Nina Watches Wendy… Ch. 1

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Nina Watches Wendy In The Woods

This is my first work and the first part of a story, I was Turned on by the work of Ian. H and the “Good relationship” set he wrote, this work is dedicated to Wendy and my fantasy I had about her. This one is for you babe.!

I have just come into the countryside form the big city of London, I needed a rest from the fast pace of London and to get on with my painting, they only gave me 6 months up here so I was determined to make the most of the time I had. The house was an old hall owned by the Tate modern gallery who had brought it as a white elephant after the war they had fixed the place up and it was now used by the gallery for there finest artists as a retreat. That’s how come I’m here.

I decided after lunch that I would go for a walk through the countryside I had spotted a nice wood a few miles down the road when I was driving up here and I thought it would make a good setting for my next painting, so after lunch I got my big art bag out, and my white Artists smock, I never painted with out it, because it allowed me to ware what ever I wanted with out anyone figuring out my secret, that I was a transvestite.

I hadn’t any friends back in London who I could shared my secret with but I don’t want to take any chances I went upstairs to my bedroom I had the choice of 7 as no other artist were here at this time, I found one with an old oak 4 poser bed and a big feather mattress, the room was of a nice size not much in there as way of decoration, but what was there was of the finest oak.

The room smelt of the sent of rose and sandalwood, it had 2 bay windows that went out onto a little balcony, I went outside onto it and looked out across the countryside I could see the wood from up here and a few cottages and a mansion, the sun was beating down It was going to be a fabulous day perfect for painting the warmness of the sun was making me feel horny, I thought about the fields leading to the wood and thought of myself walking through the fields in a summer frock with the wind blowing up my dress and my naked breasts rubbing up and down against the smooth cotton of my summer dress.

My right hand had moved itself down the front of my trousers and into my boxers and was massaging my cock slow and rhythmically in time with the imaginary breasts I was getting hard, very hard and so hot my trousers and shirt were soaked with sweat and my boxer shorts where tight up the crack of my ass, I new I would feel so much better if I could changed but I didn’t have anything female, and I didn’t want to lose the thought and the moment, but it was already lost I was uncomfortable in my clothes and never felt happy being dressed as a man.

My family don’t understand my father is very high up in the church and my mother a leading figure in politics, if it got out there son was a Transvestite the scandals would destroy there life’s attainments, so they have made sure I never wanted for nothing and when it looked like art was my gift they pushed me into it, and sent me away to an art school in Paris, my father came out only to see me once when I was there and he took me to one side and said he knew about my sickness.

He offered me a deal if I didn’t come out the closet and kept things secret that I would be fixed for the rest of my life and would never have to worry about money, he said it would be a fair compensation as the whole thing had sickened him to his guts and that my mother wanted nothing more to do with me, and just wanted me kept out of the public eye as I would only bring shame on myself and the family if I didn’t.

I felt ashamed and sickened myself inside at his words, his eyes boring deep into my soul I could not get away from that stair there was no ware to hide from it, not even inside and within a few moments I had been beaten into submission and excepted his terms, he turned and went to leave as he reached the door he turned and said ” I will only contact you by letter from now on, I never want to see you again your no son of mine.” He walked out the door, and out of my life.

I sat down on my bed as the pain and sickness rose in my body, I could feel his eyes on me I was shaking and feeling nauseated as his words rattled around my brain pressing there programmed triggers. The guilt rushed over my body stealing the blood cells from my erection For his work, I sat with my hands in my head fighting the feelings inside me the tears welling in my eyes. Why does this always happen to me just at the wrong time, just when I’m feeling really good about myself, I cried for a good hour on my bed till the feelings subsided.

The sun was shining through the open doors and onto the bed its was about 1 in the afternoon and I was feeling like painting again and I decided the fresh air and sun would do me good, I was feeling shattered from the crying but better inside for it, I decided to take a bath before I changed and went painting.

