Ocean Apart Pt. 03

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This story is a work of fiction. All those participating in sex are over the age of 18 years.

There is anal sex involved in the story.

This is Part 3 of the story and is not meant to stand alone. If you haven’t already, please read previous parts so you’re not lost. Please leave a comment with thoughts or suggestions. Thanks for reading.


Back to business


I land in Lisbon early morning exhausted, so after gathering my luggage and clearing customs, I catch a taxi home. It’s eight by the time I walk in my apartment. With the traveling and emotional drain of leaving Sam, I’m left feeling morose. Looking and glancing around my apartment it no longer feels like home, and I miss Sam. I had promised to call her when I landed, so leaving my luggage at the entrance, I dial her number. I just need to hear her voice.


“Hi, sexy, it’s me. I’m just calling to let you know I got here ok, and to say I miss you already.”

“Oh, Paul. I miss you, too. These two months are going to suck.”

“I know, but we’ll be together soon. I promise. I’m going to let you go so I can get couple hours of sleep. I love you, Sam.”

“I love you also, babe. We’ll talk on video this weekend. Bye…mwah.”

Hanging up, I stretch out on the sofa to rest my heavy and tired eyes. A couple of hours later, a kink in my neck wakes me up. I didn’t want to sleep too long, throwing off my body clock; so trying to get back on a regular routine, I put my things away, and leave to pick up groceries. Training camp starts tomorrow, and I knew coming back last minute was going to be hard on me. But it was worth it to spend every possible moment with Sam.

First day of training was difficult. I was mentally sluggish, but physically, I was in great shape. Keeping up with my running, and training while I was back home made it easier to pick up where I left off. I was in my third pro season with the club, and we were preparing for another run at the Allianz Cup, as we had already won the title twice. Beginning next month, July’s first round competition would start. The second round would finish by the first week of August. I wouldn’t have to return to play until late September, for the beginning of third-round match play.

On Thursday, I sent Aimee a message letting her know I was back. It had been months since we had seen each other, and I was desperately missing her. I wanted to reconnect to see how she was doing.

Paul- “Hi, Aim I’m back. Let me know when your schedule is clear and we can get dinner and catch up ”

Aimee- “Hi  it’s been a long time, stranger. Definitely let’s do dinner. I want to hear about what you been up to. Probably be next week some time. I’ll text you.”

It was Sunday, two in the afternoon in Lisbon, and ten at night in Vancouver. Sam and I set up a video call. Seeing her beautiful face on the screen made me miss her terribly. Enthralled with each other, we caught up on our week, and then got flirty, and sexually aroused. We ended up masturbating on camera with one another.

“God, I wish I was there to eat your pussy, Sam!”

“Me too, Paul! I can’t wait to put your big cock in my mouth again, and swallow you.”

We continued the call, She was in bed ready for sleep, while I prepared to go to the gym once we were done.

“What do you have planned, or going on this week, Paul?” Sam asked.

“Well, I have practice every day, and my personal training, but other than that not too much. I let Aimee know I was back in town, so I might meet her for dinner to catch up, depending on her work schedule.”

“You’re going to dinner with Aimee?”

“Yeah! It’s been months since we’ve caught up.” I saw her face, which looked displeased. “You remember what I said to you, don’t you? There would never be any secrets between us. Me and Aimee are still friends, but you’re the owner of my heart, Beautiful. So please don’t worry. You can trust me.”

“I do trust you, Paul. Just remember who you belong to now, and how much I love you,” she said, softening her expression.

“I love you also, Sam. I’ll email you during the week and we’ll video next weekend, ok. Now, get some rest, and sweet dreams.”

Despite everything that has changed in my life, my feelings and friendship with Aimee are still a big part of me. I spent six years of my life emotionally connected, and having sex with her, and although I’m in love with Sam, I’m not prepared to cast Aimee aside, or forget her. She’s been there emotionally when I need someone and had no one. Sure, there was Sonia, but we were simply fuck-buddies. Aimee, on the other hand, has been there from the beginning of my arrival, and continues to be there for me, even after Sonia left to pursue her career. Had things not worked out with Sam the way they did when I went home, I was ready to commit to a relationship with Aimee.

The beginning of the week was exhausting. Çeşme Escort I was practicing and hitting the gym hard to give myself the best chance to succeed this season. It was Wednesday afternoon when I received a text from Aimee.

