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It should arrive in three to five business days; my order of sex toys to surprise my wife with. Damn I can’t wait. I’ll probably be at work when she gets the package; I wish I could see the look on her face as she opens the box.

This is what she will see: A three pack of butt plugs, small, medium, and large. All are clear red rubber and I can’t wait to see them in my wife’s ass. Next she mentioned she wanted to try a double penetration vibrator, so I got her one. The pussy shaft is shaped like a cock, about 7 inches long and 1-¼ inches wide. The anal shaft is cone shaped tiny at first and widens down the shaft with little round ribs dividing the segments. It’s going to be so fucking hot to play with it. It’s waterproof so we can use it in the shower. Finally I got something for myself; it’s an imitation vagina that requires lube. I think she will have fun stroking my cock with it and I’m pretty excited to let her.

This is how I hope the delivery day plays out: She probably won’t call and tell me she has received them. She’ll think I won’t know until I come home. She’ll most likely start planning something big for me that night when I arrive from work. I’ll be checking the tracking number and will know that she received the toys, but won’t let on by calling and asking.

The anticipation of me coming home and playing with her with our new toys will drive her crazy all day. She’ll be wet from the moment she starts pulling them out of the box and for the remainder of the day. She’ll probably grind her hands in her crotch as she watches her soap in the afternoon and forced to change her panties after.

She’ll have everything ready for my arrival; fresh batteries will be in the DP toy and she will be lying on the bed in our room dressed in a sexy negligee. The toys will be spread out on the bed around her, with a towel and KY jelly. She’s going to be so fucking hot her face will already be flushed with excitement and her nipples will be partially erect through the thin silky material, pulled tight around her E cups.

My wife is hot; young, tight and her ass and huge tits are her best features. She has long blond hair to the middle of her back, blue eyes and long sexy legs. She shaves her entire womanhood and I’m sure she will redo it before I come home.

I pull my car into the garage and she lights the last candle and jumps back onto the bed. Entering the house, no lights are on and I make my way to the bedroom to change out of my work clothes like everyday. She knows this and is waiting for me. I know now something is up because soft flickers of light are coming from our room and she hasn’t said anything yet.

I walk into the room already removing my tie and there she is lying comfortably on our bed just like I thought.

“Hello sweetie, look what came in the mail today,” she smiles and rises to sit on the edge of the bed. “You’re a naughty boy aren’t you?” she asks and motions me to her with one sexy finger.

She bites her lip in a sexy look and I walk towards her dropping my tie.

“Cool, I was wondering when it would show up,” I say lying.

Directly in front of her now she reaches out and starts to unbuckle my belt, unzips my fly and my pants drop around my ankles. My large cock is already growing with anticipation and she grabs it and rubs through my boxers.

“Wow look at you; already hard and wet, almost like you knew,” she giggles, grabbing harder and wrapping her hand around my rod along with the boxers.

She strokes a couple of times and then lets go, using both hands to remove my boxers and revealing my vein covered, shaved, 8 inch cock and balls. I’ve already started to remove my button down shirt and pull it off my hard chest and abs dropping it to the floor.

She cups my balls with one hand and continues stroking my cock and then rubbing the pre-cum hard on my head. The sensation makes me jerk back and she laughs.

“You like that,” she says.

I nod my head and she starts to rise rubbing her mammoth tits on my cock as she does. She raps her arms around me and spins me around so my back is to the bed. Then she pushes me on to it. My head hits one of the butt plugs and the DP toy jumps off the bed coming down on my stomach.

Picking it up I ask, “So did you figure out how this thing works?”

She unties, and removes my shoes and socks and I kick off my pants. She crawls up the bed towards me licking my stomach and chest. “Ahuh, you just turn the base and it starts vibrating,” she says in-between kisses on my chest.

I turn the base and sure enough the DP toy comes alive making a quiet hum and vibrating in my hand. I grab each shaft and feel the vibrations intensity and imagine to myself what it would feel like.

“The box came early in the morning so I have been waiting all day for you to come home, I’m so freaking horny,” she exclaims.

“Did you try anything out while I was at work?” I asked turning the toy off.

“No, I decided to wait for you,” she answers kissing down my chest and stomach to just above my throbbing gaziantep escort bayan cock.

