On Demand Concubine Ch. 01

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Author’s note – The prologue to this story is true and happened almost exactly as it’s written. The rest is a current fantasy I’ve been having that I hope might happen someday. Anyone want to sign up?


I sit in my living room staring out at the large snow drifts that had piled up almost to the window. My wife has escaped the cold, choosing to spend January and February with her sister in Florida. In the weeks leading up to her trip I was excited by the prospect of being by myself for an extended period of time. Since I retired I spend each morning in my man cave watching porn and interacting on Skype with mostly male friends I’ve met online during the last few years. Hearing them comment on my body during group chats is always fun but if I’m being completely honest, the novelty is wearing off.

Many of these friends live within a couple hours of me and I often thought it would be fun if one of them could make a road trip so we could meet in person. I’ve only had one interaction like this around 10 years ago and it was ok but very risky. His name was Dave and we’d met on chaturbate where we’d watch each other jack off many times. He lived about two and a half hours from me and kept talking about meeting up someday. Since I couldn’t just leave the house and hook up with the wife around I told him the timing wasn’t right. The door opened when my wife made plans to visit her parents for a week without me.

I messaged Dave right away and we started making plans. Initially he suggested we meet at a rest area that was a halfway point for both of us but rain was in the forecast so he suggested a parking ramp at the casino just east of the rest area. I knew the road well since, ironically, it was the same highway I took to my in-laws. I told him that worked for me so we agreed to meet there Saturday at 11am. It was around midnight and I was pretty worked up so I messaged Dave and asked him to get on chaturbate so we could jack off together. At first he didn’t want to because he worried that he wouldn’t be able to cum on Saturday but I convinced him.

I was already naked and hard so I went online to meet Dave. He was rock hard as well and it didn’t take long for both of us to cum as we talked about sucking each others cocks the next day. My entire body seemed to tingle in anticipation as I said goodnight and went to bed. I had a hard time falling to sleep with images of tomorrow running through my head but I eventually nodded off and woke up refreshed on Saturday.

I shaved and showered so I’d be nice and fresh for Dave then went downstairs naked to get a cup of coffee. My cock was beginning to be a problem because it was constantly hard now and I wanted to jack off really bad. I managed to resist the urge and went back upstairs to get dressed. Since it was the middle of summer I wore a white t-shirt and a pair of loose shorts with no underwear to ensure easy access to my cock.

After finishing my coffee it was time to head out for my first ever experience with another man. I figured it would take around an hour to get to the casino and this stretch of highway was pretty boring so I pushed my shorts down around my ankles so I could play with myself a little bit while I drove. My cock was rock hard for the entire trip which made it seem to go faster. The casino came into view ahead so I pulled my shorts up and took the exit.

Parking was free so I entered the ramp and made for level three which was where Dave said he’d be. I looked for his silver Camry but I couldn’t find it so I pulled into an empty space away from other cars. Then I saw him walking up to my SUV.

He was a little younger than me, medium height and a thin frame with thinning hair and glasses. He had a mustache which didn’t thrill me but I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, just someone to suck my dick.

“Hey man,” he said, “I saw you drive by a couple times.”

I said, “I was afraid you weren’t here,” as I pulled my shorts down, freeing my dick as he got in the car.

“Holy fuck your cock looks even bigger in person than I imagined it would,” he said as he started stroking me. He pulled his shorts down and I started stroking his cock as well. When he was hard I realized his cock was no more than 4 or 5 inches. It always seemed a bit bigger on cam but that must have been due to the position of his cam. I was a little dissapointed but decided to make the most of it.

After stroking our cocks for a while Dave said, “I need to suck that big cock now Tony but I need you to wear a condom.”

“Why?” I asked. “I’ve never been with anyone other than my wife.”

“I can’t take any chances Tony. I’m sorry but I’m gonna make you feel really good.”

He tried putting a condom on my cock but it was too small. He had a bigger one that he slipped on then went down on my cock.

I always wondered if getting a blowjob from a guy would be better since we should know better than anyone how to please a man. Honestly it felt pretty good but I hated the condom. After a few minutes I leaned over and started to suck hd porno Dave’s cock without letting him put a condom on. He tried to object but I held his cock firmly in my mouth until he gave in and moaned in pleasure.

