Original Angels Ch. 14

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Getting Off Together

This is now my fourteenth submission in my ongoing story. If you have not read my previous work, I encourage you to do so. Go to my author page and begin with Intro, then Massaging Trish and on through the Angel series. The other titles should guide you and I am now numbering my subsequent entries for your convenience. For those of you who have commented and encouraged me, thanks, and I hope I can continue to please you. Enjoy!

* * *

One of the really nice features of my home is the privacy that we enjoy. With so much open space around us, we can relax in the back yard and pool area with no chance of anyone observing us, unless they used a high powered viewing device from a long way away. And if someone is really that desperate to catch a glimpse of Trish or me or Tracy or Teri or anyone else that happens to be visiting, I say let them go for it. They could just follow us to the nudist resort where we still spend some weekends and see us there instead!

And so it was that today, after Trish had finished shaving and sculpting Tracy, Tammi, Rhonda and Joe, we all just felt comfortable hanging out by the pool, naked. Trish and I had shed our suits and so all of us were nude and enjoying the sun and the water. Tammi and Tracy were bouncing on the trampoline, practicing some of the exercises and moves that they do in their cheerleading at school. I could tell that Joe was a true voyeur because he kept watching his daughter and Tracy and then shifting his eyes to keep tabs on Trish. And I must admit, the views were nice…and exciting!

But frankly, Joe was missing the best show of them all. Because as much as he is a voyeur, it was becoming increasingly obvious that his wife Rhonda was enjoying being an exhibitionist, and Trish and I were the happy beneficiaries of her willingness to expose herself as much as possible. After we all got out of the pool, Trish and Rhonda and I sat down together to chat. Tammi and Tracy headed off for the tramp, and Joe settled into the chaise where he could keep an eye on us all. Rhonda was enjoying the newfound pleasure of being naked outdoors in a social setting and she was being very vocal about it.

‘Trish, I can’t thank you enough for inviting us all here this weekend. I never knew that I could feel so free and relaxed without my clothes on. Rob, you know that other than Trish and my family members and my doctor, you are the only person to see me naked since I was a baby! And I’m not embarrassed! In fact, I think I feel most comfortable sitting here with my legs spread wide open for you, than if I tried to hide myself and keep my legs together.’

I remained as nonchalant as I could, under the circumstances, and just enjoyed looking at Rhonda’s freshly shaved fixbet gash.

‘Do you like looking at me like this?’ she asked.

‘Rhonda, I, like most every red blooded American male, enjoy looking at beautiful women, especially when they are unclothed, and you are a very beautiful woman. What can I say?’

She reached down and fondled her pussy, spreading her labia apart and exposing her clit and the dark hole below it. Her long legs were extended as wide as she could spread them. Her breasts were flat as she reclined.

‘Do you enjoy seeing me open and exposed like this?’

‘Yes Rhonda, I do. You are not only beautiful, but sexy, yes I like what I’m seeing very much.’

‘Does it turn you on to see me touching myself this way?’

‘Yes. I’ve always found it exciting to observe pretty women playing with themselves.’

‘So why aren’t you getting hard?’

Trish was quietly listening to all of this and watching Rhonda as well. She made no effort to interrupt the interrogation.

‘I guess my mind’s learned to keep from getting too excited unless I know that I’m going to be involved in a sex act that would require my full extension. It’s a matter of decorum I suppose. But sometimes it’s not all that easy, and frankly, you are making it tougher and tougher for me. Would it please you to see me with a hard on?’

‘Yes, I think it would. As you can see I’m already getting wet just from exposing myself to you and Trish. But I think if I knew that it was turning you on too, I could actually cum right here on the floor!’

‘Oh, so it’s mutual masturbation that you want! Is that it?’

I put my hand down between my legs and touched myself softly. The visual stimulation combined with the touch caused my dick to jump just a little. I gently stroked its length, and it began to stiffen.

‘Mmm, oh yes.’ Rhonda purred, ‘I like the way that looks. And it does turn me on! What about you Trish? Do you get turned on when you see other people when they’re nude?’

‘Trish replied, ‘I get turned on when I see other people doing sensuous things. They don’t necessarily have to be nude, but most people are more likely to get sensuous if they are naked. Some people get turned on just by seeing others undressed whether the subject is trying to be sexy or not. I think Joe is that way. I can tell by the way he watches. Others get turned on by watching people without the person knowing they are being watched. There’s something secretive and invasive about that. But yes I am enjoying watching you right now, because, as Rob said, you are a beautiful and sexy woman doing sensual things to yourself. Shall we all masturbate together?’

Rhonda was already well into her masturbation and I was fixbet giriş hard and ready to do it in earnest. Trish spread her legs apart and began to touch herself as well. The game had begun.

