No Clear Winner 01

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No Clear Winner 01

“So, what just happened here, Blake?”

“Ahh, I installed the leaf extensions in your kitchen table for your holiday get together tomorrow night and then I charmed you out of your bra, Mrs. Hilary Hanover, so, ahh.”

“Well, don’t go getting too cocky, Blake because you didn’t charm me out of my undies, so.”

“Hah, with the speed that you went after them, I never stood a chance, but listen, ahh, that was really something.”

“Well, it’s a tie then (mwah), but what was with you having me put my bra back on for the second time we had sex then, Blake?”

“Oh, well, a bra is a pretty unique article of clothing and I really like them. Plus, it’s fun to pop your boobs in and out of it. I mean, it’s just something that I like, Mrs. Hanover.”

“Well, I guess that’s not something that I speak about with your mother tomorrow night then when she attends my holiday get together. But listen, I mean, are you taking my bra home with you as a trophy then?”

“Well, I mean, my roomie, Gee G, right? He’s nine kinds of a freak for this stuff, so.”

“Oh, um, it’s nice that your little fem boy roomie has such a thoughtful roomie then, so would he want my undies or not?”

“Oh, you mean the undies that I balled up into the left cup of your bra?”

“Well, more people should have someone like you in their life then. I mean, can we be a thing or was today just a torrid thing then?”

Listen folks, someone should put that question, along with a good answer in the man book, right?

“Mrs. Hanover, we’re solid, alright?”

“Well Blake, I don’t mean to pressure you, but that was some solid you just on me and I haven’t all that for a while, so, I mean, I’m interested. And by the way, I’m still naked, so.”

Hah! That’s in the man book! Like on page one.

“[Mwah] I need to run, Hilary.”

“Ooh, kisses and my first name then, I mean, that’s pretty solid, but look, should I bother with keeping some condoms around the house then? Today wasn’t exactly risk free, so?”

Ahh snap! I mean, I think I breezed over that chapter eskort taksim of the man book.

“Well, the truth is, I’ll be back and that’s not just a line from some old movie, so.”

“I mean, maybe I’ll have a need for something for the party tomorrow evening. I mean, I haven’t sucked a man off, but I think I remember how, so?”

“Well, I mean, a party host can never have too many cheese and meat trays, so maybe I’ll stop by the Deli and then pop over here, say about 7:30pm?”

“Make it 7pm, Blake and by the way, I’m still naked under these covers, so.”

No, no, the man book clearly states that a “I have to go” can be over-ridden, just as long as one party clearly states that they are still naked under the sheets, so. Besides, I had to be just shooting blanks after a few times already, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the man book states in bold that it only takes one little swimmer, but look, she was naked under the covers and all, so.

“Alright champ, my sheets and my body are totally wet and wrecked, so you win, but that was amazing and way over due, so [mwah], stud.”

I mean, all I had to do was swing by the Deli, flirt with Millie and show back up with my meat, I mean, my meat and cheese trays, so.

Oh, sorry folks, um, my roomie, Gee G, um, nope, we room together, but we live on opposite sides of the universe. He does his thing and I do my thing and we pay the rent, so. Well, it’s always in my favor because I bring him lingerie, but that’s his fem boy business. Also, ah, I just said it, nope! So, just stop thinking stuff.

Anyways, back to the man book and Deli.

“Well, I suppose a good party host can never have too many meat and cheese platters, right Blake? I mean, I prefer to milk my cheese whiz straight from the pump, but these are our best platters, so are you staying at the party or just dropping off then?”

“Oh, I was only going to dump, I mean, drop them off Millie. I mean, all those couples don’t need me hanging around, right?”

Alright, fine, Millie charmed me into letting her pump my cheese whiz nozzle straight escort şişli into her nozzle, so I was late arriving to Hilary’s house. But I had an arm full of platters, right?

“Ahem! It’s 7:30 and people have already begun to arrive, so no sucky, sucky for you tonight then, Blake!”

