On the Lips Ch. 03

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“What the fuck are you talking about?” Heather was yelling at the top of her lungs as the people at the meeting stared at her.

“I’m being evicted? I own the house.” Heather was pacing the room as the members of the board of directors of her gated community informed her of their decision.

“Mrs. Regan. It is evident that you have been having, shall we say, unacceptable relations with the staff. We cannot have that at Winterwood. You will get the full amount for your home and we have already arranged for a moving truck for the end of the week.”

Heather just glared at her neighbors. At forty-two, she was much younger then most of her neighbors. In her mind, she figured that these old people had pretty much dried up when it came to sex. It wasn’t her fault that younger guys found her attractive. It wasn’t her fault that she had gone from teaching the tennis coach how to have sex to fooling around with the lifeguard after hours at the pool.

“Fine.” Heather stormed out of the meeting room and walked straight to the pool. Mark was there and he tried to avoid her.

“Mark. Just come over here.”

Mark walked over to Heather.

“I’m sorry if this costs you your job. I’m moving out at the end of the week. It was great while it lasted.”

“I taksim escort know.” That was all Mark could say and then he watched the woman who had taken his virginity walk away from him forever.


Heather had moved from her bungalow to a condo apartment. She had spent the last two months examining her life and realized that she was through with men. Her first boyfriend had been her first everything and when they got married after college she had been thrust into the life of a stay at home wife. When her husband had died, just after their fifteen-year wedding anniversary, she realized she had nothing. They had chosen never to have children. She had money, but that was really her husband’s money not hers. She had just been asked to leave the prestigious gated community she had lived in for the last five years for what the board of directors considered “inappropriate relations with staff members.”

She decided that she would try to curb her sexual appetite. She had her fingers and the showerhead and was going to stay away from men, especially young men.

Heather was at a charity auction. She had thrust herself into charity work and was currently working the coat check. She was wearing a silver gown topkapı escort with low heels. All around her rich couples were coming and going. She was shocked to find out that the ball would probably raise close to one hundred thousand dollars. That was an insane amount, but she just nodded and went along for the ride. Once everyone had arrived, she walked around the room making sure that no one else needed her help. She felt a tug on her elbow and when she turned, she was face to face with a young man.

“Can I have this dance?” The man was about twenty years old and had cute glasses. His hair was dark as were his eyes.

“I’m actually working the charity function. I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

“Hush. We’re dancing.”

Heather was led onto the dance floor and tried to think sensibly. The man held her close and they swayed to the music. She wrapped her arms around his neck and everything felt perfect. She tried to calm down her breathing and felt her heart beating so fast. The song ended and the man walked away, not saying another word to her.

She spent the rest of the evening trying to see this young man again. He was nowhere to be found and she hated her body for reacting the way it did. Heather tesettürlü escort was one of the last to leave and as she made her way to her car in the parking lot, she found him leaning against it.

“I’m Drew.”

“Hi Drew. I’m Heather.”

Drew pulled her towards him and pressed her against the driver’s side door. He then pressed his body against hers, his tongue circling against her neck. He took her car keys, unlocked her door, and opened it. Her eyes were closed and her body was reacting to his lips. She could feel her nipples harden and her panties were already damp. Before she knew it, he stopped kissing her and had guided her gently into the driver’s seat.

“Have a safe drive home.”

And with that, he walked towards his car, got in, and drove off. She sat stunned in her car for a few minutes and then made her way home. She lay in bed trying to forget Drew and how she just wanted to grab him and kiss him. She reached over and grabbed her vibrator. It was pink and had only been used a few times over the year she had owned it. She turned it on high and pressed it against her clit. She cried out as a wave of pleasure crashed over her. She cried out Drew’s name and let the little rabbit buzz against her swollen clit. Each time she made herself cum she imagined Drew’s cock inside her. The idea of a younger man was so appealing to her, partly because it made her forget how old she really was. “Fuck.” Heather held the vibrator inside her and thrusted her hips. She was covered in sweat and her inner thighs were throbbing. She rolled onto her side and passed out cold.

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