One Loving Mother

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“Mom, are you okay, I thought you were seeing somebody tonight,” Jesse asked.

“Jesse, it’s just not working out, no one can replace your dad,” Gwen answered.

“You spent the whole night talking about how dad left again, didn’t you,” Jesse asked.

“No. I talked more about my wonderful son, than anything to do with that man,” Gwen explained.

“You do that too much too, ” Jesse moaned.

“I know, but I’m just so proud of you for cleaning up his mess, she said with a hug and kiss.

“I know, but I’m not going to be here all the time, I’m about to go to college, and I can’t be worried about you losing your mind, you got to move on,” Jesse said.

“It’ll be okay, you’ll be here to help,” Gwen stated.

“No, I’ll be living in the dorms, I’ve got to live my too, I’m tired of trying to fill dads shoes, I can’t do what dad did,” Jesse walked off. Gwen watches him leave, not making heads or tails of this oncoming omen.

“What’s that… there is something missing, he hasn’t filled Damon’s shoes, he fixes what he can, keeps some of his dads morals, I can’t ask too much… we do every- yes, we do, do everything, you know this, stop being stupid… of course he’s going to make some young woman happy… it should be me, no that doesn’t make sense… now, that does, no woman is going to be as good to him as I am… that’s right, he’ll end up as miserable as I am, he’s a man now, already in his ways, no one knows him like I do,” she paces around the kitchen. “You know, I agree, it’s not enough… he is a man, I need to treat him like one, he’s more than just my son, it’s time to take it to the next level, don’t you think it would be wrong, I mean, everyone knows that… well it is the only thing we haven’t done… you’re right, nothing wrong with love, I’ll just figure out how to convince him,” Gwen discusses.

“Who are you talking to, mom,” Jesse asked.

Gwen hugged him, “just thinking aloud, sweetie, you’re right, you are a man now, have been for some time now, I gotta treat you like one,” she said.

“Uh, thanks mom, I appreciate it,” Jesse said.

“Gwen, you can call me Gwen, mommies are for little boys,” she looked him up and down, “you’re not my little boy anymore.”

“Mom, are you taking your meds,” Jesse wondered.

She grabs his chin, “call me Gwen… Gwen, you are not a kid anymore, Jesse, be a man, what’s my name,” she demanded shaking his face.

“G-Gwen, Gwen, okay, Gwen,” he yells.

“Good boy, I love matadorbet it when you say my name,” she growled, sliding her hand from his face.

“So, I’m about to take a shower… Gwen,” he backed off towards the hallway.

Gwen starts dinner, when once again left with her thoughts; her next move is planned for her. “Not now, it’s too soon… I don’t know when the right time is, it’s still kinda weird… see what he’s working with, how is that going to matter… okay, when he’s in the shower, I’ll make my move, it’s kinda kinky to think about… hell, you’ve never steered me wrong before, this will make everything okay, I hope he’s up for it, I can’t see why not… exactly,” she thought aloud.

Gwen waited for him to have a little time in the shower before making her move, walking to her bedroom, stripping down to her birthday suit, so she’s a little pudgy, she’s seen some of the girls he’s had, they weren’t all models, looking at herself, she cups her breast, thinking at least she had a little more than a handful, he probably won’t care too much about the size, he’s a good boy.

“Of course I’m nervous, why wouldn’t I be… yeah, yeah, ripping off a band-aid,” she said looking at the door. “Jesse,” she yelled in the cracked door, “I’m just using the bathroom, okay?”

“Sure, whatever, no big deal,” he replied.

She sat on the toilet, forcing herself to pee, she sat there a moment staring at his silhouette through the curtain, she mustered the strength, with pestering voices to slip in the shower, “let me wash your back, Jesse.”

“Uhhh, I guess that’ll be okay,” he replied unsure.

He held the washcloth outside the shower, once she had it, she reached in, sliding the curtain open some, she placed a foot quietly inside, as she slowly washed his back, before she knew it, she was in the shower, trying to ignore the cheers. She watched the soap run down his back, curving along his butt, she started to get horny, more than she ever has before, as if there was hope. Damon didn’t see the need for adult toys, when he figured he was her husband, and should’ve been more than sufficient for her pleasure, she still never had the desire to purchase such things, even laying in bed, horny as hell, trying not to finger herself, for fear of ruining what she had.

Looking at him, thinking about those nights alone, she realizes that soapy, sexy, son, is just a picture, as she comes to, closer than she was, near where she had intended, but not this matadorbet giriş fast. She’s pulled, embraced, her hand in rag, dropping down his chest, her chin on his shoulder, their breath is shallow, she lets her hand continue to fall, despite his warm body, its cold back there, her nipples erect anyway, pressing hard in his back. Her hand not too far below his navel before he comes to, he spins around.

