Opening Up: The First Night

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Aaron Fisher was an average man. He was five-foot-ten, a buck ninety, and had a decent bit of muscle tone – especially for a guy who never actually went to the gym. How he’d scored a super sexy wife like Helen, no one could fathom.

Helen Fisher was a bombshell. Five six, almost perfect hourglass figure, all natural 32 D-cup breasts, a tight round ass so firm you could bounce quarters off it. Aaron was a lucky man.

And he knew it, too. He did everything he could to please Helen. What straight man wouldn’t? The first time they’d kissed, he had jizzed himself. He never told her that, of course. But that was the kind of allure she held for him.

So when she said she wanted to explore some of his personal kinks, he nearly exploded in his pants. His list of fetishes was longer than a former athlete’s rap sheet. They discussed each other before they tried it. She intended to enjoy everything as much as he did.

Friday, after work, Aaron left the office and headed home. He fidgeted during the entire drive. Fortunately, he didn’t have to carpool. Trying to hide his average-sized hard-on would have been difficult.

He parked in the garage and entered the house though the side door. Helen waited for him at the threshold. She wore a black, lacy, sheer camisole that did nothing to hide her breasts. The camisole ended at her waist. Below that she wore thigh high stockings. Aaron salivated at the sight.

“Damn baby,” he said.

“Welcome home, lover,” she purred.

His dick throbbed. Every time she spoke in that sexy, sultry voice, he twitched in pleasure. She hooked two fingers into his belt buckle and pulled him toward the bedroom. He needed no coaxing.

She sat on the bed and unbuckled his pants. As he ran his fingers through her think brown hair, she tugged his boxers to his ankles. His cock sprung out.

“Oo, daddy,” she moaned playfully. “Lemme get a taste of that.”

He grinned ear to ear and grabbed a handful of her hair. Gently, he pressed yalova escort her head to his readied piece and she eagerly took him in her mouth. Her warmth spread over his cock like a damp blanket. He moaned as her tongue expertly circled the tip. She started to bob her head back and forth along his shaft. He tensed, pulling her hair.

“Oh, God,” he groaned.

Barely a minute into the blowjob, he shot his hot white seed into her mouth. She kept her lips closed around his jerking dick until it finally calmed and started to fall limp. Then, she pulled away and looked up at him.

“Oh, geez, I’m sorry babe,” Aaron said. “You know how excited I can get. Let’s go again. I can-“

Without a word, she stood up, pressed her lips against his, and forced his mouth open with her tongue. He could taste his own cum. It was bitter, salty, and thicker than he expected. Her tongue danced inside his mouth and he lost himself in the kiss, forgetting that he was effectively eating his own spunk.

When she finally pulled away, his cock was almost hard again. She leveled a stern gaze at him and gripped his face one hand.

“Swallow,” Helen instructed.

Aaron obeyed and drank his sperm.

“Good boy.” She placed get hands on his shoulders and traded places so that he was against the bed. “Lie down and take off your shirt. We’ll move on to the next one.”

He smiled wide as he obliged. She turned away while she finished undressing. As he tossed his shirt to the side, she faced him again. Now, she held a large blue diaper. There was no way to mistake it for something else with the baby blocks print on the waistband. His grin faltered.

“I thought we weren’t doing this,” he said. “You said it was weird.”

“I wanted to mix it with another kink,” she explained. “But I wanted it to be a surprise. From this moment on, every time you disappoint me, you be punished.”

His eyes widened and his half-hard dick jumped. She immediately slapped it and he damn zonguldak escort near came a second time.

“None of that, now,” she commented. “Putting a diaper on an erection is hard.”

He chuckled at the pun and she grinned. Whether she meant to say that or not, he couldn’t tell. Either way, it was effective at reducing his arousal a little. He began to shrink once more.

“That’s better,” Helen noted. “Now, since you came way too early, you’ll have to wear this diaper until I say otherwise. And there’ll be no bathroom usage for you, either.”

“But what if I-”

“Bitches don’t get to talk. But, pooping is the only thing you’re allowed to do in the toilet. I don’t want to clean that up.”

He nodded. Under her direction, he lifted up his butt and she slid the diaper under him. After a quick wipe down with a baby wipe, and a brief powdering, she wrapped him in the crinkly baby diaper and secured the tape fasteners.

“There,” she said when she finished. “All done. Now you’re ready to please me. But first, do you have to pee?”

He hesitated, then nodded. He opened his mouth, but a cold look from her shut it. He didn’t need any additional instructions.

ABDL had been a private kink of his since puberty hit. He was familiar with how to relax his bladder. Within a few moments, he felt the warm liquid leaking out of his penis. The diaper darkened and began to sag as he wet himself. She watched him, smiling. When he was done, the diaper was almost half full.

“All better now?” she asked, pressing her hand against the soggy diaper.

He moaned at her touch and the feel of the squishy mess he’d made pressing up against his member. She pressed harder, rubbing in tight, small circles on his balls. He bit his lip while his dick rapidly hardened. The diaper prevented him from sticking out like a compass needle, holding his erection down at an angle.

She pressed firmly against his groin and rubbed hard in swift, tight motions. zonguldak escort His toes clenched and he grabbed the headboard behind him. He arched his back and loudly groaned as a second spritz of cum blasted out of his cock. He shuddered and Helen laughed.

“You’re such a fucking bitch,” she told him. “You just pissed and came in a diaper. And it’s on video.”

She pointed the digital recorder on the dresser, aimed at the bed. He hadn’t noticed it when he walked him, but then his attention had been elsewhere. His smile quivered.

“Don’t worry, ‘baby,'” she emphasised the word. “As long as you do what I tell you, no one will ever see it. But fuck up, even once, and it goes on Facebook. And YouTube. And I’ll even send it to your mother.”

A spurt of piss shot out of him at that idea. Helen didn’t care. It was in the diaper, so it didn’t matter. Aaron watched as she climbed on the bed and pressed her large tits against his wet diaper. She slowly moved up his body, her hard nipples gliding along his naked skin. Just before reaching his face, she rose up.

“Uh-uh,” she mocked. “Only men get to taste boobs. Babies get formula. If you’re a good boy all night long, you might get to be a man in the morning. But for now, momma needs a little pleasure. You’ve sprayed your spunk twice, now.”

She straddled his face and lowered her clean shaven cunt to his lips. He immediately started licking her lips, savoring her sweet flavor. She grinded on his face, leaning back for maximum effort. He flicked his tongue over her folds, then slipped it inside her. She moaned, ran her fingers through his short blond hair, and gently bucked.

He craned his neck and took her clit in his mouth. He flicked it with his tongue, and sucked on it like a tit. Her moans grew louder and louder. He felt her tense up around him. She pulled hard on his hair and finally exploded. Her hot, wet juice flooded over his face and down his chin. She continued to buck for a few moments before sighing and sliding to one side.

“Good little bitch,” she groaned. “You wear that diaper the rest of the night, don’t leak, and maybe you’ll get changed when I wake up.”

Placing a light kids in his cheek, she rolled over, turned it the lamp, and went to sleep.

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