No Jimmy, That’s Incest! Pt. 03

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(Please read Parts 1 and 2, otherwise this story will not make much sense. To all the people who said they liked my first two stories, thanks. This is only the third story I have ever written, Pt. 1 was the first, so go easy. One strange thing. 70,000 read my first story, about 250 voted and only 5 sent me emails. That’s an amazing small percentage. A little more feedback would be nice, good or bad. Enjoy.)


Chapter Eight

We were laying on the sofa a few nights later. I was naked, as I was almost all the time now and mom was wearing her usual panties. I was holding her and she was slowly caressing me with her hand. This was our quiet time in the evening, one of my favorite times. I had already been satisfied and cleaned. Now we were just relaxing and she knew I liked to be kept a little hard.

“Do you ever miss Jack mom?”

“Sometimes a little honey.”

“What do you miss about him?”

“I don’t know Jimmy.”

“Was it this?”

I pushed my hand down under her panties and cupped her.

“No Jimmy, please. That’s not right!”

She tried to push my hand away. I slipped my finger into her. I had never touched this part of a women before and I was surprised at how wet she was. I slipped my finger all the way in.

“Please take you finger out Jimmy. We’ll talk ok?”

I pulled out my finger but I left my hand where it was.

“I know you want more but I just can’t let you sleep with me. You’re my son. Do you need more help, maybe right after you get home from school and just before you go to bed?”

The memory of my coming five times in one hour flashed through my brain. I wondered for a second if she would do that for me. There will be time for that later I thought. I also thought that I did not want to cum five times in a pair of her panties. There were other, better places for my cum to go.

“No mom, not now. I was just worried that you are unhappy. I can hear your dildo almost every night and I know you must be frustrated.”

“My what!?”

“Dildo. I looked it up on the internet. They come in a lot bigger sizes mom. Why didn’t you get a bigger one?”

“First of all Jimmy it is called a vibrator. Only sluts use dildos. Mothers use vibrators and size isn’t that important.”

“It isn’t? I thought size was the only thing that mattered.”

“It is important honey. Every woman fantasizes about a large cock but there are other things a whole lot more important.”

“You mean like how long a guy can stay hard mom. I read about that too on the internet.”

Mom laughed and said “I’m going to have to look a little more closely at the web sites you go to honey.”

I looked down at where my mom’s hand was slowly moving up and down and said, “I think it’s a little late for that.”

“Oh god, I’ve ruined you. At your age you should be full of romantic notions about young ladies your own age. You should be dating girls from your school, not get hand jobs from an old lady.”

“Your not old mom, your perfect, besides I thought you said I was too young to date.”

“I think you’ve gotten a lot older in the last few weeks. How can you be like other boys your age now? That is what I have been worrying about since the first time you cam in my hands. Honey, I want you to take your hand off my cunt and make me a promise.”

I left my hand right where it was and inserted my finger again. Mom squirmed but did not move away.

“What’s the promise?”

“I want you to date someone this weekend. Take her to a show, buy her some candy, talk to her. Talk about school. And for gods sake keep you hands off her, at least for the first few dates.”

“What about Vicky?”

Mom’s hand tightened noticeably on my dick and she stopped stroking me.

“Vicky’s dumb and her mother’s a slut. All the ladies at church know that. I just think you can do better.”

“Your jealous mom.”

“I am not!”

Mom squeezed me so hard it almost hurt. I loved it.

“Ok mom ok. No Vicky. I will ask out this nice girl in my algebra class named Linda Gilmore. I have been talking to her and I think she will be happy to go to the movies with me.”

“Remember Jimmy don’t try to strip her naked on the first date. That is not what a nice girl really wants. She will let you know when it is the right time. And I promise you something.”


“You will not need sex when you take her out. You may want it, but you will not need it, understand?”

We both smiled and she snuggled down into my arm which was not easy since she was bigger that I was. I kissed her. I moved my finger in and out faster and she started to move her hand faster. A strange look came over her face.

“Yes! Yes! Just like that Jimmy. Yes!”

Suddenly mom stopped jacking me off and squeezed hard. Her hips moved quickly back and forth against my hand and she let out a quiet sigh. Then she went completely limp and smiled the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. A look of dreamy warmth was in her eyes.

“You ok mom?”

