Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 02

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[Please read part one in the Uncle Jack series. Thank you for your comments and feedback. Keep them coming.]

I woke on Saturday morning with a feeling of dread and excitement. I knew last night’s action would have consequences, repercussions. I lay with my back to Anna thinking about what had happened, how turned on I had been, how forward… how slutty my wife had been. Our sex life was not usually like this. Last night I came, explosively, just as she suggested that I should suck Jack’s big cock, that I would scream “like a little bitch” if he fucked me. She had sat on my face and reached her orgasm as I licked my seamen from inside her. As we fell asleep, my face was slimy with our juices. All this felt deviant, dirty, wildly exciting. Last night she was radiant and forceful — more beautiful and sexy that ever — and I felt more myself and more vulnerable than ever.

As I lay there wide awake, I tried to stay still, not to wake Anna. My little penis was hard as a stone. As the minutes ticked slowly by, all sorts of scenarios ran through my addled brain — things I had never thought of or fantasised about before.

Then Anna began to stir. She spooned into my back, pressing herself against me. Her hand reached slowly around me, playing over my chest, my stomach and downwards. I tensed up, my body going rigid, as it sought out my penis. Anna laughed lightly as her fingers found my little erection and held me lightly.

“Good morning dirty little man. Been thinking about Jack and his monster cock?”


“Don’t lie to me Timmy. It’s quite natural for a man with a little penis to be in awe of a man with a huge cock.”

I was silent. Anna never spoke like this. What was going on? What was she after? Was it a game, a tease, or was she serious? I was anxious and humiliated and fantastically excited, so close to ejaculating as her finger tips played across me.

“It’s OK Timmy. Don’t be ashamed,” she said kindly. “I bet his cock is… beautiful. I certainly want it. Imagine being filled by that, when you are used to a twig. I’ll teach you to suck it really well. Would you like that? Maybe he’ll fuck you in the arse.”

“Anna, I’m not gay. I don’t want to suck Jack’s cock, and I don’t want him to fuck me. It’s just it’s so big, and he’s so… aggressive… and… he wants you and you say you want him… What is going on Anna?”

“Of course, I know you’re not gay Tim. You’re my gorgeous, loving, good husband. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try a big cock like Jack’s. It’s OK to want it. Don’t be ashamed. I want to see you on your knees before your uncle, your superior, sexually speaking. It’s just the way it is, a fact of life. In the cock department, he’s a God and you are… well, a little mortal man, a boy really. Imagine how exciting that would be to give pleasure to him. I want him too, Timmy. I want to experience that sort of man, that sort of cock. I’m your wife, and I’ll always love you. But that cock. I have to try it. Do you understand?”

Anna didn’t wait for me to answer. She wasn’t really asking permission, just explaining things to me, trying to make the blow softer. But not too soft. The way she was talking — always telling me I was little, calling me Timmy — was humiliating, deliberately so. I hated it, but I loved it too. It was new in our relationship, and I was panicked, sacred and hugely thrilled. I actually felt a little sick in the pit of my stomach, but I was so, so turned on. As Anadolu Yakası Escort all this rushed through me, Anna took control again. I suddenly felt a finger press into my crack in search for my hole.

“Anna! No… please… don’t…”

Before I could wriggle away, Anna pressed into me firmly. My anal ring gave, and long finger entered me smoothly and deeply. I gasped, grunted, almost barked out, and came instantly, furiously. The feelings were so intense, leaving me out of breath and trembling.

“There, there Timmy. That was nice, wasn’t it? It’s ok, my sweet little man. Just go with this. You’re so keyed up, aren’t you? Talk about premature… you’re quicker than ever. I bet Uncle Jack can last for hours.”

With each twitch and spurt of my penis, my arsehole clamped onto Anna’s finger. My orgasm went on and on. I sighed girlishly and my whole body went limp. Anna, my beloved wife, had just raped me with her finger. I might have cried, I was angry with her. But once again, she took the initiative.

Anna kept her finger in me for another minute or two, stretching me, pressing against my prostate and milking every last drop out of me. The hand that has been at my cock came up to my mouth and fed me my ejaculate a little at a time. We lay there cuddling a while. I never went soft. My little penis stayed rigid. What had just happened clearly wasn’t rape. Wrapped in her arms, I was content and ready to face the day.

