Old Joe

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I had just moved to a new city, a big, lonely metropolis. I hadn’t started my new job yet; I was still moving in my things and hadn’t made any friends other than having a nodding acquaintance with an older man in my apartment building. His name was Joe. He was a huge man, probably a weight lifter when younger, had grey hair, blue eyes, about 70 years old, and the only other thing I knew about him was that he lived on the first floor, while I was on the fifth.

Days later, after I was all settled in, and ready to take a bath, the hot water spigot on the tub wasn’t working. Damn! I was so achy from moving boxes for what felt like months. It had worked the day before; why is it broken now? I called the building maintenance number the superintendent had left for me. A male voice answered and said he’d be right up. After about 5 minutes, there’s a knock on the door. I open it to see the man from the first floor. Joe… the maintenance man.

He smiled and said “Hi. My name is Joe and I’m the maintenance man for this building. You have a problem with the hot water in the bathroom?”

“Yes. Come on in. You probably know the way.” I follow him into the bathroom.

“It’s taken me days to move in and I was psyched to have a soak in a nice hot bath. I’m so disappointed right now.” I feel that I am just rambling on. Why would this old man make me nervous?

“Yes, I’ve seen you lugging boxes into the elevator. I can only imagine how tired you must be,” he responds.

He gets right to work and turns this, listens to that, and pronounces that it needs a new gasket, which he has handy in his toolbox. Soon it is fixed and tests the spigot.

“Voila! You have hot water.”

“Oh thank you so much! I’m glad it was something simple. Do I owe you anything?”

“No, the super pays me well enough. It’s part of your rent.”

I lead him to the door and turn to say ‘bye. Our eyes catch each other and I see a glint in his eye as he gives me a slow, burning smile. For an older man he’s awfully flirtatious. Be careful, girl, I tell myself.

“See you around,” he says.

I say “Thanks again” and close the door.

Now that I’m all moved in, I start learning my way around the city. I find several good restaurants and take-out spots, as well as a dry cleaner. My new job started today and I’m excited and want to celebrate. I hear there’s a liquor store on the back-side of my building so I go out the back door. Across and down the street is a brightly lit store. I go on in and pick up a bottle of my favorite wine and head back home. As I approach the building, I see Joe go into another door marked with letters spelling BOSS. Maybe that’s where the super is, and give it no more thought. Back in my apartment, I slip into my comfy nightie, turn on some soft music and sip my wine while reading a steamy novel.

One fine Fall day, I’m out for a stroll around town. On the way home, I stop at a sidewalk barista for some hot cocoa and see Joe walking down the street towards our building. Feeling more comfortable in the city, and eager to make friends, I decide to talk to him. Because he’s an old man, it’s easy to catch up to him.

“Hi, Joe,” I say. “How are you on this fine day?”

“Oh, hello miss. I’m just fine. Nice day for a walk isn’t it.”

“Yes. I love fall. Joe, you can call me Amy.”

“Oh, I’m old fashioned. I’ll call you Miss Amy, okay?”

“Sure, that’s fine.”

“You aren’t married, a pretty woman like you?”

“I’m divorced over 10 years now. No kids. Thought I’d restart in a new city.”

We are now at our building and enter the lobby.

“Well, welcome to our building. If you ever need anything fixed, just give old Joe a call.”

“Thanks, Joe, I will. You take care.”

“You too. See you later.”

I head for the elevators and Joe heads to the back room. He’s a sweet old man and I look forward to getting to know him.

Over months of living in the city, I find myself running into Joe around town. We’ve struck up a nice friendship. He’s easy to talk to, and such a gentleman. If he wasn’t so much older than me… sigh.

A few weeks later, on a Friday night, I’m coming back from the liquor store after purchasing wine for dinner. I’m having a few work friends over. I see Joe going into the BOSS door again. The super must keep him pretty busy. After my friends leave, I really felt like an aperitif but had run out. I could just make it to the liquor store before closing. I’m glad it’s so close and handy. On my way back, I see people, all men, coming out of the BOSS door. They didn’t look like maintenance men; they were in business clothes. I couldn’t imagine why they were in the super’s office. Well, none of my business. As one passes by me, I detect a familiar scent. I can’t quite place it but I know I know it.

