Not Much of a Game

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“I don’t know how you boys can watch a game as lopsided as this one,” Melody Ward declared as she picked up around the little buffet she set up for her husband and his friends every Monday night when they would gather for football.

“You never can tell in football. That’s what’s great about the game – wait – I’ll get that babe,” Jack Ward told his wife, and unlike most times she nodded and just grabbed the empty dip bowl to bring upstairs. “You and the baby go rest.”

“Okay-dokey. Have fun boys,” the six months pregnant mom-to-be declared and after a peck on the cheek to her husband Jack and a smile to Tim Wells, the only guy remaining, Melody went upstairs.

Tim Wells let out a sigh of relief as he heard the footsteps across the floor above them, and then he looked at Melody’s husband who was smiling in his direction.

“You act like you’re not interested in watching the Vikings getting their asses kicked,” the ruggedly handsome man said to his neighbor who was about twice his 29 years, and it was true because while the older man liked football he had stuck around despite the score because he was more a fan of something else.

“I’ll lock it,” Tim said as he lifted himself off of the couch and went to secure the door, a precaution that was rarely needed but essential to everyone’s continued happiness.

Melody had only come down once after announcing she was hitting the hay and it took both of the men flying around like madmen to keep the secret that had started months ago when the football season began.

After turning around to return to the couch Tim saw that Jack had already shed his shirt, revealing his nicely toned chest with the black swirl of hair, and was now undoing his belt.

Without speaking Tim went down to his knees between the younger man’s legs, and after Jack Ward had undone the belt and the button on the trousers he raised his butt up from the couch briefly so that the older man could pull the slacks off.

“Why do they still have the starters in there?” Jack Ward told the screen with his eyes only marginally on the game, most of his attention focused on the slim man with the thinning scalp who was running his hands up and down his hairy calves.

“Dunno,” Tim mumbled without looking back, his focus on what was peeking out from just under the right leg opening of Jack’s boxers, and when his hands slid up Jack’s furry thighs he nudged the boxers up a bit to expose the very tip of the young man’s uncut organ.

“You teasing me or yourself?” Jack asked with amusement as he watched the older man staring at the tip of his dick while biting his lower lip.

“Yes,” Tim answered, the hint of a smile forming at the corners of his mouth because he knew that unlike when this bizarre relationship started, they both needed this.

Tim’s hand went up on top of the bulge in the boxers, feeling Jack’s hardness as his fingers ran up the thick manhood that seemed to be throbbing already with anticipation.

Now the boxers had slid up to where the ridge of the plump glans was visible through the shroud of Jack’s penis while below the exceptionally long foreskin still covered the head, and Tim could feel Jack’s anticipation grow along with his member.

“You’re killing me, you know that Tim?” Jack complained half-seriously while the older man continued to rub his cock through the fabric, and Tim smiled when he saw some pre-cum start to drool out from the inside the shroud.

Milky white seed, a stark contrast to the the dark beige skin of the monster cock it came out of, and Tim delighted in continuing to gently rub so that more and more drooled out, because there was plenty more stored up in the bull-like balls that were likely dying to get free from of the garment they were trapped in.

Finally Tim stopped rubbing and reached up to take the elastic of the boxers in his hands, and after Jack lifted up enough to get them easy to remove. This began the slow – almost painfully so – process of getting the underwear off.

In the beginning – before Tim had finally figured out who Jack really was and what he really wanted – the older man would have the underwear down in seconds, but now he liked to make the younger man wait. Sweet anticipation for both of them.

The boxers inched downward, past a black jungle of hair that was as dense as it was spacious, and then came a semi-circle of smooth skin that never failed to amuse the older man. It was so smooth that Tim figured Jack must shave it every day, and although Tim used to do that himself to make his dick look more prominent, he needed to. Jack didn’t.

The base of Jack’s cock was now revealed, the skin stretched because the rest of his cock was still crushed between his leg and the boxers, and the thickness of the stump of the young man’s cock still sent a shiver down Tim’s spine despite having seen it so often.

Jack’s cock tapered somewhat from there, but the girth of rest of the beige organ was still outrageous. Tim longed to one day be able to get Demetevler Escort his lips around the roots of this monster of a cock, but he hadn’t gotten there yet, coming up 2 or 3 inches short despite his best efforts.

