One Night

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I’ve been on the road for over 5 hours by the time I pull into the hotel parking lot. The sense of anticipation I feel at being able to spend time with you spikes when I see you have already arrived and are waiting for me in the lobby. I can’t stop myself from staring as I drink in the sight of you wearing a dress for the first time. The way it moves around you when you stand leaves me a little hypnotized. I can feel myself harden when we embrace, and I catch the faint scent of your perfume. We linger for just a moment, enjoying the feel of bodies pressed together.

A few minutes later we enter our room and have dropped our bags and are in a passionate embrace as soon as the door closes behind us. Our tongues dance together, and you melt against me when my hands cup your firm and muscular bottom and pull you into my throbbing erection. My passion rises when you start walking me backwards towards the couch. I know what’s about to happen and I groan in passionate anticipation. Our tongues are still intertwined when you start to explore my body with your hands…sliding them up my hips and under the snug gray shirt I have on over my plaid shorts. Your fingers gather the fabric as you gently run your nails over my back and pull the shirt off of me. I am obviously turned on by the attention and can’t seem to stop my own hands from sliding over every part of your silky skin I can touch.

My lips journey from yours to your earlobe, where my teeth gently nip for a moment or two before you feel my stubble brush against you neck; making you shiver and press fully against me. The sensation of having you in my arms is exquisite and intoxicating. You seem to feel the same way as you start to gently thrust against my erection. Neither of us can wait another moment! You unbutton my shorts and slide your hand inside. You can feel how urgent my need for you is when you take me in your hands. I sit on the couch and slide my hand up the inside of your thigh until I find the little surprise you have for me and my eyes widen. My smile is all pleasure when all I find under your dress is your excitement.

I must take advantage of the opportunity in front of me! I pull you on top of me into a straddle position, my throbbing erection so close to you that I can feel your heat on it…

You lean down and kiss me passionately while you lower yourself onto me slowly, until you’ve taken me all way inside you. We just sit like that for a minute or two, each just enjoying the feeling of the other. My hands are roaming across your magnificent body, exploring as many of your sensitive spots as I can. Responding to the way your body moves, gently touching here, a brush of a finger there…

You start to gently rock your hips as your passion grows. It’s not long before you whisper into my ear, “I’m cumming on your cock…” When you climax, you wrap your arms tightly around my head and drive your hips into me. As you start to settle down a little, you can still feel me inside Bostancı Escort you, rigid and pulsing. You know it won’t be long until I have my own release, so you climb off of me and take your dress off completely. You smile wickedly at my open appreciation for your amazing body and crawl onto the bed, stopping with your chest pressed into the sheets and your womanhood waiting for me to claim it as my own.

Your eyes follow me as I position myself behind you. The first thing you feel are my fingertips gently tracing a path up your spine followed by my erection slipping deep inside you. At first my pace is slow; I am enjoying myself entirely too much to rush right now! It doesn’t take long though and I am driving myself into you with as much force as I can until I’m about to explode. I pull out of you as I’m about to cum and you turn over to your back with me kneeling between your open legs. “I want to make you cum” you say as you take me into your hands and stroke until I empty myself onto your sexy abdomen.

It’s a couple of hours later and we have just left the restaurant where we were able to share a meal and a few drinks. You’ve changed into a black dress that has my eyes roaming all over your body the entire evening…As we get to my car and I open your door you lean in and give me a kiss that lets me know exactly what you have in mind. When we finally come up for air you tell me to take the long way back and allow your hand to trace the bulge in my jeans as you slide into the seat.

Once we pull out of the parking lot and start heading into the night, I can see your shapely legs out of the corner of my eye and reach over with my right hand to feel the softness of the skin on the inside of your thigh. You let it rest there for a minute or two; your sense of anticipation rising, the touch electric. My fingertips start to gently trace random lines up and down your leg and I can tell it’s getting to you because your breathing has become a little deeper and I can feel your hips begin to shift with your arousal. It gets to a point where you can’t take it anymore and you place your hand on top of mine and pull it up to the crotch of your soaking wet panties. I feel you sigh deeply as I start to gently stroke you through them. It is such an erotic image in front of me that I am in real danger of becoming too distracted to drive…I see you sitting next to me…letting me touch you while you squeeze your nipples through your dress. I pull to the shoulder of the remote highway then lean over and kiss you deeply and that’s all it takes to make you climax… I whisper that we’re just getting started, put the car in gear and drive back to the hotel as quickly as I can.

