Ocean’s Edge – The Dunes

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Ocean’s Edge

Book Two

The Dunes

This is Book Two of a series called Ocean’s Edge. The primary characters, Frank and Brandie, are based on real people and this book is the story of the unique love they harbor for the closest people in their lives. The main characters in this book have their biographies posted in book one. Additional characters have their biographies posted at the beginning of this book.

All characters in this series are over the age of eighteen. Alcohol use in this story is limited to responsible adult portions and is not used to for coercion in any manner. Every character in this story participates in a consensual manner.


Kim: She is a spitfire of a woman who is a mirror image of her sister, Brandie. While they look alike, the is the polar opposite of her sisterly lover. She is a teacher, lover, fighter and compassionate love maker. She’ll protect the ones she loves with all her heart and soul and puts the same effort in between the sheets.

Ocean’s Edge

Sand on the beach is like the events that unfold in our lives. The small effect is a simple layer at our feet, blowing around harmlessly. Layer after layer, the events in our lives pile up and create a solid path of experience for us to confidently walk. Sometimes, an unforeseen storm changes the events in our lives. Sometimes the sand is washed away, sometimes it make dunes.


Chapter One

Confessions Aren’t Easy


“You would not believe the dream I had last night,” Frank said as walked into the kitchen and tossed his keys onto the counter.

I was in the middle of making a nice chicken dinner with green beans and chicken Stove Top stuffing. I picked out a nice wine and set up a selection of music to play from the other room. When he walked in, dinner was about thirty minutes from being done.

“I’m not dismissing your dream, but I would like you to go shower before dinner. When you’re done, dinner will be ready, and I want to talk to you about something else.”

“What is it?” he asked, standing in the middle of the kitchen.

“What did I just say, ass!?” I said, grinning at him.

“Fine, fine,” he muttered as he walked toward our bedroom.

The entire evening was devoted to getting something off my shoulders that I had been guilty of carrying secretly for twenty-four years. I thought all afternoon about how I could do it and I never came up with a solid plan beyond preparing dinner. I spent the morning on the phone with my sister telling her that I was going to reveal the biggest secret in my life to Frank.

Initially, she threw a tantrum over it, saying I was going to ruin everything if I did it. She threatened to come over and talk me out of it. If you knew Kim, you knew that when she said she was going to talk you out of something, it wasn’t going to necessarily be a pleasant discussion. Regardless, she eventually softened up and by the time we got off the phone, she almost sounded relieved that it would be out in the open. She hung up the phone after wishing me luck.

I thought about it all day and never figured out how to go about it. I was going to have to wing it.

Despite not having a post-dinner plan, I moved forward confidently. While Frank was showering, I continued trying to forge a plan. I was humming happily as I placed the forks, knives and spoons in their proper places next to the plates. There were folded cloth napkins under each fork and fancy wine glasses set at just the right place; just above the spoon and knife, to the right of the water glass. The only thing I was missing was candles. If he didn’t realize it when he walked in, he was certainly going to know this was not going to be one of our usual nights at home.

Dinner was seconds from being ready and I had just hung my apron from the hook on the side of the fridge when Frank came back out to the kitchen.

“That smells good! What’s the occasion?”

I didn’t answer him. I pointed to two different bottles of wine and asked which he preferred. We didn’t usually do wine at home, but the occasion more than called for it. He indicated toward the white wine and sat in the chair closest to him.

“What’s all this about, babe?” he asked as I filled his glass half full.

“Do you remember when we started reading those stories online?” I asked.

It seemed as good a place to start as any.

“Sure,” he said curiously.

“Do you remember why we started reading those together?”

“Yeah,” he said as he thought back through the years, “You noticed that I had a link to the story site we now enjoy together on the new tablet you got me for Christmas. I showed you what it was, and you said you didn’t know I was interested in those types of stories.”