Aimee- “Hi Paul. You free tomorrow night to meet at Jockey for dinner?”

Paul- “Hey Aim, tomorrow sounds good. I’ll meet you there for eight, and I’ll make reservation under my name if you get there before me. See you tomorrow.”

I’m excited to get the new playing season started. Now that life has returned to normal for me, I need to stay busy. I’m full of energy, and need to occupy my time while I wait for Sam to arrive in August. So Thursday’s practice I’m flying around the field; Im running harder, more assertive and aggressive trying to release all this built up energy. Deep down I know it’s the anticipation of seeing Aimee again exciting me. Sam’s the love of my life, but Aimee…she’s irreplaceable, and I love her.

At eight, I walk into Jockey and see Aimee already there waiting for me. Standing up, we greet each other with a customary kiss to the cheeks.

“Hi, Aimee, you look beautiful,” I say, looking at her, and noticing how she looks. She was dressed in a blue, sleeveless knee-length dress, with the front exposed showing some of her cleavage.

“Thanks, you look dashing yourself, stud.”

“So it’s been months since I’ve seen you. What’s been going on with you? Still enjoying GE?” I ask, noticing a smile on her face.

“Well it’s been a busy few months. I’ve done a some traveling to our work sights. We’ve also started a new wave-energy project partnered with CorPower Ocean, and I’m heavily involved in its development. Outside of work, I really haven’t done much since I’ve had my time card full. I heard from Sonia. She’s still with Merck, and thinks she will be staying in Germany. So, what about you? What emergency did you have at home?”

We were interrupted by the server, who came by to take our order. Placing our order, and having our glasses topped off with wine, we settle back in to our conversation.

“Congratulations on your work success, by the way. You seem happy, and you’re making a difference. It sounds like a good place for you. I flew back to Canada shortly after I started holidays. My dad was injured at work pretty seriously, and I needed to get back and see him. So, I spent time reconnecting with my family, while Dad was recovering. Then I got the new contract, and needed to report for training camp.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your dad, Paul. I hope he’s on his way to a speedy recovery.”

While we’re on the topic of parents I want to find out whether her relationship with her parents has improved. When me, and Aimee first started getting close after Sonia left for Germany we talked…like really talked about our personal lives. It was at this time she told me she and her parents are estranged, and her parents have alienated her. Her choice of continuing to be bisexual, and her views they simply can’t agree with or support. She says their very conservative, and can’t support her lifestyle. It was a major factor in her moving to Portugal besides the Engineering program. She felt distance from them was what she needed.

“So how are things between you and your parents? Any change?” I ask Aimee.

“They call every blue moon just to check on how school is going. Then eventually they try to lecture on how I’m causing myself more harm then good by pursuing my choices. So I tell them I have to go, and then months go by before we talk again. So no change.” While Aimee tells me this I can see a tear at the corner of her eye so I tell her,

“Im sorry to hear that Aimee. I’m here for you if you ever need me.” I want to tell her I love her but I can’t.

It’s at this time our food shows up, so we busy ourselves eating. With a lull in conversation, I notice Aimee’s subtle glances at me, hinting she has something on her mind, but afraid to say it. I have a feeling it’s about us. But truthfully, I don’t want to broach the topic, feeling she’s still harboring intimate feelings for me. And though I’m in love with Sam, deep down a big part of me is still in love with Aimee. I don’t want to hurt her with news of me and Sam finally being together. So, avoiding the topic, neither of us brings it up, and we carry on talking about work, soccer, and other current newsworthy topics.

Ten-thirty rolls around and we finish having coffee.

“It’s getting late, Paul, and I have to be up early for work. Thank you for dinner. I’ve enjoyed seeing, and spending time with you. Let’s not go so long again. I miss seeing my best friend.”

When she said best friend, I paused and reflected on how true that statement is. Throughout my six years here alone, we’ve practically been together that whole time, and shared very personal, and intimate moments. She truly was someone I loved, as well.

“You know I told you a long time ago, if you’re in the area, you’re welcome to stop by. We can do coffee or have Çeşme Escort Bayan dinner. You don’t need to be a stranger. I’ve also missed seeing you.”

Paying the bill, I walk her outside, and wait with her for a taxi to pick her up. When the taxi shows up, I kiss her cheeks, and hug her. We hold the embrace a little longer than just friends do, and I feel her breasts mashed into my chest.

