Our Desires Ch. 03

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We hear applause and then, “Quite a show! Bravo!” comes from behind us in a wonderfully sexy female voice; one that I had only heard scream in pleasure before.

You flinch and cover yourself quickly as I just sit and smile. I laugh because you turn red with embarrassment and your reaction surprises me a little. After our first date, I didn’t think anything would embarrass you. I turn to see our guests wrapped in a sensual kiss while swiftly undressing each other. I stand beside the bed while you realize what is going on. Once you recognize them from the restaurant you relax and a huge smile crosses your face, followed by a look of pure desire as things begin. His hands caress her body as their kiss deepens. She leans into him and her body relaxes as we see her surrendering to him, to this, as his hands work her over. He kisses the tip of her nose and releases her.

She walks over to me and I realize how beautiful she is; the first time I saw her I had been too engrossed watching him fuck her. As she comes to me, I grab her by her beautiful hair and pull her towards me until her lips touch mine. I reach down to feel her wet pussy, brushing my fingers lightly across it. I moan into her mouth, so sweet tasting. I could devour her right here. As we kiss I look over at him; I have wanted to taste him since that day. He smiles seductively and moves toward us, then reaches around her and squeezes her breasts, caressing them. I bend down and take each nipple in my mouth, nibbling as he holds them for me. I look up and she is arched backward, offering all of them to me. I reach up and put my hand over his, helping him caress her as I continue licking and nibbling on each nipple. I kiss back up her neck and meet his lips to one side. Lost in the kiss, pressing ourselves against this lovely creature, I hear her purr. He breaks the kiss and says, “I’ve waited so long to taste you too,” in the sexiest Boston accent.

He grabs the back of my head and pulls me to him crushing his lips passionately to mine. She is still pressed between us, our nipples rubbing together as she kisses my neck. She reaches down and lightly explores my wet lips. I moan into his mouth and then I look over and see you watching, an enormous hard on between your legs. You have waited patiently knowing I needed a little time to acquaint myself with these two from my past. You come over to us, caress my ass and as she looks up you put your mouth over hers. I see you out of the corner of my eye and could almost climax right here and now. My body gets weak and I lean against you. Your grab on to me, knowing what affect all of this is having on me. You pull back, kiss my cheek then gently pry her from between us without a word. I watch as you take her lovingly into your arms. He pulls me to him and turns so we can both see you. His hard cock presses into my stomach, pulsing with pleasure. I ease away from him a little and slowly sink to my knees kissing every inch of his body as I go, tasting him, until I reach his throbbing dick and lick off the drop of pre-cum waiting there for me.

“Oh yes, baby! I need to cum in your lovely mouth,” he whispers.

“Mmmmm,” is the only reply I’m able to give. I am so drunk with the desire to taste him, I feel like I’m floating above him as in a dream. Kissing the tip of his penis and licking the precum, I take it to the back Betturkey of my throat. I reach up to caress his balls, rolling them lightly in my hand. I suck him in further and faster, needing the taste. I watch as you grab her ass and pull her up, still engaged in a passionate kiss. Her legs wrap around your waist and you back her against the wall and ease yourself inside her. You pull her closer to you and push deeper inside her.

“Oh yeeesss,” she murmurs to you. I watch your hips circle as you slowly push yourself in and out of her.

“You feel so damn good,” you moan to her. I feel my juices flowing down my legs as I watch you pleasure her. Her eyes are transfixed on my mouth pleasuring her man. I take him in and out faster, stroking him in the same rhythm as you pleasure her. He puts his hand on the back of my head gently, resting it there as his hips thrust faster.

“Baby, it feels so good! Mmmmmm,” he moans loudly. I can feel his sac tightening as I continue to caress it. Your pace quickens as does mine. I reach behind and grasp his ass firmly, pulling him harder into me. My nails lightly dig into his flesh as I take him to the back of my throat with each thrust. My tongue swirls around the head, tasting him as droplets of cum surface, only to be dissolved by my saliva. The taste is heavenly.