“Mmmm that feels so good on my cock Tony,” he said as I moved my mouth slowly up and down his little dick. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this and started sucking harder and faster. I can’t really describe the feeling of having a hard cock in my mouth but it was certainly exciting.

Dave continued stroking my cock while I sucked his dick then he said, “Shit someone’s coming.”

I sat up and we both adjusted our shorts while an elderly couple made their way to their car without even looking at us.

I said, “So what do we do if security comes to check us out.”

“Just tell them we’re waiting for a buddy,” he said. “Worst case we’ll have to go play the slots for an hour. Right now I need that cock in my mouth again.”

I pulled the condom off and said, “If you really want my cock then you need to suck it without a condom,” as I pushed his head down and shoved my cock in his mouth. I started humping his face hard and cried out, “Oh fuck yes Dave. Now your mouth feels so good on my cock.”

After several minutes of pounding Dave’s face I took his cock back in my mouth. Each time one of us would suck each others cock we’d stroke the other one, making it a wave of constant pleasure. Now that the silliness of the condoms was gone I started to really enjoy myself. No-strings sex is a big turn on.

We continued on this way for close to an hour. I was sucking Dave’s cock when he cried out, “Fuck I’m getting close Tony.”

“We need to cum at the same time,” I said as I got on my knees and shoved my cock in Dave’s mouth. After pounding his face like this for a few minutes I could feel my own orgasm start to build so I sat back down. “Let’s jack off together and get to the edge then we can stroke each others cock as we cum.

“That’s just what I was thinking,” Dave said. “Watch me stroke my cock Tony, mmmmm.”

“Oh yeah stroke that cock Dave. This is so much better than camming. I want you to cum all over me. Watch me stroke my big cock!”

“Fuck I’m right there Tony! I can’t hold off much longer!”

“Me too!” I cried, “Stroke my big cock now Dave, I’m gonna cum!”

Dave grabbed my cock and stroked it fast as I did the same to him and a volcano of cum quickly erupted from our cocks. I was so excited that my first shots of cum hit the windshield of my SUV then Dave pointed my cock at his so our cum could mix together as we stroked our cocks.

When our orgasms ended we both lay back on our seats panting. Dave said, “That was fucking amazing.”

“I agree, I knew I’d make you cum,” I said. “We’ll need to do this again sometime.”

“‘Absolutely, I love your big cock Tony,” Dave said as he pulled his shorts up. Just like that he shook my hand and made his way back to his car.

And that is the crux of sex with men, at least from my experience. No kissing or sentiment, just get off and go home. Dave and I continued to chat online but I really wasn’t looking for a repeat performance in part because my wife was around but if I was going to do this I wanted a bigger cock.

Day Zero

Back to the present, I’ve had various guys DM me on another fetish site who were local but they always wanted me to host a meeting which I couldn’t really do. Now that I pondered the prospect of solitary life for the next two months I decided to reach out and see if anyone would be interested in an extended stay.

Looking through their photos what I wanted was a guy with a decent sized cock. If I was going to go down this path I wanted it to be with someone who was close to my eight-inch size. As luck would have it I got a new message from a guy who went by Lust96xxx and said he was in a small town only 20 miles from me. He posted two pics and his cock had some size to it so I decided to ask him if he wanted to get together.

I sent him a message explaining my situation and asked if he wanted to spend the next couple months with me. I knew he was single but I wasn’t sure if his situation would allow him to stay with me. He said he was 41 years old which meant he still had to work every day and my fantasy was to have someone who could take care of my sexual needs anytime I wanted.

I’m approaching my 61st birthday but my sex drive is as strong as it ever was. I’m in good shape and on a good day can still get myself off 5 or 6 times so I was looking for someone to take care of me on demand. I would certainly be willing to reciprocate but my gratification is my primary need.

I explained all of this in my message and was excited when he replied right away saying his name is Curtis and he definitely wanted to do it. Although he had a full time job, he worked remotely so he’d be available when I needed him. He was also recently divorced so nothing was in the way.

