One Long Birthday Surprise (4 of 7)

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Double Penetration

Jim and Janet showered together, dressed together, and pretty much spent the day together. At night they fucked. In the mornings they fucked. A few times at lunch they went back to the hotel and fucked. Janet did her best to make all the neighbors as horny as they made her. Saturday came and they spent the whole day in bed, except when Janet answered the door naked to pay the pizza delivery man. Only one day left before they fly home on Monday.

“Janet?” Jim asked to see if she was awake yet.

“Yes” Janet answered wondering what would ruin the moment of silence.

“Happy Birthday!”

“Who told you?”

“A psychotic NYMPHO at work”.

“You must mean Trisha in Accounting”.

“Yes. Do you know her?”

“She used to work for me until she moved to Accounting. Plus, I get the pics you decide are inappropriate. She has a nice ass, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, she does. She keeps sending the nudes through company mail, knowing I’ll see them and walk around with a bulge in my pants all day”.

“So, I have her to thank. I usually send 2 workers to these things, but after seeing that bulge in your pants when you came into my office, I decided to come here with you”.

“I have Trisha to thank for the best week of my life?” Jim said realizing that he still had to get even with her. “You stay in bed. I need to go on some errands before we fly home tomorrow”. Jim showered and left quietly while Janet went back to sleep.

“So, where shall we eat dinner?” Jim asked. “It’s your birthday. What do you feel like?”

“I know we just had pizza but there is a place I’ve wanted to try downtown by the stadium. Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza. They are supposed to have the best pizza in Denver”.

“Anywhere you want to go it’s your birthday”.

“Let me get ready and I’ll meet you in the lobby in an hour”.

“Okay” Jim replied wondering what he was going to do for an hour. Janet showered, shaved her pits, legs, and her pussy. Sprayed herself with perfume in all the right places, then put on her only non-business attire she brought with her. A black mini skirt with a halter top that held up her breasts just right so that she didn’t need a bra. She decided, no panties! “Okay, ready or not here I go” she said to herself as she went to Jim’s door and knocked.

Jim answered the door and his mouth fell open. His eyes bulged out. He struggled for words. “WOW! Wow, wow, wow. Oh my god! Look at that… wow!”

“Thanks Jim. Do I look good enough to eat?” Janet asked with a chuckle.

“I could sop you up with a biscuit” Jim answered with a southern drawl.

“Let’s go I’m getting hungry.” Janet snapped having spent most of the day sleeping and not eating, with the occasional break to masturbate. Janet stayed mostly quiet on the way to the restaurant except to tell Jim where to park.

“Welcome to Marco’s. How many?”

“Two please” answered Jim.

“Right this way”. The hostess showed them to a quiet table in the back of the restaurant and Jim helped Janet with her chair. He took the moment to gaze down her top and relished in the fact she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were already at attention.

“What can I get you two to drink?”

“We’ll have a bottle of Pinot and …” Janet cut off Jim… “And a Margherita Pizza with soft Mozzarella cheese added. With two Panna Cottas for dessert”.

“I guess you have been wanting to try this place”.

Janet told Jim how she reviewed Trip Advisor before she left Cleveland, and this is what people recommended. The sauce on the Margherita Pizza is a tangy garlic red sauce that pairs perfectly with the basil and tomatoes. While they waited for the pizza, Jim pulled a present out of his Jacket and sat it on the table in front of Janet.

“Open it” Jim said.

“You didn’t have to” Janet replied as she tore open the package. “BATTERIES!”

“I heard you were out” they both Çorum Escort laughed. Jim looked around to see if anybody was watching and then moved in close to Janet and kissed her long and deep. Janet reached under the table for Jim’s thigh and Jim reached for Janet’s thigh. Their hands touched and they began to giggle. Jim’s hand caressed Janets thigh then began going upward. Jant opened her thighs a little more as she moved her hand to Jim’s bulge. She started to rub firmly. Jim caressed her freshly shaven mound then rubbed his fingers across her clit as he headed for her damp folds.

“No panties again?” Jim asked, “Did you even bring any with you?”

“Didn’t think I would need them” Janet replied with a sexy mischievous smile. Then she unzipped his fly and freed his erect member from his pants. The tablecloth was long so no one would see. She began to stroke him slowly as Jim inserted a finger just deep enough to find her G-spot. “MMmmmm” she moaned. Jim rubbed her clit with his thumb, as he assaulted her G-spot with differing amounts of pressure by wiggling his finger. Janet rolled her eyes back into her head and grunted “AAaaarggg unnngg” a little too loud. “Ohhhhh MMmmmm yes!”. Janet started to speed up her stroking on Jim as she tightened her grip. She started to “UUUnnnggg MMMmmmmm DAMN!” cum. She tightened hard on his finger and his cock. Juices flowed on his hand.

