Not My Fault Ch. 03

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Why did I say yes?

The candle was out, I was home free, and then that stupid jerk Brett had open his stupid gorgeous face and ask me to dinner!

I mean what was I supposed to do, turn him down? Say my friend would be too upset?

Oh man, I should have said that.

I was lying on my bed in a very tight belly shirt, a short skirt, little ankle socks, and of course matching satin panties and a stuffed bra. But despite all that – I was a guy, a straight guy! I might have filled my panties with come while a gorgeous guy stuck his fingers up my backside, but that was just a purely physiological reaction. Now that the whole thing was over I was quite sure of that. It was a relief that my tush was feeling achingly empty.

I slid my fingers inside my panties, wincing slightly as I felt my cooling spunk.

Man, I had been drained dry; my package almost felt smaller after my err, eruption.

There was a knock at my door.

“Paul, you in there? I’m knocking this time,” called my sister Sally, sounding strangely apologetic.

I jerked my hand out of my panties, and sat up. I was about to smooth my skirt down when I realized that my hand had come on it! She didn’t know what had happened with Brett; she’d freak out! I couldn’t just wipe it off on my bedspread, what if she saw the stain?

There was only one thing I could do. And look, it wasn’t my fault.

I felt super pervy licking it up off my hand – what kind of freak swallows his own come? I tried to pretend it was something else to make it okay, but it didn’t really taste like anything else I’d ever had. It was kinda salty, not really bad tasting, but I couldn’t pretend it was anything else. Maybe if it just wasn’t mine? No, god, how would thinking about someone like Brett standing in front of me slowly stroking his massive cock before coming all over me help make this not weird!


I had to get out of these clothes. They were still giving me all kinds of weird thoughts… and those thoughts were bringing back my stiffy!

Mortified I twisted to lie face down on my bed before calling for Sally to come in.

“Hey Paul, I wanted to apologize. I know none of this was your idea – no matter how much you enjoyed it – and I think I was too harsh on you.”

“Thanks Sally”. I said, really just wanting her to leave so I could get back to normal.

“I mean, hey, you were having your first day as a girl and you meet a guy like Brett? Of course you’re gonna act like a total skank.”

“I wasn’t being a skank!”

“Oh please! You acted like a horny schoolgirl just out of sight on the nuns, rolling up your skirt and top to show more skin, posing for when he came back in.”

I” wasn’t posing for him, he said he would knock!”

“Sure,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “Anyways, I just wanted to say I understand, and I forgive you, and that you can go ahead and give me back my clothes.”

Oh God the stains.

“Umm right now? With you here?”

“I think we’re a little past you being modest after what I’ve seen today.”

“Sally… I’m your brother, you shouldn’t see me like this,” I whined. I might Maltepe escort bayan have been pouting, but you know, who wouldn’t be!

“Oh come on!”

She stormed over and yanked my top off, jarring my nipples, which were still tender from all her pinching and plumping. I immediately clasped my hands to them as I gasped, but Sally just started laughing.

“Look at you cover your tits!”

“I’m not- You hurt my nipples!”

“Oh I’m sorry, are your little poppers feeling all sensitive?” She slid her hand inside the cup of my bra and started rolling my nipple around.

I sucked in a breath, “Sally” I murmured, “What are you doing?” This could not be happening.

“Nothing Paul, you’re my brother, so you’re a boy, and this doesn’t do anything to boys.”

I know that girls could be all about the multiple orgasms, but come on, after the mess I’d made of my panties, there was no way it should feel this good.

But no matter what I thought, my nipple was swelling up against her palm and I could feel little jolts that seemed to be connecting my nipple directly to something right behind my crotch, leaving me squirming my hips and making little whimpers before she yanked her hand out of my bra.

“God you’re like a cat in heat! Okay Paula I guess you should have some relief; I know Brett got you all worked up, and all us girls need to relieve tension sometimes. But since you’ve probably never done it properly I’ll help. First start with your nipples, clearly they could use the attention.”

I reluctantly placed my hands inside my bra and started to tease my nipples through the stockings Sally had put in as padding.

“Good. Pinch one a little, like someone just took a nibble.”

I quivered, feeling myself strain against the front of my panties.

“Now bring down one hand, slip it down the front of your skirt, but don’t put it in your panties yet. Just stroke yourself through the satin. Isn’t that soft?”

“Yess,” I hissed.

“That’s good, play with your clitty. Now most girls can rub their clitty and still finger themselves with one hand, but your pussy’s a little too far away. Now you’re enjoying playing with your nipples right?”

“Yes,” I moaned, eyes still closed, paying no attention to the thoughts in my head asking me what the hell I was doing.

“Okay, stop it for now, but don’t worry you’ll be back with the girls in a moment. Let me see your pillow. Okay good, nice and firm. Wrap your legs around that and you’ll be able to give your little clitty the time of its life rubbing up against it. Now take a couple of your fingers and put them in your mouth. Suck on them, get them nice and wet. I know you’ve still got some lube, but this’ll help, and lets face it, you clearly want to suck on something. Good, yeah get ’em nice and wet. Now reach down the back of your pretty little panties, and – well clearly you’ve got the idea,” she laughed as I gave a little grunt with my fingers up my tush.

It felt good. It definitely wasn’t anything like having Brett’s fingers in there, and they weren’t as deep as the candle, but they were definitely nothing to complain about. Escort Maltepe

As Sally urged me on, I rocked back and forth, rubbing myself against my firm pillow, one hand tweaking my nipples, the other thrusting my fingers as deep as I could manage, panting, moaning, sighing- But not coming.