The next weekend, I’m bored and feeling lonely. I go to Joe’s office but he’s not there. He must be fixing something. I decide to take a walk and find myself at the back of the building. Curiosity has taken hold of me since the Escort Bayan night I saw the men come out of that door. I hear footsteps coming so I hide myself behind a stack of pallets. I see five men arrive at the door and one of them punches a code in the lock. The door opens and they step in. I boldly scramble over and catch the door just before it closes and slip inside. At first it’s dark so I let my eyes adjust before exploring. I hear the men’s voices quietly talking with an occasional laugh. I slowly descend the few steps there. Again, I smell that familiar odor that I just can’t place. I hear them settling into chairs and a gavel bangs on a table.

“Welcome to the weekly meeting of BOSS,” I hear a voice say.

“Is there any old business to discuss?”

The secretary, I assume, if it’s a proper meeting, states no.

“Is there any new business?” The secretary again states no.

“Well, since we have no client tonight, I propose we head to our usual pub. All in favor? The ayes have it. Meeting adjourned.” The gavel bangs again.

Oh no, they are leaving and I’m still in the alcove. I try to make my get-away quietly but stumble into something metal. It makes a loud clang and I freeze. A hush settles over the next room. I hear soft footsteps approach. I run up the steps and just as I get to the door, a hand grabs my arm and turns me around.

I’m staring at this gorgeous hulk of a man. Black hair, but his eyes are familiar. He pulls me down the stairs. “Who is it, Joe?” one man asks just as we enter the room.

“It’s the woman I was telling you about, Miss Amy.” Joe? My old man Joe?

He sees my confusion and says “Yes, I’m that Joe. I wear the disguise for a reason, which you are about to find out.”

“Fellas, meet Amy. She called me to fix her hot water, and now she’s in hot water. Are you in?” A unanimous Yes fills the room.

“Okay. While I get Amy settled, you all get into your uniforms.”

The men retire to another room, all talking at once but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I’m still in shock at finding Joe is this gorgeous guy and not some old man.

“I expect you are confused. I play that I’m an old man so I don’t arouse suspicion. I’m head of our organization and it wouldn’t do for word to go around the building. The super knows and approves. You will soon find out what we do here.”

He leads me into a robing room. He says I have to take everything off. As soon as he lets go of me, I try to run. This is not what I signed up for.

“Oh no, Miss Amy,” he says as he grabs my arm. “Your curiosity got you into this. You will not be leaving until WE are satisfied that you are satisfied. Now, strip, or do I have to do it myself.”

I shake my head No and slowly begin to undress.

“Everything, underwear and bra too.”

Shit. This is turning into a nightmare. I’m finally naked, trying to hide myself behind my crossed arms. Joe calls for two men and in walk two normal looking guys dressed in black slacks and white shirts with buttons on one side.

“Take her into the room. You know what to do.”

The men grab my arms and pull me into the next room. I drag my feet trying to slow us down but they are too strong, and it only serves to hurt my feet. When I get into the room, I look around. I see mirrors, and sinks, and stuff, but the biggest thing in the room is this major chair. It looks almost Victorian, with maroon leather upholstery with silver studs, wooden arms, cushioned metal head and footrests. Around the chair are three other men, all dressed as the two that brought me in. They put me in the seat. They arrange themselves around the chair. They seem to be waiting. Soon in walks Joe, with the same shirt but maroon slacks. On his shirt is embroidered BOSS.

“Welcome to BOSS. We are a group of professional gentlemen who specialize in specific experiences. Never in your wildest dreams will you have thought of the things that you will feel and experience.”

I’m starting to shake. What are they? How am I going to get out of this? I start to get out of the chair but get pushed back in.

“No, I don’t want this. Let me go!”

“Gentlemen, restraints please.”

Four men take maroon velvet ties and place them on my arms and legs.

“Let the pleasures of the Barbers Only Sex Society begin.”

Barbers? That’s what BOSS means? Now I know what the scent was… the scent of shaving cream! How could I be so stupid! Why do I have to be so damn curious!

I scream at Joe, “No! Stop this before anything happens and I won’t tell anyone, I swear. Please?”

Joe walks over to me and stares down at me. If I wasn’t so scared, I’d melt into those blue eyes. But since I’m petrified, I only shrink back into the chair. He can be very scary. I just can’t believe he’s the same man I made friends with.

“Gentlemen, I don’t believe we can take this slowly. The Ultimate treatment is in order, and we will follow procedure of the Ultimate to deal with resistance. You all know Bayan Escort what to do. Proceed.”

I have no idea what they are talking about. I looked at Joe but he did not explain it to me, which made me more nervous and afraid.

