On the Parkway

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To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one. If you’d like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you…K’Anne

I had waited for this trip, this excuse to take a trip, for months. I hadn’t seen my baby in ages. As I flew into Newark, New Jersey for the first time I eagerly collected my travel bag to meet with my girl. She was driving down from the City and picking me up on our way to Atlantic City. Damn, I was anxious to see her. The incredible brown eyes with the look of satin to their depths, the double set of eyelashes that fringed those fantastic eyes, the enormous smile with her perfect teeth that always greeted me. And, I will admit to being a little horny thinking about her for so long and not being able to do anything about it.

Packed in my bag were the toys we had shopped so enthusiastically together for over the internet. I don’t know why it is but looking at those sites with my girl on the phone got to me. It excited me to share ourselves like that and the anticipation of using the toys we bought together. This time I had a new double headed dildo I wanted to try. I had of course tried half of it out on myself to see if it would ‘fit’ which it did do so admirably. My girl was bringing the new strap on rabbit that we had searched for so diligently and giggled when she ordered. Man, I had to stop thinking about that, I was going to end up with wet slacks as I strolled down the concourse weaving in and out of slower walking people in my hurry to get to my girl.

I stopped in the bathroom to ‘freshen’ myself. To make sure to change my pantyliner which was becoming a little soused in anticipation of seeing my girl. The phone rang as I was freshening up my makeup, brushing my hair, and popping in a mint.

“Hello?” I answered smiling as I recognized my girls number from the caller I.D.

“Where are you?” she asked exasperated as she paused to say “your plane landed 20 minutes ago.”

I laughed silently at her exactness, never doubting that she had called the airlines to see when we had landed. “I went to the bathroom” I answered dryly.

“Well hurry up, I’ve circled so many times they are going to get suspicious” she smiled into the phone, I could tell by her tone and I imagined that beautiful smile, those perfect teeth, those laughing eyes that melted my heart each time I thought of her or saw her.

“Be there shortly” I said as I finished spritzing some perfume on my hair. I never spritzed on my neck since I had heard some wild story once about someone accidentally poisoning someone else by putting it there. When they had kissed and tongued it, they had a reaction. On my hair and wrists were enough, my girl wasn’t going to tongue those two spots, well…maybe the wrists. At the thought my gut gave a little lurch.

I gathered my kit and repacked it into my suitcase and rolled it and myself out of the bathroom and down the rest of the concourse and out into the sunshine. I whipped out a pair of sunglasses and perched them on my nose.

I stood patiently at the curb watching the taxi’s, buses, and cars, trucks, and vans whiz by. I watched disinterested as people got in and out and rushed to and from the terminal. I glanced to my left watching out of the corner of my eye for her SUV, anticipating it, my stomach in knots after all our time apart.

We somehow managed to get together once every six weeks apart. A long distance love affair was difficult but she was so worth it, so worth the wait, the anticipation, and the passion! Knowing she felt the same way about me made me feel special and incredibly loved.

I spotted the large SUV bearing down on me and didn’t change expression as I raised an eyebrow above my sunglasses, the only sign of recognition in my face. She stopped it effortlessly directly in front of me. I heard the electric locks unlocking the doors and opened the back one to swing my case inside before shutting it and grabbing the handle on the front door. I had to use the running board to climb up.

“Damn this is high” I complained good naturedly as I smiled at her in welcome. “Hi there” I said with a completely different tone that contained the warmth of feeling that was coursing through my veins at seeing her. I buckled in without looking at what I was doing as I was watching her watch me with an expression that said so much that words could not.

“How istanbul escort was your flight?” she asked her eyes shining, letting me know how much she had missed me in our time apart.

“Not bad” I answered as I grinned. I wanted desperately to lean over and kiss her but we were in a public place, I knew how she felt about those things. Being lovers was one thing, being in love another, being in peoples face with two women kissing an entirely different level she wasn’t willing to embrace. It was no one’s business what we did and where but at the same time, what we had was special, she didn’t want to flaunt or share it with the world.

“God I’m glad to see you” she breathed with her smile, I was right, it melted me each time I saw it, captivating me.

I smiled in return.

“Let’s get out of this mess” she turned her attention to the traffic. As she drove effortlessly along and dealt with the insanity that only New York and New Jersey traffic could cause, I gently clasped her ‘spare’ hand that was on the steering wheel. She drove one handed as she turned her hand over to return the squeeze I gave it and didn’t let go.

We talked about inconsequential things as we got into the endless gridlock that was special to this section of New Jersey on our way south. We drove under the sign made famous from the show ‘The Soprano’s.’ I recognized the skyline from one of our favorite shows that we watched ‘together’ from so many miles apart as we spoke on the phone and watched the tv. Many people would not find Newark and it’s skyline attractive, it was too industrial, too dirty, but I was with the love of my life and I found it beautiful. We were going away for the weekend and I couldn’t wait to be alone with her.

