Nurse Julie

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Now and then I reminisce about my sweet Julie. She is gone now, another lover in her arms I’m sure. I knew it couldn’t last forever. But let me tell you about us. My name is BethAnne. I own a big house in Santa Barbara. When my husband died, he left me more money than I would ever need. I knew I would never have to work again the rest of my life. I missed him until Julie came along. Then it was all Julie, every breathing moment of my existence. I couldn’t get enough of her, even though she was heavily into pain. She taught me how to enjoy it.

I was widowed young. Thirty years of age is no time to be a widow. The thought of making love to someone of my own sex had mildly interested me, even while I was married. Nathan was a fantastic lover, insatiable at times, especially in those first wonderful years of our marriage, but there was always that strange sensation when I saw a woman whom I felt attracted to. Sometimes, when Nat was plowing into me, I fantasized about being with a woman. My strangest fantasy was being raped by a pretty, blonde nurse with a dildo in a hospital room.

When Nat died, I had no one. In my loneliness, I turned to masturbation as a means of release. The nurse often returned to my thoughts as I ran my fingers through my reddish-brown pubic hairs and diddled my clit. Often I came in seconds at the thought of her dildo entering me anally. Nat had introduced me to anal sex even before we were married. It was a nice diversion which even became part of my masturbating activities.

I have a nice body. Very nice. My breasts aren’t large, but they are firm and conical-shaped. My nipples are good-sized and extremely sensitive. I used to love to tease Nat by doing a sexy strip tease before we made love. I knew he was an ass-man, so I gave him long peeks at my nicely rounded buns, my skirt raised over my hips. When I felt really sexy, I bent over and spread my cheeks for him, exposing my tiny pink ‘O’. He was not averse to kissing me there, and I liked the kinkiness of it. His favorite activity was a tongue in my anus, his thumb in my vagina, and his index finger stroking my clit. Oh, how I could come when he did that!

I met Julie at a party. She was wearing an all-white dress (did I think of the nurse subconsciously when we met?) which clung tightly to her shapely body. She was blonde. She was sexy. She was gorgeous. Her blue eyes met mine in an odd sort of way; I felt a mutual attraction as we talked. She was single; an accountant. She was witty. She was a little high on cognac. She was looking for a roommate, having just moved to the West Coast from Chicago. It was perfect. I hadn’t even thought about a roommate, but Julie….

She followed me back to my house in her little sports car. Once in my living room, she curled into a chair like a cat, pulling her legs up beneath her after flipping her shoes off. She kind of sat on her feet. The sleek-looking, light-tan, nylon mesh on her legs was either a pair of stockings or pantyhose. I offered her another cognac and sat across from her. I could not see very much of her legs, but I could see she was wearing a pink slip beneath her white skirt.

We small-talked for a couple of hours, while I plied her with several more cognacs. The drinks loosened her up. Several times, as she shifted her legs, I caught nice glimpses at the expanse of her long legs. I was wearing a skirt myself, a dark blue one with a long-sleeved white blouse. Usually I wear hose and a bra; this night I wore neither. I decided to give her a little show, to see what affect, if any, it might have on her.

I handed her another drink, then slinked into the sofa, directly across from her. At first, I moved both legs onto the cushions, being careful not to open them. I caught her looking at my legs as I moved them. We talked for several more moments. The light above my head bothered me. Reaching back, I moved my hands to the lamp switch beneath the bulb. As I did, I purposely lifted one leg and bent it at the knee, knowing full well that I was offering her a view of my legs and the crotch of my white undies if she wanted it. I pretended to have trouble with the switch.

“Let me help you,” she said, arising from the chair. She leaned slightly over me to reach under the lamp shade. Her body was inches from mine. Her right breast brushed lightly against my shoulder. She turned the light out, leaving a little light from the kitchen to illuminate the room. I felt a movement next to me. When my eyes became accustomed to the semi-darkness, I noticed she was kneeling on the right side of the sofa, next to me. I could smell her perfume; it intoxicated me.

“You are very pretty,” she whispered as she lowered her face to mine. Her lips were soft and moist. Her right hand moved to my cheek and caressed it as her elbow came over my left breast. I let her kiss me, feigning indifference. I barely returned the kiss.

“White panties turn me on,” she whispered as she moved an inch away.