“I couldn’t be better honey. I couldn’t be better. I guess I really needed that. kurtköy escort Thank you.”

For some reason I didn’t understand I felt wonderful.

“I guess we will have to change our definition of incest from now on. You still can’t sleep with me but this is ok, I guess. Boy was it ok.”

We watched television for about an hour, just holding each other and enjoying the show. Then I got up to go to bed.

“Do you want to come to my room now mom?”

“No honey, I’m use to sleeping here. Perhaps we will share a bed eventually but not right now. I need a little time alone every night. You would not want to see me in moisturizing crème, believe me. Now go to bed.”

Mom threw pillow at me.

“You said there was something more important than size. What was it?”

“Jimmy, if the only thing that mattered was size and endurance, every women would be married to a dildo, err vibrator.”

She smiled.

“What really matters is love, honey. It can make up for even the smallest dick, not that you have anything to worry about there.”

I walked into my bedroom without touching the floor.

Chapter Nine

A promise is a promise. I asked Linda out for a movie and dinner at Wendy’s on Saturday afternoon. Mom was so pleased when I told her Friday after school. As usual we were eating dinner and I was naked and she was topless. We sat side by side and I fed her and she fed me. I kissed her frequently. Sometimes I would drop a little on one of her breasts and lick it off.

“Tell me about her Jimmy.”

“Well, we’re in the same math class, she like cats, she has one, she laughs at my jokes and she is smart.”

“Is she cute?”

“I think so.”

Mom suddenly look very strange. She grabbed my dick with both hands and said in a choked voice “This may be harder than I thought. I know you have to start doing this, I know it, but I didn’t expect this feeling. This actually hurts. My shy son is going on his first real date. No wonder incest is forbidden. I’m jealous! I expected you to be jealous of Jack but I didn’t expect this.”

“Please mom, easy. You have nothing to worry about.”

I held her hard in my arms and we kissed.

“Maybe in twenty or thirty years she will be as beautiful as you, but she will never be my first love. You always will be.”

“You do know the right things to say Jimmy.”

We finished dinner quickly. We went into the living room and mom almost raped me.

“Where’s the panties mom?”

“I don’t think we are going to need them any more Jimmy.”

She got down on her knees and opened her mouth. She reached out and cradled my balls with her hand. She licked the tip of my dick.

Jealousy is wonderful. Her head came down and my dick entered paradise. If my mother’s mouth isn’t in heaven, I don’t want to go. When I came she almost drowned. That night she sleep in my room, no OUR room, and I finally pulled her panties off. It is true that she was asleep but they did come off. When she got up in the morning there was a smile on her face and she did not reach for them. I pushed her back down on the bed and tried to force her legs open.

“No honey, please. That is too much. I will give you everything you want but not that.”

Mom was laying on my bed in all her naked glory. Her breasts stood up and did not sag. My hands ached to push her thighs apart. I was kissing her stomach, following the stretch lines with my lips. I loved them.

Mom pushed her breast together and licked her lips.

“Put it in here Jimmy. Put it between my breasts. You’ll love it.”

I quickly climbed up her body and laid myself on her chest. She pressed her breasts together. She was right. It was better than I expected. Her breasts were a little damp with sweat and moving back and forth was easy. Each time I pushed forward she tried to lick the tip of my dick. What a beautiful scene. When I began to cum I pushed forward on my knees and drove her head into the pillow. My balls hit her chin and I came with a vengeance. Mom was doing her absolute best to take me as deep as she could but she began to choke a little. I backed off and finished in her mouth.

“Thank you honey. It’s going to take a while before I can take you all the way down. You’re so big!”

My chest expanded to about twice it normal size and I would have strutted around the room if she wasn’t still kissing my dick. Then I looked down and she was grinning, not smiling, grinning. And then she laughed out loud.

I was hurt. I pulled back and sat on her stomach. She laughed again.

“Oh my love, you should see your face. I just wanted to see what would happen when I did that. Don’t worry, you’re a swinging dick, or you soon will be and every boy in gym class is going to be envious.”

She lifted her head and kissed my dick.

“You also have the most beautiful penis I have ever sucked and that’s the truth. Now lets get up and have breakfast. You have to get ready for your date. I’ve done everything I can to protect the girl.”

