One Summer

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Chapter One

I hadn’t thought of her as a sexual being at all. Yes she is a woman and a very beautiful one, too. Smart. Witty. Loving. She is emotionally healthy and more.

I was home from school. College had been exciting, tough and maturing all at the same time. What I wanted now was peace and solitude. If that could be possible in a home consisting of a divorced mother and a soon to be legal sister! I had a job but I wasn’t going to report until September. Three full months of anything I wanted to do or to do nothing if that is what I wanted. Needless to say I began my first day at home sleeping in or trying to as my sister and mom busied themselves in a noisy effort to get ready for work and ready for shopping. I’ll let the reader decide which one did what? It was during this activity that I heard my bedroom door open and heard mom say, ” I hope I’m not waking you but I need to get some clothes out of your closet. I’ll be just a sec or so.”

Awake but still with my eyes closed I responded with a guttural sound that resembled an, “ok”. Rolling over to my back I slightly opened my eyes just in time to see mom opening the closet door wearing the thinnest, worn gown I had ever seen! From my vantage point Mom was sideways to me revealing a figure I had only seen in movies, magazine and my memory! Her breast was high and full! Her nipple was erect and pushing into the paper-thin material! Letting my gaze fall lower I saw Mom wasn’t wearing panties! Her hip and curve of her ass sculptured like a marble Venus! Damn, she was hot! My mother was one fine ass! Wow! All to soon the vision moved out of my room leaving me wide-awake and hard as a rock!

It took me until I heard the back door shut and the car engine crank on that I got up and left my room! I was wearing boxer shorts and my cock was seriously tenting them out! Walking slowly I made it to the kitchen holding on to my cock and slightly squeezing myself. I looked out the window to verify the car was gone because I was going to do some major relieving of my situation! I had some porn magazines in my bag and I knew the photo spread I wanted to see already! I turned to go back to my room having already freed my cock and was slowly stroking myself when I came face to face with Mom!

“Shit!” I blurted out hunching over to try to conceal my obvious state!

“Mark!” Mom half screamed out, looking at me not face to face but staring directly at my cock!

‘I, uh, uh, I thought you just left!” I finally responded looking up at Mom who was still wearing her gown and nothing else!

Now it was Mom’s turn to try and cover up! Seeing me looking up and down her body, fixbet Mom tried to cover her breast with one arm while moving the hand of her other arm down to her pubic area! Boy did we look stupid! Two adults acting like children caught looking at something forbidden! Gathering all my resolve I slowly stood up straight and removed my hand from my cock making no attempt to cover my exposure and hardness! Seeing me do so Mom slowly did the same bringing her arms and hands back to her sides and standing erect letting me take in all of her body as she did mine! For several minutes, Mom and I just stood there looking at each other! Finally Mom spoke, breaking the awkward silence.

“Well? We both seem to be in need of some cover?” Mom said, a nervous smile crossing her lips.

“I thought you went to work?” I replied weekly turning my head toward the back door. My cock was still hard and the more I took in of my mothers’ body the more it would flex and jerk up and down! I noticed mom’s eyes were traveling over my body as well although her travel was more confined to just one area!

“No. I thought I told you last night I was staying home today so we could visit and get reacquainted with, uh, uh, each other.” Mom’s voice stuttered as she spoke focusing totally on my rigid 8.5-inch cock!

I was surprised that I had forgotten and surprised Mom was so openly staring at my flexing cock! Her hands were nervously moving up and down her thighs as well as over her lower stomach just above her pubic hair which was neatly trimmed into a v. Mom was also licking her lips like they were all of a sudden very dry!

Sensing more bravery than I probably should have had I came back with a quick reply!

” Well, we certainly are doing that! Then I quickly added, “I mean getting reacquainted!”

” I know what you mean young man!” mom said with a bit of a bite to her voice. Then Mom said, ” I think we both need uh, to change, don’t you agree, son?

Knowing the moment was over I agreed and politely as possible given our situation I lifted my cock with one hand and with the other I opened the fly to my boxers, regretfully covering my slowly shrinking cock! I took a step then another moving past my mother toward my room! From behind me I heard my mother release a huge breath of air muttering to her self, “Damn!” He’s bigger than his shit of a father!” All of a sudden I stood straighter and walked more proudly to my room where I got myself off in record time! A total of five strings of cum fell on my bed as I imagined my beautiful mother letting me do all sorts of nasty things to her! Little did I know then that Mom had fixbet giriş promptly gone to her bedroom and done the same!

