Not Pissed Off to be Pissed On

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A lot has changed in my life since Jasmine introduced me to watersports. I have become more daring, more exciting, more confident, and ready to try new things. I received a hefty promotion and am making decent money now – money that I’m using to completely change my life around for the better. Before I would save and save and save for a rainy day … now I’m having fun with it, because my days are full of nothing but sunshine.

I met Jasmine through an Internet dating site and have never looked back. I reminisce of how we met and how we hooked up in ‘Watersports Other Than Surfing’, in case you’re interested in hearing it. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am completely in love with her. I used to be shy, insecure, with a nominal wardrobe and no spark in my life. That all changed when I started dating my exotic flower, Jasmine; the secret ingredient I was missing for a fun and exciting lifestyle.

She is a Japanese goddess – 5’5, slim, with B cup breasts. Her legs are long and slender, and they lead up to the tightest and most delicious ass you’d ever set your sights on. It’s firm from working out, but is the perfect size and proportion to the rest of her body. The shape drives me wild, but not as wild as I get when I slip my tongue in between the crack. She has changed my life, and has created a new me.

I started taking Jasmine out with me when I shopped for clothes, because she had a much better fashion sense than me. My tapered jeans and boring sweaters were replaced with designer clothes and a trendy style. I even started cutting my hair differently – instead of going to my neighborhood barber I started seeing her stylist. I started wearing product in my hair and learning about moisturizers. My sunglasses cost more than every other pair I’ve owned combined. I started learning about fancy restaurants and the hip places to go. I joked that she was trying to turn me gay, but secretly I loved it all.

Along with my new look came my new persona. My confidence peaked beyond anything else I had even known. Friends that I hadn’t seen in a while barely recognized me. I am now outgoing and spontaneous, and I’ve left the prude lifestyle behind with my inhibitions. Jasmine has opened up my sex life to new and dangerous places, and I constantly want to try more.

Like I said, it all started when Jasmine and I started experimenting with watersports. I was taken aback at first because of the depravity of the act, but once I got into it I couldn’t stop. I love the warm feeling from the heat of the moment, the anticipation of Jasmine’s sweet piss as she squats over me, and the salty scent that lingers in the air. Whenever I think about Jasmine peeing on me, I get an erection, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

I also love the power that I have over her whenever I pee on her. She puts on this innocent act each time she receives my golden stream and it just gets me hotter. She’ll pretend like she doesn’t want it as it runs through her hair and down her face, begging me to stop. It gives me a sense of dominance as the alpha-male, and she’s mine for the taking once I’m done pissing on her.

The thing that I love about Jasmine is that she surprises me all the time. I always have to stay on my toes because I never know what she’s going to come up with next. Just last week I was showering and I didn’t hear her come into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet, pulled up her skirt and removed her lace panties. She spread her legs open wide as I pulled back the shower curtain.

She scared me a little because I didn’t know she was in the room with me, but it gave me a daring, shaky feeling. I stared into her eyes and she let a strong stream of piss escape from her pussy. I immediately dove down and knelt in front of the toilet, lapping up her pee as she threw back her head in ecstasy. Once her golden juices were gone, I feverishly licked all over, making sure there was not a drop left on her.

Now it was my turn. Sometimes I pee into the toilet and Jasmine catches what she can in her mouth, but since she was going to take a shower after me anyways, she thought she could use the full-body treatment. She laid down in the bathtub and I stood overtop of her. I let out my stream almost immediately, because I had to go for a while and was saving it.

I started peeing on her face first but I soon traveled down south to her beautiful tits, making sure I shot it directly at her nipples – a sensation she told me she loves. I always finish off the act while pissing on her clit, and Jasmine furiously rubs herself to an intense orgasm every time. She is able to bring herself off quickly when she wants to, and this was definitely an appropriate time.

Because of our experimentation and intense fuck sessions, I am a changed man. I was one of those guys who would never play ‘truth or dare’ – afraid I would have to do something crazy. Now I’m all about the crazy shit, pushing the boundaries with Jasmine every chance I get.

