Opening Night

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The gallery was bustling with people. Jess had a hard time wading through the sea of guests who’ve come to the art extravaganza that opened that night. The atmosphere of excitement was unmistakable. Wow, Conrad must be in cloud nine with the turnout, she thought as jostled her way to the office. Two days ago, the owner of the gallery frantically called for her help as most of the paintings to be shown had gotten mixed up during transit and wouldn’t be able to arrive in time for the much-publicized opening. Her connections with the handlers, being an important long-time client of theirs, ensured overtime work, which fortunately resulted to the timely arrival of the goods but with a few hours to spare for installation.

Alone in the empty office, Jess sat down on Conrad’s table, opened a black box and began to sort the slides inside. Two weeks from now, it would be her show that’s to open. A knock on the door broke the silence. Jess went to open the door and found herself staring eye to eye with a beautiful tall brunette. The woman took a slight step back, as if in surprise. Short cropped hair, big brown eyes, stylish white suit, strong chin, a mouth that seemed to hint a smirk. Jess was transfixed.

The silence between them was electrifying. Neither moved. “You’re not Conrad,” she finally said, and before Jess could reply, the woman turned around and left. Jess was stunned as she watched the woman walk down the aisle. What the hell was that? Better yet, who the hell was that? On one hand she felt annoyed with this stranger’s rudeness, on the other, she was intrigued.

Okay, first things first, she reminded herself as she returned to the desk. She could hear the chatter outside slowly becoming subdued as the program was starting. After leaving her slides and a note on top of Conrad’s table, she hastily went outside to listen to the talk.

Entering the lobby area, she immediately spotted the woman she met earlier, standing at the back of the room with her arms folded. As all the seats were taken, Jess was forced to stand at the back as well, making a bit of an effort to keep her distance from the stranger. The woman slightly turned her head, then stared for a bit, which made Jess slightly unnerved at this woman’s inexplicable hostility. She tried to concentrate on what Conrad was saying up in front, introducing the Brazilian artist group, but she was all too conscious of the other woman, as if the ten meters between them didn’t exist. Every shift of weight, every clearing of throat the woman made did not escape Jess. Whenever she’d steal a glance, bursa eskort the woman would instantly look back, as if reading her mind, and give her a scowl.

After a few more minutes, the solemnity of the talk took a break as a musical performance began. As the happy Brazilian tune raised some appreciative buzz from the audience, Jess decided it was time to go home and get rush some work to completion. Jess readjusted her bag, picked up the black box resting on the floor. As she turned to leave, she felt a hand take hold of her arm. She turned around and saw it was the woman, unsmiling and with a look that was both intimidating and annoyingly intimidating. Seeing her for the second time up close, Jess noticed the woman was pretty, if not handsome. You’re not leaving, she stated in a gently but firm tone. As if it were a command not to be questioned.

Jess was instantly furious at being told what to do, and by a rude stranger at that! She’s had enough. With a scathing look, her eyes squarely bored at the woman’s. She tried to shake off the hand, first discreetly then jerkily, but failed as the hold was gently but very firm. Just try and make a scene, the woman’s eyes dared her, the corner of her lips curling into a smirk.

People around them were starting to settle down again, as the second part of the symposium was to begin. Jess forced a smile and a wave as two or three people she knew from the audience said hello as they passed them by, while a hand continued to force her in place. What game are you playing? Get your hand off my arm, she whispered with the most venom she could muster. Although at the back of her mind, Jess was excited by the older woman’s game. No response, the woman looked no different as if she were holding onto a chair.

They now stood side by side at the back of the room, no one could see what was happening, which brought little comfort to Jess. As the Brazilian artists took stage and the talk commenced, the grip loosened. A fingertip traced her arm, gliding to her back and make its way to under her top. Jess gasped as the fingertip made slow circles at the small of her back. As her face turned pink, while the woman’s face beside her showed no reaction, as if intently listening to the speakers. One fingertip became five explorers, feathering her back up and down, left and right, once in a while kneading the flesh of the waist.

