Nights of Cain

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My name is Vittorio de Santiago.

He only knows me as Cain. I only know him as Marco. That is the rule we live by when we choose to play this game. He steps out of the shadows. He’s nervous. I can see that he is. He’s hesitant about approaching any farther. I close the gap. He doesn’t make any move to leave. No, as nervous as he is right now, he genuinely wants what I’ve promised him.

“I didn’t think you’d show.”

“I did.” I say and can’t help but smile.

“You look just like your picture.” He observes in a trembling voice.

“Did you think I’d use a fake photo?” I muse as I step closer.

“The thought crossed my mind.”

“You’re definitely a virgin.” I tell him as I peer into his uncertain eyes. “And you don’t look like a Marco either.”

“It was the best I could come up with on short notice.”

“Someone put you up to joining?”

“My friend Alicia.”

“She a member?”


Allure caters to both sexes. However, it is geared to mostly men, men who are either gay, bisexual, or just curious enough to risk giving gay sex a shot. “Is she gay or straight?” I ask out of curiosity.



“Does it matter?”

“Not here, it doesn’t.” I tell him. “Come, let’s get a drink.”

I guide him inside the club. It’s called Night’s Desire. It’s an independent operation but most members of Allure hang out here, and they do so long after the regular patrons go home. There’s a back ally that no body knows about. It’s near impossible to see from the street outside. The only access is through the back door and the staff tend to ignore those who sneak through it. The owner never comes here to see what’s going one at night. He doesn’t really care. It’s just an asset on his books, one that makes him a lot of money. He lives in the Bahamas for the most part, many miles from Florida.

I order a beer. Not much on alcohol. He orders the same. We both nurse them as we sit here on the stools. It’s quiet tonight, which is unusual for the place. The dance floor is only half-full and the dancers are still clothed, for the most part, which I have to say is also unusual.

He’s hungry as he looks upon the two men dancing close to us. One’s dark-complected and looks to be my age, about early thirties. His partner is pale white and younger, like Marco, and by younger I mean early twenties. His shirt is off and the rear of his dark jeans is covered by his partner’s exploring hands. We watch as he grips his tight ass and squeezes it.

I glance at Marco. He’s entranced by them, by where their desire will lead them. He knows where it all will happen…out back in the ally.

“Why did you join Allure?” He asks me, catching me off-guard, which surprises me as much as the question itself.

“I love young men. I love giving them as much pleasure as I take. I love the feel of their young, hot bodies. I love seeing their expressions as I drive my cock home in their mouths, and in their tight asses.”

“You’re a player then?” He asks, clearly unperturbed by my answer. He knows the game I play, that we all play on Allure. That’s its purpose. A safe place for adults to play, to live out their fantasies and walk away in the end.

“You have to ask?”

“You don’t want a relationship?”

“Not my style.” I retorted with a lingering glance his way as I sip my beer. I can’t help but wonder if I’ve misread him. “You?”

“Not my thing either…”

“I feel a “but” coming along.”

“I’m not closed off to the possibility, if the right guy came along.”


“You like girls?”

“I’ve been known to fuck them.” I answer. “Why, you like girls?”

“I wouldn’t say no if one was intrigued enough to fuck.”

“You said nothing of bisexuality on your profile?”

“It’s not always wise to be too honest, now is it? He smiles.


“We’ve fucked, yes.”

“Do you really want me to fuck you tonight?”

“Yes.” He says implicitly.

I still have my doubts. He suddenly seems as if a fish out of water, as the old saying goes. He may yet change his mind. The trick is to make sure he’s naked and my cock is in his anus before he does, and I mean deep inside it too. Usually, by then, even the most reticent acquiesces. They all do, as I’ve learned in my history of seducing such young men. They all give in to cock. They all learn to love it, even if they still prefer pussy. The desire for cock always remains forever in their minds, and at some point they surrender to the need and seek it out. Girlfriends and wives be damned.

Marco is restless again. The couple we’ve been watching have disappeared. They headed towards the back minutes ago. He wants to follow. He wants to see what he’s he knows is happening or will happen soon enough.