“Are you hungry?” she asked before thinking about how many meanings that simple question could have. Yes, I was hungry, for more than this occasional weekend, for her body, for more than food could ever possibly satisfy.

I ignored the innuendo’s that my mind wanted to take at that question and said “yes” simply and easily.

She pulled over to a quick drive through at a McDonalds. I am not a big proponent of fast food but airplane food is worse and I needed sustenance if I intended to last the weekend with this beautiful woman I loved. I wasn’t going to be choosy either. Food was food, for now. Besides, at the rate this bumper to bumper traffic was going it would be hours before we got to Atlantic City and I knew we needed something to last us. The drive through was quick and efficient and we were soon on our way. I made sure she was comfortable with her fries easily accessible, her drink in the holder, and napkins at her fingertips. I didn’t want her eyes off the road, I already knew how distracted I was, I knew she felt the same way I did in anticipation of what this night would bring.

Fast food is exactly that, it’s fast. We were soon done and stuffing our garbage back in the bag and finishing our drinks. Chatting as idiots cut us off to get that extra 10 feet of space we just ‘might’ be leaving in front of us as a buffer we ignored the rudeness of other drivers and took it safe. My lover was a safe driver and despite the fact that her eyes lingered on me longer and longer than necessary I knew she was aware of more than me as she turned back to the road repeatedly.

“Hey, could you pull off soon?” I asked awhile after the sun set and we still saw endless red lights edging south with us along the parkway.

She glanced over as she nodded and asked “are you okay?”

I smiled and said “well, fast food means I have to pee, fast!”

She laughed as she had been thinking something similar. Stretching would feel good after all this time behind the wheel. Maybe traffic would lessen while they stopped at the wayside she thought as she pulled the SUV off the parkway and into the rest stop.

A large stone building made of native stone and beautifully constructed stood among a parking lot. It allowed motorists to do exactly what we were doing. Rest, stretch, and walk. The building contained a small coffee shop and gift shop. As we peed and washed up we looked longingly in the mirror at each other. Almost as though we read each other’s minds we gave into an impromptu hug. I didn’t want to let go and I sensed the same in her. As we leaned back and looked into each other’s faces I went to kiss her when we heard the door to the bathroom begin to open and we sprung apart, pretending to wash our hands again to cover our actions. We quickly dried and sharing a grin we went out into the şişli escort coffee shop and looked over at the trinkets that were overpriced for the tourists. Accidentally we ‘brushed’ against each other time and time again, letting each other know that we wanted the other, that we were very aware of the other. Our looks were smoldering.

“Do you want to get anything to drink?” she asked as she indicated the coffee shop.

I got an orange juice as I didn’t want any caffeine or soda. She got a coffee. We headed out into the night. The traffic didn’t seem to have changed much but perhaps it was lighter.

We cleaned up the garbage from the SUV and threw it into a trash container before climbing back in and sitting to watch the traffic. I don’t know if was my imagination but the traffic seemed to be driving faster than when we got off the parkway.

“You know, I don’t think anyone can see us out here” I commented dryly.

She glanced at me and I could see those eyes that so entranced me.

I smiled as I put my drink in the cup holder and leaned over to her to kiss her. I hesitated ever so slightly as I looked closely into her face. I could see it from the reflected street lights spaced strategically in the parking light. God, I love this woman I thought as I gently pressed my lips to hers. She put her hands on my shoulders and caressed me closer as she held me and responded. Her mouth immediately opened and my tongue tasted the coffee on her tongue. It tasted delicious second hand and I licked at every nook and cranny to get the full flavor of it all. It helped that I could sense she wanted this as much as I did. Her response certainly indicated it. I used every sense and could smell her delicious perfume and hoped mine was equally intoxicating as I pressed myself against her.

“Groannn” I heard her say as I gently caressed along her breast and stopped to squeeze gently.

She was panting when I finally pulled slightly away at some noise I heard outside the truck. I was kneeling at this point from my seat and over the center console and my chest was heaving from our exertions. We watched as two couples got into a sedan and soon pulled away. They hadn’t even seen us making out in the front seat of her SUV. I smiled at her as we realized this. “Want to go into the back seat?” I asked hoping to continue this make-out session in a more comfortable session.

She grinned in anticipation as she nodded. I turned and opened my truck door to hop out and get in the back. I was quicker than her and she had someone on her side she was waiting on.

I got impatient “what’s taking so long?” I asked.

“They are repacking their car” she said dryly as she watched them in her side view mirror and out the window as they moved between the front passenger door, the back passenger door, and the trunk.

“Come here” I said huskily.

She turned to say “I can’t” but then realized she could hop over the center console and into the back seat. Undignified maybe, but quicker than waiting for the idiots on her side of the truck to finish up.

I helped her scoot her backside over the console, unfortunately she chose to go butt first and landed undignified in my lap, I didn’t mind. I kept her from falling to the floor of the truck and I got a bonus with her in my arms.