The men all bustle about, getting instruments and things with cords ready. I try wriggling to loosen the ties but they are held fast. Joe moves a lever and the back of the chair drops so that I am pretty much lying down.

“Barbers A and B, at the feet. Position them, please.” One man pushes a lever and the other pulls apart the footrest into left and right. It pulls my legs apart so my pussy is in full view. They are locked in place.

“Barbers C and D, arms please.” Two more men unpin the arm rests and swing them out so that my arms are out straight from my sides, and lock them as well.

“Barber E, to your place.” Another one plants himself between my legs.

“I will be at her head,” Joe says as he moves to the top of the chair. He lifts my head and pulls my hair out from under me and clips half of my hair on top of my head. He walks away and grabs something. I can’t see from where I am. I feel so helpless and exposed. The longer I lie here the more afraid I get. I start shaking, whether from fear, the cool room, or expectation, I couldn’t say.

“Gentlemen, get ready.” The men turn, almost as one, and pick up whatever it is they need and slowly turn around.

“Now.” I hear simultaneous clicks and buzzing of clippers and on-hand head massagers. Almost at the same time, I feel the massagers on my legs and arms. Then the shock of the clippers on my pussy just seconds after the first buzz on my head, shaving the hair off my neck. The vibrations are intense and I’m almost overwhelmed with sensations. I’ve never shaved my pussy so I’m not prepared for the exotic, very erotic feeling as my pussy is bared by the clippers. It feels good, too good, and this bothers me. But what is more disconcerting is my hair. My hair is just below my shoulder and I’ve had it cut short before, but never had clippers used. I start tearing up as my hair disappears from my head.

“Gentlemen, procedure . On my mark… Now!”

The massagers that were just tickling me now touch deeper. The clippers at my pussy, now mostly bare, deepens as well. He’s shearing hair that is no longer there. It hurts and I try to move away but his hand holds me down at my mound. My neck is feeling a deeper scraping as the last of my hair falls away. Deeper, harder, and tears flow freely now as it hurts more and more.

“Please, it hurts,” I cry out. My cry only brings more pressure and pain. The massagers move to my breasts and the men wielding them squeeze my breasts and tits. That sends hot threads of pleasure down to my core. My pussy, still in pain with the clippers, starts to throb with the streams of pleasure flowing down to it. The vibrator men now move the massagers all over my body while leaning down to suck my tits. They move them down near my mound and the vibrations from massagers and clippers and tits being sucked bring me to orgasm. I want to buck and thrash and push myself into the clippers but I can’t move. The barber between my legs holds it just off my pussy, as if to tease me, knowing I can’t reach. Then he brings it back with a vengeance and I’m coming again. I don’t want to. My body is betraying me. My mind can’t comprehend what my body is experiencing, and it gives up, and I give in to the extreme sensations of pain and pleasure.

I think I’m about to pass out when I hear Joe say, “Gentlemen, phase two.”

I hear all instruments turn off and be put down. The barbers that tied my arms and legs undo the ties.

“One, two, three, turn” and I am flipped over. I have no muscle control and I can’t move to run away. I just lie there, hoping I will survive. I am moved further up the chair so my head is slightly over the edge and my neck straight, supported by the headrest, and my arms and legs are tied again in this position.

“Gentlemen, continue procedure . Ready, go.”

Oh god, not more, please god no more. I feel the massagers on my shoulders first. I think they are trying to relax me before the onslaught. Next, I feel dildos being inserted into both my pussy and butt hole.

“No! Not there, please.”

“Hush” is the response I get.

A double! Oh god no. I’ve tried anal before and didn’t like it. The dildos vibrate and the massaging barbers move them in and out, in and out. It’s uncomfortable, and painful, but I soon forget about that when I feel the clippers on the back of my head. How could I forget! Joe clippers away a bit more of the long hair from my head. I now have a severe, very severe undercut. How horrible, how ugly I must look! But he keeps going over and over my neck. I try to move away so he can’t get to my neck but the barbers at my arms hold me still. He keeps shaving my neck, over and over. It hurts, please stop! Tears once again fall. The barbers move the massagers to my back and my butt. I didn’t know Escort it could feel so good. Stop! I shouldn’t like this. All of a sudden I feel an orgasm sneaking up on me, building and building, until I explode. I had forgotten the dildos!