Eventually, we got out of bed. My penis just would not go down. It stuck out, bobbing about ridiculously. Anna teased me and flicked at it hard with her finger nail, making me squeal again.

“Timmy, you’re turning into an eager little slut.”

As I came out of the shower, Anna was at the sink brushing her hair to a high shine. She motioned me over and pointed out of the side window, which overlooked the terrace and pool.

Jack was already out by the pool. He lay on a lounger sunbathing. He was completely naked.

“Put your Speedos on, the really tight green ones, and take breakfast out to him,” Anna said. “Eggs, toast, juice, coffee and the paper. The works.”

I rushed down to make Jack breakfast. Amazingly, I was calm, and for the first time that morning, my penis relented and softened. I managed not to spill or break anything. I found a vase and put a flower in it, as I would if treating Anna to breakfast on her birthday. A cut rose for Jack. Anna did say “the works”.

As I emerged into the sunlight, the enormity of what I was about to do struck me. My knees went weak and my little penis became painfully rigid again. I had to stop and put the tray down before I dropped it. I was about to serve breakfast to a naked old man, my Uncle Jack, who was lounging there with his huge cock ostentatiously on show. I was dressed in my briefest trunks, showing off my little nub of an erection. The message, the situation, was unmistakable. By taking him breakfast out by the pool, I was telling Jack that he, with his big cock, was my superior, that I would serve him in my home and that he was welcome to have my beautiful wife. I had no doubt about this and as it dawned on me again what I was doing, I pushed through my doubts. I tried to adjust my penis to minimise the little tent, but it was impossible and I gave up. I looked up at the bathroom window where Anna stood, smiling. She blew me a kiss. I steadied myself, took a deep breath, picked up the tray and walked on out to Kadıköy Escort the pool.

“Morning Tim,” came Jack’s bellowing voice. “Breakfast! That’s kind of you. Put it here.”

He pointed to a low table beside the lounger.

“Thank you.”

I bent to put the tray down, and straightened up. There was not seat for me, so I stood, towering over him, with my little penis sticking out. He lay back, relaxed as can be taking in the sight of me. My slim tall body, almost hairless, tanned and fit, but with a boy’s penis where a man’s cock should be. I was struck dumb – not sure what to say or do. I’m not sure I had a thought in my head. I was pure sensation, the slight breeze against the back of my legs, the sunlight on my chest and right cheek. I had my eyes closed against the sun for a while. Then I opened them, carefully looking at his face, and not at his cock.

“Sleep well?” he asked. He had slight sneer on his face, all arrogance and some malice. But our conversation was polite, mundane.

“Yes. And you?”

“Fine, fine. Gorgeous home you have here Tim. You must be very proud.”

As we chatted, Jack shifted in his chair. He spread his legs wide. His right knee, the one furthest from me, came up and the sole of the foot planted itself flat on the lounger. His other leg opened to the side until the sole was flat on the terrace’s flag stones. A classic pornographer’s pose, displaying his cock in all its heavy glory.

“You and Anna got any plans today Tim.”

“No. Nothing particular.”

My eyes left his grinning old man’s face and slowly moved down his body – worn and ugly, but so powerful. The skin on his thick, strong neck was saggy and wrinkled, and seemed to gather at the bottom of his neck bringing to mind a turtle. The heavy hard deltoid muscles on his shoulders were clearly defined and the relaxed arms at his side were thick, heavy and muscular. Below a protruding collar bone, his chest was enormous – the pectorals hard and pronounced, covered in a heavy matting of brown, grey and white hair. Underneath the hair were clearly visible scars, and big dark moles and skin blemishes. The skin, again, was loose and he had stretch marks. His abdominal muscles were heavy and distinct, even as he lay there at ease. I looked past his groin quickly to his stringy legs, muscled and veined, ugly with knots, like old branches. And then I looked up again. There it was. His huge, lolling cock.

“That’s good, very good. We can spend the day by the pool, catching up. Maybe a barbecue later? I love streak.”