On the other hand Jack still hadn’t gotten over the way Tim was able to take as much of him in his mouth that he did. No one else had, and frankly few had tried. Poor Melody upstairs had enough trouble just fitting the head in her mouth, and even after a half dozen years of marriage still seemed afraid of his cock.

Not Tim. He had acted like this was no big deal from the start, and although Jack would have never admitted it before he was beginning to think that he might be bisexual. Why else would he let another man go down on him? And as for the rest…

The boxers were now more than halfway down the vein-riddled shaft and although Tim was doing his best to keep the unveiling slow invariably he tended to speed up a bit towards the end because he longed for the magic moment.

That magic moment came when the elastic of the boxers finally cleared the tip of Jack’s massive manhood and after what seemed like an eternity of being pinned down, his cock slowly rose to an upright position with the stringy roots of the underside facing Tim.

“Timber,” Tim whispered almost inaudibly when after standing up straight for a brief second, the monolith eased backwards onto Jack’s stomach like a mighty redwood having been felled.

Tim’s eyes never left Jack’s crotch as he took the boxers down off the young man’s furry legs, savoring the view from down there of the over-sized pouch that housed his nuts hanging down to the sofa’s cushion.

“I’m so horny I think I could cum just from you touching me,” Jack said, his face now beaded with sweat as the older man spread Jack’s legs further apart to get up close when Jack slunk down closer to the edge of the cushion.

“Guess we’re going to find that out soon enough,” Tim said while raking his fingers through the thick bush and up to the curls on his chest, everywhere but where Jack wanted to be touched.

The way Tim touched him – strange how months ago he had recoiled at his touch anywhere but around his penis – once made Jack recoil but now he was not only fine with it, he welcomed it. So much different that the touch of his wife upstairs, who sometimes seemed squeamish about touching his hairy body.

Not Tim. He seemed to revel in the feel of Jack’s hirsute body and as for the things he did to him, things that Melody surely would never do, Tim did with an eagerness that made it even more enjoyable to the young man.

“Go ahead,” Jack had said a few months back when in bed with Melody. “I do it to yours all the time.”

“That’s different,” Melody had said, crinkly her nose as Jack nudged her face closer to his nipple which was barely visible through the pelt of fur.

Melody eventually did it, but as she sucked on his nipple it was clear she only did it because her husband was practically forcing her to, and Jack realized that he wasn’t enjoying the reluctant affection much more than Melody.

Pretty sad, Jack had thought afterward, when you’re a straight guy and you were wishing the old guy down the block was sucking on your nipple instead of your wife.

That had been nothing compared to the way Melody had reacted when the next week during foreplay, he had tried to maneuver his wife’s face under his arm. She had thought he was kidding, but when she realized what he wanted her to do – game over.

“Where are you getting this stuff from? The Internet?” Melody had asked indignantly.

I get it from Tim, Jack had been tempted to say. The guy has shown me a whole new world – a world of pleasure. He’s teaching me that there’s no dirty parts of me and that there’s pleasure to be had from so many places I hadn’t realized.

Jack looked down to where Tim was still fiddling around, raking his nails through his pubic hair while his twitching cock stayed arched back to his belly button, until finally Tim brought his hand down between the young man’s legs to the space between his scrotum and the base of his cock.

Jack clutched at the couch cushions, squirming and grunting inaudibly as the little pale hand with the wedding ring slid up the underside of his arching cock, and by the time it reached the end there was a pool of pre-cum in the hair of his stomach that could pass for a lot of men’s entire load.

“You’re killing me Tim,” Jack moaned softly.

“You didn’t cum though,” Tim said. “Guess it’s safe to really touch it.”

With that Tim’s hand went up under Jack’s cock and slowly lifted it upright, and as all 9″ or so strained and pulsated the older man looked at it like the monument it considered it to be.

“It looks really angry tonight,” Tim said about what he was holding. “Must be a Vikings fan. What’s the score now anyway?”

“I don’t fucking know,” Jack said in a frantic tone, Otele gelen escort the dapper account executive now looking like a lunatic as sweat poured down his face while gasping “Please.”

“Don’t you know that anticipation makes it better?” Tim chided, humming a Carly Simon tune that was popular before Jack was born, and the older man continued to be amazed at how a guy who claimed to be “straight as a arrow but just curious” seemed to relish his affection more than that of the perky little lady upstairs

“Anticipation?” Jack moaned. “I’ve been anticipating this all week.”

