Now You’re Daddy’s Ch. 3

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Britney’s tight little cunt wasn’t quite as tight as it had been 24 hours ago. Her daddy and she had spent the entire night ‘discovering’ each other. The next morning before she went to school she gave her daddy and blow job, just like any sweet daughter would. He had chosen the outfit she wore today; a short red plaid skirt, a tight white sweater, and black thigh highs. He had told her he wanted all the boys in her class to look but not touch.

She then scampered off to school. Britney felt a little self-conscious, she knew she was walking funny. Her daddy had almost split her in two, he had fucked her so hard, shooting his sperm deep in her, trying to get her pregnant. The thought that she might be carrying her own daddy’s baby kinda scared her, but it made her excited too. She felt a little wet in her pale blue panties, as she wondered what the night held for her. Daddy had said something about fucking her at the game. She could hardly wait!

When she came in that night to get ready for the game, Daddy wasn’t home. She was a little disappointed, maybe he wasn’t coming to the game after all. She threw her uniform into her little gym bag, fixed her hair, and headed back out the door for the game.

When Britney arrived at the game all the other girls were already gearing up. Some were stretching, others were fussing over her appearance. Britney wondered how her daddy was going to pull off fucking her in public. What they were doing nilüfer escort was wrong, but if they were caught, there would be hell to pay.

Soon the others were bounding out the door, going to get snow cones and then warm up they said. Britney began to peal out of her school clothes. She began to unbutton her tight little sweater, her young firm breasts nearly over flowing in her bra. She shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Little did Britney know, but her daddy was in one of the shower stalls, he had been hiding there for an hour. He watched his sweet little girl drop her sweater to the floor, her tight body exposed to the cool air. He began to rub his cock through his pants, watching her undress.

Britney’s little cunt was aching for her daddy’s big cock. She had been so excited but now he was no where to be found. She slide a finger down and rubbed her slit, then into her newly stretched hole.

He couldn’t take it any more. There was his daughter, his nasty little slut, rubbing herself, in nothing but a little pleated skirt and her black thigh highs. He crept up behind her, she was so lost in her finger fucking she didn’t hear him. He got right behind her and leaned over and whispered, “Why are you rubbing yourself baby?”

Britney nearly jumped ten feet into the air, then realizing who it was she turned and threw her arms around his neck and gave him a long, görükle escort slow, incestuous kiss.

“Mmmm, hello Daddy!”

“Hello Angel, were you thinking about me,” he asked as he reached down and unzipped the fly of his pants.

“Oh yes Daddy, I was wondering if you put a baby in me yet.”

He smiled down at his nasty little girl, then he reached down to her little hips and yanked down her panties, leaving them around her knees. He motioned over the sink.

“Hold onto it,” he commanded. Britney leaned over and gripped the rim of the sink. He flipped her little skirt up to expose her firm little ass. He rubbed it softly, taking in the site of her bent over, the little black thigh highs covering her sweet legs and the skirt bunched around her waist. She wiggled her ass back at him.

He let his pants fall around his knees and dropped his boxers. Then he took his cock and rubbed it over her wet entrance from behind.

“You wore the outfit I asked you to baby, you look so sexy.”

“Oh Daddy, do you want me right here?”

“Oh yes Angel,” he roughly shoved his big cock up into her unprotected cunt, to the full hilt. Britney screamed out in pleasure and pain.

“Daddy, your cock feels good inside me,” Britney tightened her grip on the sink with both hands as her daddy began to plow into his little girl, fucking her into the depths of her womb. He wrapped his arms bursa escort around her stomach and fucked her in hard, animalist strokes. One of his fingers roamed down to rub her clit. She promptly exploded all over his cock, he knew that was her sensitive area.

“Mmmm, baby girl, I love it when you gush all over my cock,” he pulled her up so he was nearly screwing her onto his cock, bouncing her like a rag doll on his tool.

Britney was head over heels in lust and love with her daddy. She moaned as he roughly fucked her away, knowing he was close to cumming she whimpered, “Daddy, cum in me, please. Bathe my cunt with your seed, fuck me Daddy.”

“Who do you belong to Britney,” he demanded to know as he let her return to the bent over position, slowly his strokes, “tell me what you want and need.”

“Oh Daddy, I’m your little whore, I want your cum in my pussy, please,” she managed to moan out.

He then slammed into her as hard as he could, driving into her tiny body, flooding her cunt and womb with his hot sperm. Britney felt the first gush and screamed out a long wail. She could feel it spill, almost all the way up in her belly.

Neither one could move for a moment, but he finally pulled out and told her to get out there to cheer on her team. Britney dressed in her uniform and was about to clean her little pussy up when he told her no, she was to stay nice and wet and think about him throughout the game. She smiled an nodded, gave her daddy a wink, and then took the field.

When she was gone for a few minutes he peaked out the door, made sure the coast was clear, then went out to the bleachers to watch his girl cheer on the football players. He couldn’t wait to get home…

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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