“I, I…”

“When you tried to turn off the light, BethAnne, escort istanbul you inadvertently showed me your pretty legs and nice white undies.” She soothed my brow with the tips of her fingers. She kissed me ever so lightly on the tip of my nose. Such gentleness! “I think you are beautiful, BethAnne. Would you be offended if I told you I would like to make love to you?”

In the darkness she couldn’t see my blushing face, nor could she know of my wildly beating heart. I wanted her so badly, but had to play the little game. “I’ve never done it with a woman,” I said.

“Does what I’ve done so far offend you?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

“Have you ever thought about doing it with someone of your own sex?”

“Yes, I guess I have.”

Her fingers moved to me ears, which had always been sensitive to the touch. She gently moved her index finger around the inside of my left ear. It excited me immensely! Her forearm was pushing into my breast. I could feel my nipple growing hard beneath the white cotton blouse. I think she felt it, too.

“Open your mouth more when I kiss you,” she half-hissed just prior to covering my lips with hers.

Obligingly, I opened up to her and felt her tongue snake into the cavern. This time her kiss was more burning. Instinctively, I put my arm around her back and held her to me. I hardly noticed her hand move between our bodies as she shifted slightly and moved her body next to me lengthwise on the sofa. She never broke the kiss as she wrapped herself around me. I didn’t even know her hand was there until I felt her fingertips on the inside of my thigh, just under my skirt which was right about at mid-thigh.

Brazenly, she stroked the inside of my leg several inches above my knee. When I closed my legs upon her hand to prevent any further upward movement, I felt like a teenager on my first date. I wanted her hand to touch my sex, but things were moving too fast. My head was swirling.

“Open your legs for me, honey,” she whispered, pressing the palm of her hand against the inside of my right thigh in an insistent manner. “I’m going to make you feel very nice. I feel so sexy tonight.”

“I’m scared!” I lied.

“Beginnings are always difficult,” she continued in a sexy whisper. Her perfume enveloped me. I felt her hand beneath the hem of my skirt, moving it higher up my bare legs. The movement was so swift I didn’t have time to react. Her fingers were over my panty-covered crotch in an instant. The feeling against my clit was like electric. Just a few quick swipes with her middle finger over the clitoral hood did me in.

“You’re a little wet already!” she exclaimed. “This is really your first time?”

“Yes!” I replied. “Oh, that feels good Julie.”

I opened my legs for her. She grabbed a handful of my crotch as I pulled her face into mine and kissed her passionately, this time driving my tongue into her hot mouth. I was breathing heavily now. She ran her middle finger over my pantied crotch, from the tip of the pubis all the way to my anal area, then back again. She did this several times, pressing between my fatty pussy lips. There was no more defenses to set up; I was a goner.

“Why don’t we go to you bedroom,” she suggested.

She arose and reached out her hand in the darkness. I knew it was there and grasped it. She pulled me up. I walked on bare feet, hand in hand with Julie, to the bedroom down the hall. I was scared and I wasn’t. I knew what I was doing. It was she who had all the drinks. It was I who had done the seducing.

She turned on the light as we entered the room. “I want to see what you look like beneath your clothes,” she said. “I like plenty of light. Is that O.K.?”

“Yes…I guess,” I replied, somewhat shyly.

She moved to the side of the bed and sat on it in front of me. She parted her legs far enough to permit me to move between them; my knees pressed into the side of the bed. She planted the side of her face between my breasts and moved the palms of her hands to my ass. She gripped me back there, squeezing the globes over my skirt.

“You have nice buns,” she said softly, squeezing them just a bit harder.

I smiled, somewhat embarrassed. “Thank you,” I said. I enjoyed the closeness, the attention I was receiving. I gripped her head with my arms and held it tightly against my chest.

“I like buns,” she said. Without warning, her hands moved quickly down the backs of my thighs, under my skirt, then back up again, retracing the path over my bare legs, once more grasping my behind, this time over my panties.

“Mmm,” she said, “such nice soft undies.” She cupped the globes once more. I closed my eyes and enjoyed. As she toyed with my ass, her face moved into my left breast, kissing it softly on the side. Her lips moved gently over the blouse-covered nipple. She bit slightly into the material, catching the fully erect nubbin between her teeth.

“Oh, that’s feels wonderful!” I sighed. “It’s been so long.”