She bends it upward and kisses and licks around the base. I lie back and enjoy the sensation, dropping the DP toy back on the bed. She licks up the shaft while holding it vertical and then in one fast motion devours it into her hot wet mouth, causing me to moan with pleasure. She starts stroking and sucking at the same time. Working her tongue around the head and sucking hard, curls my toes and more moans follow.

“Man, I love when you do this,” I say to her.

She takes my wet shaft out of her mouth and says, “I know lover, I’m sorry I don’t do it very much, it hurts my mouth, you’re just so wide,” she explains.

She’s a trooper and goes back to it though and sucks and strokes it like a pro. She fondles my balls with her other hand and I start looking around for my fake twat I purchased. Finding it I pick it up and start to examine it as my wife continues her sloppy blowjob.

My toy looks just like a really pussy, clit and all, except its purple and has a shaft for my cock to enter sticking out the back. I start to lick the lips and clit lubing it up and pushing my tongue in as far as I can. It feels pretty real and I’m looking forward to trying it.

My wife sees me playing with it and asks, “Do you want to try that first? You seem to be good and ready.”

She spreads her spit and my pre-cum up and down my shaft. “Give it here and I’ll try it,” she says.

I hand it to her and put my hands under my head relaxing. She takes it and licks it herself, “Wow that’s kind of weird like I’m licking another women’s body,” she exclaims.

I laugh and ask “See why I like to do it to you so much?”

“Whatever,” she comments and lifts my cock up preparing it for the toy.

I watch as she presses down and my engorged head disappears into the tight opening of the toy. She continues down and envelops my shaft in purple rubber.

“What does it feel like,” she asks.

“Really good, tight and cold, so it is quite different then a real vagina. That will probably change as it warms up,” I answer enjoying the sensation. “I think it needs more lube too; it kinda binds up at the bottom,” I explain.

“Okay, hand me the KY,” she says.

I grab it and hand it to her, she pulls the toy of my cock and it smacks me in the stomach as it falls out of the purple twat.

“Sorry, that didn’t hurt, did it?” she asks hearing the smack.

“No. Felt good,” I answer.

She pops the lid off the KY and squirts a generous amount onto the fake pussy and pushes her finger into the folds. “Okay that should do it,” she says and proceeds to place it back onto my cock.

The KY is cold as my cock slides into the sheath easily now and she pounds it all the way down.

“Better?” she asks

“Mmm, yes, very nice,” I answer as the KY warms on my hot cock.

Gripping the toys shaft she pulls it back off until just my head is inside and slowly pushes it back down so I can feel every ridge and indention. It works great and I close my eyes as my hot wife fucks my cock with my new toy, increasing her speed slightly with each thrust.

“From your face it looks like it works well,” she says.

I just smile and nod my head keeping my eyes shut enjoying her strokes. She bends my cock towards my feet and the added friction is intense and I already feel my balls rising and my cum start to boil.

She notices my legs tighten and my tummy flatten and asks, “Are you getting close to cumming?”

“Yes, damn its really good and the new excitement of the toy is going to make me blow quick,” I answer.

“Will you be done for the night if you do,” she asks, slowing down her strokes a little.

“Probably not, especially if I start playing with you, with all your toys, it should get me ready again fast,” I moan as the sensation becomes intense.

“Okay I’ll let you then, but you better be right,” she tells me and increases her speed, pushing the hot purple cunt onto my throbbing meat faster and faster.

My toes point and my whole body tightens as my cock explodes inside the toy. She knows I’m cumming by my body and face and continues to stoke. My cum starts to ooze out of the toy down my shaft and drip on my tummy and balls as my cock continues to spew hot wads into the toy.

“Done?” she asks, still stroking slowly.

“Ya, shit that was intense and didn’t take long at all,” I try to say as I catch my breath.

She pulls the toy off my cum covered cock and more of my seed drips out onto my balls and stomach. She grabs the towel and I clean myself up while she lies next to me running her hands over my heaving chest.

“That thing should come in handy when I just want to give you a hand-job,” she comments.

“Very true, it took no time at all for me to cum. I’ll clean it out later,” I say dropping my new toy onto the floor and roll over on my side next to my young hot wife. “It’s your turn now,” I whisper in her ear.