I took of my sweaty clothes and put on my dressing robe and went in search of the bathroom, I found the bathroom at the end of the hallway; it was of a good size Maltepe Escort with an old real big cast iron bath. I was delighted! I find it hard to find a bath that I can stretch in as I am 6 foot 3, but this would be perfect, I was looking in the big oak cupboard in the bathroom for some towels and at the bottom of the pile there was this old suitcase.

I was hoping I would find some clothing in the old house as loads of people had lived here and I was eagerly looking forward to exploring every nook and cranny of the old hall I didn’t have the courage to buy my female clothing myself and I had sworn I wouldn’t to my father, so I had to resort to finding my things and stealing them from peoples houses, I hated doing it at first but I had no choice I had all the money I needed but they controlled it, just another rule to stop me from dressing up, they said it was for my own good.

I took the old case from its resting place and unclasped its lid, praying I would hit the jackpot I was starting to get excited and decided I wouldn’t look till after my bath I would savour the moment and put the case down on the floor and run the taps on the bath, I looked in the wall cabinet by the bath for some soap and saw loads of different little bottles. I opened one and put it to my nose the aroma rush up my nostrils and straight to my head, it was the smell from my room my body began to tingle all over and my head felt light.

I decided to add some to my running bath. And the room soon filled with its aroma and steam I felt very relaxed and as I sunk into the depths of my bath I rested my head back I was feeling hot all over and tingly like a thousand little probes were all reacting to the movement of the warm water on my body, I moved my legs apart and the movement of the water rushing around my cock made it go hard in a few seconds, I took hold of my stiff cock and began slowly rubbing and caressing it, rubbing my thumb slowly over the tip the oil in the bath made it slide effortlessly across it sending waves of excitement and pleasure through my body.

I closed my eyes and began to picture myself in the field wearing the floral summer dress Running through the tall grass my breasts bouncing with every step the warm sun on my skin. The rushing cool air touching my shaven legs flowing into my white cotton panties around my cock and up my crack tantalising my spine all the way to the top of my dress.

With my other hand I clasped my balls and slowly squeezed them in time with my hand going up and down my hard shaft, my head was going dizzy I was about to come, I let my balls go and put the tip of the middle finger at the entrance to my asshole and gently pressed down the tip of my finger slid into my hole due to the oil in the bath and I shot my thick white come all over my smooth belly and the bath water.

I had never come like that before, by penetration I mean, I had always been totally scared to go near it, I thought I would Bern in hell if I did, with my father stoking the fire. It had something to do with the oils in the bath. I wasn’t myself in this bath I felt different I felt relaxed.

I didn’t have a summer dress but I did have my full length cotton smock for painting so I decided to shave my legs, that was the closest I was going to come to my fantasy today I got out of the bath and went to my room and got my painting smock from out of my case, As I put it over my head, the smock fell over my body its soft cotton texture sent goose bumps every ware it touched, I love this smock stained by the years of imagery, masturbation and oil paint. I put my sandals on grabbed my art bag and heeded out the door I was set for adventure and in the mood for art.

When I discovered my art as a child it gave me an out let for my pain and helped me deal with living with my parents it stopped the pain for awhile, they had never been the same since my mother found me in her room wearing a pair of her pink silk knickers and tan tights. She hit the roof and my father did two, I didn’t understand what I had done wrong I was only 6 at the time. And I didn’t know why I was wearing them; all I knew is that it felt good.

From that day on warred they made my life hell and a prisoner in there home there was no more love only hate and disgust. I put my suffering into pictures to hide what I was feeling and it worked good people said I had a gift, and they jumped on it and sent me away, it was the perfect way-out for them.

I had been walking for about an hour across the fields to get to the wood, I was feeling really good and free and ready to do some serious painting the sun shining clear in a blue sky I took position just up the hill a bit over looking the wood. I set up my easel and unpacked my brushes and paints then, I got my tobacco tin form the side pouch of my bag and open it up.

It’s a good job I remembered to score before I left London, I wasn’t taking chances with being able to score in the countryside, I took my lump of Moroccan and built myself a Jay, Laidback on the grass and smoked, waiting for inspiration to take hold Anadolu Yakası Escort of me, and also have a good game of cloud busting.