We have this little manisa escort game we play in public. It’s basically who can embarrass the other one more in front of a large group of people. We’ve taken it pretty far, though; I’m surprised we haven’t been arrested yet. Our second date in a restaurant ended up with Jasmine giving me a footjob under the table as she masturbated along to the danger we were putting ourselves in. Since then, we’ve taken it to higher levels – and it’s not always me that gets embarrassed.

For instance, two months ago we were on the subway. It was late at night just before the bars let out. There were two other couples in the train car as well as a random elderly guy and some teenage girl with a small dog. One of the couples was seated directly across from us.

Jasmine and I were drunk, and by the sounds of it, so were they. We started playfully tickling each other, giggling along like two lovers without a care. The other couple watched us and probably thought it was cute, and cuddled up to each other to watch us silly young kids fall in love all over again. I could see out of the corner of my eye that the guy was ogling Jasmine, his glares darting back and forth between her tits and her long, shapely legs. I didn’t care – I don’t mind sharing Jasmine’s beauty with the world, and I know that Jasmine loves the attention.

The laughing grabbed the attention of the other people on the train, but none of them looked over for more than a second. Jasmine gave me a naughty look and bit on her lip, suggesting we play our little game of who could take this further. I reached over and squeezed her left tit. She backed away and pretended to be disgusted, laughing the entire time. She yelled out ‘Oh yeah?’ and twisted my nipple hard. I let out a small moan and tried to grab her breast again.

The other couple had their eyes fixated on us as we started exploring each other’s bodies with our hands – just two random drunks feeling each other up on the subway. Then the dirty talking began.


“Yes my love?”

“I want you to suck my cock. Right here, right now.”

Jasmine teased. “I don’t know, Morgan, I don’t know if that couple over there would like it very much. They might be offended …”

The girl’s eyes were bugging out of her head. The guy however was grinning, hoping that we weren’t kidding.

“Oh, I don’t think they’ll mind.”

Jasmine casually undid the top button of my pants. She reached her hand down inside and started playing with my cock. The other couple looked away, pretending not to be interested. But I could see their eyes shooting over every once in a while. They couldn’t see her hand, but they could see the bulge moving back and forth in my pants as Jasmine stroked my shaft.

That was usually as far as it went. This time though, I decided to up the ante. Jasmine was looking into my eyes and getting turned on, which was normal when we fooled around in public. But I don’t think she was expecting the small amount of pee that escaped from my penis as she played with it. She recognized that warm sensation immediately, and pulled her hand out with surprise.

The couple across from us probably thought the show was over. But Jasmine licked her salty fingers and reached down into my pants again. By this time the dam broke in my pants and I was peeing right there in my seat. She jerked my cock as the urine shot out, and I started sucking on her tongue while lightly pinching her nipples.

The warm piss was running down my pant legs and collecting on the floor in front of us. The couple looked over at disgust as the pee swished back and forth on the floor from the motion of the subway.

Jasmine took the hint. I reached up underneath her skirt and she matched my piss stream with one of her own. Now the couple was watching us with their mouths open, gawking at the perverse scene in front of them. Our mouths were busy flicking each other’s tongues. Jasmine was only wearing a skirt, so they could see the pee run down her legs and all over her shoes. When we were both done we released each other from our intense kiss and furiously licked each other’s fingers until they were dry.

The couple got up and left out of disgust. The girl grabbed the guy’s hand and violently led him away to the other side of the car. Since we were alone now, she undid my pants and pulled out my cock. She wrapped her lips around the head and gently started sucking. It was covered in salty residue and fully erect. I was so turned on.

She sucked deeper and harder and ran her tongue along the entire shaft. Her head bobbed up and down and I was so close to shooting my load all over her face, until the train came to a stop at the next station. Jasmine quickly lifted her head from my lap and put her purse in front of my raging erection.

Two people got on the train but they weren’t together. The first guy took one look at Jasmine and smiled, hoping to stick around to get a better look at this Asian princess. He looked down at the floor and saw the puddles of urine. Jasmine smiled and said to the guy that we had had an accident, all the while slowly rubbing my dick to keep me on the brink of an orgasm.