With a frustrated whine I opened my eyes looking to Sally for more commands, and then for the first time that day I was the one who got to say, “Oh my God! What are you doing?”

Sally was staring at me almost hungrily with her hand shoved down the front of her leggings pumping away at her own pussy. “What, I told you all us girls need to relieve tension, and watching my scrawny brother Paul melt away into my skanky friend Paula is way hotter than I thought.”

I was stunned. She was getting turned on by this?

I mean, I might have been playing with my nipples, humping a pillow against my panty-clad crotch and pumping my fingers in and out of my ass… you know what, I couldn’t judge.

It was weird, but like she’d told Brett, I was her friend Paula, maybe all girls did this with their friends. But regardless, if I was her skanky friend anyways…

“Help me come” I was desperate

“Ehh the hands on stuff is a little more lezzy than I’m in to, Paula, but if you ask nicely I can loan you a toy.”

“Please loan me a toy,” I said, maybe a little more curtly than I’d intended.

“That was nice I suppose, but I guess I don’t want nice, as much as I want naughty.”

“Please loan me a toy! Umm, naughty Paula needs to come,” I blurted out, wracking my brain for anything else that might get her to just stick something in me. “Please” – a flash of inspiration – “Mistress?”

Her hips bucked, she’d been going to town on herself this whole time, but clearly she liked what she’d just heard, and I wasn’t missing a beat.

“Oh yes Mistress, please help naughty paula. she needs to fill her skanky pussy if she’s gonna’ come!”

Her eyes clamped shut as she gave a very distinctive grunt, a sheen of sweat glowing on her stomach.

“Mm since you asked so nicely, I’ll be right back.” She tugged up the waist of her leggings and sauntered back to her room leaving me alone with my fingers.

It wasn’t long til she came back holding two dildos, one of them was a hot pink cylinder that tapered off to a blunted point, the other… well it was basically just a big rubber dick.

“You like?”

I was half-way through nodding when I caught myself and looked down, blushing enough that I actually stopped fingering myself.

“Tell you what Paula, since you were so honest, you can pick which one goes up your ass.”

“Sally, they’re kinda’.. big,” I said with a shiver.

“Well yeah,” she said, waggling her dildos at me, “That’s why I bought ’em silly.”

Staring at them, it all suddenly felt wrong. I couldn’t- I wasn’t- I pointed to the hot pink vibrator. At least it was a little smaller, and you know, only mostly dick shaped. At least it didn’t have balls and veins.

“Hey, it’s okay honey, I understand. You’re still self-conscious. Just close your eyes again.”

I felt Maltepe Rus Escort the cold tip of the vibrator tracing down my tight little tummy, running along my iron hard.. clitty through the satin. And then – *mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*

“Oh God!”

“Yeah that’s right Paula, even Brett doesn’t vibrate,” she teased, my eyes flying open to see her nasty grin.

My new friend stopped humming.

“Normally, most girls would just use this on their clitties, but I think you still need to feel a bit more.. girly. Now how wet is your pussy right now?”

“Umm.. pretty wet I guess.”

“Hmm… pretty wet doesn’t sound good enough.”

“Are you gonna make me suck it?” I said, putting on a crestfallen face.

“Honey, no!” She Paused, “Lick it.”

At this point I’m afraid to think what I would have done to climax

Quickly the vibrator was quite damp, and I’d learned some tricks getting my tongue all over it, but god I just needed it up my ass!

“Okay honey, do you want to take off your panties, or just pull them aside.”

I couldn’t take them off! She knew I hadn’t come yet, and she’d see the stains!

“I’ll just pull them aside!” I said, probably too quickly.

“Well here you go girl,” she laughed, handing me her battery-operated-boyfriend.

It slipped in really easily, one thing I had to say about my butt, it was certainly adapting quickly to new things. The tug I felt as it slid deeper into me felt so good, my fingers were nothing compared to this, and I loved that I was really able to control it. It wasn’t wedged up against something, it wasn’t, I blushed, under someone else’s control. This was really me taking charge of my own-

“Paula,” Sally laughed, “you should turn it on.”


I sucked in a long breath, screwing my eyes shut as sensation rocked through me. All my worries about what was going on fled. My mouth dropped open as I cried out, “Oh God yes, fuck me fuck me fuck me-“

I guess Sally’d heard enough of that because she gagged me with the first thing that came to hand, her other dildo.

Still, I was on cloud nine, and no big rubber dick in my mouth was gonna’ stop me from fucking myself silly with that vibrator.

My breath caught in my throat as my muscles tensed up. With Brett I’d been overwhelmed and caught off guard, but this time I was riding all these sensations no matter where they ended up. I rolled over onto my back, the dildo falling out my mouth, still grinding against the vibrator as Sally watched wide-eyed. I lay there, legs spread, my skirt ridden up and panties pulled aside, reaching up under my leg and just pumping away at myself, until with a squeal I finally felt my orgasm building.

My hips bucked wildly as I screamed out to the whole damn neighborhood that I was coming.

My clitty had slipped out of my panties and shot my load all over my chest, my pretty bra, and even my face.

“Haha, wow Paula, you really do know how to have a good time.”

I didn’t have any sort of witty retort, I just lay there, a satisfied smile on my face, and once again the taste of come on my tongue I could feel the freak-out building up inside me, but for now I was just too.. drained to care.

“Well Paula, what do you think. Will you be dressing up like this again?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied without thinking, “otherwise I think Brett will freak out on our date.”


Oh shit.

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