I sat in my seat after pouring a nice red into my own glass. I almost stopped at the acceptable half full line but decided I would need a little more liquid bravery. bursa escort bayan I cut my food up as he spoke and I was sure to eat as much as I could while he answered because once it was my turn to talk again, it was going to be a while before I stopped.

“We read the series I was currently on and we’ve been reading them since,” he added.

“I’ve had something on my mind ever since then that I think it’s time you knew about,” I informed him.

He looked at me like a confused puppy while he no doubt tried to think what it was that I was about to tell him.

“Well, it starts back in 1996,” I began before he reacted oddly.

Frank put his fork down and rested against the back of the chair and slouched a little. He took a big gulp of his wine before setting the glass down hard on the table. I was afraid to continue because I thought he either already knew or something else was happening that I wasn’t prepared for.

“What?” I asked timidly.

He just stared at me and blinked a few times before responding, “Nothing, go ahead.”

I stared at him, not completely convinced he was being as forthcoming as he could have been. I began the story cautiously. It was going to be a long night and he was likely going to learn that he needed to speak his mind because I sure as hell was going to.

“In my sophomore year in college, I was dating this douche named Chris. Did I ever mention him?” I asked in a happier tone, trying to lighten the mood a little.

“Well,” he chuckled, “I don’t remember. If you did, he was clearly douche enough that neither of us recall if you mentioned him.”

I nodded in agreement, “Well, I was tutoring him in high school and that drifted into our college years. He asked me to go to the school’s Valentine’s Day dance they put on. I thought he was sweet, so I went with him.”

I took a sip if my wine.

“It didn’t take much time dancing in a somewhat dark room before he began trying to make out with me. He was trying to shove his tongue into my mouth and feel me up.”

Frank look displeased about that bit of news as I expected he would be.

“I kept pushing him away, telling him I didn’t do that stuff. He eventually took the hint that I didn’t want any part of it, but not before getting mad at me. He called me a cheap cock tease and that I would regret not letting him ‘educate’ me.”

A large grin appeared on Frank’s face and his eyes opened wide, “He actually said that!?”

I stabbed a piece of chicken with my fork, “Yes. I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have embarrassed him right there in front of everyone. I wasn’t a know-it-all, though. He got the best of me that night. In fact, he said it loud enough that the couples around me stopped dancing and looked directly at me.”

Frank was visibly agitated again and a part of me loved to see how protective of me he was.

“I stood there, with little dots of light from the disco ball shooting across the room. I could feel my eyes watering as I stared at him in disbelief over what he said to me. I tried to walk away before I lost it, but I broke down in front of everyone, bawling into my hands before gaining the sensibility to walk away. I finally called a cab to come and take me home.”

Bringing up those memories caused me to well up a little, but only until Frank put his hand over mine as I talked.

“I stifled my crying on the way home to avoid unnecessary conversation with the taxi driver. When I got home, nobody was there since everyone was out celebrating the holiday their own way. The thought that everyone was out having a better time than me made me feel worse and I ran to my room and cried again. I remember asking myself if there was something wrong with me and how I could not be at the same level as my friends who seemed to do the kinds of things Chris wanted me to do.”

I paused to let him process everything up to that point. When he was still intently focusing on me, I continued.

“I was still feeling sorry for myself late into the night. I got some ice cream and sat and watched a movie until probably eleven or later that night. Kim came home and immediately noticed I was distraught. You know how she is, she came and sat right next to me and put her arm around me and asked why I was so upset.”

Frank began playing with the remainder of the food on his plate like a child would. He used his fork to mindlessly push the food around his plate. It seemed my story had caused his appetite to leave him. He remained focused on me, though.

“I told her what happened, and she snickered before belittling my feelings. She was like ‘Is that all? You haven’t kissed anyone.’ I got angry with her and told her she wouldn’t know how I felt because, and I quote, ‘Miss Priss wouldn’t know what it was like to be in that situation.'”

Frank chuckled softly, “That sounds just like both of you.”

