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Sarah and I were both suntanning naked, mid-afternoon on our patio when our door buzzer sounded. “I forgot Tanya was dropping off some papers today,” she told me as she used her phone to open the door for her. “On the patio Tanya.”

I had met Tanya a few times socially with Sarah, an attractive, tall blond, late-thirties, a little younger than us with a good body, though I had only met her when immaculately dressed. Today she has low heels, tight, black leather slacks and a matching black silk blouse.

“Oh wow, fuck, I had heard you two were exhibitionists,” she smiled, obviously aroused as she looked closely at our naked bodies. Sarah was laying face down resting on her elbows, legs spread as I applied oil to her inner thighs, as Tanya watched on.

Sarah made small chat with a huge smile as though this situation was nothing unusual as I oiled her back, then her magnificent ass cheeks. “I had heard rumours about your ass. All true, big, firm, no dimples and just magnificent. I had also heard rumours about the size of your man’s erection,” she told us with a tremor in her voice.

“Rumoured to be thick and nine-inches when fully erect. Awesome, even flaccid you must be five or six-inches,” she smiled as she ogled my almost hairless cock.

“Would you like to see his cock fully erect?,” Sarah teased knowing right at this moment Tanya would like nothing better. Also knowing she and I would both enjoy flaunting my erection for an attractive, beautifully dressed woman.

Tanya is looking very closely at Sarah’s naked body, no tan lines, and the beautifully trimmed tuft of hair over her bald cunt lips as she stands and approaches me.

“We were intending to fuck this afternoon,” Sarah tells Tanya as we kiss with the tips of our tongues. “This can be part of our foreplay,” she smiles as she slides an oily hand along my no longer flaccid cock.

“Have you ever had a man this big Tanya?,” Sarah smirks as she looks her in the eye while expertly teasing my cock to a full, thick, nine-inch erection. I have my hands on my hips with my erection at ninety-degrees to my body as Sarah teases the underside with a fingertip. As she lightly tongue kisses me I place a hand on her glorious ass.

“Is that a turn on for you Tanya? It is for me. Pity you have to rush, you could have watched us fucking, we love an audience. You can fantasize about us fucking as you drive home.

“If you are free this Sunday afternoon would you like to seduce us? We would both like to share you and you share us.”

Wonderful sex as soon as Tanya departed. “That was very exciting foreplay,” Sarah confided in the afterglow. “You do realise I set up her visit? I have wanted to have her and share her with you for a while.”

On the Sunday we are both anticipating Tanya’s visit and how it might play out as we prepare for her. “You know I am attracted to women with larger tits than mine. And you have an ass fetish, so I think we both might be well pleased,” Sarah told me as we dried each other off after escort gaziantep manken bayan showering together.

“I am looking forward to being seduced by a woman. I had never had sex with a woman until you set it up for me. I had always been bi-curious and now I am hooked. It was very exciting for me with you watching and masturbating. And it still is, even better if we share the same woman.

“An exciting part of any seduction is being undressed by that person. What shall we wear to maximise our sexual pleasure?,” Sarah asks, though I suspect she has already decided.

Tanya arrived full of confidence knowing she is the centre of attention and that Sarah and I both want to share her for our sexual pleasure. She is simply attired wearing black heels, a short above the knee, low cut, black dress. Her cleavage looks wonderful and very inviting as she tongue kisses Sarah and she responds with her tongue. Them my turn for her tongue kisses with Sarah watching on.

“You wanted me to seduce you both, happy to oblige, very happy. I won’t need these, remove them for me,” she smiles as she lifts her dress above her waist and motions for Sarah to slide her g-string down to her ankles while continuing tongue kissing me.

Sarah and I are both ogling her long legs, gorgeous naked ass, and her trimmed tuft of jet black pubic hair, a wonderful contrast toher blond hairdo. “My ass is almost as big as yours Sarah,” she smiles as she smooths her dress down to where it should be.

“But my tits are bigger, much bigger than yours Sarah,” she smiles as she reaches behind and slides the zipper down and lets the top of her dress fall to her waist.

“Oh wow, glorious big tits, just glorious in that black, cup-less bra, what size?,” Sarah moans as she licks and sucks her engorged nipples.

“D-cup. Do my tits turn you on Sarah? You are rumoured to have a tit fetish.

“I want to watch your man lick and kiss your magnificent ass while you are sucking my tits.

“Happy to oblige, very happy,” I tell her as I slide Sarah’s dress, the only thing she is wearing other than her heels, to her ankles.

“Is this what you wanted Tanya? Would you like me to lick and kiss your ass while Sarah is feasting on your tits?”

“Later, I love watching what you are doing.”

“I want your man to tongue fuck me while I tongue fuck you Sarah,” Tanya tells us she lays on her back on our bed. “I want to grasp your magnificent ass cheeks while I lick your cunt to orgasm. I love all the mirrors, I can watch both of you pleasuring my naked body.

Tanya has the lower part of her legs hanging over the end of the bed as Sarah positions herself over her face so Tanya can lick her. “I love your ass cheeks in my hands,” she tells Sarah as Sarah slides her cunt lips along her tongue.

“You can watch your man tongue fucking me while I am licking your wet cunt, Sarah. Is that a turn on for you? It is for me, a sexy three-way.

“The escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan better the cunnilingus, the better the blow job afterwards. I love a challenge and your thick, nine-inch erection will be a challenge. And I want Sarah to watch.”

