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The young couple walked hand in hand towards the small building. Leah’s palms were sweaty and she was worried that Johnny would notice. Johnny’s palms were equally moist, but they held hands just the same. Leah leaned slightly towards Johnny. It was a small movement that showed how much protection she needed.

Leah was wearing a pale white dress. It was in the style of a ballroom gown. It was what she wanted. Johnny had wanted to give her everything that she could possibly imagine. It wasn’t possible, but having a beautiful white gown was something he could give to her. Her dark red hair was curled in ringlets and she had a tiara on her head. It was silver with rhinestones around the edge. It could have been worth a small fortune or something fake purchased at a retail store. Either way, it looked stunning on Leah’s head.

Johnny was wearing a suit and tie. He looked very grown up and dignified. Leah had blushed and couldn’t stop smiling when she had first seen him. He had tried not to look awkward in the suit, but his large muscular body was bulging under the material.

As the couple walked towards the building, the events of the day ran through their heads. It had been a small wedding. The ceremony was at a small chapel on the outskirts of the town. The chapel held barely sixty people and it wasn’t even half full. In attendance were both sets of parents along with Leah’s two older brothers. There were also some of their peers from school. Some had attended to wish the happy couple a long and joyful marriage, but some were there to gawk. It was very uncommon for these high school students to have a friend of theirs get married and it made them nervous and insecure.

The couple got to the door of the building. It was a tiny cottage on the edge of the lot. Johnny’s parents owned a large piece of land on the lake with a large cottage and guesthouse. This was the small cottage that wasn’t well maintained. It was used as a play area for when the children were younger and then as a game room for the weekends when it rained. Leah and Johnny had spent many afternoons in the cottage playing Monopoly and Scrabble. Leah was the Monopoly master, but did horribly at Scrabble. Johnny was great at Scrabble, but could never beat altyazılı porno her at Monopoly.

The cottage was one room. The walls were dark mahogany and the carpet was dark orange. One side of the room had two single beds. At one time, there had been a double bed as well as the single beds, but Johnny’s parents had made a quick fix when they had entered one morning to find the two lovers in bed together. Johnny’s parents had refused an explanation, but it was a good reason. Leah had had one of her violent nightmares and had woken up screaming at the top of her lungs. The only way for Johnny to calm his girlfriend down was to bring her into the double bed and hug her tight until she relaxed. He remembered holding her tiny body against his and wishing that he could brush away her pain.

Johnny picked up his bride easily and entered the room. He and Leah were so very different, both inside and out. Leah was four feet ten inches tall with dark red hair and pale white skin. Her nose was spattered with freckles. She was petite and tiny. Johnny was massive. He was six feet seven inches tall with dark skin, hair, and eyes. He was a football player and was very muscular. He could easily pick her up with one hand. It wasn’t only physical features that were different. Leah and Johnny came from different backgrounds as well. Leah lived in a poor area of town. Had she not qualified for Advanced Placement Mathematics, she would not have been allowed to go to Eastside High School. She lived in a small mobile home with her parents. Her two brothers had moved out ages ago. Johnny was an only child and lived in a large manor home. He was wealthy and was never denied anything he wanted.

The two of them had met in senior year and had become very close friends. Their relationship developed and before long they were dating. It was no surprise when, on Valentine’s Day, Johnny had proposed to Leah. It was the perfect day really. They were both hopeless romantics and it was almost fate that their birthdays were on the same day, February 14th. Johnny had spent weeks figuring out the best way to propose to her and, in the end; he had just gotten down on one knee outside his house and asked her.

That was over three months ago zenci porno and now they were married. It was a short engagement and both sets of parents were nervous. There was only one reason couples got married fast, but this was not the case. They were both religious and wanted to wait until they were married. Of course, they couldn’t wait until they were married, hence the short engagement.

Johnny turned Leah away from him and began to undress her. He slid the white dress down her arms and watched as the dress fell in a pile around her ankles. She was wearing a white bra and panties and he sucked on her white skin as he undid her bra. The moment it was off he cupped her small breasts in his large hands and whispered against her ear.

“I love you so much.”

Leah could only moan. She reached down to wiggle out of her panties. Her whole body was burning with desire and she was close to losing complete control. His warm lips were sucking on her neck and his hands were strumming her small pink nipples.

“I need you.” It was partly a whine and partly a plea. Leah’s quiet voice echoed in the room. It was quiet except for her moans. Johnny spun her around and sat her on the bed. Without saying a word he undressed. He pulled off his tie and then unbuttoned his shirt. All she could do was watch. They were so connected there was no need for words. His shirt was off and on the floor in a flutter. He looked down to undo his belt and pants. Leah’s eyes went from his eyes to where his hands were. She had been dying to see him in the nude and now this was it.

He bent down to pull down his pants and boxers. At the same time he undid his shoes and removed them along with his socks. When he stood up Leah could only gasp. Johnny was standing completely naked. His large thick member was throbbing with each beat of his heart. His muscles were bulging and Leah had a look of both apprehension and need. She needed him, but at the same time was afraid.

“I won’t hurt you.”

Johnny could read her mind and knew what she was thinking. He knelt on the bed and spread her legs. This was about her tonight. This was about his new wife. He looked down and was thankful to see how wet she already was. aldatma porno Her tight pussy lips were glistening with moisture and her clit was protruding from her labia. She had insisted on getting a full Brazilian wax and Johnny knew that it had hurt. He did love how beautiful she looked though. He ran a thick finger along her inner thighs and when Leah reached out to grab his cock, he knew she was ready. He leaned over and kissed her hard. It was an aggressive kiss. This was a sharp contrast to when they first kissed. Their first kiss was soft and hesitant. It was both their first kiss and they were scared. Months later, they were skilled at kissing and weren’t afraid to be aggressive.

Johnny kissed his bride as he guided his cock inside her pussy. She was soaking wet and he felt his cock coated in her wetness. She was so tight. He had only ever jerked off and even when he squeezed his cock tight this was even tighter. He felt Leah continue to kiss him and she was whimpering in pleasure. He kept pushing and held her tight when he pressed through her hymen. He sat up and pulled her into his lap. He ran his hands through her hair and cringed when he saw three teardrops spill down her face. He had hurt her and hated himself for doing that.

“I’m sorry.”

Johnny was waiting for her to adjust to his size and when she began to hump against him he knew she was finally feeling pleasure.

“I love you Johnny.”

Leah wiggled against his cock. Johnny wrapped his arms around her and rocked against her. The bed was squeaking. They moved as one. Leah placed her dainty hands on either side of her husband’s face and looked into his eyes. They didn’t need to speak. They knew exactly what was being said.


Leah whimpered. She felt the burning feeling inside herself and she couldn’t control it. It overflowed from her body and took over. She saw white light and nothing more. She felt Johnny’s hot body against her and felt his hot member gushing inside her. She couldn’t hear anything except the whooshing inside her head.

Johnny had tried to control himself. The moment Leah began to cum he let loose. Her pussy was quivering and he exploded inside her. He could barely breathe. It was a crash of both his emotional and physical needs. Everything he ever wanted he had at this exact moment. She had exactly what she wanted as well.

He fell backwards onto the bed and turned onto his side, curling his body against hers. Their eyes were closed and they rested, as one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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