I was staring openly now.

“Yes a barbecue. That would be nice,” I said stupidly.

Our chat cut off. No pretence was needed now. I was just going to stare at the monster between Uncle Jack’s splayed legs.

It was bigger that I could possibly have imagined; as long as my forearm and, at the head, as broad and bulbous as a fist. It sprouted out of a heavy white pubic bush and curved down to rest on the plastic of the lounger, way down by his knee. It was veined and misshapen in places. There was nothing smooth or graceful about this cock. It was like a cudgel. Jack’s hand reached down slowly and hefted the cock over his thigh pointing its heavy, blunt tip towards me. This exposed the big pendulous scrotum. I took it all in, every vein and ridge and sag of skin, the great curve of it, the obvious weight. It was tremendous. I know it’s a cliché, but this was a weapon , something Ataşehir Escort you could do real harm with.

“What do you think?”

“It’s amazing.”

Uncle Jack took hold of his cock and stroked it slowly and firmly, five or six times. It didn’t get hard, but then it was never really soft.

“Emily, your Mama, loved this cock. You know, I used to fuck her from time to time, just to keep her from despairing and leaving your dad. And I think Anna will like it too.”

“It’s huge,” I added, another idiotic and unnecessary comment. I was in a daze.

“Tim, I’m going to fuck Anna. I know she wants it. She kissed me like a slut on heat last night. Do you mind?”

I said nothing.

“Come closer.”

I moved towards Jack.

“Show me what you have.”

I hesitated. I didn’t want to show him my penis. He could see it anyway, through my trunks.

“Do it Timmy. Don’t make me get up and strip you.”

I did as I was told. I pulled my Speedos to my knee and stood back up for inspection

“Is this it? Your manhood?”

He laughed out, a loud barking, taunting laugh. I was as hard as I had ever been. In my humiliation and excitement, my penis was as big as it had ever been.

“It’s tiny Timmy. No wonder Anna is so desperate.”

Suddenly Anna’s voice rang out.

“Tim, there’s a call from work. Some kind of emergency.”

“I’ve got to go, Uncle Jack. Sorry.”

“No problem Timmy. I’m sure Anna and I will have a fine old time. Thanks for the breakfast.”

I pulled my Speedos up and rushed to meet Anna in the kitchen. We stood opposite each other in silence for a few seconds. Anna opened her arms to me and I went to her, burying my face in her warm, elegant neck and pressing my erect penis into her thigh, hugging her hard.

“It’s OK my Timmy. I’ll be fine, and I’ll tell you everything when you get back. There’s nothing to worry about at all, do you understand? This isn’t going to change a thing. Uncle Jack is going to have me and… there really isn’t anything you can do about that. It’s going to be really great fun, for all of us. You’ll see. Trust me on this.”

She pulled me close and we kissed, deeply, wetly, as if we were about to make love, as if she were hungry for me. She was hot and sexy, but I was heading off to work, leaving her in the hands of my Uncle Jack.

“Now, off you go Timmy. Call me when you’re on the way home.”

Three hours or so later, I was at work in the main meeting room, pouring over some printouts from our plant in China with three colleagues. Our latest product run had produced a fault. It was going to be a long day. We had to re-issue the specification before the end of the day to avoid a massive loss on one of our key new products.

My mobile phone throbbed in my pocket. It was a message from Anna.

I stepped away from the desk and took out my phone. I opened the message. Across the large screen, a picture opened up. It showed Anna’s beautiful face covered in streams of cum – it was in her hair, on her forehead, one eye was forced shut by a huge glob, it hung off her nose and chin, streamed down her cheeks. Her mouth hung open slackly, revealing a mouth full of sperm. Her face was turned up to the camera, a look of almost religious rapture across it. Uncle Jack had obviously taken the picture. At the bottom of the picture you could see the still-bubbling head of his enormous cock, held adoringly in Anna’s two hands and pressed tightly to the side of her neck.


[I hope you enjoyed this. Please keep your feedback and comments coming. A third instalment will follow soon.] [Please read parts one and two. Thank you for you encouragement and comments. Please keep them coming.]

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