I always love the challenge and excitement of bringing a woman to orgasm with my tongue. Even more exciting when that woman is simultaneously licking my lady to orgasm. I have my arms wrapped around her thighs as I flick her engorged clit.

“Tell me what you are going to do to me?,” she asked.

“I am going to tongue fuck you. I want to bring you orgasm with my tongue. After that I want you to suck my cock,” I told her.

“Fuck you with my tongue just like this,” I whispered as I knelt between her legs and flicked my tongue along her clit, then her cunt lips. Pointy tongue, flat tongue, then curl my tongue into a U-shape and slide it between her wet cunt lips. Then suck her engorged clit before I insert and slide a finger into her. I offer her my wet finger to suck before I reinsert it.

“Do you like me tongue fucking you? Is Sarah watching?”

“Don’t stop, I love it, keep fucking me with your tongue,” she moans as I tease and edge her by sliding a finger into her.

“So close, nearly there, so good, so fucking good,” she moans as I have her on the brink of orgasm, teasing her with the tip of my tongue and the tip of a finger.

“Two fingers, my cunt loves what you are doing.”

“So do I, I love it.”

I am edging Tanya with my tongue and she is doing the same to Sarah. Huge sexual tension as two horny women are on the brink of orgasm, before they both cum.

“I want you to tongue fuck me Sarah while I give I give your man a blow job. The rumour is you have a special chair in front of a wall length mirror for that purpose,” Tanya tells us we have a quick shower together to freshen up and some water.

“This is the chair, it is very comfortable and just the right height for maximum sexual pleasure,” Sarah smiles as she shows her the chair in another room. “Get comfortable and enjoy,” Sarah tells her as she is laying back in the chair at an angle with her D-cup tits hanging out of her cup-less bra. “Tell us what you want from us Tanya,” Sarah teases.

“I want you to tongue fuck me Sarah while I give I give your man a blow job.”

“Would you like us to tease you first?,” Sarah asked they tongue kissed. “Your tits are magnificent, a huge turn on for both of us,” Sarah tells her as we lick and suck one erect nipple each as Tanya slides a lightly clenched hand along my roaring erection.

“Is that a tease,” I ask as slide the tip of my erection over a nipple.

“Anything special you would like?,” Sarah asks as she slowly licks her way up Tanya’s thigh, determined to demonstrate her lesbian sex skills. “Like this perhaps?,” she teases as she licks her cunt lips with the tip of her tongue.

At the same gaziantep masöz escort bayan moment Tanya reaches out slides my erection between her tightly pursed lips.

“Your magnificent tits are wonderful eye candy while you sucking my cock Tanya,” I tell her with my hands behind my head for maximum pleasure.

“Have you heard the rumour that Sarah and I sometimes have two bi-sex men. Usually much younger than us. I source them from the showers of my gym. Always good bodies and well hung. Would you like to watch Sarah have one of those men? And watch one of those men do what you are doing to me? And one for your sexual pleasure? Perhaps you and Sarah could share the same man?”

“You know I would. Make it happen for me and both of you.

”Swallow or my hand?,” Tanya asks seconds before I hit the back of her throat.

“Will you fuck Sarah while I watch before I leave today?,” Tanya asks with a hand on each of our naked bodies after we showered together and enjoy watching each other dry off. “If Sarah sits on your erection she can lick and suck my tits.

“The last time I was here you asked me, is that a turn on for you Tanya?, as you teased your man’s raging erection with a fingertip and he had a hand on your glorious ass. You told me it was a pity you had to rush, you could have watched us fucking, we love an audience. You can fantasize about us fucking as you drive home.

“I did fantasize Sarah, all the way home. I couldn’t wait to use my best vibrator as I fantasized about your ass and his thick, nine-inch erection. And I have been fantasising ever since.

“We would both love you to watch us fuck Tanya, Which position would you prefer?,” Sarah smiles. “Help him achieve an erection so we can fuck for you, while I watch as foreplay for me.”

“Do you like watching me pee,” Tanya asks, legs spread, sitting on our toilet seat while Sarah and I watch, our kinky sides mesmerized. “Perhaps, like this?,” she asks as she takes hold of my no longer flaccid cock and leads me to the shower.

“Sarah filled me in on some of your fetishes, she told me this is sure fire way to get you ready to fuck again. A golden shower standing up. Count to three for me, then kiss me.

“Me too,” Sarah tells her as she tales my position and tongue kisses Tanya.

“Now that we are all on the same page, are you ready to fuck Sarah while I watch before I leave today? I want her to sit on your erection and lick and suck my tits.

“Tell me some more about the men you share,” Tanya asks as I grasp Sarah’s ass cheeks, she is facing my feet, and slide her along my erection as she feasts on Tanya’s tits and erect nipples.

“Two extra, much younger men would love to watch you seduce them just like you seduced us today. They would love to watch you lift your dress above your waist and motion for one of them to slide your g-string down to your ankles while tongue kissing Sarah. Your wonderful, naked ass would surely give then an instant erection. Three men and two horny women.”

“Promise me, I want that to happen, I really do,” Tanya moans as I am ready to orgasm. Her ass cheeks are wonderful eye candy in my hands as I watch Sarah feasting on Tanya’s tits.

“Promise me, I want that to happen, I really do,” Tanya moans again as Sarah and I orgasm together.

“Would next Sunday be satisfactory for you?,” Sarah teases as they kiss goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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