The waiter approached and placed the glasses on the table. He opened the bottle of Pinot and poured a small amount in a glass and handed it to Jim. Jim swirled the glass slowly then took a whiff of the aroma. All he could smell was the aroma of Janet on his hand, which was going straight to his cock. He took a sip and said, “this is okay, we’ll take it”. Jim poured Janet a full glass and himself, a half glass. He remembered that Janet gets extremely horny when she gets tipsy, but hell she is extremely horny when she breathes.

Janet had not stopped stroking Jim since she started and began to increase the pace. She wanted him shooting his load before the pizza arrived. Jim turned to look in her hazel eyes filled with lust. She wet her lips with her tongue and bit on her bottom lip while looking straight back into his eyes. She leaned over and started passionately kissing him. Tongues swirling together in their mouths. Jim’s balls tightened and spurt after spurt went shooting out on the floor under the table. Janet waited until he stopped then she squeezed up his shaft to get the remnants out on her hand. The pizza arrived seconds later. Janet eventually let go and grabbed a slice of pizza with cum still on her hand. She held it up above her mouth and then began to make love to the pizza with her mouth. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out a little, then lowered the tip down. She licked the end as if it were the tip of Jim’s cock. Jim just stared at her remembering all the times in the past week that that was his hard cock. She continued to lower it into her mouth and closed her lips around it with a groan… “MMmmmmm. Damn that’s good pizza”. She continued to sexually devour that slice of pizza and Jim watched instead of eating for fear he might miss the show.

“Nothing better than a slice of pizza when you are starving. Why aren’t you eating?”

“Just can’t take my eyes off you. You look so beautiful tonight”.

“Thank You. But wait until the Panna Cotta gets here”. Jim wondered how she was going to sexually devour that. They each smiled and chit chatted as they finished off the medium pie. Janet excused herself to the lady’s room and Jim got up to help her with her chair. He thought about following her but instead called the waiter over.

“Could we get another bottle of Pinot and when the Panna Cotta arrives could you put a birthday candle in one of them?”

“No problem, sir” the waiter replied as he scurried off to the Kitchen. No sooner had Janet returned, the waiter returned with a few of the wait staff. He Çorum Escort Bayan sat down the bottle of wine then presented Janet with her candle lit dessert.

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to you!” they all sang then watched as she blew out the candle.

“Thank You all” Jim said as he slipped a $20 into the waiter’s hand.

“You didn’t have to do that” Janet said smiling and bushing.

“I have another present for you, but it will have to wait until we get back to the hotel”.

“Can’t wait” she said as she took a bite of the Panna Cotta with an even louder and longer “MMMMmmmmmmm. Damn! You got to taste this”. Jim tasted his and just wished he would have gotten it to go. Jim signaled for the check and finished the rest of his dessert. Janet got to the bottom of hers then began tonguing the little glass they came in, still moaning with every lick. Jim paid quickly with the company credit card, then they grabbed the bottle of wine and batteries, and rushed out to the rental car.

As Jim headed out onto the Interstate he glanced over to Janet. She was already feeling the wine. Her chair was leaned back, and her eyes were closed. Her nipples were hard. Her legs spread open, and her fingers were rubbing fast across her swollen clit.

“MMMMmmmm. Thank you for Dinner Jim. MMmmmm… it was so delicious”.

“You’re welcome”. Jim replied trying to watch the show but stay on the road. Janet looked over, smiled with a sheepish grin, then unbuckled her seat belt. She leaned over and began unzipping his fly. She fished out his hard cock and began to stroke it.

“Are you going to be able to drive like this?”

“MMm hhmmm”

“Okay” she said as she lowered her mouth down over his hard cock. She took all of him in at once then raised back up to the tip. “MMmmmmm” she moaned as she tasted the pre-cum, she had juiced out. She lowered again to the bottom then just twisted her head from side to side sucking hard, then raised to the tip. “MMMMmmmmm” she moaned again. Then she started humming Happy Birthday over and over as she bobbed faster and faster up and down on his cock. The vibrations from the humming went thru his cock straight to his balls.

“Damn that feels Good… Don’t stop”. Jim begged as he pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. He found a secluded space at the back of the lot and turned the car off. He reached over to Janet’s pussy and drove two fingers in deep. She gave no resistance as she just moaned on his cock and continued humming. She paused just long enough to ask “Please don’t forget my asshole” then went back to putting a death suck on Jim’s cock. The car was filled with Happy Birthday humming and moans from Jim as he was trying hard to prolong the inevitable. Jim removed his soaked fingers from Janet’s wet pussy and pressed firm on her asshole. It entered without resistance. Her asshole seemed to be loose. He wiggled one then pulled out to enter two. No resistance again. He plunged them in and out then switched to her pussy. She moaned when he pulled out of her ass and when he pulled out of her pussy. She was ready for her present.

“Janet, are you ready to go inside?”