Jess tried to focus and not let the woman see how affected she was. Then the fingers started playing with the back of her pants, lining the tip of her butt crack to the farthest bursa bayan escort the finger reached under, up and down, up and down. Jess body stiffened. Then the fingers rested on the back zipper of her pants, poised to tug it down. Don’t you dare, Jess mentally screamed. Bothered by slightly feeling aroused, Jess had enough of this humiliating nonsense and started to walk away. Only to bounce back to her original stand as the woman suddenly grabbed the backstrap of her brassiere. Shocked, Jess couldn’t believe the outrageousness of what just happened– she looked back furiously, and an unmistakable amusement flickered in the woman’s eyes. To hell with it, let anyone who sees see it, Jess thought and violently jerked her body to release. This surprised the woman and left her no time to reach after Jess, who was by then halfway to the door.

As she walked down the hallway to the restroom, Jess could feel her brassiere loosening up around her chest. Great, don’t tell me the witch tore my bra. A bit disoriented because of what just happened, Jess was thankful to find the comfort room empty and gain her composure in peace. She entered a stall and removed her top to take a look at the damage.

Unfortunately, there was a rip in the clasp. With a sigh, Jess stuffed the bra in her bag. She got out of her stall, studied her reflection in the mirror to see if going without it wasn’t too noticeable.

Oh, they won’t mind, said a voice out of nowhere. Jess almost leapt in surprise. She didn’t realize anyone was in there with her. Dread, excitement and anger washed over her as she saw the same woman who’s been harassing her stand there so calmly, leaning against the wall near the sink, looking so calmly and a bit amused.

What the hell do you want from me? Jess spat out. But the woman, with two lightning steps, immediately had Jess pinned against the wall with her hands holding Jess by the pelvis. Both women breathed heavily, their noses two inches apart, their bosoms mashed together. The heat between them rose to electrifying degrees. The woman closed her eyes and smiled. She tilted her head against the crook of Jess’ neck, half-nuzzling and half-smelling the stretch of skin. Mmmm, purred her captor.

Jess instinctively closed her eyes at this sensual assault as she bent her head forward, rolling it slightly against the woman’s. Tell me you want to, the stranger whispered. Jess’ brain suddenly cleared and remembered she actually must be fending herself from this attacker. With a quick twist bursa ucuz escort of the wrist, a sharp slap was served across the woman’s face.

Surprisingly, it didn’t anger the woman, but instead her smile widened. The hands that pinned Jess’s pelvis instantly grabbed her wrists and held them on each side. Tell me you want it, she whispered again, peppering Jess neck and ears with kisses. As the woman began to gyrate against her, Jess could feel the pressure of her mound against hers, and it excited her. She could feel herself starting to get wet.

Just tell me you want it, came the question again, this time, the woman stared into her eyes with all seriousness. Both were panting, the heaviness of each breath heightening the sex in the air. Jess hands were freed once more, as the woman rounded one hand to the small of her back and the other cupped her groin. Surrendering, Jess framed the woman’s face with her hands and kissed her.

As if a switch was turned on, the other mouth grew hungry in an instant, savagely claiming and asting her tongue and lips. Tongues were sucked, darting in and out as if it were raping each other, unmindful that their noses began to feel sore as it rubbed against each other too much.

Jess felt light-headed, half-dizzy with such pleasure, forgetting where they were. All her focus was on the delicious body wanting to own her.

As they kissed, Jess unzipped her pants, loosening it by the waist.Reading her cue, the woman slipped one hand inside. Give it, whispered Jess. Two fingers easily slipped into her hole. The woman held her close, connected her mound to the hand, sandwiching it between their pubic bones and began to thrust forward and upward. With each thrust, the fingers went in, filling Jess. Jess could feel the buttocks of the woman clench with each thrust and ground against her more. In and out, in and out, Jess rode the fingers with quickening pace.

Hold it there, hold it there, she pleaded. In and out in and out, the fingers maintained their stiffness. With her every forward pelvic thrust, marked by sharp exhales, the woman began to quiver as well. She covered Jess mouth with kisses as the tremors grew in intensity, matched by the shaking of Jess’s own body. Sweat mixed freely. Screams of both sides were muffled by the kisses and accented by gasps of pleasure. The shaking seemed unbearable, tremors turned to quakes as the woman repeatedly slammed Jess aganst the wall.

Suddenly, both bodies froze in midair and closed their eyes from the blinding pleasure. Heat and tingles raced down their bodies, and a sudden cocoon of pleasurable tiredness enveloped them.

Jess slumped against the woman in an embrace. Both were raggedly breathing. So will you at least tell me who you are? Jess asked. The woman turned to face her, Adrianne Ross– I’ll be handling your show next month.

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