Like me, he’s straight and his primary interests were exhibitionism japon porno and mutual masturbation and he couldn’t wait to get started. I messaged him back and told him I would drive to his place and bring him back with me because I didn’t want a strange vehicle parked at my house. He said that was fine and I told him I’d pick him up on Saturday morning at 10am. That would give us the entire weekend to explore our depraved sexual desires without him having to worry about work.

Day One…. Five Orgasms

On Saturday I did the necessary morning duties then dressed in my loose shorts and headed to Curtis’ apartment. I pulled into the lot where he was waiting for me with a small suitcase and laptop bag. He was around 5′ 10″ and in good shape with short brown hair, glasses and a nicely trimmed beard.

I waved to him and after tossing his things in the back he got in and said, “Nice to meet you Tony.”

“The pleasure’s all mine Curtis,” I said as I drove out of the parking lot. Once we were back on rural route 98 I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and said, “No time like the present to get started. Stroke my cock for me and let’s see if you can get me off before we get to my house. His eyes were wide open as he started stroking my cock and it swelled to its full eight inches. I always liked to jack off while driving and it was nice have someone else do it for me

“Man that’s some cock you have Tony. I’m really looking forward to this.” He stroked my raging cock alternating between slow strokes up and down the length to short fast strokes.

“That feels so good on my cock,” I said. “When I cum I want you to stroke me really hard and fast and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

“Ok Tony, I understand,” he said as he went at my cock with renewed vigor. This was exactly the kind of new experience I was looking for and we were five minutes from my house when I felt my orgasm start to build.

“Fuck Curtis I’m going to cum! Stroke my big dick hard and fast right now!” His hand was a blur as my first shot of cum blasted from my cock onto the steering wheel. “Oh god it feels so good keep stroking me just like that!” Wave after wave of cum erupted from my cock until I was finally spent.

After I pulled my shorts up he said, “Wow that was a lot of cum. You have an amazing dick.” I thanked him as we turned the corner to my house and I pulled into the garage.

“Grab your things and I’ll show you to your room,” I said. He collected his bags and I took him up to the second floor guest bedroom. “You’ll be staying here for the duration of your stay. I want to keep things fresh and exciting so I’m not looking to build any kind of relationship so you won’t be sleeping with me. You’re free to use the house to grab something to eat but I want you to spend most of your time in the room until I call for you. Are you ok with that?”

“I’m perfectly fine with that Tony.”

He started to unpack his things but I stopped him and said, “I want to return the favor of that amazing orgasm you gave me in the car so get naked and lay down on the bed. He quickly stripped off his clothes and his cock was already getting hard when I took him in my hand. His dick grew to a good seven inches and it wasn’t quite as fat as mine but it was just what I was looking for. “You have a great cock Curtis,” I said as I took him in my mouth.

“Oh god Tony that feels so good,”. He cried as I sucked the length of his cock in and out of my mouth. After just a few minutes he said, “Fuck your gonna make me cum right now!” I took his cock in my hand and stroked him as the first shot of cum landed on his chest. His whole body quivered as wave after wave of cum blasted from his cock hitting all the way to his face.

When he was finished I said, “That was great Curtis. Now go ahead and get settled. I have some work to do in my basement office and I’ll call you when I need you.” I gave him an extra iPad and said, “If you get bored I have streaming tv so you can watch whatever you like. If you’re hungry there’s plenty of food and drink in the fridge.” He thanked me again and I left him there to settle in.

I went down to the kitchen and made myself some lunch then headed down to my man cave. I settled in and watched some tv and after an hour or so I was ready for more sex so I got naked and pulled up some porn on my iPad and sent Curtis a message saying I needed him in the basement. In less than a minute he walked into the man cave dressed in a t-shirt and shorts.

My cock was fully hard and I said, “Ok Curtis, stroke my cock while I watch some porn.” I had a video on of a plump bbw getting fucked from behind as he started stroking my cock. I also had my laptop cam on so I could watch us on my 40 inch monitor. It was really nice to be able to go through various videos without having to stop stroking.

After an hour or so I said, “Suck my big dick for me now Curtis.” He took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me with long slow movements. “Oh yes that feels amazing,” I said as he continued lezbiyen porno to suck me. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my dick all the way into his mouth and felt the tip enter the back of his throat. I stood up and started fucking his face hard, pounding my cock in and out of his mouth. When my orgasm started to build I slowly pushed in and out of his mouth to stay on the edge then pounded him with renewed vigor. Sweat was streaming down my body as I brought myself over the edge and shoved my cock deep in his mouth as I shot my load down his throat.