I relent. I do so knowing that this may give me the opening I need to fuck him. I take him by the hand and lead him to the back, to where couples are making their way to the door, the lover’s door, as it’s been nicknamed. The ally…well it’s called lover’s ally. Not very imaginative I know. As we exit the building, we see lovers leaning against the walls, making out. Many are nude. Others are well bursa sınırsız escort on their way to being nude. Men and women both are here. Men are on their knees sucking their lovers off if they’re men, eating them out if they’re women. Women are engaged in intercourse with not just men, but with women too. Men are in similar entanglements too. Marco’s hand tightens upon mine. With a glance back, I can see the bulge in his tight leather pants. Leather. He wore leather in his insufferable heat. It’s South Florida for crying aloud.

We see the couple at the end of the ally, not far from where it meets the adjacent building. Beside them is an entrance to a narrow path that leads back to the main street up front. It’s almost a tunnel really, for one has to duck to pass through the small entrance and once on the opposite side they walk almost sideways to squeeze through its entire length. It’s just that narrow. They go into one of the nooks there, recessed spaces that line the wall on that end of the building. They were windows that had been long bricked up, or so we think. It’s older than the other buildings around it, which means that all of this was once open space, long ago… so yes it’s possible they were indeed windows.

They don’t disappear totally. They want to be seen in their wicked act. They don’t care if it’s recorded and uploaded to social media. For Allure members, it’s part of the game. They usually spend time together here and generally there’s one or two who record other members getting hot and heavy. Once submitted to the website, the admins review it. If it involves members who’ve requested anonymity, then they cover their faces before posting it to the website’s chatroom for all to view.

“This is so hot.” He breathes close to me.

I can feel the tension within him as much as I hear it in his voice. We stand with the others who pause in their own ecstasy to watch. The young, pale one lowers himself to his partner’s waist. He loosens his jeans and pulls on them. He’s freeballing it tonight. His cock springs free and dangles before the young one’s face. He appears a little frightened of its girth. I would be too, for it’s huge, even for me. I’d never figured the guy would be packing such heat. His head is already throbbing and even from where we stand, I can see it glistening in the ambient light that filters dimly in from the building behind us. It isn’t much but its enough the see him and his desire. The young man takes him into his mouth, hesitantly, as if he doesn’t know quite what to do with it. His lover takes him by the head, burying his hands in his thick, unkempt hair and pushes him into his crotch.

The couple next to us, a man and a woman, begin filming with their phones. Others begin to do the same. Live action is the best entertainment. The two men appear to not notice this, or if they do they don’t care. A man and his lover gets really close to them, close enough to get close-ups of the blow job.

“I wonder what he tastes like.” Marco questions in my ear.

“What all cocks taste like.” I smile and drag him back. “Let them be entertained.” I tell him, disregarding his disappointment in not being able to watch longer. “We don’t have much time and you want to know what a cock tastes like, am I right?”


He whispers as I shove him against the club’s back wall. It’s dirty, but we’re going to only get dirtier. “Now give me your hand.” I command as I undo my pants and slide my naked erection into his hand. “Feel my warmth.”

“It feels good.” He says.

He doesn’t take his eyes off it, the dark complexion of my cock. He can’t. He wants it too much. He needs it.

“Now get on your knees.”

He does as I command. I run my hand through his soft, blonde curls. They’re silky smooth to the touch. He doesn’t notice the woman close by, filming us. He doesn’t know that she’s been waiting for this moment for hours. Now it’s time for her to shine, to prove her skills at filming, at photography. He doesn’t even see her as she dares to draw close enough to catch this stolen moment in time, the moment when he puts his sweet, virgin mouth upon the head of my throbbing cock, which is also slick. He can see it. He can smell it. He’ll taste it now as his tongue presses against my tender flesh.

“Swallow it.” I order. I know my voice is deep now, potent with untapped lust. It sounds harsh, even to my ears, but he does it regardless. He stops playing with my head and swallows me, whole. I’m not massive like the guy just down from us, but I do have some size, enough to cause him to gag before his nose even reaches my pubic hair. “Keep swallowing. Don’t stop.”

He peers up at me with teary eyes. He withdrawals and just as I think he’s not going to commit to it, he plunges back down on me. His mouth his warm and wet. I can feel his tongue caressing my shaft, eliciting countless waves of pleasure that course through me. I can’t help but shudder. It’s like little electrical shots to my system. I’m used to sex like this. I’ve done it countless times, but Marco has a gift with that damn tongue of his. It’s wicked as hell! I can see why he bursa escort bayan continues to have interests in women. That tongue would turn even lesbians into lovers.

He swallows my cock over and over again, and I can’t help but moan. I even have to reach out and brace myself against the dirty wall. She films it all. She keeps recording till I cum, unloading into his mouth. He gags as he tries to swallow it all. It’s too much and a lot of it oozes out of his mouth and falls down his chin. It even drips onto the ground at our feet. I should have warned him. When I cum I really cum.