Joe was just beginning to realize what was going on and turned his head to watch us more intently. I guess he decided that our show was better than Tracy and Tammi bouncing on the trampoline.

Rhonda was now stroking the full length of her vagina and inserting first one, then two fingers at a time. Trish was watching Rhonda and imitating her every move. Rhonda kept shifting her gaze from my hand on my cock, to my eyes and then to Trish’s hand in her pussy and up to Trish’s eyes. I was doing pretty much the same, enjoying the blatant exposure and the seductive looks in the eyes of my lover and our guest.

As the pace quickened and our focus became more intent, we didn’t even notice that Joe had moved closer to us all. He was slowly and quietly stroking himself as he watched us. (Mostly Trish and Rhonda, I think. I don’t believe that watching another man masturbate is a turn on for him.)

But as his focus became more intense, he failed to realize that Tammi and Tracy had joined him and were watching him and all the rest of us in our unabashed self pleasure endeavor. I think Tammi was fascinated to see her own father masturbating and Tracy is so sexually charged that the whole scene was turning her on. She stood behind Tammi and put her arms around her. First around her waist, but then her hands moved up and cupped Tammi’s breasts. Then her fingers grasped Tammi’s nipples and she began to roll them and tweak them and pull on them. Tammi sighed and leaned back into her girlfriend’s body.

Rhonda had now closed her eyes and was nearing her climax. Her breathing was heavy and she was grunting and moaning and her hand, soaked with her fluids, was making gushy sounds between her legs. Trish was in a similar state, but fully aware now of all of the participants. Her eyes told me to look around and I did so. The sight of all of us only served to bring me closer to my own orgasm.

Tracy had now moved one hand down between Tammi’s legs and was probing Tammi’s inner folds. She was kissing Tammi’s neck and Tammi spread her legs apart and sighed. Hearing his daughter’s cry made Joe turn around and the sight of Tracy with her fingers in Tammi’s cunt must have been too much. He shot a load of cum high in the air and it landed on his leg. Another spurt came down on his chest as his hand waved his out of control sex tool in every direction.

Seeing her father shoot his load brought Tammi to the edge and she cried out again as Tracy brought her off. Tracy held her tightly as Tammi’s body went limp and she almost collapsed on the deck. Rhonda, hearing her daughter, had now opened her eyes again and seeing the sights before her, went beyond her limit. Her grunts and moans turned to cries and yips as she came all over her hand. And she began to spew a long list of words that told us all she was at the height of her pleasure range.

‘Oh God! Oh yes! Ahh, ahh, ahh! Mmm, Ooohhhh!’

She went on and on as she came in waves. I couldn’t hold back any more and I let out a cry as I shot my first wad. It landed squarely on Rhonda’s left tit. The next one hit her leg.

Seeing me cum, Trish cried out, ‘Oh yeah Rob! Cum for us. Oh yes!’

I could tell that she was getting off now too. She had three fingers flying in and out of her tight little snatch. Tracy had now let Tammi go and Tammi was busy licking the last drops of her father’s cum from the length of his shaft. Tracy came over and took my free hand and shoved two of my fingers up her cunt. It was wet and they slid right in effortlessly. She pulled them out again and bent over with her ass facing me and invited me to stick them in again by pulling on her ass cheek to expose her hot open hole. She grasped the arm of Trish’s chair to steady herself and once I was stroking her the way she wanted, she held on to the chair with both hands. Trish was cumming hard now and as she slid forward in her seat, Tracy put her head down and caught her mother’s nipple between her teeth. Trish cried out in exquisite pain and came again even harder.

I withdrew my fingers and sloshed some of Tracy’s wetness all over her asshole. Then I reinserted two fingers in her cunt and one in her butt. She cried out and I felt the warm rush of her cum as it flowed from her two openings into my hand and down her legs. I saw her knees buckle and let go of my cock to catch her. I held her thigh and leaned my face forward to kiss and nibble on her ass and as I withdrew my fingers again, I replaced them with my tongue, licking and slurping her sex juice from her soft smooth youthful skin and hot holes.

Rhonda was laying back, totally spent, with her legs splayed wide open. Joe was still rolling his head around as his daughter finished cleaning his dick with her tongue. Trish had slipped down off the edge of her chair and was crawling over to hug and kiss her client and lover, Rhonda. And finally Tracy sat back down in my lap to recover from her body draining orgasm.

We were a sight to behold! I thought for just a moment about ‘What if somebody really could see us right now?’ I laughed to myself at the thought.

I put my hand on Tracy’s breast and held it lightly. She moved her head back against my face and we kissed. Seeing us, Tammi let go of her dad’s dick and kissed him with her wide open mouth. And on the floor Rhonda and Trish were engaged in a loving embrace and a dance with their tongues that almost made my cock jump and come alive again.

But I knew I had a little time to wait…

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