Nilda and her Money Machine

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Nilda was a petite, slim, brunet, with a tight body and small firm breast. Her smile and voice would hypnotize any man, mixed with her mouth watering body no man could say no to her. Even as a young child all the boys were attracted to her beauty. They would push each other out of the way just to look at her. Most became speechless upon looking at her beauty .In school the shy ones began leaving candy on her desk while she was out playing on recess. Richer boys left their lunch money and change they had in their pockets. When she would return from recess all the boys eyes were on her till she seen the candy and money on her desk and looked around the room to see who left it, then all the boys would turn there heads as if to hide.

In the days to come one boy walked up to her while on recess sat next to her and said I just found this five dollars is it yours? Nilda said no and the boy said I don’t need it and gave it to her and sat and talked to her till the bell went off. Every day at recess a new boy would ask her if she dropped some money and hand it to her, she didn’t want the money and candy but didn’t want the boys to run off hurt and crying so she would take it.

She put this in the back of her mind till she noticed all the men in her life did things to please her. She grew to like it and it became a normal part of her life. In the prime of her life she met Steve in a chat room, he was unsure, needy, weak, easily led. Nilda befriended him and from many nights of chatting found he had a fantasy of being a money slave, Nilda couldn’t stop the men from giving even if they never seen her. Her hypnotic powers and beauty could even reach over the Internet. She didn’t want this but as always he was persistent.

She new he had no friends or girlfriend but had a good job with many benefits and liked living his life in a fantasy world. In fact he would go out of his way to live his fantasy life. Nilda knew he was going to find someone to help him live his life as a money slave and its best for her to be his master. She would call and talk to him for hours, set up rules for him to live by No girlfriends, as they would just give him a reason to spend his money or for him to fantasize about other women. He had to set up a savings account and send her the atm card. He had to give her the password to his online banking account, and deposit a weekly amount into her savings account. He called Escort Bayan the deposits tributes to her beauty.

She noticed by his words, when he called, his voice was thick and deep. You could hear the passion in his voice that she caused. He would give her money, and with a few sweet words from those lips, he always gave more. It was like a drug to him just like her beauty, he was getting a buzz from it and may have masturbated every time she asked for money. His visions were ones that he imagined her being naked, laying before him… her bodies juices wet and waiting, of course he would pay, and dearly.

She sat down and thought of ways to get more money out of him. Making up stories that she needed extra money for new shoes or that she wanted to add features to her cell phone. She didn’t know that it took very little for him to give her more. His envisioning her ready and ripe is all it took for him to give her more money. He was in actuality paying to envision her in various positions. As she would call; his cock started getting hard when he heard the phone ring. By the time he took the phone off the hook, his cock was in his hand, he was stroking it. Hearing her voice was like heaven. Too soon the call would end. He would wait for another.

Every week adding new excuses just to see if he would pay. Knowing that he couldn’t say no because his cock was leading him, and every time he thought of her his cock grew. When I’m done with him he would beg to give me money and his cock will be sore from stroking it. . She had him make her the beneficiary of his 401K plan and buy her saving bonds and send her copies of all the work pay checks . She had him working overtime at his job and deposit the full amount in her savings. She made rules if he was late in a weekly tribute to her beauty he would pay double that amount. And a rule that she could raise the tribute fee any time she wanted. He had to give her all his passwords to all his email accounts and chat systems so she could see if he chatted other women or gave them money. She wanted him all to herself.