My turn. I press him against the wall. I lower myself to his waist and hurriedly unbuckle his stupid leather pants. I hope he’s freeballing it too. He is I see with delight. His cock springs free as I pull them down. Even in the flaccid condition, it’s sexy as hell. It’s pale in color and has the perfect head and shaft. His pubic hair is all but gone, leaving smooth, tender skin that I’m going to enjoy tasting with my tongue and touching with my fingers. He’s so warm too, warm and sweaty from being incased in that hot leather. It’s eighty tonight, for heaven’s sake. His masculine scent is potent as I take his cock into my hand. It begins to stiffen almost immediately, and I stroke it once or twice before running my tongue over his head. He stiffens against me. His body is tense, as it should be. I’m about to do what no man has done to him before, and I can’t help but wonder if a woman has either. I’m starting to wonder if he’s been misleading me in everything. I suspect he’s a virgin in every way that counts.

He tastes good, oh so good. The saltiness of his sweat and the slickness of his pre-cum causes me to harden again. I’ll save that for a bit longer. I’m going to enjoy this cock for a moment. I love the taste of cock and the delicious cum that always spews out of it when the right amount of pleasure is induced. It goes right to the back of the throat at first, and then it fills one’s mouth as it gushes out. That’s the perfect blow job. There’s just no substitute. None.

I push his shirt up. It’s skin-tight and doesn’t move without difficulty. I get enough out of my way to place my hand on his flat, but trembling stomach. He’s sweating profusely now and the moisture feels good upon his skin. It only enhances the sex if you ask me.

“Please.” He voices.

Others are watching us now. The two lovers are fucking now. He’s pounding his lover with his massive cock and the youth is crying out with each powerful thrust. They’ve moved closer to us, close enough to for me to see the youth’s anus as it’s being stretched by the long, cylinder of flesh that works its way in and out of that tight little hole. He’s smiling at me as he fucks him.

Just as he releases his cum inside his lover’s anus, Marcus floods my mouth and even I, the professional that I am, barely keeps from gaging. I’d never expected that he’d shoot that much cum. The question remains in my mind. How many times can do it? I pull back, clearly impressed with his orgasm. He smiles, obviously pleased with himself.

“We’ll see how pleased you are after I’ve fucked you’re virgin anus.”


“Don’t say anything.” I instruct and turn him to face the wall. He complies. “Condom or no condom?” I ask to make sure I’m following the rules of Allure and to make sure he’s offered the choice.

“No condom?”

“Good, because this wouldn’t be as thrilling with one on.” I smile and drop some spit on his backside. I let my fingers slowly caress his tender skin before messaging it into his anus. He’s squirming now. Good. I love it when they squirm. They know what’s coming, that acute, burst of pain that always comes with intrusions into such virgin territory.

“Go easy, please.” He begs.

“Of course.” I tell him.

He knows I won’t though. There’s no easing one into the anal sex. You do it or you don’t. The pain is going to be there regardless, even if you go slow. I lubricate myself before I place it at the opening. He tenses up. I grip his hips with my hands and press myself into him. I feel it going in. He certainly does. He cries out, but I don’t stop. I press harder, pushing myself deeper into his tight, little anus. God, he’s tight! Definitely a virgin anus for sure. It won’t be after I’ve broken it in. It’ll be ripe for fucking by anyone, even my enormous companion next to me.

He’s enjoying the show. They both are. Marco trembles. He bucks. He squirms. My intrusion is filling him up. He wants it out and he wants it in, all at the same time. He can’t have it both way. I’ll be out soon enough…but only for a few seconds before I push my hardness back in. I’ll do it over and over again and the pain will become something far more pleasurable to him. He’ll come to love it, to yearn for it. I did when a man first broke my anus in. It’s the same for every man who dares to venture down this twisted path of illicit pleasure.

I pull my cock out just to the point that my head is still within his anus. He shudders under my hands. I feel that he’s ready. I’ve let him absorb the feel of me for long enough. I plunge nilüfer escort back in, taking his breath away as I do. I dive deep into him, to the point where my body presses into this ass, warm skin upon warm skin. His is warm, wet skin I might add. I keep fucking him, driving my cock hard with each thrust. His moans grow louder as I continue fucking him. It isn’t long till I feel it…the buildup to orgasm. His body tenses, as if anticipating the release that is coming. It comes quickly and with such force that I stumble into him, planting both of us into the wall. I don’t withdraw. I keep my cock in his tight hole, allowing my cum to pour into him. Again, there’s so much of it that it seeps out, oozing down my shaft and onto my pants and onto the ground. I wonder how much cum this old concrete has absorbed over the years. My pants are stained in its whiteness, creamy puddles across the dark fabric.