“Football season’s almost over,” Tim reminded his friend while coaxing the foreskin down and enjoying some more pre-cum ooze out of the barely exposed tip. “What will be my excuse to come over then?”

“Basketball – hockey – bowling – anything,” Jack said.

“You going to cum right away?” Tim asked as he moved his face closer to the beige monolith.

“I’ll try not to,” Jack said as he watched his friend’s tongue slide along the tip to catch the drool.

“You going to be able to keep it up if you keep leaking?” Tim asked as the licked the tip of Jack’s cock, and after Jack nodded like an obedient puppy Tim added, “Hard enough for you-know-what?”

“Don’t I always?” Jack answered, and that was good enough for Tim, who leaned upward and with his mouth open wide, took in Jack’s manhood like a sword-swallower.

The young man let out a groan as he watched Tim’s mouth slide down the muscled shaft, more than halfway down before pulling his mouth back up, and with each dip of his head more and more of his huge member was slick with his neighbor’s spit.

Neighbor? Friend? Lover? This thought would have been absurd to the younger man a year ago but that was then and this was now. Tim didn’t shy away from his cock because it looked terrifying. Tim didn’t recoil from his hairy body like it was dirty and the older man knew how to do things Melody never even knew existed.

Lovers. Jack realized that was what Tim and he were. Both married and to women they loved but they needed more. Something else, and while Tim was lucky enough to be married to a woman who understood, Jack wasn’t sure Melody would ever be like Tim’s Kara.

Jack groaned in frustration when Tim took his mouth off of his cock, but when he saw that Tim was just lifting it back so he could suck on his furry nut sack he slid even further down so he could get at them better. After Tim sucked both of the orbs Jack leaned back while grabbing the backs of his thighs.

“Is that a hint?” Tim said as he looked up at Jack who was staring down with what was a hopeful look.

“You know you want to,” Jack said, and while they both knew it was true the fact was that Jack wanted it more and after experiencing it for the first time last month couldn’t get enough of it.

“Lean further back for me – I’m not as limber as I used to be,” Tim reminded Jack, and after Jack complied with his request Tim slid his hand down into the furry crack and found the younger man’s anus with his index finger.

“Omigod!” Jack moaned after Tim bent down and began licking where his finger had been, poking his tongue into the puckered ring while reaching up to slowly jack the younger man’s cock.

“Tim,” Jack gasped after a couple of minutes of his neighbor’s rimming. “I want it.”

“What do you want?” Tim asked after lifting his head out from Jack’s crotch.

“You know,” Jack whined.

“No I don’t. Tell me,” Tim said. “I want you to tell me.”

“I want to – fuck you in the ass,” Jack finally blurted out, his needs overwhelming his shame at saying those words.

“That’s more like it,” Tim said, and while Jack reached deep in the back of the cushion to pull out the tube of lube and the condoms, the older man got up and slowly undressed, revealing a trim and toned body that belied his 60 years.

Jack had already torn open the condoms and after squeezing a Magnum onto his swollen member, held the other condom while waiting for Tim to pull down his boxers.

Tim made his younger neighbor wait, fiddling around and delaying removing his underwear while Jack squirmed. This was all different than when it had started out, when the “straight” Jack would not even touch his older friend and simply allowed Tim to give him head.

Now, while Jack was still acting squeamish about somethings Tim could tell that this was Jack posing while pretending he wasn’t at the very least bisexual and in time Jack would be sucking his cock.

Tim finally dropped his briefs and took the lube from Jack while the younger neighbor reached out and grabbed the very erect dick of his neighbor. Jack had almost giggled when he saw how small Tim’s dick was that first time, but he wasn’t laughing any more and his hands were shaking as he fumbled to put the rubber on the slim dick.

“You going to last longer than last time, Jack?” Tim asked as he reached back and Balgat Escort stuck his greased finger into his own ass, an orifice that was still sore after the pounding he had gotten after the Jets game.

Jack said nothing but held onto Tim as the older man gingerly straddled Jack’s crotch while facing Jack, rubbing his greased hands over Jack’s throbbing tool as he prepared to give Jack what he wanted.