I closed my eyes and let my mind wander, after awhile I found the space between the thoughts and slipped out of myself and into the field. I was looking down towards the wood and a feeling came over me to go into the woods and search, that’s where I would find my inspiration for my painting, I drifted down into the wood

I came into a little clearing, the grass was low and there was a fallen tree the trunk was almost over grown with plants and forest wildlife, I suddenly stopped in my tracks there was a women sitting there. She was wearing a pink short-sleeved shirt and black high heels And the most sexiest white stockings, but it wasn’t just some girl it was another TV she had her cock in her hand and her other round her balls giving herself pleasure, she couldn’t see me and wasn’t aware I was there not many people can see astral forms I was grateful of that.

I was immediately aroused by her, I had never seen another TV before, I stood there glued to the spot watching her with fascination, she reached into her bag and took a pot of cream from it and put some on her fingers, then inserted a finger into her bottom and was pushing it in and out, the memory came back to me of my bath and my finger and how it made me come like it did. Her face was in ecstasy, I could not believe what I was seeing when she pulled this big dildo from her bag.

It was shining in the sun a wonderful tool, she placed it at her entrance and guided it in, I was so excited I was losing control of my own form and it was braking down, the last I saw before I was forced to return to my body was the dido going in and out and I blew a fuse.

I woke up with a start breathing heavenly with my cock rock hard and come all over my smock, I couldn’t believe what I saw, dam that smoke is some good shit, I reached for my brush I was determined to capture the scene before is vanished in my mind. I closed my eyes and pictured her in my mind holding the dido with the light shining of it. The usual energy was beginning to serge through my body the paining was coming like a flash my hands began to paint the image from my mind.

I opened my eyes and before me was the painting of the girl in the wood sitting on the tree holding the dildo in the sun, I had even manage to capture the light perfectly, I was pleased With the result and totally turned on like never before, I had this desire to finger myself like she had, I wanted to be penetrated, I wanted to feel what she felt even if she was a vision and only a paining. I fought the desire to do it there and then because time was creeping on and I needed to get back, to dry the painting and have some food, I was shagged in after the excitement of the after noon.

I always seam to have a wonderful time when I am painting and I remembered the case in the bathroom and I the excitement rose even higher at the thought of what it may contain. My cock rock hard I needed to find some clothes, to do this properly.

I pack up at the speed of light and set of at a fast pace back for the house, as I was leaving the field I looked over my shoulder back at the wood and thought I saw the girl and a man going into a mansion house near the wood, I strained to see but they had gone, I put this down to the light and my aroused state, And there hadn’t been a man with her when I was there and I quickened the pace home.

The light had all but faded when I reached the front door, I was cold and hungry and tired from my walk and the afternoon’s entertainment. And quickly made my way inside and up to my room to change out of my smock and into my dressing gown then run downstairs and went looking for the kitchen, I had forgot to check if there was any food in, I always forget to eat and end up starving myself stupid.

I found the kitchen it was one of them big old Edwardian style kitchens with the big table and double sink and everything one could need to cook with, they had a ray Bern as well for cooking on, I loved it felt so homely and motherly just the feeling of the place, and I thought of the maids that must of worked here and what they looked like and what they were wearing.

I closed my eyes and pictured the kitchen how it would of looked long ago using the feeling I was getting for the fuel for my imagination, I could see a maid laying a breakfast tray on the big table she was bedding over, She was wearing a tight black Edwardian dress and a little filly white hat, with her hair up in a bun, she had firm medium sized breasts and a tight small figure.

A pang of hunger woke my from my dreaming, I really must eat something, I found a note on the fridge door welcoming me to the house, and saying that a maid will call once a week on a Friday, that’s tomorrow I thought! Will have to be careful to put things back in there place so no one knows what I am up to, she also does the shopping and there is food in the fridge for me and drink at the bar in the lounge. And I was to ask Vicky Ümraniye Escort for anything I needed.