“Gentlemen, she has cum electronically. Instruments off, and ready for phase three. Okay, go.” No more shaving, no more massaging, no more dildos. What I feel next is hands, hands everywhere, hands touching, stroking. Joe is stroking my neck. It hurts but his hands are light and feathery. Is it painful pleasure, or pleasurable pain? Yes to both. I feel hands stroking down my back, over and over. Very soothing. I feel hands kneading my cheeks, with a hand now and then slipping between them, sometimes a finger in my butt hole. Highly erotic. I feel my pussy being stroked so slowly, lightly. An occasional finger inserts itself. My legs are being stroked by soft hands from thighs to feet. I totally relax, totally give in to the whole body experience. My senses heighten with each stroke, and my body becomes overly stimulated, aware of each stroke now. Every touch is so light it’s maddening!

All the touching becomes lighter now, making me more aware of sensation, making me want more. I shiver, my body needing more. Suddenly, hands are heavier, stroking deeper. The need for release is building. Between my legs I feel several fingers stroke my pussy harder, faster. That, too, hurts because of the rough shaving, but it hurts so good! My breathing matches the rhythm. Fingers insert, one, two, three, and move in and out, fucking me. My body surges back onto those fingers, pressing them deeper. The rhythm is faster, a finger now bangs against my clit. I move faster and faster on those fingers. My orgasm starts from deep within and builds to an incredible spasm of pleasure. Hands and fingers stroke me through it, and lighten as I descend. There’s silence, only my breathing now.

Joe speaks in a more hushed tone, “Gentlemen, this ends the Ultimate. Anything from here on is whatever you decide, individually or collectively. What is your pleasure?”

A few murmurs and discussion, and they have several suggestions. What more can they do to me. I can’t fight, there is nothing left in me, except need.

One man wants to fuck my pussy, another wants me to suck him. With Joe’s approval, they simultaneously fuck my pussy and I get a cock stuck in my mouth. I don’t know where to feel first. My pussy, so newly bare and throbbing with both pain and pleasure feels full, and the barber really knows how to fuck a bare pussy. He’s careful but forceful and I can’t help wanting it. The cock in my mouth tastes really good and my subconscious takes over and I suck him as good as I can without using hands. Just as I’m cuming from the fuck, the cock does too.

“Would anyone like to eat Miss Amy?”

Barber E, who has been at my pussy the whole time says he would. He kneels down and I feel his finger exploring my lips. Then his tongue touches my clit and I jump. It’s so sensitive, I don’t know if I can stand it. His tongue keeps lapping at me, and he inserts a finger, then another, and another. He sucks my clit and I’m in such pain. Then I feel so stretched on the inside. I realize he has a huge vibrator in my pussy, and he’s moving it in and out, fucking me, while sucking my clit. Moving faster, shoving harder. I can’t stand the pain and pleasure and just before I cum, the vibrator is turned to max and rotates. I cum more forcefully than I thought after the last orgasm, soaking his face with liquid.

“Any more suggestions or are we done pleasing Amy?”

I hear whispers and Joe says, “I approve. Gentlemen, change position.”

Once again the ties are removed but this time I’m removed from the chair and held standing until one barber sits in the chair. I’m told to climb onto the chair and onto his erect cock. I need to be helped as my legs feel like rubber and won’t answer my commands. Once I’m settled on his cock, which feels amazing, they hold my arms forward so that I lean over. Another barber is behind me and I feel his cock slide into my ass. When I’m impaled and in position, they tie my arms to the armrests again, then pick up clippers and stand at my sides. Joe picks up a clipper and clicks it on.

“Now” he says and they all have at me. The cocks slide back and forth in me. They are much bigger than the vibrating dildos, and I still feel tight enough I feel every thrilling movement. The barbers at my side put clippers to my arms and shave off the hair. While Joe starts shaving the back of my neck again, they move the clippers to my legs and shave the hair off there too. The cocks are picking up speed and slamming hard into me. It pushes me up and into the clippers on my neck which gives me fantastic pain. I end up rocking to and fro, cocks and clippers, cocks and clippers. I am full of sensations, being pulled back and forth by pleasure and pain. They combine and I don’t know where one begins and the other ends. Cocks fucking me, clippers shaving my neck and everywhere. What leftover inhibitions are in me let go and I cum and cum, bucking wildly, writhing in ecstasy. They just wouldn’t stop what they were doing to me. I can’t take anymore! Oh no, I’m cuming again! With my last breath, I scream out my orgasm and collapse onto the man I’m riding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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