Before releasing each other, she leans in and whispers, “I miss you, Paul.”

Then, she quickly turns, and gets in the cab. As the cab pulls away, she looks at me with her eyes glistening. At that moment, I know she’s still in love with me. It’s a gut punch. I love her, but I’m in love and committed to Sam. Sleep that night is restless. I keep seeing Aimee’s hurt eyes as she drove away in the taxi, and I have flashbacks of the hurt in Sam’s eyes, all those years ago. I also know what it feels like to want someone so bad it hurts, only to have the feelings unreturned.

Friday was super busy during the day, and I was looking forward to my Skype call with Sam this weekend. Hopefully, we would connect tonight, and then Saturday. I stayed up until one in the morning to talk to Sam, since it was Saturday morning for her. My practice wasn’t until ten in the morning so I could sleep in a little, and still talk to Sam. Turning my computer on, I connected to Sam’s Skype.

“Well, good morning, Beautiful. How did you sleep?” I asked Sam, who looked like she had just woken up recently.

“I’d sleep a lot better if I was in your arms, Paul. I miss you, babe.”

“I miss you also, Sam.” We proceeded to catch each other up on our week, and I told her about the team and me. I then told her about my dinner with Aimee.

“How did it go, Paul? Did she miss seeing you?”

“Honestly? Yeah, she did. I missed seeing her, also. You have to understand, she was a lifeline when I had nobody else here, and I was alone.” Sam, curious about Aimee, asked me to tell her more about my friend. We spent a little time talking about Aimee, and what she was like. At some point, I think Sam softened, understanding what Aimee did for me, and why I cared about her.

“Did you tell her about us, Paul?”

“No, I didn’t! I could tell that she’s still in love with me, and I didn’t want to hurt her, or get on the topic of relationships. So, I kept the conversation to work and life.”

“She’s going to find out sooner, or later, Paul.”

Sam, of course, was right. Aimee, sooner or later, would find out me and Sam were a couple. But that was a bridge to cross another day.


Sunny Days Ahead


I am packed, and Mom and Dad are driving me to the airport. Dad is now able to get around. He was walking slower than before the accident, but making progress each day with help from physiotherapy. Mom is just relieved to have Dad back home now, and have some semblance of normalcy again.

Saying goodbye at the security gate, I kiss their cheeks and hug them. I am anxious for my first international trip, but I was more excited to be with Paul again.

It is Sunday night, and Paul is picking me up at the airport early morning, then we are going back to his apartment. This week, the team has assessments and meetings before releasing players for a break, so I am going to check out the city on my own. During the day, while Paul is busy, I really want to see where my brother has spent the last six and half years.

The plan is on Saturday, leave Lisbon and we will drive down to the Algarve region for sun, beaches, and holidays. Paul has promised me a surprise once down there. I bought a new bikini specifically for the beach. I hope Paul will like it. I remember how he ogled me, when he saw me in the white bikini, tanning with Chloe…

The flight is long, with a layover stop in London, then catching a flight with TAP airline into Lisbon.

Clearing customs and grabbing my bags I walk out to arrivals. I can see Paul standing there. It took seconds, but we finally lock eyes. Rushing over to him, I jump into his arms, kissing him fervently as he lifts, and spins me around.

“You look absolutely gorgeous Sam. I’ve missed you. Let’s get out of here.”

Letting go of him, and wrapping an arm around his waist, we leave. As soon as we’re outside the smell and humidity in the air fill my senses. The noise of the traffic, and movement of pedestrians all around let me know how busy this city is. Loading my baggage into Paul’s Renault Megane RS car, we leave the airport. Paul says his apartment is in Bairo Alto, an upper-scale neighborhood with nightlife and eateries.

“I didn’t know you had a car here, Paul. It’s nice and sporty. What else haven’t you mentioned?”

“I may have a few things you still don’t know about. But you’ll find out in soon enough, I promise. When I first got here, I used public transit or taxis. Then I started going on holidays, and I wanted the freedom to travel on my own schedule. I started making Escort Çeşme good money, so I bought this car.”

Looking out the window, I’m in awe of the large metropolis. We finally make it to his apartment thirty-five minutes later. Parking his car in the garage, he grabs my luggage, and I follow close behind him.