Your moans grow louder and so do hers. I continue to watch as you drill into her faster, bringing her so much pleasure. “Oh God yes, fuck me hard!” she says in a commanding voice. Her eyes are now fixed on yours, the look of pure lust on her face.

“I’ll fuck you baby, just the way you want,” you say to her and crush your mouth to hers once again pulling her down hard onto you. I am so close to orgasm from tasting him and watching you. I look up at him and he is watching me take him with my mouth, moans growing louder.

“Yea baby, suck it reeeeal good!” he moans, as he thrusts harder and faster into my mouth. I suck him in eagerly, stroking harder.

“Mmmm,” I moan onto his cock, and his hands hold my head firmly in place.

“Harder, faster, fuuuuuuccccckk mmeeeeeee!” she screams, I imagine in orgasm. I hear you grunting and panting as you pump into her faster, frantically. You head is now buried in her neck, kissing and sucking.

He thrusts into me hard and squirts his warm cream into my mouth. “Ohhhhh Yessss baby, drink it all!” he moans loudly and continues to give me more, thrust after thrust.

“Oh God, yesssssss!” I hear as you empty into her, both of you screaming in pleasure. I look up to see the look on her face. It is one of utter satisfaction. I look up at him as he drains himself into my mouth and I swallow every last tasty drop. I am so fucking horny now and I reach down to rub my clit.

“Not this time baby,” he says and grabs me, pulling me to my feet then up to his waist. He thrusts hard into me as I wrap my legs tightly around his body.

“Oh God!” I gasp at the depth and the sensation. Our need has been brewing since that day and no gentleness is wanted right now. He fucks me fast and hard right there just the way we both need it. His hands are on my ass pumping hard and deep with every thrust, hitting my g-spot every time. “Yes baby, oh yes, fuck me good!” I moan as I tilt my head back. “Fuuuuuuckkkkk!” I scream as the orgasm rocks me. My body Betturkey Giriş shudders continually as he continues pumping into me. I feel him lengthen just a bit as my pussy squeezes tight around him and then he cums inside me, thrusting deep. My orgasm continues as I feel his cum, so warm, so wet. I hang limply in his arms as he backs me against the wall to lean against it, trying to catch our breath. I look over at you and she is still wrapped in your arms against the wall, both of you watching us with a huge smile on your faces. I smile and he chuckles. As exhausted as I am, the only thought I have right now is tasting her sweet cunt with my man’s cum in her. She must be thinking the same thing. Our eyes meet and light up with a knowing desire.

I look at you and say, “Take us to the bed baby.”

You guys carry us to the bed and lay us down. I don’t hesitate, pushing her towards the middle of the bed and crawling between her legs up to her mouth. I look at her and say, “I want to taste you soooo bad!”

I see desire, lust, excitement but no hesitation in her eyes. I have never tasted another woman in my life. Oh, I fantasize about it all the time but I have no doubt I can satisfy this woman. I just know, because it feels so right and I have never wanted anything so bad in my life. I take her sweet lips to mine, then run my tongue across her bottom lip and dip inside. She eagerly sucks my tongue in as I reach down and play with her already hard nipples.

“Mmmm,” we moan into each other’s mouths in unison. We both giggle, then I break away and make my way to her nipples, taking each one between my teeth and tugging a little. “Yes,” she purrs and arches toward me, offering. I kiss down her stomach and goose bumps form across her body, which drives me mad. Her skin is so beautiful and so tasty, I feel myself getting wetter as the anticipation builds. I kiss the insides of her thighs and her sweet smell fills my nostrils. When I kiss her clit she jumps at the small movement, which only excites me more. She watches as I lick her sweet lips and her cum soaked hole. I dip my tongue in and lap up some of the juice. She squeals with pleasure and pushes up to my mouth. I lap at her hole again then lick up to her clit, suck a little and lick back down. She is writhing under my touch as I continue to taste and tease.