Mom and I showered together and I found that soaping her ass cheeks aydıntepe escort could become my life’s passion. She turned to me and we stood pressed against each other and played with each other’s rear ends.

“Honey, there are a few things you still have to learn. Women do love to be licked properly.”

I pushed my finger deep into her ass. Mom pushed her finger into mine and we fucked each other with our fingers.

“Yes dear, there is that place too. But you are going to have to be gentle with me if I let you in there. I am not use to it and you really are big for your age. Ok?”

In answer, I pushed my finger in deeper. We both laughed.

“Now let me try something and we will see if you are ready for your date.”

Mom knelled down and sucked. Water streamed down her face and I liked it, but I stayed soft. There is only so much cum in a person.

After about one minute mom stood up.

“Good, you are ready for Linda.”

Chapter Ten

Linda turned out to be a lot of fun. I debated whether to tell mom the truth or lie but I did not want to lie to her.

“Jimmy, I’m glad you had a good time. What did you talk about?”

“The other kids and the teachers mostly. We talked a little bit about the movie and what she wanted to do after school.”

“Thank goodness you can still talk! I thought the sexual swamp we have make of this place might deprive you of speech.”


“Trust me honey, the bigger a man’s penis grows, the smaller his brain gets. I think men ejaculate brain cells.”

We had finished a late night snack and were cuddling in bed. She had given me a quick suck and I was playing with her cunt.

“Let me show you something else you will have to know about, Jimmy.”

“Open my legs and spread me open. That’s right. Don’t play with yourself honey, this is homework. Do you see the two sets of lips? Look right at the top of them. Do you see the little knob? It’s called my clitoris.”

“Your what?”

“‘Clitoris’ Jimmy. I’m just telling you the right name, but you can just say ‘clit’. That’s what you want to work with if you want to become a lover and not just a dick with legs like most men.”

I could see the little knob.

“The secret is to take your time honey. This is not just a job you hurry through, it’s something you want to take your time with. Do you remember how much you wanted to play your guitar and how many hours you practiced? If you practiced anywhere near as much on my clit, I would be your slave. Just let your warm breath play on it for a while. You like it when I just hold you in my mouth when we are watching TV, don’t you? That isn’t as much fun for me as it is for you but I do it because I love you. This is the same thing.”

For the next five minutes I licked and sucked.

“Be gentle honey. This is how you make a woman feel special.”

I was just about to give up and admit that my tongue was exhausted when mom cam. Her legs clamped around my head and her fingers pulled my hair. After a few seconds, or it could have been a few years, she relaxed and opened her legs.

“That was very good, Jimmy.”

I kissed her cunt. It was obvious that she loved it but I honestly hoped I would not have to do that every day. We just laid like that for a while, with my head in her lap. I kissed her stomach, right where the stretch marks were.

“What is the vibrator for mom?”

“Did you see what Jack was doing with it the last time he was here?”

I nodded.

“He used the vibrator to speed things up. It does work and you can use it on me sometimes but it would be better if you just used your lips and tongue. It shows a women that you care about more than just dumping a load of cum in her cunt every four hours.”

We laughed and I kissed her stomach again.

“Jack could dump a load of cum in your cunt every four hours?”

“No honey, no grownup man can compete with someone your age. We have a strange society. You cannot sleep with an adult woman yet, not while your still in school, and never with me, but physically you are as ready as you will ever be. I don’t understand it. I should be walking around showing you off to other mothers and telling them that they should get so lucky. I should be renting you out to friends who don’t have teenage sons. I don’t understand it.”


“I don’t see anything wrong with that, we could use the money but ok, lending.”

“You are kidding aren’t you?”

The vision of me with a harem of women my mother’s age flashed through my mind and I felt myself getting hard again.

“Not really.”

“Could I have five or six of them at a time, maybe all naked in the kitchen making me dinner, with one at a time under the table sucking me off and you supervising?”

Mom laughed.

“Yes dear, as long as you realize that this is a fantasy and will never happen, you can have them three deep in your bed.”

I pushed her legs back apart.

“Can I have you now?”

Mom put her hands down over her cunt and closed her legs. She was beautiful.

“No tuzla içmeler escort honey, we just can’t do that.”

Maybe I could have just forced her legs open again but I just couldn’t do that. This was her last secret, I thought, and I would not take by force what she was not willing to give. She was my mother after all.