“MMMmmm HHhmmmm” she said as she sucked hard as she raised up off Jim’s throbbing member. Jim got out to open Janet’s door, then she used him for balance as they walked to Jim’s room. Once inside Jim helped Janet out of her clothes and sat her on the bed. He went to his suitcase and pullout out two presents. He handed one to her and told her to open it. She tore into the gift like she was a child. A large bottle of lube!

“I think you know what your next present is” Jim said with a sheepish grin of his own.

“I hope you are finally going to fuck my asshole” Janet said as she laid on the bed face down and raised her ass straight up un the air. Jim grabbed the bottle of lube and put a big glob right Escort Çorum on her awaiting hole. She clenched and unclenched her loose hole as if trying to get the lube inside.

“Anxious, are we?” Jim asked chuckling.

“I’ve been waiting all week for you to violate my ASS WITH THAT HARD COCK!”

Jim drove two fingers inside of her ass to get the lube in as deep as he could, then lubed up his hard cock. He put the tip up against her waiting hole and paused.

“What is it you want again, MISS MARSHAL?” getting ready to just impale her with his hard 7” shaft.

“JAMES, DAMN IT! I want you to take that hard cock of yours and SHOVE IT IN MY ASS… NOW!” Jim drove forward and went all in, slapping her ass with his hips then paused to let her acclimate. WHAP! He slapped her ass hard as he pulled all the way out. Then paused again with his tip at her opening.

“Tell me what you want for your birthday again! MISS MARSHAL!”

“I want my ASS FUCKED! HARD! DAMN IT!… FUCK… MY… ASS!” she tried to push back onto his cock, but Jim just leaned back. WHAP! He slapped her ass again as he started to pound her ass hard… all the way in, then all the way out… all the way in, then all the way out. WHAP!

“YES JAMES! YES!… FUCK MY ASS! SPANK ME!… DAMN I’ve wanted this sooo bad”.

WHAP! Red handprints appeared on her ass cheeks as Jim continued to pound her hole.

“Rub that clit! Miss Marshal. Finger that pussy!” Jim ordered.

“YES JAMES! ANYTHING! UUUnnnnggg MMMMMmmm” she reached up between her thighs and started rubbing fast and hard over her clit. Jim picked up the tempo and the intensity. “Oh, JIM… I’m… I’MMMMMM… MMMmmmm… Oh SHIT! DAMN!” Jim felt her ass tighten up around his cock, so he pushed in hard and deep and let her ride out her orgasm. Janet’s whole body shook. This was a deep one. He reached below him and felt her pussy. Heat radiating from it. Dripping wet with her juices. He inserted to fingers quickly and pressed up hard on her G-spot. Janet shuddered and shook again and again. Jim pulled out slowly “NO! Don’t stop Jim. Keep fucking my ass. PLEASE FUCK MY ASS!” Janet begged. “I want to feel you flood my ass with your cum! Please!”

Jim started slowly again knowing she was still sensitive. He reached under her and inserted two fingers deep. He could feel his cock as it was fucking her ass. Janet reached up and grabbed Jim’s balls. She gripped them with a firm squeeze and started to gently tug on them in time to his thrusts. WHAP! Jim slapped her ass again and began to pick up the pace. WHAP! WHAP! He smacked her ass then rubbed over the red spot.

“MMMmmmm JAMES you’ve wanted to do that to me for a long time haven’t you?”

WHAP! “Yes! MISS MARSHAL” WHAP! As Jim starts to pound harder!

“And you’ve thought about fucking this ass hard, haven’t you?”

WHAP! “YES! MISS MARSHAL!” WHAP! As his hips push her forward with every thrust!

“And you’ve wanted to punish me for being a naughty boss, haven’t you?

WHAP! “OH YES! Miss Marshal… OH YESS! YES! YES!… I’m almost there!”

“OH! James, FUCK ME HARD!… HATE FUCK ME JAMES!” Janet’s ass clenched down hard again on Jim’s cock and started to spasm.

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you” Jim began to sing as he flooded Janets ass with spurt after spurt of hot cum!

“OH, YES! JIM FILL ME UP! DRAIN THOSE BALLS IN ME! MMMmmm”. They both fell forward on the bed and cuddled up in each other’s arms. They kissed passionately while waiting for their heart rates to come down.

“What’s that other gift?” Janet asked quizzically.

“That’s something for the flight home”. Janet kissed him again then held him tight.

“Happy Birthday Janet!” came from a man’s voice thru the wall.

“Happy Birthday Janet!” Came from a woman’s voice from above. “MMMmmm fuck me in my ass tonight babe. Just like Janet”.

“YES!…Oh…mmmmm yes! Just like that!”


Continued in “One Long Return Home”. Jim and Janet return home on a morning flight. Janet will not be able to drink. Jim has an idea to help.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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