Our Family and Our Servant

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.


This is mainly a story of incest and being blackmailed for sex. This has elements of cuckoldry too. Please use your discretion before going through the story. Comments of readers are awaited only in respect of the plot, not on the language. Those who find the language Indianized and clumsy may avoid reading. Happy reading for the willing readers.

I am Harsh, 19 years. I have an elder sister, Nishi, who is 21. We live with our parents who are in their early and late forties and both are working in managerial posts in two different companies.

We live in a duplex residential flat that has two car garages, a store room and a small quarter with toilets for the servant in ground floor. We live in the first floor that has two bedrooms, one study room, kitchen and two wash rooms. Our family’s domestic hand, Krish, 28 years, lives in the ground floor occupying the servant quarter.

Krish was associated with our family since his childhood as his father used to work as a driver for our father and lived in the same quarter in the ground floor. Krish’ mother had died at the child birth and his father brought him up. Me and my sister grew up playing with Krish, whom we looked more as an elder brother than servant.

Krish was sent to an English medium school and was doing well. But after Class XI, he allegedly fell with bad companions, failed in the eleventh exam and left studies for ever. Our parents loved Krish very much having seen him from his birth and wanted him to be self-sufficient. But his leaving school after the school final changed everything. When Krish was about 19, his father died.

Our parents allowed Krish to stay in the same quarter and arranged to engage him in a maintenance shop of two wheelers to learn the job. He got some money as an apprentice and our parents also paid him every month for doing the household jobs like helping our mother in kitchen at night, washing our vehicles, looking after the small garden etc. He used to have his meals with us and nobody treated him as a servant. He used to come upstairs at anytime like a family member, if necessary used to scold me and my sis like an elder brother.

After about two years of apprenticeship, our parents helped him to open a two wheeler repairing garage of his own, near our house and he was doing well in that venture. He also learnt driving car, and occupied his father’s place to drive our car at his free time. For some unknown reasons, we felt that our parents were more than kind to him. It was a feeling that started in me and my elder sis after we completed our school finals. But we never discussed it with our parents. On his part, Krish was always cheerful, obliging and mingled with our family like an insider.

Since we had only two bedrooms in the first floor, from our childhood, I and Nishi shared one and slept on the same bed while our parents used the other. During the winter I and Nishi shared the same quilt or blanket and used to hug each other. Slowly, as we started growing both physically and mentally, we felt uncomfortable in clinging to each other. Both Nishi and me had noticed the changes in the other. Neither our parents thought about it, both being busy with their careers, nor we complained to them anything regarding our uncomfortable feelings. We were busy with our studies and our parents too could not devote much time. It was Krish who actually supervised us.

When I was just 18 years, while fixing a switch in our bedroom, Krish casually expressed his wonder that I and Nishi were still sleeping together. Later, Krish vaguely told me that both I and Nishi had grown up and for our physical changes we should at least sleep on separate beds, if not in separate rooms. I was a fool for my age and couldn’t make out what Krish exactly meant. Krish understood and pointing out at my crotch said in a whispering voice, “Doesn’t that get hard sometimes? There are physical changes both in males and females as they grow up.”

I understood that Krish referred to my erections. But I had never felt any uncomfortable or offensive erection when sleeping with Nisha. So I didn’t pay much heed to his words. However, his words raised curiosity in my mind regarding changes in a female body. That night for the first time I carefully watched my elder sis, Nishi, not directly ofcourse, but discreetly.

For the first time I felt how lovely she had become. Her height was almost equal to mine, 5’5″. Her long black hairs reached her butts. Her lips were thin but juicy. Her boobs had ample growth and I guessed they were 34. I realised Nishi had bloomed but it did not create any forbidden sensation in me. It was while going to sleep that I noticed that she had changed her formal dress and put on a sleeveless night suit without any undergarments. The thin fabric of the tops revealed an outline of her plump boobs with pointed nipples. Magosa Escort I started feeling hot inside though I tried to admonish me for such heat growing in me.