“Momma, who are you scolding at the door like that and what you are saying to, ooh, Blake, hey, Blake, it’s nice to see you and look momma, Blake brought an arm full of platters with him. I mean, one can never have too many meat packages for a party, right momma?”

“Ahem! You mean meat and cheese platters, right Julia?”

“That’s what I said, momma, so, let him in. I mean, he’s right on time, so.”

Oh, page three of the man book, throbbing blood vessels in and around the neck or temples. I read that page.

“No, I get it, Blake, I mean, I’m not staying, either! I mean, 4pm dinners and all, so, I mean, your SUV is probably still warm, right? We could talk and stuff.”

I mean, talk and stuff, right? That’s on the man book jacket.

“Ug, ug, ug, hg, hg, hg, ow, ow, wreck my mouth, Blake, ow, hg, hg, ugh, ugh, blow, ow, ow.”

“Oh no, Julia, I’ve waited too long for this, so tough it out, tough it out, ooh, whoa, skills, ow.”

“K, K, K, ag, ag, uh, uh, ga, ga, goo, ga, hg, hg, ooh, oh, throb, throb, ooh, oh, ag, ag, ag, ugh.”

“Ahh, ooh, ooh, biting, ooh, ahh, ahh.”

[Gulp, gulp]

“Fool, you could have had that three years ago, but waiting wasn’t so bad either, so.”

“Well, I should, what, go then?????”

“Fool, the man book has some misprints, so.”

“So, we’re doing it then?”

You know, I always thought that having sex in the back of a vehicle was a myth because of the space constraints, but apparently, I’m a fool because damn, that worked!

“So, Blake has a little game then? LOL and a sissy roomie. Gee G, is it?”

“Let’s leave my “soft” roomie out of this and you know, do that again. I mean, apparently, I have more game than I knew about, so.”

[Boing, boing]

“Well, I am mostly naked in the back eskort beşiktaş of your, SUV, so.”

I mean, I was nice about things. I made extra space by throwing the stupid man book out of the rear window!

“Oh, oh, oh, so you want me totally naked then, Blake?”

[Legs lift, hips lift, body twist, bra snap, snap, fiddle with snap, damn snap, snap]

I mean, not totally naked, but my roomie Gee G would start crying and pouting if I didn’t bring him a few things, so. I mean, he can be such a handful sometimes, geez.

“Alright then, Blake, you’re clearly a tit man for sure, so suckle on me and pump me baby, two for one then, Blake, take me two for one.”

Well, I was just trying to save time. I mean, two for one was right there on the page of the man book that got wet from me throwing it out the window and all, so.

“Well, I mean, my ex-boyfriend always used to dare me go commando once in a while, but I’m drenched (and maybe pregnant), so, I don’t know, I should just jump in my car and go home or deliver my undies to your precious “soft” Gee G myself then, so?”

I mean, that’s why they invited GPS, right? So that the daughter of your new torrid affair woman could follow you home and you know, discuss things? Overnight? Oh, and to personally hand off her wrecked undies to my train wreck of a, I mean, my very delicate roomie?

Either way, I won. Well, until I see Hilary again, which is when I expect to lose. And if I lose a nut, I hope it’s in the favorable way.

Well, I guess I had to get through home life first, so.

“Hi. I’m not such a freak.”

“Hi and I never said that you were sweetie. I mean, sweet jammies, ah, Gee G??”

“I mean, it’s not like I expect anything, but I think you should be Blake’s Commando Girlfriend, so.”

“Well, that sounds like a win for both of you then, but I can go for that. I mean, I’m half commando already and I like Blake well enough, so is there a secret hand shake and hand off sweetie.?”

“Well, I only win if you personally leave me presents under my pillow like the tooth fairy, so.”

“I mean, Blake, I mean, I can make a win for him, right?”

“Oh, you can’t miss the color of his bedroom door, so.”

I mean, I won, the roomie wins, Hilary won yesterday and Julia won tonight like three times, so.

No Clear Winner 01

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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