Old Drivein Memories Part 2

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Part 2 The Drive-in Story continuing,

Well I left them to continue my work they were still fucking up a storm . Man that 18 girl year old could holler could hear her all the way in the concession stand. lol I thought to my self man if I got my chance i fuck her the whole night thinking to myself.
LOl to myself.
soon movie will end, I figure by the scene on the screen in about ten minutes. when he was done film crew /guy who controls the movie room left .
It was time to clean up I Called the crew phone line told them were all set for tomorrow’s pick up yard work. I would handle it. not much here anyhow in yard so I finished it. heck i have all ready been up before 8 am in the morning. Here it was getting on 11:30 pm, I figure it was time to lock up so all cars left weren’t many any to toss out after the movie was over any how. how. so I locked up the mens room and headed for the ladies room. and now i hear crying and no cars i checked the whole lot No one around. I wonder wtf so I there is this girl crying in wondering what to do. I asked whats wrong honey My Bf Dumped me here told me we were through. That Asshole-she said in an angry sobbing crying voice so she got up off the sing table and I asked with puppy dog eyes does someone need a hug she said OOOOOOOOO she cooed yes please . her breasts escort kocaeli no bra i could tell it was hanging on the stall part n panties too a thong also. she explained to me in detail all he wanted was my virgin pussy dam that sucks i said But not to fear i am here i have a car. ill take you home.do your parents know about him no they thought i was going out with the girlfriends which i was we came here i met this guy i told them i had a ride home .He told me he’d take me home after the movie. Dam I hate that bastard! she sobbed this girl was hot brunette about 5’4″ curves m yummy nice breasts about with cloths on 34C- 36C and very shapely thin body very pretty shave clean pussy but this is only what I saw when i peeked around the corner. it was summer here now So I just had to ask are you just out of school yes she said yes i am.
my last year now all done high school. I got to get a summer job before college O’ i see I said. I might ask around for you if you want me to? OK she said Thanks with a smile and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. she asked what about your gf she asked me, i said i have none at this point in my life, because of my summer job. i really do not mind having one I asked jokingly like a summer fling I asked her LOL I was 20 at the time.she said with a grin and then a smile O I would kocaeli anal yapan escort . I am about 5’8″ 145pounds and well hell A Good looking i say. This eve at the just after memorial day weekend it was a breeze summer night not to hot thank-God it was just right. I asked where do you live she said just up the street. O my I do too I said wonderful . I asked will your parents be up set that someone else is bringing you home. she said no they trust me alone i am there only daughter and they have gone to the cape till Sunday they do this ever weekend through the summer months. Dam I thought today was my lucky day here it was Friday eve a rainy weekend was the forecast wow i am in luck i said. but then I thought i do not know anything about her back ground ony that shes an only girl and her parents go away for the weekends till fall. so all th I asked will you be going local college or far away. .
well we she and i hugged me and well I guess she noticed the hard cock in my pants lol because with no thong on and i was taller
than her my cock rubbed her slit I had my pants on but i guess she felt all 8″ lol. Shehad to reach upon her toes. And give me a slight kiss. She gave me a grin a devilish look dam this girl was still horny I thought to myself even after being dumped izmit yabancı escort by this AHthat left here here. and now with a new bf me I smiled of course i was 2 years older she did not care any way she said wait a second. I bet you need to still finish your work ?. well i said just to lock up the outter gates so no one destroys the property. HMMM she thought do we have time can we m you know what you saw me and him doing. I said ok I asked how old was he she said 18 no expirence he had none. I said Wow in suprise in my mind wow now i can really please here. she said now do you expect anyone to be comming around ? . I said no what about the police well I looked at my wach it was still early 12:15 am just after midnight I said there going to make a run through about 2 am maybe 3 am they allways check the lot if the gates are open make sure i am ok with everything. They know me quite well. I explained been doing this job for 4 years scence i was 16. O she said cool you must see a lot of action she asked. I said as far as in i asked action or me getting some? Bolth she did say I said yes as far as action just ( 2) 19 year old sisters i laughed did you fuck them good i said yes. as far as seeing and tossing people out on when the officers are not here and i need to do it Yes i said. well maybe i can get a job here i said i ask like i did before. she said it would not pay much she said this is ok mom dad just want me to keep busy I got a scolarship from the local college. i love to write and make people happy. well I said thats awesome. .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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