Chapter Two

Mom and I finally came back out to the kitchen, showered and properly dressed trying gallantly to act as if nothing had happened! We shared a quickly prepared breakfast of cereal and toast while I brought Mom up to date on all topics except one, my love life or lack there of in my case! Mom had touched my hand several times like all mothers do but for me the touches had more excitement to them than her normal motherly touch of concern and support! Or was I reading more into this than Mom? With my summary my life this past year at college at an end Mom tilted her head somewhat and asked,

” How is your love life? Is there a special someone out there I need to be concerned with or meet?”

Mom had a way of moving her head and smiling ever so simply that could put a total stranger at ease! I took a deep breath and answered Mom truthfully.

” No. I wish I could say there was, but no. I have completely struck out in that department, Mom.”

“Oh?” Then a light seemed to off in Mom’s head and she said, ” That helps explain your reaction early this morning when I surprised you!” Mom’s demeanor total changed and she came up to me hugging me tightly into her body!

I didn’t at first make the connection but having Mom pressing her body against mine kept me from objecting too much. As Mom held me I could feel Mom pressing her pubic bone into me ever so slightly, which produced the natural response from me! I instantly felt my cock swelling and rising under my shorts knowing mom would be feeling me very quickly! It didn’t take long and at first mom quickly moved her hips off the front of my shorts! Then relaxing noticeably in her hold on me, Mom slowly pressed her pubic bone against my rapidly hardening cock! Not shrinking away I pressed myself more firmly into Mom enjoying how my cock felt against her lower stomach! Mom began to lightly pat me on the back then began rubbing her hands over my back as we stayed together in a tightening embrace! I imitated moms moving hands discovering that Mom wasn’t wearing a bra under her knit top! Something had changed in Mom and I wasn’t questioning her reasons. I was just enjoying the feel and smell of this totally sexy woman in my arms!

Mom finally released me but didn’t move her hips away from mine! Still pressing her pussy into my rock hard cock and grinding on me a little Mom leaned back, looked up at me and said something that totally blew me away!

“Honey, I know you have needs the same as I do and we are both adults so think before you answer me. If you want to, I mean have sex with me, I would love to have sex with you!”

I was totally shocked! I began to breath rapidly as my pulse shot through the roof! I didn’t back away or let go of Mom. I just looked at her for a moment then slowly to understand where she was coming from!

“Yes!: I blurted out then more slowly and measured I added, Yes, I would be honored to make love to such a loving and beautiful woman! We gently pressed our lips together kissing tentatively at first then letting ourselves go, as passion and lust took control! I was tonguing my own mother! We were sharing deep French kisses as our hands groped each other’s bodies! I was fumbling with Moms buttons and she took my hands in hers helping me unbutton and slowly remove her blouse! Mom’s breasts are beautiful! They are full yet firm and so electrifying to the touch! Her nipples are hard and erect, eager to have my tongue flick them then be sucked deep into my eager mouth! Mom and I are both moaning out loud as our hands and fingers explore the others sex!

“Oh yes Mark! Put you finger in my wet pussy! Feel how wet your mother is!”

Mom groaned and moaned as I inserted one then two fingers into her wet sex! At the same time Mom was stroking my shaft working me skillfully to a powerful climax!

“Oh my god you feel so good mother!” I breathed out heavily as I got deeper into moms pussy with my fingers!

“Don’t stop Mom!” I said encouraging Mom to keep stroking my cock! I’m going to cum! Mom, I’m going to cum very soon!

Lowering her body, Mom forced me to release my fingers from her cunt! I trembled as she placed her mouth directly on my cock head! “Let me taste you, son! Cum in my mouth! Cum for me son!” Mom all but shouted out as I filled and filled her mouth with more cum than I thought possible!

It took several minutes for me to recover enough to lie next to mom on the kitchen floor where she was lazily fingering her clit! Breathless still I managed to whisper, ” Mom let me make you cum!

Mom smiled at me and stroked my cheek with her free hand and said, ” Oh, I plan on it! I plan to let you make me cum as much as you want to, son!”

That summer Mom and I made love nearly every day! Before she went to work, at lunch or at night, if my sister was spending the night with one of her friends! Toward the end of August as I was packing my things to prepare for my job, Mom came to me and said, “Son, I will always be here for you in every way! Your job is just a few hours away so if you need me, call! Oh, by the way, your sister would like you to see her before you leave.”

We kissed as lovers not as mother and son! Mom left me to finish my packing knowing we would be in bed again before I left. I stopped at my sister’s door and knocked. That is another story!

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