Nishi had been sleeping beside me in similar outfits since years but I was neither aware nor noticed her voluptuous body earlier. I felt tightness in my crotch as my member grew hard at the spectacle. I, however, managed to control my hardness from being revealed over my trousers. But there was no sign of my member cooling down. In the meantime, an accidental scene further aroused my sexual passion.

Nishi had already retired to bed and was talking to a classmate of her while lying on bed. In the process, she had raised her arms above her head exposing her armpits covered in thick hairs to my view. The view of her hairy armpits just made my dick throb in excitement and it rebelled further to be free from the bondage of underpants and it succeeded in peeping out creating a clear tent like structure on my trousers. Fortunately, Nishi was busy in phone call and did not notice the offensive structure created on my trousers.

I stealthily retired to bed and went under the quilt. Nishi had, by that time, ended her phone call and was under the quilt. Once under the quilt, I tried to put back my rebellious dick inside my underpants. As I touched my throbbing cock, I felt an extraordinary pride at my manhood and lovingly caressed it. I was so excited that I knew if I caress it more, I might end up creating a mess. Nishi had noticed my uncomfortable movements under the quilt and asked, “What happened to you?”

I told the partial truth, “Don’t know, having some skin irritation in the groin.”

“It is winter,” Nishi said, “Use moisturizer to avoid dry skin.”

I nodded obediently and stopped caressing my dick. We said good night to each other and put off the light. My member was outside my underpants and stood in full defiance inside my trousers. I let it throb freely there in darkness and imagined how Nishi would look without any clothes. I was jealous about her future husband who would have the rightful claim over her beautiful sexy body.

About an hour passed. Sleep deluded me as my mind was hot thinking of Nishi, her boobs, asses and armpits. Nishi had fallen asleep by then and I often heard her mild snoring. I made sure that she was really asleep and as if in sleep casually placed a hand on her butt. There was no reaction on her part. Slowly my courage grew and lightly embraced her from her back. But I was careful that my hard shaft should not prick her. I was hot inside as I was holding her youthful body, but her body warmth and her fragrance also led to my falling asleep beside her holding her.

Next morning, Nishi awoke first and I felt her gently moving my hands from her so as not to disturb my sleep as she got out of bed. That day after coming from college, I found that Nishi had not returned from her gym exercises. I locked the bedroom door and surveyed her bra and panty. I felt extraordinary excitement as I touched her padded bra and even kissed the inside of her panty, smelling the area, which was slightly discolored, at the point where it rubbed with her pubic area. Before she arrived I was her humble younger brother again except that my cock was hard inside and its tip wet.

That night again I decided to explore her. As we retired to bed, I pretended to feel colder than usual and asked Nishi to hold me tight. Without doubting anything Nishi hugged me to her and we fell asleep, though I was careful not to let her feel my hardness between my legs. At midnight, passion made me wake up. Nishi was fast asleep holding me in her embrace. As if in sleep, I pretended to move my hand to feel her flesh mountains. As Nishi slept without bra, I could feel her lovely nipples. I decided to put my hand inside her loose tops to feel the tenderness of her young boobs. But before I could dare, Nishi turned to her side in sleep so that her back was in front of me. I embraced her from her back and casually rested my palm on one of her flesh mounds. For about a week or so I continued to explore Nishi at night, and in the morning, I used to masturbate while taking bath fantasizing all dirty things about her.

But one night while holding her from her back, my hard dick found its resting place between her ass cheeks and I was mildly rubbing it though I was careful enough not to wake her up. The excitement was too much, and I could not control spurting my load inside my undergarment. I distanced my body from her so that she didn’t wake up and find me in a mess. Later, I cleaned up the mess. In next ten days while sleeping, I had carefully touched her bare boobs, groped her thighs, felt the growth of her asses. But I did everything while pretending to be in deep sleep. It became a regular bedtime game for me.