“Mom, what are you doing, he exclaims.

She backs up some, frozen.

“Mom, are you serious, have you lost it for real, mom, get out…get out of here,” he yells. “Seriously, get out, I can’t believe you would do this, mom!”

“Gwen… I told you call me Gwen, god damn it,” she growled, pinning him under the shower. “What the fuck is my name…say it, say Gwen, you call me Gwen, now. Tell me my fucking name, Jesse!”

Very much startled, he cries; “Gwen, please Gwen, get out, get out, Gwen!”

“Sucha good boy,” she looked at him, eyes narrowed, “don’t you forget I’m not your mom, I’m your Gwen.”

With that she planted her lips on his, grabbing his face with one hand, reaching, squeezing his dick with the other. Jesse pushes her away, causing her to slip and fall on her butt, she looks at him wide eyed.

“Oh my god, Jesse, I’m so sorry, I didn’t- I don’t know what happened,” she pleaded, crawling from the tub. “I lost it, I need to refill my meds, first thing tomorrow, I swear Jesse, I swear.

He watched her grab a towel, bolting from the bathroom, he quickly rinsed off, briskly walking to his room, locking the door.

That night she lays in bed, horny, she opens her nightstand drawer, pulling out a small knife. “I’m sorry I messed up,” she said, running a line down her arm, stinging red chases the blade. “I’m punishing myself for it, see… I know, did you see him, that toned back, flat stomach, I can tell you, he is Damon’s son, it’ll get the job done, I’m sure… yes I want it… bad… tonight, you don’t think it’s too soon… now or never, he will submit, we will be together, damn it.”

She wipes the knife on her towel, and puts it away, again nude, she creeps across the hall, plucking the room key from the top of the frame, quietly unlocking the door. She slips inside, gently drawing back his blanket, she straddles him, rubbing his back, gently up and down all over.

“No, I’m not going to chicken out this time… just shut up for once, and watch,” she whispers.

Gwen kisses up and down his back, before rolling him over, she’s so horny, she can feel it. He snores a little, she runs her hands down his chest, kissing just above his boxers, dragging her lips on the cotton, she takes a deep sniff in the fly, letting her tongue inside. She pulls out his dick in her mouth, working it up, he starts to hump her face, carefully as she can, she takes him inside with a sigh of relief. She sits there for a moment just taking in the feel of it all, feeling satisfied just having it sit in there, clenching it is almost enough, as long as it’s been. She slowly rocks back and forth, afraid of waking him, rocking further each time, slowly pulling his pillow from under his head, smashing it against her face, she screams in to it, knocking out the first one. Wide eyes, and a evil grin reveal themselves.

She leans forward, bites his lower lip, kissing him, working her hips in every direction possible, startling Jesse awake. He just catches a glimpse of what is going on from ambient appliance lighting, and light creeping through his mini blinds, she notices he’s awake, glaring at him, letting loose noises she hadn’t made in a long time, before he starts trying to kick her off, merely exacerbating the issue, much to Gwen’s pleasure.

“Fuck, nnngyaa, get off, mom, what are you doing,” Jesse yells confused.

“That’s what I’m doing, son, trying to get off,” she exclaimed as he squirmed around under her. “Get mama off on more time.”

“No, ma, literally get off of me, you can’t be doing this, you’ve lost your mind,” he yells. “Say my name, Jesse,” she gasp, grabbing his shoulders, trapping him. “Say my fucking name, Jesse-boy!”

He looks for the best way to shove her off, not wanting to actually touch her, all while trying to kill his boner, and not enjoy it.

“Your my son, Jesse-boy, you will honor me, you can make it better, c’mon Jesse-boy it’s the last step. Say. My. Name,” Gwen moans.

“Get off of me, and out of my room…Gwen,” he shouts, pushing her to the floor.

“Oh damn it Jesse, I was so close, how dare you treat your mother like that, I-” she started.

“You’re crazy, I don’t know what is going on in your head, but you can’t be doing that, I don’t want to be screwing my mom, please go get your meds, please,” Jesse said.

“I’ll win you over one way or another, we are meant to be, to be closer than any mother and son, you’ll see it,” she said getting up.

“Get out Gwen, get out, I can’t wait to leave this house,” Jesse demanded.

“See, that’s a good start, I love it when you say my name, Jesse-boy,” she quietly spoke, closing the door.

Jesse locked the door, shoving his chair under the knob, “I’m still horny.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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