And if he wanted to stop playing the game he had to pay an early termination fee. He was hooked and she liked it. Every day the account grew and by the end of the month she was surprised by the amount she had milked from him. Steve couldn’t do enough for her he would lay in bed thinking of more ways to get Bayan Escort her to ask for money. Laying in bed, one night he dreamt he had looked in her bedroom doorway. She was lying on the bed, her hair spread over the pillow. He knew he was dreaming, what he didn’t know was she took a small sleeping pill and she was a million miles away. But he also knew he had to be quiet or she would wake and this would end. Watching her with nothing but a sheet across her stomach, breasts bare, she was naked beneath the sheet. He wanted to slip in the door and slowly pull the sheet off; He craved to see her bare skin. His cock is now rock hard, some how his hand slipped inside his robe. He was stroking himself just outside her door. He stepped inside the room, walking over to the side of the bed. Carefully he slide the sheet aside, and all ripe and in her bare glory was the woman he had been dreaming of. He was stroking his cock so fast he was afraid she would hear it.

It had been along time since he had seen a woman naked. Her legs were slightly spread; he could see the lips on her pussy. Knowing this was a dream, he didn’t want to wake her, but he seem to be able to do what he wanted. He carefully climbed up on the bed, she moved slightly toward the weight on the bed. Her leg slid over more… opening her legs a little farther. Just able to see a trace of wet juices on the edge of her lips. He bent lower and if he couldn’t taste them, he had to at least inhale the musky scent of her. She must have felt the hot breath on her thigh; she arched her back in her sleep. Her hips lifted toward his mouth.

She moaned slightly, eyes were still closed. She must be dreaming. How can a man deny himself what is freely offered? As her lips lifted yet farther toward him, he slid his hands under her ass. His mouth is just inches from heaven. Slowly he lowered his mouth so his lips were just touching hers. She moaned, he thought if he just slightly slipped his tongue out to taste that sweet nectar. She would never know. His tongue slid between those wet lips, he lapped up the juices, the more he licked the more juices were flowing out. Pressing her legs open slowly he was unable to stop himself. He had to taste every inch of her. His cock was swollen so hard; it longed to be inside her.

She was thrashing on the sheets, she was longing for some thing also. He wondered if he could ever feed Escort this craving of slamming his cock deep inside her. He lifted his mouth and positioned himself over the top of her. He had gone this far. He had to have both the heaven of tasting her nectar and the bliss of sliding his swollen cock inside her nice wet tight pussy. He knew he wouldn’t last long before he cum. He had been too long with out a woman. He was positioned over her, his arms holding his weight up off of her body. His cock was lined up and he lowered himself down until the head touched her pussy lips. They were wet enough that the path inside was well lubricated. He wanted to satisfy his lust by slamming it in deep, but he didn’t dare do any thing that would wake her up.

Slowly pressing forward he slid inside as deep as he could. Oh she was wet and tight. Her pussy squeezed his cock like a fine leather glove. Slowly he slid back out till the head was on the edge, and back in. He started pumping in and out, long deep strokes, he knew he needed to pull out before he cum, but he hadn’t felt a woman in a long time much less bare back. He kept fucking her harder and harder, He thought if he got her pregnant he could pay her child support. Suddenly seeing her with her belly swollen with his child, he thrust deep inside Nilda and suddenly he cum, shooting her full, deep inside. She moaned, bringing him out of his thoughts, he knew at that moment what he had done. Quickly pulling out, seeing they’re cum oozing out of her wet swollen pussy lips, he had to get out. Suddenly she stirred in the dream and he woke up and realized he was just dreaming.

The next time she called he told her that he was a willing to do anything she asked. All she could think of was….. Did he own a home? Maybe she is adding up how much she made in a month and then the year. Maybe as a test she will ask him to sell his car for her and buy a cheaper one. Then cancel the order after he says he will do it gladly. Some of her test she let ride others she canceled. But she knew she had the power to make herself rich.

She never told Steve that she had a fear of growing old and broke and wanted to keep him playing this game for a very long time. Even if he grow tired she would start talking about how sexy she was and would use sex to milk even more money out of him. It seems he gave his most when she talked of sex. She could see the bank account grow, as he got hornier. They both found what they needed to be happy and both fed into it.

He was her cash cow ready for the milking and after all it was what he wanted and needed to live and be happy in his little world. And she was happy to help him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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