Older Folks Know How to Have Fun

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I was sorting through some files on my laptop recently and came across this short story I wrote a couple of years ago but which I never got around to submitting. It’s a true account and reflects my love of sex with older women in their 50s, 60s and 70s. I’ve edited it and added a postscript to bring it up to date and I hope it provides some pleasure. Please be aware that it contains graphic references to messy sex in a MFMF foursome.

Carol, my 64yo fuck buddy, and I were at a swingers club in the English Midlands where we met a lovely couple while sharing the huge jacuzzi. We made our introductions and learned they were Sue and Paul, both of them aged 52. They were very friendly and we hit it off together very quickly. They were both big people but easy company with a good sense of humour and we enjoyed playing around in the warm water with them. Having ascertained with Carol, discretely, that she was up for taking things further with them, we bit the bullet and asked if they would like to join us in one of the play rooms. They looked at each other, their faces full of excitement and both agreed instantly. Sue asked if we could look the door once in the room rather than involve others as she and Paul were still quite new to swinging. We assured them that was fine and that we’d take things at their pace. Carol and I held hands and led the way to find a room upstairs, enjoying the sound of our new friends giggling like c***dren behind us, clearly full of excited anticipation.

We found a room, beautifully lit and cosy, and which had not yet been used that evening, perfect for sharing with a newbie couple. We ushered them in and locked the door. The room even had an ensuite which Sue and Paul asked if they could use to freshen up. Carol was so horny that she couldn’t wait for them to rejoin us and begged me to start playing with her immediately. We embraced and I slipped my hand down to find her pussy dripping with need. No foreplay was needed, we were both gagging for a good fuck and Carol laid on the bed on her back and opened her legs wide. By the time Sue and Paul joined us I was fucking Carol on her back, her gorgeous lithe legs up over my shoulders and pounding her hard. I apologised for being rude and starting without them but it did avoid any awkwardness and it was clear they were very aroused at the sight of us copulating. Carol invited them to join us on the bed and Sue got onto her knees, pushed some pillows under her tummy and presented her fabulous big bottom to Paul. It was wonderful to watch him enter her effortlessly and hear her groan with pleasure. They quickly got themselves into a hard doggy fuck and were largely oblivious escort gaziantep bayan numaraları to us next to them. Being a BBW Sue’s big tits bounced around beautifully and her large bottom was slapped obscenely against Paul’s thick thighs.

After 10 minutes or so of noisy, intense copulating, Carol reached over and stroked Sue’s breasts and asked quietly if she’d like to swap partners. She groaned and cried “OH FUCK YES” enthusiastically, and Paul responded with equal excitement at the prospect of fucking my lovely Carol. Paul slowly withdrew from his wife and shuffled over towards Carol and me. As he pulled out from his big partner his helmet was joined to her by a string of their combined goo, which I found a massive turn-on. Carol’s lovely snug vagina was dripping but Sue’s looked even more wet. I could see a puddle on the surface underneath her and the feeling of entering her hot liquid cunt was indescribable. She’d been on her knees for a while by now and was tiring so she was relieved when I suggested we change to missionary. Seeing both women next to each other on their backs, their knees bent and legs back, totally submissive and opened up for their men was, to my eyes, hugely arousing. They were holding hands with each other too which I found a lovely intimate touch. Paul and I managed to drag both women to opposite corners of the raised fuck pad until their bums were at the edge. That meant we could each stand and really give them a really deep pounding, their legs up high and feet pointing to the ceiling. The visuals were mind-blowing and the room was filled with the sounds and smells of intense foursome sex.

With Sue now completely comfortable and full of my cock I placed one hand on her big soft mum belly and used my other hand to play with her swollen clit. She went ballistic and started climaxing noisily. Her hubby, deep inside Carol and thoroughly enjoying her, warned me that Sue would most likely squirt at any moment and sure enough she did, going off like a firehose and spraying all four of us with her womanly cum. I could feel the onset of my own climax and asked Paul if I could cum inside his wife. He agreed enthusiastically and said he’d love having the slut back for sloppy seconds. He asked if he could cum in Carol and I told him to go ahead and paint her cervix with his semen so that I could also enjoy sloppies. Hearing me say that prompted Carol to orgasm noisily which triggered Paul to ejaculate inside her lovely cunt and that in turn made me lose it and cum inside Sue, who was by now beside herself with one climax after another. Fuck, escort gaziantep pornoları it was such a sexual domino effect.