Up on the second floor, we arrive at his door. Opening it, we enter and the moment it closes, I push him against the wall pressing my tits into him, and my hands pulling his head towards mine. I immediately bring my lips to his, to kiss, and probe his mouth.

“Paul, everything else can wait. I’ve missed you, and the only thing you’re going to do right now is show me your bedroom. Then you’re going to take my clothes off, and fuck me! It’s been two months, and I want to feel you in me.”

He picks me up, I hop up, and wrap myself around him, hungrily kissing him. Laying me on the bed he reaches down, and takes my shoes off. Reaching up, he undoes my jeans, pulling them off, and leaving me exposed in a pair of baby-blue lacy panties. He quickly removes those.

Bending down, he places his nose at my pussy inhaling my scent, and swipes his tongue licking my soaked cunt.

“Stop, baby. Let me get this shirt and bra off first. I want you to fuck me. You can eat my pussy later…get your clothes off…I need you in me,” I say with desperation in my voice.

By the time my bra hits the floor, his cock is at my gate, waiting to penetrate my wanton hole. Lifting my legs, and resting them against his chest, he slides his big sausage into my wet pussy.

“Jesus, Paul, I missed this feeling. It feels like the first time you stretched my pussy. Just fuck me babe…come on! We have lots of time to make love later.”

Speeding up his pace, he drives himself into me. The sound of our skin, and his balls slapping against me, reverberates throughout the room. With a loud grunt, he grabs my thighs, pulling me into him.

“Ahh fuck Sam…I’m cumming! God, I missed you beautiful.”

Feeling his cock swell, and pulse as each rope of semen shoots into me, I contract my pussy squeezing his shaft in sync with his pulses. Feeling our sweaty skin sticking to each other his breath on my skin causes goosebumps.

Leaving my pussy full of cum, he pulls out panting. “Okay, now that you’ve fucked and filled me, let’s get some food. I’m hungry from the trip. We’ll continue this later, after I clean up from travelling, and the load of cum you just put in me.”

I slipped my panties back on to keep his cum from running down my thighs.

Both of us get dressed, and walk holding hands to a nearby restaurant to eat. I’ve missed the close contact with him. The food’s delicious. After dinner, we order coffee and are brought out two small cups of espresso. It was strong, but rich in flavor, warming my insides after such a wonderful day. The coffee hits the spot, with the caffeine replenishing the energy we used earlier.

Leaving the restaurant, we go for a walk around the neighborhood to just get some fresh air. My exhaustion from the day sets in. “Paul, do you mind if we head back and call it a night? I’m exhausted from travelling, and the excitement of the day.”

“Of course, beautiful. Let’s get you to bed. We have the next month to explore.”

Back at his apartment, I grab my toiletries, and I head to the shower. Before entering the bathroom, I look back at Paul. “You coming? You’re not going to let me shower alone, and clean myself, are you?”

I hold out my hand for him. In the bathroom, Paul turns on the water and sets the temperature. While we wait in the warm mist, we gaze at one another bringing our foreheads together at the same time. Placing a soft peck on each other’s lips he begins to undress me.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here Sam. God, you’re gorgeous.”

He sweeps his hand over every curve and contour of my body, leaving it covered in goose bumps. Both of us naked, he leads me into the shower where we stand embracing, and letting the hot water cascade over us. As we hold each other, we passionately kiss and reacquaint ourselves with the other’s body. Letting me go, he grabs a loofah, and gels it up with body wash.

“I’m going to wash you Sam. Just relax, and enjoy.”

Nodding my head, I moan as the loofah makes soft contact with my breasts.

Working a lather up and gently massaging them, he softly kisses my neck and whispers in my ear, “Open your legs, Sam.”

Feeling his hand slide the loofah between my legs, my breath hitches when his finger slips between my labia. Gasping, I let out a little purr, as he softly kisses me. Gently holding my shoulders, he turns me around and lathers my back, letting the soap run down into the crack of my ass. With the loofah in his hand, he swipes up between my cheeks, and trails a finger over my pucker stopping briefly to penetrate my ass.

“Ahh that feels good, Paul. I’ve missed your hands on my body.”

“I’m glad you like them, but I have something better. Turn around please!”

Doing as he asks, he suddenly kneels in front of me, and presses his tongue to my pussy. Putting his hands on my ass from behind, he thrusts his tongue to lap my wet cunt. I grab his head, and pull it into my mound, trying to steady myself on my weak legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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