“It does. She apologized and asked me to calm down and talk to her. We talked görükle escort about why I only ever kissed someone on the cheek and never on the lips. I explained to her that I thought people reserved that sort of thing for people who were very special to them. She nearly laughed at me again, but quickly apologized and told me that people kiss others on the mouth all the time and that I should try it some time.”

When I said that, I remembered the premise behind many of the Taboo stories Frank and I read. I knew it was something significantly more than just a trope.

“I continued to tell her about being worried what the people at school would think of me when I arrived at class after the scene at the dance. She sat and watched the rest of the movie with me and I was glad to have her there during that difficult time for me. She gave me a hug, kissed me on the cheek and told me if I ever wanted to talk more about it that she was there for me whenever I needed her.”

I ate a bite of cold food since I ran my mouth telling my story, allowing it cool down.

“What happened when you went back to school?” he asked impatiently.

I rolled my eyes thinking about what happened that first day back at school, “Well, as I mentioned, I was tutoring the idiot and as much as I would have preferred it to end, it didn’t. I had another session with Chris and he just kept glaring at me and making snide remarks about how someone in my position could be so good at school but bad at life. It didn’t make for a very good day.”

“What a fucking tool,” Frank said, pushing his fork across the plate.

I nodded in agreement, “Yes. The rest of the day was better by comparison, but not great. I found my way home and found Mom there in a chipper mood. She asked me how school was, and I brushed off the question by saying it was fine and asked where Kim was. She said her practice was running late but would be home after.”

“Your mom asked if she could help, right?” he asked correctly.

“Yep,” I said, “I declined her offer, though, and was dismissive about telling her it was just boy problems. She wistfully sighed and said something like ‘oh, to be young again.’ I told her it wasn’t as nice being young as when she was and went off to my room to finish my homework.”

I ate more of my cold food as I thought internally about the timeline. I wanted to make sure I included every pertinent detail.

“Anyway, I waited in my room until Kim got home and I asked if she would come to my room when she could. I told her I wanted to talk, and she said she would be there shortly. We were always sure to knock on each other’s door when we went to their room and that evening was no different. She asked me how school was, which was unusual if it were any other day. I told her what Chris said to me and she got angry. Like, she got legitimately angry and whisper-yelled ‘I’m going to castrate that under educated cow fucker!'”

Frank erupted in laughter at my sister’s insult. I couldn’t help but join him in the moment.

“As funny as I thought it was in the moment, she quickly chastised me for laughing. She told me that Chris needed to be taught how to treat a lady. She asked me if there was anything she could do to help.”

I paused at that spot specifically to figure out if I wanted to keep going with what I needed to tell him. I could have just altered the story, leaving the most secretive part of my life still a secret. I needed to build up my courage in order to press into the next part. Once I crossed that line, there was no going back.

“It took everything I had to ask, but I asked how she learned to kiss properly. She went silent and looked at me like I was growing a second head or something. She giggled a little and said, ‘If you can’t learn it in a book, you’re lost, aren’t you?’ That stung a bit because at that moment what Chris said to me made a little more sense.”

I was smart but mostly in a bookworm kind of way. It was because I spent my entire life up to that part focusing on school and sports. It didn’t dawn on me to consider having an active social life which I felt would have naturally led to normal romantic behaviors for someone my age at the time.

“I broke down crying after the impact of what she said hit me. She was quick to get up and come console me. She wasn’t great for words in these kinds of moments because she told me it was ok to be naïve about that aspect of life since I had an entire lifetime left to learn. I ended up agreeing with her and she told me I simply needed to find someone to practice with.”

“Oh, is that how you managed to find yourself attracted to other women?” Frank asked.

I needed to say yes but also not give away anything too soon.

“Hold all questions to the end!” I announced loudly in comedic fashion.

“So, naturally I had to pause for a bit to think about who I could confront with a request to practice kissing. Yeah, now it seems silly ’cause I could have just bursa escort bayan found a new boyfriend, but I wasn’t about to go find a boyfriend at a time when the last guy who was close to me tried to force me.”