It was one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had. The smell in the room was beyond belief, a rich cocktail of pure sex, and as for the sight … both women lying holding hands, their legs relaxed and spread, with cum leaking onto the fuck pad. Thank goodness it wiped down easily. We cleaned up the mess and then Paul and I set about reclaiming our women, still all four of us together in close proximity. He took Sue where she was lying as she was pretty well spent. Carol and I lay together and watched them make love intimately, loving the sound of Paul’s thick cock squelching my cum out of his wife. Carol readily got aroused again as she loved watching sex, and she got onto her knees and presented me with her gorgeous trim bottom, calling out to me to fuck her hard. She used to be a gymnast and has an amazing body despite her age. She’s quite edgy too and has a tramp-stamp at the base of her spine, which she knows turns me on when we fuck doggy.

I got comfy behind her and smeared my erection around her hole, loving the feeling of Paul’s cum dribbling out of her. However the best was yet to come because when I eventually slid into her in one stroke I was blown away at how much he’d shot inside her. I groaned and called out to him what a dirty fucker he was to have inseminated Carol so heavily. He smiled and said he’d loved the feel of her mature cunt and that he’d not cum for 2 days beforehand. By now Sue was more with it and looked over to Carol and giggled, saying “welcome to my world” and apologised for her hubby being such a heavy cummer. Carol groaned at the dirty talk and said she loved being filled up with so much semen. I reassured Sue that I too loved the feel of Carol’s cunt being so thoroughly used and suggested it might be nice to give Carol a fisting, which she loves, especially when she’s full of cum.

Carol readily agreed and I rearranged her onto her back. It normally takes plenty of lube to get my hand inside her but Paul’s thick cum did the job perfectly and I slowly slid 2, then 3, then 4 fingers into her. She was so turned on and adding to the mess with her own pussy goo. That final step when fisting, of adding my thumb and then ever so slowly slipping my whole hand into her open cunt is such a turn-on for us both. I was up to my wrist inside her and doing all the moves she loves … rotating my hand, pushing against the back wall of her vagina and ever so gently playing with the soft ring of her cervix. It drives her escort gaziantep portalı potty with lust and the other two were mesmerised by the sight as they continued fucking, albeit slowly so they could concentrate on what was unfolding next to them.

I commented on the feel of Paul’s huge load of cum inside her and how I could feel the strings of it coating her insides and now my hand. Carol groaned with pleasure and murmured how much she loved feeling so used and dirty. She was now building up to an almighty orgasm and I could feel her insides twitching and tightening around my hand. I talked dirty to her, telling her what a cum whore she was with another man’s thick load inside her used cunt. I knew she got off on both dirty talk and visuals so I gently withdrew my hand and presented her with the evidence of her earlier fuck. My fingers were laced with strings of gloopy cum – it was everywhere – and her gaping vulva was still leaking. The smell was pure sex. I played with her clit and gave her my hand to lick clean, prompting her to climax loudly and squirt in a fountain over us both. That in turn prompted Sue and Paul to finish their fuck with a noisy mutual climax which was wonderful to watch.

We eventually left the club, having swapped contact details with the other couple, and went off to our hotel to fuck ourselves senseless while reliving what had been an evening of pure filth. We met them once more at their lovely home and spent a depraved weekend together, including a lot of bisexual activity between the women and between Paul and me. That’s another story. They had packed off their teenaged c***dren to Sue’s Mum for the weekend. Sue told Carol that she and her divorced Mum were very close and that her Mum knew that Paul and she were swingers, and would ask Sue for a full debrief later in the week, while the k**s were at school. Carol and I were left wondering how we could get Sue’s mum to join us for a threesome. Sue told us her mum was highly sexed, which explained where she got her own appetite from. Linda, Sue’s Mum was by all accounts a dirty 69yo bitch who was still sexually very active according to her daughter. Carol is bi, as is Sue’s mum apparently, so we hoped a FFM meet with a naughty pensioner might be arranged separately.

Postscript: We did meet up with Linda eventually. She was a lovely little lady, a pocket rocket and with a good body for her age. She had her short hair dyed red and cut stylishly, had gorgeous legs and was still able to wear heels. We had several filthy sessions with her at Carol’s and enjoyed a great threesome together, my first FFM experience. On other occasions we went to hers and she invited some of her own friends to join us, including another elderly lady and a couple of bi men in their 60s. It was a complete orgy of older people, all of them drawing their pensions yet having very active sex-lives. We only had a couple of those elderly orgy weekends before Linda sadly died of a massive stroke at the age of 72. I like to think she went to heaven with a smile on her face.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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