “He was rubbing it against me,” Nancy told them.

Carol the bride broke in, “You should see it when it’s stiff!” The other girls looked at her, now knowing that Carol had seen it hard earlier. Carol stood next to Uncle Bud on the other side of Nancy, reached down, and grabbed Uncle Bud’s cock. The other girls watched speechless as it quickly became erect, and stood perpendicular from his body.

I saw Teddy approach the married brunette Tiffany from behind. Tiffany so far had been silent. Teddy startled her when he put his hands on her bare shoulders, but she looked back, smiled, and leaned her shoulders back into his chest. Teddy ran his hands down her waist, and up her bare midriff.

Uncle Bud had one arm around Carol, and one on the teen Nancy, whose wide eyes stared down at his hardon. “Hey, watch this trick,” Bud said. “One hand.” He held up his hand, put it back behind Nancy, and in one movement unhooked her strapless bra. The bra seemed to fly off her chest and jump to the floor. Nancy squealed, and after a moment of shock, covered her tits with her hands, but not before I got a good look at them. They were gravity-defying beauties, sticking straight out; slightly smaller than Carol’s, bigger than Pamela’s, but all three sisters had the same light pink nipples. I had now seen all three sister’s tits in less than an hour. We all chuckled at Uncle Bud’s trick and the teen’s embarrassed exposure. Nancy gave Uncle Bud a slightly dirty look, but she also had a little smirk. Uncle Bud put his arms around Nancy and Carol and pulled them close, and reached completely around their slender bodies under their arms, and felt their tits; Carol’s through her sheer nightie, and Nancy’s under her folded arms.

I looked over at Mitch and Sherri, the married blonde with the prior slutty reputation. Mitch now had his hand inside her bra, and massaged her tit. Sherri leaned over and French kissed her tall dark hairy uncle that was twice her age. Her hand went down to his briefs and disappeared inside the front. Mitch’s other hand was on Sherri’s bare ass exposed by her thong.

Teddy was still standing behind his brunette niece Tiffany, and had both hands over her bra. His big hands manipulated her tits through the fabric, her hard dark nipples protruding through the white material. He yanked down on the strapless bra with both hands, and the bra ended up halfway down her waist, completely freeing and exposing both of her large pale round tits. Her areolas were darker and slightly wider than her blonde cousins’, and her hard nipples were fatter. Teddy massaged both of the exposed tuzla escort bayan mammaries, squeezing and lifting them.

I looked back at Pamela, who was smirking at me. I put my left arm around her bare slender waist. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips. I slid my tongue along her lips, and they parted and allowed me to meet her tongue with mine. I slid both hands down over her hose-covered ass cheeks and rubbed and squeezed them through the clinging hose. Then I slid my hands up her back and found her bra clasp. I quickly unhooked it, and pulled the bra off. I glanced down at my niece’s little titties. Even more than Nancy’s they defied gravity, sticking straight out from her body. They were small and cone shaped and very white. Her erect, pink nipples stuck way out from her body, and I reached up and took one between my thumb and index finger.

Teddy was still standing behind Tiffany, and his left hand still fondled a tit. But now Tiffany was leaning back and making out with her uncle, and her uncle’s right hand had slid into the front of her pantyhose. With no panties to mar the view, I could see Teddy’s finger sliding in and out of the married woman’s hair-covered pussy inside the hose.

I slid my hand down to the front Pamela’s pantyhose. She wore panties underneath, and I slid my hand inside the hose and panties. I felt some short pubic hair, trimmed away from her thighs, and found her slit. But before I slid a finger in, Pamela stopped kissing me, and pulled down her hose and panties. After she stepped out of them, she tugged down my briefs, exposing my erect cock. I looked down at her pussy, with just a tiny, trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair surrounding it. I slid a finger in the wetness as Pamela stroked my cock.

Mitch was standing straight up as Sherri knelt in front of him. Her lips were stretched wide over his throbbing red cock, her blonde head bobbing up and down on it.

Uncle Bud and Carol had somehow discovered that the couch was a sleeper sofa, and began tearing off cushions and opening the bed. Teen Nancy stood alone in her panties and thigh-highs, her arms folded across her topless chest. She looked over at me, and I smiled at her. She walked over to Pamela and me, and I put my right arm around Nancy. I slid a hand down to her panties and squeezed her teen ass. Pamela unbuttoned my shirt and removed it as her sister slid her panties and thigh-highs off. Nancy’s pussy was nearly identical to her sister’s trimmed blonde hair. All three of us were now virtually naked. I was leaning back on the wet bar, my right arm around Nancy, my left arm around her sister Pamela. I took turns making out with my two teen nieces.

Nancy put her hand on my cock and slowly stroked it. Pamela played with my balls. Pamela rubbed her pussy mound up and down my hip, and Nancy did the same. I took turns making out with them, and squeezed their two firm, smooth teen butts jutting out. I glanced down at their teen tits sticking straight out of their bodies, Pamela’s tiny ones and Nancy’s slightly bigger ones. I reached up and groped them and tweaked their long nipples. Both sisters were panting as they humped my legs like horny dogs, their silky pubic hair rubbing on my flesh, some moistness from their wet pussies smearing on my thighs.

I glanced over at the opened sleeper sofa. Uncle Bud was lying on his back with his legs dangling off the bed, his feet on the floor. Bride Carol was straddling him with her back to him. Her feet were also planted on the floor, her knees spread wide, and she was bouncing up and down with his cock in her pussy, using her legs to push off the floor for power. Her eyes were closed, and she had an open-mouth smile on her face. She was still wearing her transparent nightie, and Uncle Bud’s right hand was under it, grabbing at her tit as it hopped up and down. His left hand was on her pussy, diddling her clit, I guessed.

