One Loving Mother Ch. 05

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Gwen is woken up out of her sleep by the sound of people talking loudly, peaking in the living room to spot Jesse on the couch with the television blaring. With a huff she walks over there to wake him up.

“Jesse… go to bed Jesse”.

“Huh? Round two already, Kenzi,” he stared at her through slits. “I think the bedroom is used right now.”

Gwen stares at him for a moment and then smiles, “round two? you sure you don’t have whiskey dick?”

“Hell naw girl, want me to whip it out, nobody’s going to care, they too busy laughing at that drunk chick dancing,” he pointed to Elaine Benes on the screen.

“Yeah, that bitch can’t dance at all. You’d really whip your dick out, right here?”

“If you suck it, I will.”

After looking around, she whispered in his ear: “pull it out.”

Where’s your shirt at,” he wondered, pulling his dick out.

“No clue where it went.”

“Ehh… your tits are awesome, you should show them off, anyway,” he grabbed one. “Did they get bigger?”

“Put it in your mouth and find out.”

Jesse leaned over, the alcohol hits her full force, but it’s now or never and she needs it bad. Biting her lower lip as her nipple enters his mouth, the pressure of his sucking and feeling her breast giving under his grasp, she moans a sigh of relief and cups his dick and balls in her hand, getting a good feel of it. Jesse grabs her other tit, palming it hard, she leans in to him gasping as his teeth grabs and nibbles. Feeling herself getting wetter as he grew in her hand, all she could think of is “damn,” her mouth quivers at the sight, slowly slipping away from him, placing it Mersin Escort in her mouth, his hand pushes her down deeper where she happily flexes her throat on his head. “Finally” she slowly starts to suck up, popping her lips off, licking the length of the shaft.

“That’s new,” he moaned.

“It’s what you been missing out on,” she slipped. “Shhh.”

She started sucking just the tip with her lips making him flex, tongue circling the hole, going lower every few strokes and all the way back to the tip. Just breaking three fourths down, his hand pushes her back down. Gwen gladly chokes on his firm dick, feeling it throb in her mouth, screaming for joy inside her head, desire to have it inside of her is getting intense. With reluctance, she pulls away.

“Jesse… hey sexy,” she purred.

“Yeah…” he slurred.

“The bedroom is free, you up for fucking this pussy?”

“Let’s do it,” he replied.

Gwen pulls him from the couch and quickly tries to get him to his bedroom.

“Damn…maybe I drank too much.”

“If you did, then you can’t fuck me, can you,” she grabbed his hard cock.

“If it’s the last thing I do before I pass out; I’m getting that again.”

She led him to her bedroom, leaving the lights out, dropping her panties and shorts. Pulling his off-balanced, shambling self to the bed, stroking his cock, sticking it back in her mouth, giving it quick sloppy slurps.

“Take me, now,” she begged. “I’ve been waiting for this night,” she thought.

Jesse takes lead, slipping out of his shorts, leaving his shoes on. He roots around with his cock, looking for her Mersin Escort Bayan slick, hungry hole, pushing it past her lips, the heat from his cock made her cry out in joy. Gwen holds him, feeling his breath on her neck, huffing, trying to maintain an erection, consciousness, and stomach contents. She clenches hard around his cock, going over the edge with the passion she’s only fantasized about getting from Jesse, her first orgasm with him.

“God yes, damn it,” she yelled.

“Ya like it rough, huh?”

“Sometimes,” she gasped.

“wanna try this again, since you liked it the first time?”

“Wha-,” is all she said, before he rolled her over.

Jesse rolled her on her side, she made dissatisfied grunt as he pulled out. Gwen’s eyes went wide, the feeling of his cock soaked in her juices breached her tight asshole.

“Jesse, Jesse,” her voice trailed off, stolen from her body.

She gasped hard with no choice but to take his full length where none has ever been, slipping in and out despite how hard her body protest. A drunken hand gropes all over her tits, the other one, her ass, she can’t help but wail with the blended pleasure and pain. She grips the mattress telling herself; “mommy’s son wants anal, mommy’s son gets anal, if that’s what it takes to make him my man.”

“Fuck your mom’s asshole,” she growled.

“Huh? whazzat?”

“Shit. Fuck it.”

“Yeah… so tight,” he gave her long, quick, strokes.

Gwen starts yelling his name and moaning, clenching as tight as she could, building up an orgasm, Jesse smacks in to her, squeezing her tits, breath heavy.

“Mommy Escort Mersin loves your cock in her ass… hurts so good, baby… you like that?”

“Uh-huh,” he gasped, lost in the moment.

“Damn, I slipped again… I know,” she muttered. “Fuck! Oh,” she came.

Jesse lost in a drunken daze, leaned forward to kiss her; she inhales the alcohol from his breath, kisses are sloppy. Gwen sucked his lower lip, and his tongue given to her. He lifted her legs on his shoulders, going back in.

“Show me how a man takes his pussy, make me yours… I feel all of it.”

“This shit feels so good, he moaned.”

“You like mommy- my pussy,” she cooed.

“Uh-huh,” he gasped.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Jesse, fuck! I’ve dreamed about this.”

He pushed her legs towards her chest, leaning forward, hard thrusting; his balls smack her swollen asshole, making her cry out.

“That’s it! Make… momma… happy, that’s the spot,” she growled, getting closer.

Gwen pulled her ankles behind her head, playing with her own tits.

“Whoa,” he whispered.

“I gotta… say it… could be us… every… day,” she climaxed.

Gwen sucked on her own nipples to his amazement, locking eyes with him,” fill me up, baby.”


“I need it bad, baby.”

As if triggered on cue; he blew his load in her, gasping, shoving his cock deep as he can.

“Oh I felt that, good job, Jesse that was fuckin’ amazing.”

“Great pussy,” he rolled over.

“Mmm… you think so?”

“Yeah. Why were you calling yourself ‘mom’ though?”

“Don’t like my dirty talk, Jesse?”

“You just… just kinda look like her.”

“Maybe that’s why you’re attracted to me. If I look like her, she has to be hot.”

“Huh? I guess. I gotta go.”

“Wait, relax and I’ll let my ride know, you’re too wasted to drive, we’ll get you home,” she crawls over him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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