“OHH!” they two men moaned in unison as Tim eased down onto Jack’s cock, his still eager anus offering only mild resistance to the huge member as the older man lowered himself.

“Yeah!” Tim said as he took in more than half of the huge cock before rising up again. “Give me that horse cock of yours.”

“So fucking tight!” Jack grunted as his cock was squeezed by Tim’s anus, and as the older man began moving slowly up and down he got nostalgic when he remembered the days when condoms weren’t needed and when the feel of hot flesh instead of cold rubber tore his ass up.

Tim was almost willing to go bareback, since before Jack Tim he hadn’t taken a man anally for three decades and had undergone numerous tests in the meantime, but Jack was nervous about that. Tim understood his concern but he still wondered what it would feel like after all these years.

The condom that hung loosely on Tim’s own dick was used to catch his orgasm which would inevitably happen while the older man rode his young stallion. Jack was worried about the mess since he ended up wearing Tim’s orgasm the first time they had done this, along with the couch, and he was afraid now matter how well he wiped it off Melody would catch the scent of cum.

At first Jack had been squeamish about touching Tim’s dick at all but that was passing as the weeks went by, and while Tim bounced up and down on his lap Jack reached out and grabbed the slender prong and began milking it.

“There’s something you could do if you wanted to avoid a mess,” Tim had suggested, since the thought of his younger neighbor sucking on his dick was something he really wanted to happen. “I could show you how.”

Jack had declined but like everything else Tim sensed his resistance was weakening and in a matter of time Jack would give in to the realization that he was bisexual. It was obvious to the older man because there was no way a man could get as hard as Jack was if he had no interest in a man.

“Oh!” Tim moaned as he felt his dick erupt into the condom, and as if that was a trigger Jack’s body contorted as he came himself.

“That was so good,” Jack sighed as Tim stayed seated on him until his cock went limp and slithered out.

Tim smiled as he pulled the condom off of his dick and squeezed the load on the rubber down to the bottom of the vessel.

“Damn, I can’t believe how much you cum,” Jack marveled as he looked at the semen and the modest weapon it had come out of, and after Tim climbed off of Jack and carefully pulled the rubber off of Jack’s now-flaccid cock he gathered the evidence so he could take it with him when he left.

“You aren’t going to leave now, are you?” Jack asked when he sensed his older neighbor was getting ready to leave.

“Game’s over,” Tim said, wincing as he walked. “What’s the matter?”

“If I go upstairs and Melody is still asleep she wants to hug and stuff,” Jack admitted.


“I feel guilty.”

“Oh, well then maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore,” Tim suggested, but before the sentence was over Jack was shaking his head no.

“That’s not it,” Jack protested, and after a moment of silence he admitted, “I need this. It’s the only thing keeping me sane.”

“If I’m so important to you, you would think you would show a little more appreciation towards me,” Tim said, and when Jack gave the older man a puzzled look he continued. “You don’t show me much affection. I give you my ass and all you give me is your hand.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to suck my cock,” Tim said while moving towards the door.

“I never…”

“I don’t want to fuck you in the ass,” Tim explained, not adding that even if he wanted to it wouldn’t reach. “I just want you to suck my dick. Otherwise I feel like I’m getting used here.”

“Okay. I will next time,” Jack finally said.

“No,” Tim said as he walked over to where Jack was sitting. “I want you to do it now.”

“Now? But you just came,” Jack protested as Tim faced him and lowed his trousers.

After his boxers came down and the older man pulled on his limp dick and wiggled the tiny pale tube in his neighbors face, Tim said, “Well? Do I come back for the Jet game next week? They really suck.”

“You know you want to, Jack,” Tim said as he leaned forward. “Nobody but you and I will know. Come on, you aren’t afraid of this little fellow are you? Just open your mouth and let your lips take it in, and I’ll do the rest.”

The acorn-head of his dick brushed against the father-to-be lips, and just when Tim was about to give up his neighbors mouth opened.

“That’s it,” Tim sighed as he gently rocked back and forth. “Just suck – feel me getting hard already? Not so bad is it? I didn’t think so. Keep going.”

Tim’s balls slapped the younger man’s chin as Jack’s face leaned into the pubes, and now his little member was defying his age and becoming erect while Tim cradled Jack’s head and fucked his face.

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