“Since bayan escort you’ve had some good loving?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I’d like to teach you a lot of things you never imagined, honey. It will take a lot of trust on your part. But you will feel great, and so will I. What do you think?”

I opened my eyes and looked into hers. “I’m game,” I said.

“Let’s see these pretty undies.” She leaned back slightly, looking down at my legs. I felt my skirt rising over my hips. I had worn pure-white, rayon, bikini-styled panties, embroidered with flowery lace along the front in a ‘V’ styled pattern, with the lace beginning the top of the reinforced plain crotch, and widening until it reached the waist band along the top.

“Very nice!” she exclaimed as she held my skirt over my waist with her left hand and touched the front of the material with the palm of her right hand, pressing slightly into my abdomen. Red-faced, I looked down. The panties did nothing to hide the curly forest of pubic hairs just above the crotch. She whisked the tips of her fingers over the entire front of the lacy material, exploring the softness of the cloth. When she pressed into the pubis, mingling her fingers in the thick thatch of curls, I gasped audibly.

“A natural redhead,” she said of my bush.

My face turned scarlet. For whatever reason, her hand did not wander between my legs, as it had back on the sofa, despite the fact that I wanted it there so badly. Instead, it moved upward, over my tummy, until it came to rest under my left breast which she immediately cupped in her palm. I threw my head back and opened my mouth. Her touch was electrifying. No matter where it was, it moved me further under her spell. She toyed with my turgid nipple beneath the cotton blouse, using her index and middle fingers to excite me there.

She looked up at me with big blue eyes. “Lie down on the bed, doll, and I’ll give you a nice massage.”

“I’d like that,” I said, moving to her side and falling forward, face down. All the while, she continued to hold my skirt up over my waist, so that when I was completely prone on my stomach, my panty-covered ass was fully exposed. She arose from her seated position and, lifting me by my bare legs, moved me around until I was lying normally on the top of the bedspread, facing the headboard, on my tummy. I kept my legs closed tightly, still feeling a little shy. She knelt next to my supine body, her knees just touching my hips.

Then she did a strange thing. After telling me what a beautiful tush I had, she gave it a good, hard slap, over the tops of my panties. It hurt just a bit. “Ow!” I cried, more from the shock than the mild pain.

“Easy,” she said, “just a love tap.”

“It felt more like a spanking,” I quipped.

“I told you to trust me. Do you feel a pleasant stinging sensation there now?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“There are wonderfully excitable nerve endings all over your buttocks. At first there is a little pain; but several seconds after the initial sting, the nerves recoil, and the sensation becomes pleasant. After a while it gets addictive. You really start enjoying the feeling.”

“You mean I might like getting spanked???!!!” I asked. Somehow the thought sounded incredibly interesting. I wondered why.

“Yes,” she replied. “But we’ll work up to that later. Just close your eyes for now, babes.” I wondered what she meant by “we’ll work up to that later,” but I was too far gone be too concerned about it. I needed some good, hard sex, and I wasn’t in the mood to debate the merits of what was going to happen to me.

I felt her hands kneading the muscle of my left calf. The pliant fingers moved all the way up my leg, squeezing the whole way, until it reached the top of my thigh. Her pinkie finger brushed against my crotch for a brief second before her hands began a slow, delicious trek back down my other leg. She was an expert at this game. Her touch was perfect. She continued to massage my legs only for the better part of five minutes, maddeningly teasing my pulsating crotch with her little finger each time she came near it, but never quite pressing very far into it.

“Open your legs just a bit so I can work deeper into the muscles, “she said softly as she pulled slightly against my left leg with both hands.

I opened up slightly for her, giving her a nice view, I was sure, of the full length of my panty- crotch. Just after I opened my legs, she leaned over and planted a gentle kiss on the top of my left buttock. It felt very nice, and I told her so.

“Most women don’t realize it, but their asses can be sources for unbelievable pleasures. May I ask you a personal question?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied.

“Did your husband ever do you anally?”

I hesitated, then answered. “Yes.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Oh, a little at first. But later I came to enjoy it.”

“How often did you do it that way?”

I thought she was getting a bit personal, istanbul escort bayan but there was no reason to keep it a secret; I had just admitted that I liked it that way. “We did it every time I had my period. When I really got used to it, he would sometimes use a rubber when he did me there, then take it off and do it vaginally when he was ready to come.”