Teddy and his brunette babe Tiffany were climbing onto the bed also. Uncle Bud grabbed Tiffany’s leg, and pulled her down on top of him. Tiffany ended up sitting on Uncle Bud’s face with her back to Carol. She fell forward onto the bed, her face landing between Teddy’s legs. She took Teddy’s cock in her mouth and gobbled it down, her flowing dark hair hanging down over her face. So Carol was fucking Uncle Bud’s cock while he ate Tiffany’s pussy, who was sucking her Uncle Teddy’s cock.

I leaned over and took Pamela’s hard nipple in my mouth. In fact, I got just about the whole little titty into my mouth, and sucked on it hard, my tongue flitting about the long hard nipple, and occasionally giving it a gentle bite. Then I turned and did the same to her sister Nancy’s slightly larger tits. Nancy’s tits were as hard as a rock. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt a tit so firm. It just barely moved when I manipulated it. Both girls were moaning and panting as I reached down and fingered both of their pussies.

Mitch was now lying on the floor, and Sherri was escort tuzla lying on top of him, in a 69 position. Her thong was now off, and I looked at her bare ass as he licked up into her pussy, and she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Sherri’s pussy was shaved. So out of the five young nieces, two were bald, two were trimmed, and one had a fairly full bush.

Pamela fell on her knees and stuffed my cock in her mouth. I fingered Nancy furiously, and pinched her hard ass. I diddled her clit and stuck my index finger a quarter-inch into the entrance of her teen asshole. She then thrashed and squealed in a wild gyrating orgasm. She fell to her knees and panted for a moment, then began competing with her older sister for my cock. They took turns sucking and licking my shaft and balls.

Mitch was up on his feet. Sherri was bent over the back of the couch, wearing her high heels. Mitch stood behind her, and was sliding his cock into her doggie style. I saw her ass ripple and shake as he slammed into her. Teddy, who was leaning against the sofa back as Tiffany sucked his cock, reached over and felt Sherri’s dangling tit.

I lay down on the carpet on my back. Pamela immediately straddled me and slid her wet pussy down onto my cock, becoming the second of my nieces that I fucked tonight. At my urging, her little sister Nancy straddled me and lowered her pussy down onto my face. I licked up into her pussy as she wrapped her firm smooth thighs around my head. Pamela’s tits were pressed into Nancy’s back. Pamela thrust her hips up and down, and Nancy tried to keep still as I licked her salty pussy. I reached up and grabbed one of Pamela’s tits, and one of Nancy’s. Then my hands roamed all over their teen flesh. I diddled Pamela’s clit, played with their thighs, their butts, and pinched their nipples. Pamela reached around Nancy and played with one of her tits, massaging it and tugging her nipple. Nancy looked back, and the two sisters smiled at each other.

Pamela began grunting in a very unladylike fashion, practically bouncing off of me. She screamed and grunted and thrashed about. I diddled her clit to help her along, and with one final grunt, she relaxed and fell off of me.

Nancy immediately lifted herself off of my face, and lowered her torso down to my crotch. She didn’t seem to know how to lower her pussy down over my cock, but I helped her aim it there. Little by little, she took more of my cock into her pussy.

“Nancy, are you still a virgin?” Pamela asked.

“Uh huh,” her sister grunted affirmatively.

Nancy was the tightest of the three sisters. She leaned over me on her hands, and I reached up and played with her tits. After some awkward moments, we got into a rhythm, and she humped me faster, her long blonde hair hanging in my face.

In the back of my mind I had been hearing a lot of noise from over on the bed. Apparently just about everyone had had at least one orgasm. I glanced over, and the configuration was different. Now Carol was on her stomach on the bed, a cushion under her torso, her ass sticking up in the air. Uncle Bud was kneeling on the bed behind her, holding his glistening cock in his hand. He was attempting to work the member into the bride’s asshole. “Relax,” he told her.

“Wait, wait!” she yelled, and jumped off the bed. She ran from the room, and re-entered just as fast, carrying a tube of lubricating jelly. “Here, use lots of this,” she told Uncle Bud, and resumed her position on the bed with her ass in the air.

I heard her grunting as I turned back to Nancy.

As I took my niece’s virginity, I ran my hands all over her body, and even held my head up and sucked and licked her tits. She was breathing heavily and whimpering. “Huuh! Oohhh!” I was close to cumming again, so I wanted to hurry her along. I found her swollen clit with my index finger and rubbed it.

“Aahh! Hhhhhoooo!” the young teen said. She thrashed about and tightened her thighs around me. “Unnnc! Unc! Uncle Jim! UCNLE JIMMMM!”

I couldn’t hold out any longer, and shot a load of jism into her teen twat. She let out a squeal, jiggled and thrashed wildly, then collapsed on my chest, her pussy still engulfing my cock.

By the time Nancy and I sat up, everyone else was sitting around drinking, and still playing with each other, but mostly watching Uncle Bud fuck Carol’s ass on the bed. We grabbed some booze and watched, too. Carol was grunting as Uncle Bud had managed to get a couple of inches of his glistening cock in her ass.

I sat down on the carpet next to the brunette wife Tiffany. She smiled at me, and I gently reached around and squeezed her breast. Wow, such large tits on such a thin frame! She nuzzled her shoulder into mine, and we cuddled. Carol looked at us spectators. “Have any of you done this before?”

“I have,” answered the blonde wife Sherri. “I like it.”

Teddy turned to Sherri and said, “You want to do it now?”

“Sure,” Sherri replied, and hopped up to her feet. She grabbed the tube of jelly, and got on her knees on the carpet.

“I’ve never done that,” said the teen Pamela to no one in particular. She looked up at her Uncle Mitch, who was fondling her little tits. “You want to do that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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