“Where were we” she murmured as she realized she was on top of me and moved to imprison my lips.

Damn she felt good in my arms and I couldn’t resist feeling everything I could reach with my hands as I kissed her deeply, passionately, and thoroughly. I wanted this woman so badly. Six weeks was too long to be without her. I knew my body was ‘suffering’ from being without her. Phone sex wasn’t very satisfying and self service was awful. I wanted full service, and I wanted it from this wonderful woman in my arms. I wanted to play with the toys we eagerly anticipated using on the other, I wanted her so badly it actually physically hurt to wait.

As my hand crept inside her pants from where it had been rubbing forever on the outside I heard her say “no, wait.”

“Why?” I whispered back between kisses.

“They are still there” she whispered back enjoying the feel of my other hand on her back, my fingers scratching slightly all over the bare skin, under the restrictive strap of her bra, feeling wonderful in their soft caresses one way and nail scratching the other way.

“So what?” I asked breathily as I adjusted her in my arms to access more.

“They can see us” she hissed as my hand tried to insinuate it’s way into mecidiyeköy escort her jeans.

“No, they can’t” I whispered back as I sucked hard on her neck. I must have hit a good spot as I heard her stifle a moan. “The windows are tinted” I pointed out.

She looked up in surprise realizing that I was right. Those people had been repacking right next to them in their car and didn’t even know we were making out in the back seat of her SUV. They must have just finished though as the car doors slammed for the last time and the trunk. They soon drove off and I was relieved. I would give her something else to worry about as I unsnapped her jeans and put my hand inside them, working my way down. I closed my eyes as I felt the wiry hair between her legs. I cupped her mound with my warm hand and heard her breath catch as my palm rubbed against her clit.

“Babeee” she stretched it out in supplication.

“I love you” I whispered as I kissed her again. I slowly was tipping her off my lap so I could get into a better position. It caused more friction between our bodies but who was I to complain about that! I began to subtly rub between her legs and I heard her catch her breath.

“What are you doing to me?” she moaned.

I smiled as I kissed her some more enjoying what I was doing to her, causing in her. It was too long since we had last been together and this would be a nice entree before the main course later. I used my wrist to press against the zipper to provide more access to her crotch with my hand. I felt for and found the wetness, pleased at the amount I could feel. She was gushing and I wanted a taste. As I went to tug her jeans down though she protested.

“No, we can’t, not here” she grabbed at the belt loops to pull the jeans back up over hips.

“Yes, we can” I enticed with a breathy voice “no one can see us” I entreated “please, I need this, I want you.”

She hesitated long enough that I knew the answer would be no if she said it aloud.

I beat her to the answer as I whispered pleadingly “please, baby, please.”

I don’t know if it was the pleading note in my voice or her own desire that had her overcoming her innate good caution but her hands fell away from loops of her jeans and helped me yank them down to around her ankles so I could access what I so desperately desired.

I wasted no time to dive between her legs, I know she appreciated it as her ass went to the edge of the backseat as I kneeled to push my face between them and lick appreciatively along her slit and then part her labia lips and taste that honey that was slipping so copiously from her body in her excitement. I slipped in one finger and then a second one to pump and thrust inside and encourage the flow.

“Groannn” I heard her as I glanced up to see her with her head thrown back against the seat. Her hands were on my shoulder and the back of my head to encourage me to continue. I crept up her body with my spare hand to ‘feel’ my way to her prominent breasts. I lifted the tight bra up from below and slipped underneath to grasp her erect nipple at the same time my tongue captured her clit. I duplicated what my fingers were doing to her nipple what I was doing with my tongue to her clit. I synchronized the thrusts into her body as my tongue and fingertips played with these erect parts of her body. I could hear the gasps from her mouth as she realized there wasn’t a lot of oxygen in that back seat. I glanced around realizing there were people and coming and going and we could be discovered at any time. But I had faith in the tinted windows, people being oblivious, and how fast I could bring my baby to orgasm.

I kept up the synchronized rhythm of my thrusts, my tongue, my fingertips and wished I had two more hands to grab her ass, her other nipple, maybe two more to feel up other parts of her body and overstimulate her. With that thought in mind, my pinkie crept towards her ass and rubbed her rosebud provocatively. This did it for her and sent her over the edge. The hoarse little cries were stifled by her clamping her lips shut but she couldn’t hide the reactions I was enjoying from her body, the way her body squeezed my fingers unbearably tight, can we say kegal muscles? Her body was sending even more hot liquid into the palm of my hand and down the crack of her ass. I swear her clit created it’s own juices the way it suddenly tasted in my mouth. Her hips bucked against my face painfully hitting my nose with her bone but I escaped a break by riding with her. I gently kept up pressure on her nipple in time with the sucking on her clit from lips and tongue and thrusting. I kept it going as long as possible as she came down from the highest of highs on that sweet night on the New Jersey Parkway. Welcome to the Garden State.

~The End~ K’Anne

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