Original Angels Ch. 30 Epilogue

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All characters are over the age of eighteen.


My little sister came home on Saturday afternoon and she was so excited!

‘Where’s Mom?’ she asked.

‘They went out. I think they went to the golf club. How was your date with Carol last night?’

‘Oh Tracy, it was so cool! We went to the Cowboy Club. I felt like I was really grown up. Carol and I sat in a booth and we talked about the wedding and caterers and stuff, and we had a really romantic dinner at the same time. I think everybody in the restaurant was watching the two chicks in the back booth. That was us! They all stared at us when we walked out, and we kissed on the sidewalk out front. It was like being in love!’

‘Cool. Did you do anything after?’

‘We went back to her house. She lives in the canyon. We went over some more menus and I brought them home to show you and Mom and Rob. And then we went to bed and made love. Have you ever seen a strap on dildo?’

‘A strap on? No. Did Carol use one on you?’

‘No. She put it on me and I fucked her with it! She loved it! Now I know what it feels like to be a boy and have that thing hanging between your legs!’

‘Wow, you’ll do anything, won’t you?’

‘Tracy that was just the beginning! This morning we got up and had a picnic breakfast at the creek. Then we made love again outside. And I had to pee so Carol told me to go ahead and I peed while I was cumming and she was eating me!’

‘Teri! You peed on Carol? Eeeww!’

‘No, you don’t understand! She wanted me to.’

‘That’s kinky!’ ‘I know. And then later when I was eating her pussy, she did it to me. I never thought I could like something like that, but I did. We went swimming in the creek and washed it right off, but I think I would do it again if Carol wanted to.’

‘I don’t know. That sounds pretty weird. But if she wanted to…?’

‘And then these two people came along and went swimming with us and Carol invited them back to her house.’

‘Who were they? Did she know them?’

‘No, they were tourists on their honeymoon. We were all naked and we went back to Carol’s house and they fucked while me and Carol watched them!’

‘Wow! You really did have a wild time! So where are the tourists now?’

‘What do tourists do in Sedona? She asked sarcastically. ‘They’re on a Pink Jeep tour! But Joanne asked me if I knew a good massage therapist, and so I gave her Rob’s number. They’re going to call him tonight.’

‘Do you think they’ll come here?’

‘I told them all about our pool and how we can swim nude and stuff. I think they might.’

‘Do you think they like to pee too?’

‘Ha! That’s funny. I don’t know, but they do enjoy sport fucking! I wouldn’t mind doing it with them again. He’s got a pretty big dick!’

‘Did you fuck him too?!!!’

‘No. I just watched, but I did eat her pussy while they were fucking. It was pretty cool.’

We heard the garage door opening, just as Teri was finishing telling me her story.

‘Are you going to tell Mom everything?’ ‘Well maybe gaziantep yabancı escort not everything, at least not at first. But I need to tell Rob that they might call him about a massage.’

‘Yeah I guess that’s best. If they come over, can I ask Tammi to come over too?’

‘Sure. I know that Mike likes watching girls. We were teasing him about it.’

Just then, Mom and Rob walked in. ‘Who were you teasing?’ Rob asked.

‘Mike.’ Teri answered. ‘This guy that I met with Carol today. He and his wife Joanne might call you about a massage. I gave them your name and number.’

‘Oh thanks. Where did you meet them?’

‘Me and Carol went swimming and had a picnic at the creek this morning and we met them there?’

‘Are they tourists?’

‘Yeah. They’re on their honeymoon.’

‘Oh, so they’ll want a romantic massage. Maybe I should call Sue and have her come over to do a tandem massage.’

Rob was referring to his friend Sue Fine. She’s a therapist that he knows from the golf club. They trade massages sometimes. She’s a really cool lady. She’s single, but she really has it all together. She’s a great golfer, and she has a lot of class. I like her a lot. I think she likes girls too, although I can’t say for sure.

‘Well, we’ll see if they call. But thanks for the referral Teri.’

‘So how was your dinner date with Carol?’ Mom asked Teri.

‘Oh god, it was so much fun. Thanks for letting me go. Carol is really nice. I was just telling Tracy all about it. I need to put my things away and give you back your belt and stuff. Thanks for letting me wear it. I looked good. I got lots of looks at the Silver Saddle Room.’

‘I’m glad you had a good time honey. My little girl is growing up.’

I went with Teri back to her bedroom. I sat on the bed while she put her clothes away.

‘So tell me more about Carol.’ I asked.

‘You met her. What else can I tell you?’

‘Does she like men too, or just girls?’

‘I think she likes guys. She enjoyed watching Mike and Joanne fucking.’

‘I think Rob likes her. I’m sure that if she comes back here again, Mom and Rob will probably go to bed with her.’

‘I know that she’ll be coming back. We have a whole wedding to plan! So what did you do today?’

‘Not much. Tammi and I were going to go hang out with some guys, but she got her period and didn’t feel good. So I went to her house and sat around for a while. Joe and Rhonda were there and I watched him jack off while Rhonda and Tammi and I teased him. He loves that!’

‘Ha! You should have told him to fuck Rhonda while you watched. That’s what I was doing.’

The phone rang and Teri answered it.

‘Hello…Oh hi Joanne!…Sure, he’s here. I’ll get him. How was your jeep ride?’

Teri walked out of the room still talking.

I went to my room and laid down on my bed. Teri came in a few minutes later. ‘It’s all set! They’re coming over tomorrow afternoon and Rob is calling Sue to come too. gaziantep genç escort Do you think Tammi will want to come?’