I don’t care. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again. Once I’ve regained my sense of balance, I finally withdraw, pulling out of him, which only elicits yet another deep moan. This time, it sounds unmistakably of disappointment. Yes, he’s coming to enjoy my presence inside him. He’ll seek it out after this night. I know he will. Normally, when I walk away I do so for good. I never see my conquests again. That’s the score. That’s the game we play on Allure. Most know this coming in. However, there’s just something about Marco, something that my other conquests haven’t had, and that’s an allure that captures my soul. I see it now in the way he’s gazing upon me with clouded eyes, clouded with desire, pleasure, and fear, fear that this won’t happen again. I’ve seen this look countless times and none have moved me, not like Marco’s gaze. For the first time since I began my sordid journey into homoerotic seduction years ago, I’m contemplating offering Marco a second night. Even a third night too. This is so unlike me. I find myself shocked at the direction my mind has begun to turn.

“I want you.” He whispers.

Without speaking, as if on autopilot, I lean against the wall. This doesn’t happen often. The young men I seduce rarely reciprocate. They’re often either too stunned by the act itself, too shy, or simply too caught up in their own raging emotions that they never make the effort, or even consider returning the favor I’ve visited upon them. Frankly, I never cared. Receiving pleasure, although nice as it is, is never the intent of the game. It never has been. It’s always been about the thrill of the chase, the gamesmanship in the seduction, the pride in seeing it work beautifully as they surrender themselves to you, becoming putty in your artful hands, and finally it’s about the pleasure of closing the deal, of getting them to surrender their all to you and to your dark desire.

I feel his hungry hands upon my hips and my ass, warm upon my naked flesh. I feel his lips upon my neck and face. He kisses me hungrily, desperately. I brace myself for what I know is about to come. I feel someone’s hand brush against my ass. They’re taking his cock and guiding it to my anus. More hands spread my cheeks wide. It’s the guy with a huge cock. It brushes against my leg as he leans in to help Marco. Yes, the kid’s a virgin. He’s never fucked anybody before, much less a man. He’s clueless about the business end of things. That’s ok. He’ll learn it the hard way tonight. No pun intended.

I can’t help but moan as he pushes it into me, slowly, incompetently. He’s unsure of himself. I feel that unsureness inch by inch. I can’t help but humor him in his attempt, but my impatience gets the better of me and I force my hips against him, forcing his cock deep inside me. I’ve been broken anally long ago, but his cock is large enough to cause pain. It’s only transitory and I begin to relish the pleasure of it’s presence quickly enough. I reach back with my right arm and grip his ass, pulling him into me as far as he physically can go.

“Now fuck me, you little bitch.” He order.

“Yes, master.” He euphemistically retorts with a sly smirk. “It’s going to hurt like hell.” He warns.

“I doubt it.” I smirk in response.

“Whatever you say.”

I can’t help but sense a note of challenge in his voice. He doesn’t move for a few moments longer but then he withdraws his hips, pulling his cock towards my anal entrance. He keeps it there as I’d done him and before I could prepare myself, he plunges into me, hard. The force of the impact takes my breath away, quite unexpectedly. He pounds me over and over again, and I admit that it does hurt, but in a pleasurable way, in an erotic way. He seeks to claim my ass with each thrust. He seeks to claim me, or so it seems as he thrusts with all he has. My anus is being well used and I know I’ll be sore for hours after this. His youthful energy is ceaseless, for he’s already released inside me. I feel its warmth spreading throughout my insides. And yet, he keeps going. He keeps pounding at me with this still hard cock. I can’t help but moan and groan. I’m loud I know, but our audience doesn’t mind at all. They’re getting off on it, on us. The woman with the camera is close. She moves her phone close to our hips, our asses, capturing his cock in action. I’ll see it on the website before drawn. They’re no restrictions and all members will know that I’ve conquered and that I have been conquered, a first for me since joining. I’m the predator. I’m the one always in control. Tonight, I lost it… to Marco. I’ll be on his scoreboard as he’ll be on mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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