Once we arrive at our room, I suggest a shower before we continue, to which you eagerly agree. Standing under the hot water, you decide that it’s your turn to explore my body and start sliding your soapy hands all over me. Feeling the muscles in my back tense when you Anadolu Yakası Escort gently scrape your nails along my spine…Kissing me on my neck and chest as your hands roam to my hips. Of course, as nice as it feels, I’m still trying to see and touch every part of you I can…

After washing away a day of grime we get out of the shower and you can’t seem to help yourself when you feel my erection as I hug you from behind and cup your breasts with my hands and kiss your neck. Your hand snakes into the front of the towel I’ve wrapped around my waist and grips the shaft of my manhood. You make me groan when you use your thumb to spread the leaking drop of precum around the head. You turn to kiss me and pull my towel loose at the same time. Still fondling me you tell me to hold on as you kiss your way down my torso and abdomen until I feel your lips engulf me.

At first, you just keep the head in your mouth and run your tongue around its rim. The pleasure you’re giving me is exquisite and you can tell I’m enjoying it by the way my hands are holding your head…the way I groan and look at the ceiling and the way my hips start to shift…trying to get my erection to go in a little further each time. It only lasts a couple of minutes because I want to taste you in return…and I want to do it right then. I pull out of your sucking mouth and pull you to your feet before leading you to the bed we are going to share. I pull you fully on top of me as we lie on the bed in a passionate embrace.

After another minute or two of building our excitement through our gentle touches and kisses, I tell you my plan. You don’t waste any time straddling my head and dropping your wet pussy right on my tongue. I feel your hips gyrate and grind into my mouth and your fingers pull my head deeper into your crotch. My hands have cupped your firm backside and I’m alternating between sliding my tongue inside of you to stimulating that special spot. I can taste your climax when it comes, and it causes my passion to rise to greater heights. You climb off me and lay on your back next to me. Breathing heavy and flushed you pull me on top of you as you spread your legs as wide as you can and tell me to finish what I started.

It’s 2:00 AM when I wake up with a smile because you are still asleep next to me with one leg resting on my hip and your head on my shoulder. You look so peaceful that I hate to move, but my bladder is being pretty insistent, so I slide out of bed, trying to disturb you as little as possible. When I’ve completed my task, I take a second to admire the vision of you sleeping naked, your body draped in the soft light coming from the window. Getting back into bed, I know I should let you sleep but I can’t help myself. I allow my fingers to trace a path from your calf to your hips…a light touch that causes goosebumps to raise up over your whole body. You are swimming up from a deep sleep when you feel my fingers gently stroking that special Pendik Escort place. I hear a soft whimper and feel your hips start to gyrate in time with my touch. You haven’t even opened your eyes yet but you are fully awake when you feel the first finger slide inside you. Moments later you speak for the first time and ask me to put another in.

After a few moments of this, you decide that you’ve been teased enough and take me in your hand. Stroking me gently, letting your soft hands slide along the equally soft skin of my erection, you sit up and swing one leg over me. The vision of you about to mount me reverse cowgirl makes my cock twitch in your hands causing you to smile. You know and take pride in the fact that you can turn me on so much. I can hardly believe this is happening, the sensation making me lightheaded with pleasure. I am so into what’s happening that my hands grip your hips and try to pull you down onto my throbbing erection only to find you won’t be rushed.

You take your time sliding down the rigid shaft until you feel me as far inside you as I can be. With a satisfied sigh, you just rest there for a moment, then start to roll your hips. Looking down you reach between our legs and feel my balls tight against the base of my shaft. You know I’m about to blow, so you whisper,” Cum inside me…” That’s all it takes for me and I drive my hips up and bury myself inside you, trying to get as deep as I can. When you feel my engorged cock let go so deep inside you it triggers your own climax that seems to last forever. Once we have both come down from our euphoric climaxes, we lay down in a full body embrace once again and drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

It’s a few hours later when I find myself waking up to a warm ache in my groin that comes from a night of great sex. I probably couldn’t get it up again if I tried but I still want to experience you, so I pull you into my arms and wrap my body around you, content with the closeness.

My hands seem to have a mind of their own, though and start roaming over your belly and hips, waking you up with the sensation of gentle touches and strokes. I feel your arm reach behind you and gently stroke my balls as I kiss you on your neck. The sensuality of our position and our desire to take our time is making this one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had, and my stiffening member is proof. My fingers pinch your nipples as you guide me inside you from the spoon position. I can’t believe how wet you are and it’s more than a little flattering that my touch arouses you so much.

Our pace is slow and deliberate, grinding into each other, each fully engaged in giving the other as much pleasure as possible. Our pace naturally increases as our climaxes approach. Our position makes it easier for me to hit your G-spot and it arouses you so much that you tell me not to move while you use my cock to get yourself off. It doesn’t take long, and I can feel you tightening on me as your breathing gets deeper and more erratic. When your climax hits you, the sound of your moans makes me announce my orgasm and I try to pull out. You won’t let me though as you drive yourself back into me one last time and feel my manhood pulsing inside you with my release…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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