‘I’ll call her and see.’

I called Tammi and told her what was going on. She said that she thought she would be feeling better and would plan to come over. I realized that my little sister is turning into a real sex freak. I’m glad that at least we live in a home where we can enjoy it without all of the hang-ups that so many other people have. It’s funny how as I grow older I’ve learned a lot about other people and how strange they are. It makes me appreciate my mom and Rob even more.

I took off my clothes and laid on my bed. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with Teri lying beside me. She was also undressed and I liked the feeling of her bare skin close to mine.

‘Mom and Rob went out for supper. I told them you were asleep and that I wasn’t hungry yet. So we’re on our own.’ She told me.

‘Are you hungry now?’ I asked.

Teri pinched my nipple and then put her hand between my legs. ‘Only for you.’ She whispered. ‘I’m horny…are you?’

I had to admit that I was. Teasing Joe and watching him masturbate had gotten me worked up and I hadn’t done what I really wanted to do, and that was jill myself. Now my little sister was coming on to me and I wasn’t about to resist.

‘Yes Teri I am. How hungry are you?’

‘Hungry enough to eat your cunny until you cum. Is that enough?’

I rolled over and opened my legs to give her access. ‘Oh yeah. Eat me baby.’

Teri crawled down between my legs and licked my crack. I put my hand on her head and held her there. She got in deep in a hurry. She found my clit and flicked it with her tongue. I have to admit she is good! But I wanted to taste her too. I let go of her head and reached for her leg. I got my hand on her hip and tried to pull her around towards me. She got the message. Without missing a stroke on my hot horny pussy, she swung around and straddled my head with her legs. I was staring straight into her bald pussy.

I put my hands on her butt and pulled her down. She was wet and I licked the slippery goo from her lips. I lapped her from her clit all the way to her asshole. Her tight little ass is so smooth and clean, I had to go deeper. I licked her cunt again and used my tongue to move the slick cum to her ass. I stuck my finger into her cunt hole and got it all wet too. Then I pressed my fingertip into her ass. She didn’t resist so I drew it out and forced the tip of my tongue there. When I had stretched her asshole as far as I could with my tongue, she was pushing back against my face. I slipped my finger in again and she took it all the way! I twisted it and pumped it in and out and Teri went wild!

I felt a flood of warm cum brushing my chin and I tasted the cum that was flowing from her pussy. And I was cumming too. Teri was biting my clit now and as she caused me to hang on the edge of pain, I jammed a second finger into her butt hole. She gaziantep gerçek resimli escort let go of my clit when she started to scream. It scared me and I pulled my fingers out of her ass.

‘Oh god Tracy! Don’t stop! Fuck my ass! O yeah!’

I pushed my fingers back in her. Her hole was gaping. She started bouncing on my hand and my face. She kept cumming for at least a minute! My hand was hurting. But I made sure that she got it all. When she finally stopped and lay there between my legs, I was staring again at her pink asshole. I lifted my head and licked it again. I tasted her sweet cum.

‘God Tracy! That was incredible! I never knew that I could cum so hard and I never had anything make my ass feel so good. That felt like you had your whole hand inside of me! Am I all stretched out?’

‘No Teri, you’re closed up again. But I think we can open it up again sometime soon and see what else will fit in there!’

‘I think I need to ask Carol if I can borrow her strap on dildo. I want to know what it feels like to get fucked in my ass.’

‘I want to do that too. I love it when Rob plays with my ass. He’s made me cum that way a lot of times. But I do want to feel something in there besides fingers. Do you have any of Mom’s toys in your room?’

‘Nope. I had one but I gave it back to her.’ ‘Well I guess we’ll have to wait. I wouldn’t go and take one without asking her.’

‘Tracy, can I ask you a question?’


‘I know that you go out with other kids from school and stuff, but have you ever really gone out on a date with just one guy?’

‘No. I’ve had a few guys ask me out, but I haven’t wanted to go with them. They all just want to make out and feel you up. There’s a few guys that I like, and I would go out with them if they asked me, but they haven’t yet.’

‘Why don’t you ask them to go out then?’

‘You know that’s not a bad idea. Do you know Adam? He’s on the swim team. I’d love to go out with him and if he wanted to feel my body, I might even let him. But I like him because whenever he talks to me, I feel like he respects me. And I think he wants to ask me out, but he’s too shy. Do you think he might want to go to a movie if I asked him?’

‘Yeah I know him. He’s cute. You should ask him.’

‘I think I will. But I still want Rob to be the first man to really fuck me. And I want him to fuck me in my ass too.’

‘Do you think he would do it to both of us?’

‘Well all I know is that I’m looking forward to their honeymoon! I mean our honeymoon. Do you know where we’re going yet?’

‘Nope. I guess I better ask Mom about it. I want to start planning and dreaming.’

‘Well let’s put together a plan for tomorrow. What time is the massage?’

‘Three o’clock.’

‘OK. So Sue will probably come over around two. I’ll make sure that Tammi is here by then. I’ll see if we can get Sue to go swimming with us first. Then we’ll work on your tourist friends when they get here.’


Teri leaned over and kissed me. We don’t usually kiss each other, but it just seemed right. I hugged her and held her. She pushed her tongue in my mouth and we french kissed for a long time. I stroked her back and squeezed her ass. Neither one of us wanted to stop.

‘Trace, can I sleep in here with you tonight?’

‘Mmm mm. I think that would be nice.’

We held each other and shared a new level of sisterly love. And slept so soundly.

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