I start with her beautiful hair and she rolls away from me onto her side so I can play with the long bond silk. I rub her sexy back and continue to run her hair through my fingers. Further down I caress her lower back and ass staying on the silky negligee so my hand runs smooth and soft.

“Oh that is nice,” she says urging me lower.

My hand leaves her short clothing and onto her soft bare leg down to the back off her knee and back up her leg and perfect ass. I move my hand up her side and over to the front and lightly touch her breasts. She moans wanting more. I caress harder and the silky outfit works well as I feel her nipples harden beneath the soft cloth.

Slowly but firmly I cup her left breast and push it up lifting and rolling it in my hand. Barley brushing the hardened nipples, she starts to moan and push her ass up against my soft oozing cock. I switch to her right and pay the same attention to her twin jug. She turns her head and I kiss her deeply and continue my fondling of her perfect breasts.

I leave her mounds and run my hand down her tight stomach and over her pelvic bone finding her inner thigh below her negligee. I bring my hand back up under her silky clothing and find, with small surprise, she has no panties on. She is sopping wet, the wettest I think I have ever felt her. Juice is running down her legs and as I spread her lips more juice covers my fingers. She is freshly shaved just like I figured, and her flesh is hot to the touch.

“Damn! You are so wet!” I exclaim.

“It’s been like that all day, I’ve been so horny since the package came,” she says. “I had to change my panties around 2 o’clock it got so bad, I just didn’t bother putting another pair on,” she continues.

She rolls onto her stomach and spreads her legs and my fingers enter her cunt easily pushing in deeply she arches her back and pushes onto my hand.

“Ohhh yes! Deeper,” she exclaims grabbing my hand and pushing hard into herself.

I keep two fingers buried in her hot pussy and try to work my pinky down onto her juice covered tight asshole. It is so well lubed that the tip of my finger goes in effortlessly and she pushes onto it wanting more in her ass. This doesn’t happen very often, she has to be extremely horny to want things in her ass so my plan is working.

Half my little finger is in her ass and I start working on her pussy with the two fingers and I use my thumb on her hard clit rubbing her juice onto the hood and pushing the skin away to find the little button.

She starts to squirm and moan and my little finger is pushed father up her bowels to where it can’t go further. I look around for the small butt plug on the bed and find it barley in reach of my other hand. She see’s me reaching for it and smiles.

“You ready to try this?” I ask her showing her the small plug.

“Oh yes very,” she exclaims pulling her negligee up and over her huge tits.

My mouth instinctively starts to suck on one of her hard nipples and my fingers push harder into her body below.

I suck on her hot tits for a moment and then remember the plug in my other hand. I stop my sucking and pull my hand from between her legs. She sits up a bit and pulls the negligee the rest of the way off and tosses it onto the floor. She is butt naked now and I check out her hot body as I position my self below her.

I never tire of seeing her flat stomach, perfect elongated belly button capped off with enormous round breasts. Her nipples tighten up and the areolas go darker and the visual is breathtaking.

I kneel below her and she comments on my semi hard cock, “Looks like your penis is going to come back to life,” she says.

“Oh I had little doubt,” I return.

I raise her legs, bent at the knees, and push them back towards her head lifting her ass off the bed slightly. Very slowly I press the tip of the plug up against her tight, lubed lower hole and watch in ecstasy as it enters her anus. The small plug without difficulty pushes in and her tight hole closes onto the narrow end holding the plug in place. I push on the end cap and she starts to moan.

“Oh that is really nice,” she says.

I sit back on my heels and check out the sight of the clear red plug in my tight wife’s ass.

“Damn that looks cool,” I say.

“It must, you’re cock is growing fast,” she answers.

I look down and watch as my fat cock bounces its way up to full power, a sting of pre-cum dripping off down to the bed. I reach down and rub it around my head and move forward leaning down with my face between her open legs. I start to lick all around my wife’s pussy playing with the folds. Next while I find her clit hiding under her hood I push on the plug with one hand and start to suck her nub.

She moans and wiggles her hips under the intense feeling and I have to lightly bite down on her slick button to keep it from getting away. I alternate between her clit and darting my tongue into her wet hole as well as pulling and pushing on the plug.