I collapsed on my chair and when I regained my breath said, “That will be all for now Curtis.” He looked a little dissapointed as his cock tented his shorts but I decided to make him wait before getting him off again.

He said, “Ok Tony I’ll be in my room if you need me again,” and headed back upstairs.

I laid back naked in my recliner and drifted off to sleep. I never sleep during the day but after two very powerful orgasms my body must have needed to recharge. I awoke with a start and saw it was 415 in the afternoon so I had slept for almost four hours. Plenty of time to recharge my cock so I headed naked up to Curtis’ room. When I got there he was on his bed naked and stroking his cock. I said, “Now Curtis that simply won’t do. Remember you’re here for my pleasure and yours can only come from me. What if I wanted to suck your cock and you couldn’t get hard because you just jacked off?”

He said, “I’m sorry Tony but I didn’t realize that. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Well since you’re hard already let’s just see what you’re watching,” I said. I got into bed beside him and saw that he was watching a video of two guys jacking off together. “I suppose that makes sense Curtis but there’s no need to fantasize like that when I’m here, you just need to be patient. Go ahead and stroke your cock for me.”

He resumed stroking his cock and I did as well since the video was pretty hot. Soon my cock was rock hard and we lay next to each other watching the video and happily jacking off. Just then one of the guys in the video got up and bent his friend over the bed and started fucking his ass. “Wow,” I said, “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

He said, “I’d be happy to try it with you sometime Tony.”

“I’ll keep that in mind but I think there’s some prep work we’d need to take care of first or things could be unpleasant. For now I just want to jack off with you.”

We continued stroking our cocks until Curtis said, “I’m getting really close Tony.”

“I’m not there yet Curtis so slow down a bit until I’m ready.” He slowed his stroke as I admired his cock and the video of the two men and stroked my cock. “This feels so good on my cock. When I’m ready to cum I want you to jack me off.”

“Fuck I’m so close Tony. Looking at your big cock makes me so horny I can’t hold off much longer.”

I started stroking harder until I felt the beginning of an orgasm build in my groin. “It won’t be long now Curtis. I’m going to cum soon.”

“Fuck Tony I’m going to cum! Let me stroke your big dick for you!”

That brought me to the edge and I cried out, “Fuck yes! I’m ready to cum now! Stroke my cock now Curtis!”

We grabbed each others dicks just as our cum started spewing and covering each others cocks. We both screamed at the top of our lungs and writhed on the bed in pleasure as stream after stream of cum shot from our cocks.

We lay panting on the bed and I said, “Lick my dick clean for me now Curtis and I’ll do the same for you.” He eagerly moved and started lapping the mixture of our orgasms from my cock and when I was clean I did the same to him. This was the first time I tasted cum and I quickly found that I loved it.

“Fuck that was really sexy,” I said. “That was the first time I tasted cum in my life. I think there are going to be a lot of first time adventures for us before we’re through.”

“I hope so Tony” he said.

I went back downstairs and watched tv until 630 and was starting to get bored. I wanted to get out of the house and pondered whether I wanted to take Curtis with me. Initially I told myself not to get close to him but since we started first with sex and my ground rules I suppose it couldn’t hurt.

I turned off the tv, went back upstairs and said, “Come on Curtis, we’re going to shower and then go out. I assume you drink.”

“Of course Tony, that sounds great,” he replied with a wide smile on his face.

He followed me into my bathroom and I started the shower. I installed bidet’s on all my toilets and I showed him how to use it.

“If we’re going to try anal you’ll need to start using the bidet. Just turn it on full and get it up your ass until you start feeling some pressure. It’s kind of like a mini enema. It’ll clean you out and feels good too.

He got on the toilet and did as I told him. After a few seconds his eyes got wide and he said, “Oh wow, that does feel good.”

I got in the shower and Curtis followed me. My shower has one head mounted in the ceiling and one on the wall so we could both have water hitting us at the same time. The hot water felt great as I washed up. I asked Curtis to get my back and I’d get his. His strong hands felt great and I thought I might have to ask for a back rub later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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