“Jesus girl, you taste amazing,” I tell her and dive in. I take her clit in my mouth and suck it in along with the sweet aroma of your combined juices. I feel hands on my behind, caressing then spanking. He is behind me, making me even wetter with his teasing. I lick down to her hole again, tasting you in her. The mixture of juices is so intoxicating I could lick her all day. I feel something nudge me and look up to see you there, licking her clit. You will tell me later that you thought I would bite your head off with the look I gave you. A look that told you I didn’t want to share. Your eyes gaze into mine and I see only your eager desire to please. I realize what it is you want and the idea of us sharing this brings me almost to orgasm. I smile and let you share my feast. You lean in and lick her clit as I lick your cum from her sweet hole.

“Oh my God!” she exclaims. I can’t believe the need I feel to make her cum. The taste of you in her is better than anything I’ve ever tasted. I look past you and watch as you dip your cock into her wanting mouth; giving her just a small sample of your manhood. She flicks her tongue at the head to take in a droplet of cum. I see sheer pleasure across her face as you lap at her clit and I tongue her hole. She wiggles more beneath our pleasing mouths.

He spanks me lightly again, kneads my ass in his soft hands then kisses and bites softly. His fingers easily slide inside me as my wetness paves the way. He thrusts them deep and wiggles them around, searching. “Mmmmm,” I moan into her pussy and she bucks at my mouth. I raise my ass up higher wanting his fingers to reach deeper. I slide my tongue in and out faster as you work her clit. I watch as you take it in your mouth and nibble on it. I reach up and lap at the tip with my tongue. You release her for a moment and kiss my lips, licking the juice from them then take her clit back in your mouth. I feel a wet finger enter my ass and slide all the way in. I push back harder wanting more. He fingers my pussy and ass in unison and hits my clit with every thrust. I can’t help but stop licking and get lost in the wonderful sensations. “Oh!” I moan. She bucks at me to get me to take her back in my mouth.

I see she has most of your cock in her mouth now, sucking eagerly. You thrust lightly at her mouth, fucking it as you help me service her. Her hips are now bucking hard and her moans becoming louder. I can tell she is close and push you out of the way with my head. I take her clit in my mouth and shove two fingers inside her. I reach deep inside, thrusting harder each time. He is fucking me hard with his fingers, reaching new depths in my ass. I wiggle it around and push back at him as hard as I can, constantly moaning into her. I think to myself, “I can’t cum without her,” but it feels so damn good. I see you have positioned yourself better above her mouth and are now thrusting hard into her moaning mouth. You can still look over your shoulder and see me. Her hips thrust hard at me as I fuck her faster with my fingers in unison to the fingers that are fucking me. “Mmmmmm,” I moan into her pussy again and again pressing my face harder into her. She is moaning the same onto your cock as you continue to push it in and out of her mouth. You whisper hoarsely, “Oh fuck yeeeeessss.”

I feel her tense at the same time I do, and she takes your cock in deeper and I see her throat muscles contract, swallowing your warm cum. She raises her hips, her stomach tightens and she cums all over my fingers and face. She grabs my head and pulls me harder into her pussy. I suck in every drop that I can. I thrust back at his hands that are pleasuring me and cum all over them. My ass tightens around his fingers and he continues to thrust deep, bringing yet another orgasm. I continue to lap up her juice, sucking her clit as I bring her to another orgasm. I look up at her face and realize you have moved from her mouth and are watching me intently, a huge smile on your face. She is now watching me between her legs as her body shudders. He eases his assault on my pussy and ass and I ease up on her pussy. When she stops writhing under me, I lean up and smile at her. He pulls his fingers from me, swats my ass then kisses it. I make my way up to her lovely mouth and kiss her lips. She runs her tongue across mine then pulls me in for a deeper kiss, tasting herself. “Mmmmm,” she purrs into my mouth.

“Come here baby, I need to fuck you,” we hear coming from the bottom of the bed. We both look, wondering which of us he is referring to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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