Her hands moved where her lips had been, over the tops of my panty- clad globes. I felt a finger kind of insinuate slightly into the crease of my ass and lightly press into my anal region as I talked. I guessed she was leading me in a certain direction.

“How about you?” I asked.

“This is hard to believe, but I was once in a prison in Mexico. They found two reefs in my pocketbook during a border patrol search. I was thrown into an all-girl prison facility where I was the blonde foreigner in a sea of dark Spics. The first night and day I must have been raped about ten times.”

“Oh, my!” I exclaimed. Thoughts of the nurse in my fantasy raced quickly through my mind. And Julie was dressed completely in white.

“One girl, the queen dyke I guess, had a long rubber hose. Three of them held me and stripped me down to zilch, then made me bend over. The dyke beat my ass raw with the hose, then shoved it into my ass. It hurt like hell. They all had their way with me that night. When I woke up the next morning after I’d fainted from pure exhaustion, I was with the sweetest little Mexican teenager I’d ever seen. She was completely naked, like me. She had some salve. I don’t know where she got it from. She rubbed it over my ass, even greased my anus with it. The pain disappeared in seconds. After she had cleaned me up with a cloth, wiping away all the grease from the salve, she leaned over and used her tongue on my backside. Do you know what I mean?”

“Yes, Nat used to do it to me.”

“Then you know the exquisite sensation. It was my first initiation into any kind of anal sex. Maybe it had been the horribly painful rapes of the previous evening in direct juxtaposition to the soothing sensations she was giving me; maybe it was something I would have liked had I tried it before. Anyway, I let her continue. Her tongue was long and untiring. It was fantastic.”

As Julie spoke, she started moving her hands under my panties, and began kneading my bare buttocks. When I raised my ass up to meet her fingers, she knew she had me where she wanted me.

“How long did you stay in jail?”

“Oh, I was out the next day. And I made my lawyer pay to get the teenager out. She became my lover, though I was ten years older than she was. She lulled me to sleep every night by rimming me with her fabulous tongue. Later I learned to pay her in kind. When she came, she screamed out as if I had stabbed her with a knife.”

“Can I tell you one of my secrets?” I asked.

“Of course,” she replied.

“I have always had a fantasy about being raped. I’m in a hospital. A nurse in a white uniform comes in to my room. I try to escape, but she catches me and throws me on the bed. Sometimes she forces me to take, ah, you know, an enema. A real soapy one. Sometimes she uses her tongue back there. Sometimes she has a dildo strapped around her. I always come just thinking about it. It was my favorite fantasy when Nat took me back there.”

“How would you like to live your fantasy? Make it come true!” asked Julie.

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you ever play-acted. It’s fun, BethAnne, I mean it. You could pretend this is a hospital room. I’m the nurse…”

“Fantastic!” I exclaimed. “You won’t hurt me too much, though, will you?”

“Just enough,” she said with a sly wink. She pulled my dress back down, covering my legs, then rolled me over onto my back. “Do you have a thermometer?”

“In the bathroom, in the medicine chest. Why?”

She didn’t answer. She disappeared into the bathroom. I felt weird. My heart was pounding. She returned holding the thermometer and a jar of Vaseline.

“Good morning, BethAnne, how are you feeling? I’m nurse Julie. I need to take your temperature.”

“I, uh, I don’t have a fever.”

“We’ll find out in a second.” She moved to the head of the bed and placed the Vaseline on the night table. I knew she was going to use it to grease my asshole. “Please pull up your skirt and then roll over on your tummy, honey.”

“Uh, why can’t you take it in my mouth?” I asked.

“The doctor wants a rectal reading. It’s more accurate. Come now, I have other patients to take care of.” It was strange. I really felt like I was in the hospital and this was a real nurse. I was living my fantasy!

She sat down on the bed next to me, her buttocks even with my knees. I pulled my dress up my legs, revealing the full front of my lacy undies. My legs were spread wide enough for her to get a nice view of the entire length of my crotch. I caught her staring at me there, right between my legs. I felt very uncomfortable at first. Beads of sweat were forming on my forehead. She was holding the thermometer ominously between her thumb and index finger.

I turned over my stomach, the whole of my backside now exposed. Despite the presence of my panties covering my buttocks, I felt almost naked. Out of shyness, I kept my legs tightly closed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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