Mom kissed me with passion, using her tongue to open my mouth.

“I can give you one more gift, one they say is even better than what you want. Honey, please look in the top drawer of my shelves and bring me the box you find there and the tube of lotion.”

I found them easily and gave them to her.

“These are condoms Jimmy. I bought them for us tonight.”

She opened one and showed it to me.

“Oh, you mean rubbers!”

“I guess men call them that but most women call them condoms. These are not lubricated, that means that they do not have any lotion on them. I remember trying to put lubricated ones on men, and it was a messy job. Do you know what we are going to do honey?”

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

“I know we both say that word but it really isn’t very nice. Let’s just say that you are going to ‘take me from behind’ or that you are going to ‘use the back door’. It really is very much nicer.”

“I suppose ‘shit chute’ is out then too?”

Mom actually looked shocked.

“Where do you hear language like that?!”

“I’m a guy mom. We talk like that all the time.”

“Please don’t say things like that in my house. Now let’s put this on you. It is the woman’s job to dress her man and if you ever have a woman who will not do this for you, find another who will.”

She took a tissue from a box and dried me.

“Mom, why are we going to use this? Won’t it be like taking a shower in a raincoat?”

Mom laughed.

“Where did you hear that Jimmy?”

“In gym class. The only thinks guys talk about are ‘cunts, cars and football’. We get around to talking about everything eventually, at least if it has to do with sex.”

“Honey, that phrase is probably over a thousand years old. I have no idea what it feels like to wear one, although I have read that there are similar things for women, but I have also read that it feels exactly the same when a man is using ‘the back door’. I don’t think my ‘front door’ is very tight Jimmy. I have had two beautiful little boys come out of there, but no one has ever put his penis up my rear end before.”

“Really, I’ll be the first?”

“Yes dear. Your dad wanted me to let him in but I was too afraid of being hurt. You are going to take my cherry.”

Mom smiled up at me and took the rubber. She started at the top of my dick, err penis, and rolled it right down. I was impressed at how easily it went on. Then she played with my penis a little.

“I do want to keep you hard honey. Now before we begin I want you to put lots of lotion on the condom and on me. Lots.”

I squeezed out a little and rubbed it up and down. I also squeezed out some on mom.

“That’s not enough. Here let me show you.”

Mom squeezed out about twice as much and rubbed it in. This felt a little different than her usual hand jobs, but I still began to enjoy myself. This wasn’t anything like wearing a rain coat.

“I can see by your face that this feels good. Am I right Jimmy?”

“It feel different mom, but good. Why do you want me to wear it?”

“You could hurt me Jimmy and there is a chance for infection. Even if a girl says that you can use her ass unprotected, use one. It would be disrespectful to her not to wear one even if she is too stupid to ask you to do it. Plus it keeps you safe too, and you’re my baby.”

Mom wiped her hands on a tissue and knelled on the bed.

“Please fuck my ass honey, fuck it hard.”

Mom was tight! I couldn’t get the tip in more than about half an inch.

“I can’t do it mom. It just won’t go in.”

“I’m sorry honey. I guess I am more afraid of this than I thought.”

“Wait a second mom, I have an idea.”

I took the vibrator and put some lotion on it. It was only about four inches long and not very thick. I turned it on and pushed it into her ass. It was a little hard to push at first but then started to go in smoothly.

“That’s good honey. I can feel my rear relaxing. It makes we want to purr like a cat.”

“Don’t get to enjoying this too much mom because I’m coming in right now.”

I pulled out the vibrator and jammed myself in. She clamped down on me like a steel vice! I didn’t know if I could take this for long but I fucked her ass for all I was worth. Mom was screaming something but I could not make out the words, I just had to cum in her ass. I grabbed her breasts and held on to them. It was like riding a wild horse. I finally cam in her ass and slumped down beside her on the bed. My dick was still inside of her and the ring of muscles in her ass kept grabbing me and letting me go. I kissed mom’s back and held her breasts in my hands.

“That was unbelievable mom. Could we stay like this for the rest of our lives?”

“That hurt like hell Jimmy. Please pull out and let me clean up.”

She pulled away from me and went into the bathroom. My legs wouldn’t move for a while but then I followed her. She was using a different lotion and spreading it on her asshole. I took the bottle away from her and started to spread it on her myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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