No one could see it because my cock was hidden from the purse, but the look on my face suggested otherwise. The second person entering the train immediately walked in our opposite direction and took a window seat twenty feet away from us.

Once we were alone again, Jasmine quickly jerked me a couple of times and I was close to cumming. Sensing this, she grabbed my balls and lightly squeezed them, pushing me over the brink. I erupted like a volcano all over her hand. I shuddered for two whole seconds and released a sound that most of the passengers heard. Some of my semen ended up on her arm and her blouse. She reached down and gobbled it all up, savoring the bitter taste in her mouth.

She was feeling rejuvenated from the public danger we experienced, and started giggling from the excitement. Still laughing, she slowly released my cum out of her mouth in a long spit-line and then slurped it up again before it fell to the ground. She licked the cum off her arm and gave me a deep kiss with a bit of it still in her mouth. I looked over and the girl with the dog was staring at us. I winked at her and she looked away.

The walk home from the subway was a little long, especially because our legs were covered in piss, but we didn’t care. We held hands all the way back to my townhouse like true lovers. Every once in a while I would squeeze her ass while people were walking behind us. Exhibitionism was definitely something that was new to me – and I loved it immediately.

On the way home from the subway station we stopped off at the convenience store around the corner from my house.

“I’m a little dehydrated from the booze,” Jasmine said.

“Do you want some juice or something?” I asked as we walked into the store.

“I was thinking more of getting some bottled water; it rejuvenates me faster than anything else.”

“Oh, okay.” I started walking to the back where the fridges were located.

Jasmine grabbed my arm. “And besides … I’m still a little horny from the train ride.”

She squeezed my forearm. I knew what she had in mind.

I paid for two bottles of water and we opened them outside. Jasmine challenged me to a chugging contest. It was a little easier than the beer chugging contest I had with my friends hours before. After tossing the empty bottles in the alley bin we walked back to the house. I pulled out my keys but Jasmine stopped me.

“You know I was thinking, Morgan,” she purred. “It’s such a lovely night out … why don’t we stay out under the stars a little longer?”

“Jasmine, sweetheart, I would love to bring you inside right now. I’ve got … something for you.”

“And I’ve got something for you too.”

Jasmine pulled up her skirt and pulled aside her panties. Her pussy was wet and glistened from the lamppost light. “My little Asian clit could use some of that masterful tongue of yours …”

I looked around. No one was in sight. My townhouse was located on a side street away from the traffic. It was late out and there weren’t any pedestrians walking around for a midnight stroll.

She came in close and pressed her body against mine. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my leg, and the soft caress of her breath on my cheek. I could never say ‘no’ to Jasmine. She had a power over me that rendered me useless.

I grabbed the back of her head and brought her lips to mine. My tongue darted in and out of her mouth as I grabbed her tits. They were a perfect fit in my hand as I gave her the old “wax on, wax off” treatment. We violently kissed for a couple of minutes as our passion for each other heated up. Once Jasmine and I started going, there wasn’t much that would stop us. She ripped open her shirt, popping a couple of buttons in the process. She lifted up her bra and shoved my mouth over her left nipple.

“Suck my tits,” she moaned.

I took her nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue all over it. A bit of my saliva ran down her stomach. She caught it with her finger and sucked it dry. Time for the other nipple. Squeezing her left tit, I rolled my tongue and mouth over her entire breast, causing her to shiver.

“Mmmm … bite down on it,” she moaned.

I did was I was told. I gently bit down on her nipple as I pinched the other one.

“Bite harder,” she said, a little louder this time.

My teeth clenched her nipple between them as I pinched down hard on it. It left a little indentation from my tooth as I wandered back over to the other nipple, which was erect and awaiting my arrival. I bit down on it just as hard, as Jasmine started rubbing her pussy under her skirt.

“I’m going to cum, keep playing with my tits!”

I squeezed her nipples with my teeth and fingers as she climaxed. She furiously rubbed herself as her orgasm subsided. Her knees became weak and I needed to hold her up for a second until the moment passed her. Once she was able to stand on her own, she undid my belt and dropped my pants to my ankles.

“Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about you!” she said.

“Jasmine, we can go inside if you want,” I suggested.

She pulled my cock out and began stroking it began her sleek fingers. “I’m much more comfortable out here. And I want you to feel just as good …”

My cock disappeared in her mouth. She took it all in all the way to my balls, which were cupped in her other hand. Her head bobbed up and down on my penis as I guided it with my left hand. After a couple of minutes, she changed it up. Her mouth started sucking the tip of my dick as she pumped my shaft. A little amount of pre-cum came out and she ran her tongue along the tip, collecting it in her mouth.

“Can I come on your face, Jasmine? I’m getting close.”

She still had my cock in her mouth and she sucked it harder and deeper a few more times. “Eventually, my love, but now I need you to fuck me, right here in this alley.”

“Are you sure you’re ready again? You just came, like, ten minutes ago!”

“Oh baby, I’m so ready! I need you to fuck my tight pussy now!”

She released my cock and got up from her squatting position. She turned around and bent over at the waist, grabbing onto the doorknob and doorframe for support. I lifted up her skirt and her beautiful ass and pussy were exposed. I bent down and licked her ass crack, running my tongue along her sweet pink hole. I shoved two fingers in her vagina and lubed her up with my saliva.

I grabbed her waist and slowly slid my cock into her pussy. Once it was completely in, I started thrusting her faster and harder. She responded by meeting my thrusts with her hips and was moaning loud – a little too loud for my liking; I didn’t want my neighbors to hear. We were concealed under a tree and away from the light, but if they heard anything, their wandering eyes might catch us.

I started ramming into her pussy like a madman once I thought the coast was clear. I thought I heard something but it turned out to be nothing but a cat jumping on some trash bins. My cock pumped in and out of her sweet, tight lovehole and I could feel her pussy juices seeping out onto my dick. I slapped her ass with the motion of every thrust and she responded with a harder grind onto my cock.

Her perfect little virgin asshole was winking at me every time I entered her. I lubed up my thumb with my saliva and gently ran it along her ass crack. I ran it back and forth and matched the motion of our fucking.

“Stick it in my ass!” she grunted.

“Are you sure?”

“Fuck my ass with your fingers!”

I lubed up my thumb once again and slowly penetrated her ass. She started grunting trying to accommodate my thumb but it wasn’t working well. I lifted my hand to my lips and sucked on my middle finger, hoping it would fit better. I slid my finger into her hole and it worked like a charm.

After a couple of slow thrusts, my middle finger was deep inside her ass. She moaned louder and bumped her hips against me. The sound of my balls slapping against her thighs was louder than the wind. We were animals in heat, not caring who could’ve been watching.

My cock was buried deep inside her pussy and my finger was lost in her asshole. She panted that she was close to cumming and I increased the speed of my hips. I kept my finger deep in her ass and held it there. She came three times while I still fucked her hard. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and backed off away from my cock, which was rock hard and pulsing with energy.

She turned around and faced me. Her face was covered with sweat and her hair was messy – just how I liked her. Her knees were weak once again and she hugged me for support. She leaned again my chest and kissed me gently on the lips.

“If it’s not too much trouble, my dear,” I started, “could you please finish me off with one of your world famous blowjobs?”

“Of course, my love,” she panted. “But first I’ve got something for you. Something I know you’ll love.”

She yanked down her panties and kicked them off to the side. I don’t know where she got the strength but she lifted her left leg and braced it against the door frame. She was very agile (I can’t even begin to explain the different positions she can contort her body into) and impressively stood her ground on one leg. I knew what was coming next.

The bottle of water that we chugged earlier was finally ready to see the day of light once again. She pulled her pussy lips back with her fingers and we both waited patiently for her golden stream. It came out as a trickle at first but once it built up momentum, it was a true gusher.

Her piss shot out and landed right on my cock and balls, covering them in her warm, salty liquid. It sprayed off my body as a million of little droplets covered the ground and splashed all over us. I started jacking my cock as she pissed all over me, moving her warm stream to my hands and arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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