She can’t stand it any longer and grabs my head pulling me up. The look on her face tells me she wants my penis. Kneeling in front of her I place my hard cock at the entrance to my wife’s wet twat I push it in just above the plugs end cap and slowly enter her with all my length.

“Oh wow, the plug makes it a little tighter, and I can feel you cock run over it,” she says pulling her legs further over her body, letting me in deeper.

I don’t really feel the plug, it’s not big enough, but her pussy is slightly tighter then I remember. Pulling out I ram my penis back in taking hold of her feet for leverage I start to pound her harder and faster until her breasts are bouncing up and down fast enough she has to hold them with her arms.

“Yes, honey, give it to me, faster!” she says between thrusts. She pinches her nipples and rubs her palms over her stunning breasts.

I keep the speed up and we make love for while. I alternate between her breasts and rubbing her clit to keep her wet and then I decide its time for something new. I pull my wet cock out of her and roll her over onto her stomach and she gets the idea and pulls her legs up and now is on all fours with her ass pushed out for me to view.

The small plug is still tight in her anus and I look around for the next bigger size. Finding it I start to pull the small one out and she moans with pleasure as the small plug leaves her ass. She knows what I am planning and looks back at me as I start to push the medium plug into her puckered hole.

“Ooh that is definitely wider,” she says as the plug stretches her ass further.

I get the object all the way in with little effort as her ass accepts the girth and then closes over the end again. The view is even better then before because with the wider plug I can see her ass stretched open wider through the clear red rubber. It looks sweet and my cock throbs and begs to be inside her again.

Instead I push my face into her ass and pussy and start to lick her clit lapping up her cum and juice. She starts to moan and says, “Suck my clitoris, Ya just like that, it feels so good with the plug in my bottom.”

I obey and suck on her clit pulling it away from her hood pressing it between my lips and sucking hard. She continues to moan and the sensation gets so intense she pulls away from me.

I sit up and kneel behind her and push my hard cock back into her glistening pussy, her lips were hanging open and begging me to penetrate her. This time I feel the plug above my cock as my head rolls over the widest part buried in her ass.

“Holy shit, that’s a lot tighter, I felt your cock big time hit the plug,” she exclaims.

“I know it is so cool,” I answer, pulling back out and shoving my rod back into her.

Reaching down I push on the plugs end as I ram my cock deeper and she starts to shake as her orgasm approaches. Faster and harder now I increase my thrusts and push on the plug with a constant force.

She has grabbed one of our pillows and put her head down on it arching her back in the sexy way that she does. Her large breasts as squished out the sides of her body and I love what the sight does to me.

Her whole body tightens up and starts to quake as she explodes in a wonderful climax, small whimpers come from the pillow and I continue my assault. Just having cum earlier I can last a lot longer and enjoy the tight feel of my wife’s twat and stuffed ass. This has got to be the best purchase I’ve made in along time.

I feel her pussy squeeze my cock with her orgasmic spasms and her ass starts squeezing and releasing the plug in her ass. Holy shit it is so cool, this is our best sex session since we have been married and it isn’t over yet.

She finally settles down and I pull my cock out of her and she collapses on the bed still clenching the plug in her ass.

“Honey, that was the best orgasm in my life,” she says and rolls over to look at me. “That plug and the anticipation all day, I can’t even tell you,” she rambles.

“Awesome, it was so cool to see you enjoy it that much,” I answer her.

She pulls her legs up and reaches behind her back and pulls the plug out of her ass while I watch. It was cool watching her do this and I wonder what she has in mind now.

“Let’s try that double thing,” she said dropping the wet medium plug on the bed next to her.

I crawl across the bed and pick up the DP toy and come back with it and the KY jelly.

“Can’t ever have to much lube,” I chuckle and pop the cap.

Squeezing some out onto two fingers I spread it all over her pussy and asshole, pushing my finger in both. Her ass is quite loose, with just pulling the plug out, and my finger goes in easy. I wipe the excess off my fingers onto the DP toy’s two extrusions and positioned it in front of her waiting holes.

“I’m going to put it in and then turn it on, okay?” I ask her.

“Okay that sounds fine,” she answers

It’s a little tricky getting both things to go in at the same time, the ass one keeps slipping out so I concentrate on it first. Pushing it in to where I think it won’t pop out I then manage to get the cock shaped rod into her pussy and push both in as far as her body will allow me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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