Oh, To Be Young and in Love

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Adriana Chechik

“Can’t catch me,” she teased him, smiling and then ducking under the water. He laughed in response and chased after her, flying through the water with ease. He caught her by her ankle and lifted her out of the water, wrapping his arms around her.

It had been a long time since life had felt this perfect for Marla, but this was the epitome of her life. Standing there, in Jake’s arms, she had that cliché wish that the moment would never end. But it did, like all moments.

“I’m gonna get us some lemonade,” Jake said suddenly, his eyes widening behind her, something she didn’t see. He jumped out of the water and ran into the empty house. Marla sighed and hoisted herself out as well. She looked up at the sun and the blue sky, a few quite clouds scattered in it.

However long she spent staring at the sky, that was how Jake found her when he came back out with two lemonades. He smiled and sat down, dangling his feet in the water. He placed his drink down, gave the other to Marla, and put his arms out behind him to support the weight of his body. Marla placed her head on his bare chest and looked back up at the sky. Her hand came up to draw lazy patterns on his slim stomach, absent-mindedly.

When she looked up at him, tilting her body, he looked down at her. He leaned in to kiss her softly, his shaggy brown hair tickling her face, but she didn’t care. She flattened her hand on his smooth stomach and the other on the ground, and pushed herself into the kiss. Slowly, he relinquished control, his arms weakening gradually as his torso got closer and closer to the ground.

He’d always fought her at this point, afraid that if he went further, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself before things got out of hand. But he was tired of fighting it, and if she wanted to go all the way with Maltepe Escort him, he’d be the happiest man alive.

Jake was of Indian decent and therefore had chocolate brown skin. He had brown eyes as well, which to some was dull, but to Marla, there was nothing she’d rather stare into than his eyes. He was tall, about 30 cm (one foot) taller than Marla, who stood at a little taller than one and a half meters, about five feet American. Marla had dirty blonde hair that rarely behaved for her, hazel eyes and fair skin. She had the body of an athlete, Jake had the body of a runner.

Marla noticed his lack of reluctance and thanked God for it. He’d always been such a ‘good boy’ when it came to the two of them and she wanted, no, needed, to show him how much he meant to her. She straddled him and was pleasantly surprised to find the reason for his sudden need for lemonade. He had a boner.

She pulled out of the kiss and looked down at him, wanting him so much, but she had to ask. “Are you sure?” Oh the irony. Wasn’t the guy supposed to ask the girl that?

“Yes,” he said, staring into her eyes and making her go weak. He rolled them over so that she was on her back and he was on top of her, making sure not to crush her, he asked her the same question, his pelvis pressed into hers. “Are you?”

“Yes,” she replied breathlessly, the words came out as if she was gasping for air. “Please Jake,” she begged him “I need to feel you inside of me. There is no one in the world I’d rather give myself to,”

At this point Jake smiled and leaned down to whisper in her ear “Not even Legolas?” he teased. Marla had an odd obsession with that beautiful elf from Lord Of The Rings, and although she didn’t like Orlando Bloom all that much, as Legolas Greenleaf, he made her swoon.

“Yes,” Anadolu Yakası Escort she told him “Not even Legolas. I love you so much Jake, you have no idea how much you mean to me,”

“I think I do,” he claimed, pressing his lips to hers once again, the passion of the moment overtaking him. He could barely control himself any more. He wanted her just as badly as she wanted him. He rolled them back over and began to pull down the straps of Marla’s bathing suit, part of him expecting her to stop him, but hoping she wouldn’t. She didn’t. Actually, she assisted him and began to wiggle out of her suit eagerly. It came off surprisingly fast.

Jake’s eyes ran over her body hungrily, the look on his face similar to that of a lion eying its prey, and when a growl rose from his chest, Marla wanted to rip his swimsuit off of him. “God Jake,” she said, pulling it down “That made me even more horny,” she admitted. And as soon as the suit was off of him, she straddled him slowly. They didn’t really have to worry about voyeurs, Jake lived in the middle of woods, in the middle of nowhere.

As she lined herself up with him, she looked into his eyes. She knew that it was going to hurt, but she was prepared to deal with the pain.

“WAIT!” Jake yelled, grabbing her before she could impale herself on him, and holding her up. “This is a bad idea,” he said, gaining some of his self control back.

Marla’s heart sank in her chest. “You’re such a tease,” she said angrily, moving away from him.

“You misunderstand me,” he told her quickly “I just think that we should try a different position. Maybe it’ll cause you less pain if I do the thrusting instead.”

“Oh,” she said, blushing slightly at her overreaction. She agreed and they set themselves Ümraniye Escort up again, her on her back, he legs open and her ankles on his shoulders. He lined himself up with her and stared into her eyes and he made one quick motion, breaking her hymen.

She yelled in pain and he began to pull out, the sound of her in pain was too much for him to take. But she told him not to. She told him to keep going. She knew the pain would stop eventually. And she knew that when it did, it would feel good.

Reluctantly, he pushed back in, watching her face, and she bit her lower lip to keep from screaming. Despite her pain, he couldn’t help enjoying him self. Her vaginal walls felt so good pressed fully against his rigid member, and the fact that she’d never had sex before made her even tighter, increasing his pleasure.

She was very happy to see him enjoying himself, and even though she could now taste the blood from her lip, she tried to enjoy herself as well.

About five minutes passed before she realized that the pain was slowly decreasing, and turning into something else entirely. As Jake slid in and out of her, she felt shivers run up and down her spine, and to her surprise, she let out a moan.

This made Jake enjoy the experience even more, the fact that she was no longer in pain made him feel less guilty about his pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Marla’s back began to arch in pleasure as another moan escaped her lips and Jake steadily picked up his pace. He felt her walls clamp down around his engorged member and realized he wasn’t wearing a condom. She seemed to have realized this too, as she managed to force words out of her mouth. “I’m,” she panted “I’m on birth,” her fingers curled into the ground “birth control,” and then she was gone in her pleasure. At those words, and the sight of her body contorted just so, Jake came, and he came hard. He slammed into her twice more before sending his sperm deep into his girlfriend’s womb.

The two of them slowly came down from their orgasms, both panting, and looked into each others’ eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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