I paused nervously again before continuing.

“I must have thought for a while because Kimberly snapped me out of it and asked if I was going to be ok. When she asked me that, it was like her words turned on a light in my head. The one and only person who ever helped me with anything I needed help with was standing right in front of me. It was crazy!”

Frank seemed to be getting more fidgety as I went along. It wasn’t that he was doing it in response to the things I was telling him, it was something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I cautiously pushed on.

“I moved closer to her and cupped her face in my hands and said, ‘it has to be you’ before leaning in and kissing her quickly on the lips.”

Frank’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. It made me smile but also more nervous.

“Her reaction wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, though. I couldn’t tell you now what I was expecting. I thought I had screwed up `cause she stared at me without saying a word. After what seemed an unbelievably long time, she bolted from the bed and left my room for hers.”

I looked into his eyes to see if I could read what he was thinking. His eyes were locked with mine but revealed nothing.

“What are you thinking?” I asked nervously.

“Not much of anything really, but the way this story seems to be going, I’ll be thinking of stuff.”

I felt like he already made up his mind about where this was going and how he felt about it. I didn’t like feeling that way.

“Would I be wasting my time if I continued?” I asked dismissively.

“No, not at all! I know what I said sounded bad, but I feel like it’s headed toward something big and naturally I will be thinking something. Sorry, I guess I stated the obvious when you ask me what I was thinking.”

That made me feel better.

“So, for the next week she was never around while I was awake, and she would tell our parents that practice was running longer, or she would be over at her friends writing a paper or cramming for a test at school. I just knew that I had run off the one person I had always looked up to and had thought so much of.”

“Well, obviously that didn’t happen,” he commented.

He wasn’t wrong in that we were still very much close, and he knew it.

“Obviously, but it took some time. The following week I made a habit to stay late at school with soccer practice. I was told I would be needed to be in top shape since I would be playing longer in an upcoming soccer game. Near the end of the week, I finished late in the afternoon and headed to the shower. As I was leaving the locker room Kim was waiting right outside the door with a very determined look on her face.”

“I can imagine that right now,” he said with a grin on his face.

“She hasn’t changed much, has she?”

“Nope!” he said enthusiastically.

“She said ‘we need to talk,’ so I gathered my things and we talked the entire way home. As we walked, Kim said she was not made at me for kissing her like I did, she was just shocked. I went on to explain that out of everyone on the planet, she was the only one I could practice with because I was absolutely comfortable with her. I further explained that she was not only my sister, but my very best friend. We shared elevated levels of positivity and ended up walking with arms around each other and my head on her shoulder.”

Frank continued his nervous looking fidgeting but didn’t seem more distressed than before.

“When we got there, Dad was in the front yard mowing and stopped and watched us walk up the driveway and made a comment about how he was happy that we worked out what ever had been going on between us. He said we needed to remember that family is forever, and we should be nicer to each other or something along those lines. I don’t remember exactly.”

“Your dad’s always been the strong one,” Frank noted.

I nodded appreciatively as his remark.

“Kim came to my room after dinner that night. She told me that if I was sure about her helping me learn how to kiss, that she would help but it was going to be on her terms.”

“Bossy,” Frank said with a chuckle.

He seemed to be more lighthearted about my story at this point.

“I was a little hesitant but told her if that’s what it would take, then I was ready to start when she was. With a big smile on her face, she said, ‘ok, we will start after your game Friday as a lesson and a celebration for another win.’ So, that made me want to get even more practice time in to make sure I was fully prepped for the game and still have the energy for our lesson.

“The next three days were a blur of school and practicing for the game harder and longer than I ever did before. I stayed longer at every practice running longer and faster than I was used to pushing myself. I was used to performing beyond my peak since I’d been playing soccer since I was a little girl. I wanted to get better than I was to prove to Kim that I wanted her help to develop me as a person and break out of the shell of naivety that I seemed to be stuck in.”

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