I opened the fridge and grabbed a plate of cold chicken and got stuck in. Wile I was eating I was thinking about the note and about what Vikki was like, I had never been with a man or a woman through fear of what they might say or the press finding out, and my parents didn’t want me to live let alone have someone touching me, to them I was unclean and people had to be kept away from me, so if anyone did show interest in more they were always warned off by my fathers minions.

So I’m manly a loner with no real friends just people that tolerate me because of my parents and they put down my weirdness to me being an artist its perfect descise for normality. At first the isolation was unbearable and I went out of my mind for a wile until I found this old book called ” The Wakening of man from the bonds of the Mind” by Steve bell. This book freed me from the isolation of my mind and trained me in a form of dis-discipline And revolutionary mind tools it put a key in my hand, and started a train that I can never get of.

The Author being well before his time had difficulty in writing and suffered form ADD and dyslexia and only wrote 3 quarters of the book in random form, and the programs are very experimental so you never know what your getting you can open doors you don’t want opening and suffer pain you only feel in nightmares. But hay it works I can do stuff other cant But I get these attacks of guilt like earlier and I’m floored. Its part of the freeing process says the author and can get hairy sometimes his advice was to get really drunk or stoned. Ahh the case I left the kitchen and went upstairs I was feeling tight all over my heart was pounding when I reached the bathroom door, my mouth was as dry us a nun’s cunt my cock as hard as the devils horn and I hadn’t opened the door yet, just the thought of the case alone was getting me to boiling point, what the hell is in this dam case I’ve never felt like this before If there’s nothing in their I’m going to be so gutted that fucking case will go out the window.

Right enough of this! I’m going in there and opening the thing, I slowly pushed the door open And was greeted with the aroma of sandal wood and rose and a rush of energy that lifted me of the floor and the tingles began again as I walked towards the case, there it was in front of me looking like an old case on top of a dresser, what the fuck! I open the case and looked inside.

The lid opened and there in side was the floral dress from my fantasy and next to it was the maids dress from my vision in the kitchen and sitting in the middle of the dress on top was an old book laying open with a bookmark in the middle of old worn leather, I could smell the leather Of the bookmark and the and almost taste the muskiness of the old pages, I picked the book up and looked at the title it was “The Arrival of man form the bonds of his mind” part 4.

It was part 4 of Steve bells book the one they say he never wrote. I quickly turned to the middle of the book to ware I found it open and read the first part, it said ” Throw this book behind you and check out the first dress read me after your changed” so I done what the book said taking it as a sign.

I returned to the case and picked up the first dress and took it out of the case slowly the folds of fabric unraveled themselves into a beautiful floral dress identical in every way I had visualized it, it felt so good I slid of my dressing gown and pressed it to my naked throbbing body, my rock hard cock burying itself into the material, I held it close and tight to me, enjoying the moment.

I looked back into the case and ware the dress had been there was other stuff; a small wooden box made of sandalwood a pair a black 6-inch stilettos size 10. A packet containing a pair of silk seam tan stockings, a White silk and lace suspender belt, and a pair of white silk French knickers and next to that was a white silk and lace bra size 38b.

God I was turned on out of my mind I just came all over the dress that I was holding I The rush was so intense my head was throbbing in time with my cock our 2 minds uniting in bliss I was fucking with my god head, I fell to my knee’s and prayed to my material goddess Thanking her for her gifts and asking her to send me someone soon.

I took the spender belt and put it on it felt tight and supportive then I put the silk stockings on to my shaven legs, they felt so good when I stood in them for the first time they had thick lace tops and I felt so sexy I took the bra next and put my arms through the lace holes and clipped it together at the front, it felt so amassing like I was changing melting into my fantasy But there was something missing.

I looked in the sandalwood book and there as sure as day, it was the missing breasts from my fancy, 2 perfect silicon reproductions even down to the nipple detail they had sticky attachments, I took one out of the box and attached it my left breast, it felt perfect lust like in should, after they were both attached and safely secured by my bra, I picked the dress of the floor and put my arms and head into it and it slid down my body like water on ice, in fitted perfectly and clung to my sensitive body all ready and boiling point again by the shear intensity of everything.

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