It was about two months later that when I awoke at around midnight, I tried to move closer to Nishi to feel her youthful Kıbrıs Escort body under the pretext of being asleep. And I was surprised, Nishi was not on bed. It was dark everywhere, so the possibility of her being in toilet was not there. As my eyes got adjusted to darkness, I saw our bedroom door was open. Where could she go? It was the first question that came to my mind. I slowly got down from the bed and without making any noise moved out of bedroom.

Slightly opposite to our bedroom was the bedroom of our parents. The door of their bedroom was on the opposite side of the corridor but at least five feet away from our door. Even in darkness I saw a jumbled up figure there. I moved towards the figure – it was Nishi, watching intently through the keyhole inside the parents’ bedroom. She was so engrossed that she did not notice my movements towards her. As I slowly placed my hand on her shoulder, Nishi was startled and put her fingers on my lips indicating to be quiet and not to make any sound.

I and Nishi returned to our bedroom, put on the light and locked the door. I was surprised to look at her eyes, her glances were full of forbidden passion. She was trying hard to hide her excitement. I looked at her gravely and said, “What were you watching stealthily?”

Nishi at first denied to have stealthily watched and told that she heard an odd loud sound coming from our parents’ bedroom and thought they might have fallen sick or in some danger and ran to watch.

“But then,” I kept grilling, “You should have knocked the door, awakened me. Anyway, perhaps you were nervous. Let us now knock their doors and check if there is anything wrong.”

Nishi severely pleaded not to proceed further into this as this was her mistake and it would not be nice to disturb the parents in their sleep. I wanted to know how did she know that it was a mistake without verifying. Nishi was caught in her own trap and stammered. I kept insisting to wake up our parents to confirm.

Finding that Nishi wanted to avoid reporting it to our parents at any cost, I finally said to her, “In case you wish to keep it unreported, you must tell me frankly what prompted you to peep and what did you really see. I don’t think you can see anything through the keyhole if the lights are off.”

Nishi lowered her glances and took assurances from me that the secret won’t be leaked to anyone. She told me that recently Krish had suggested to her about some intimate relation between a pair of man and woman and suggested vaguely why our parents sleep in a separate bedroom. When she refused to believe, Krish suggested to watch secretly at night. Nishi got curious and at night stealthily left bed to watch our parents. For first two days she saw nothing. She thought Krish had fooled her. But on her third attempt what she saw simply made her feel giddy and excited. Nishi admitted that for about a month since then, after I fell asleep, she walks out of bedroom to watch and except a few days mostly her venture was successful. She was blushing while telling me this much. When I wanted her to describe what she saw, Nishi simply said, “I can’t describe that to you. But don’t dare to peep into the room. You’re still too young for this.”

Forbidden things are always luring. I insisted that either she should tell me what she saw or else I would peep myself to watch. Nishi tried to persuade me not to peep. I got angry and told her that if she would prevent me, I would tell the parents that she was peeping inside their bedroom. Nishi was scared and said to me, “Why don’t you understand? They are having intimate moments with each other, that’s all. There’s nothing special to watch.”

“Then what the hell were you watching for a month?” I asked Nishi, “You admitted about this. Let’s keep it between two of us and watch.”

Nishi looked at me and I gave her a naughty smile suggesting that I fully knew what she was watching and what was going on inside the bedroom. As if totally disappointed to restrain me, Nishi said, “You’re naughtier than I thought to be.”

I gave a nod and gestured her to accompany me towards the bedroom door of our parents. Nishi accompanied me through the dark corridor and once there, I knelt down on the floor adjusting my ears to the keyholes. I could hear moans and grunts coming out of the bedroom and instinctively I knew what was going on. I felt hardness growing in my loins and then adjusted my eyes on the keyhole.

It was winter. But our parents seemed to have defied cold. The blanket was lying at their legs and both were without any clothes. At 44, our mother had maintained her figure. The luscious curves of her body could be seen from the sides even though dad was on her. Her slender naked legs were wrapped round the butts of our 49 years old father, who was lying on her naked body. As the lights were on, I had no difficulty to see what was going on inside the bedroom.

Our mother was lying on her Lefkoşa Escort back completely naked and dad was on her like a hungry tiger holding its prey. They were lip locked and both were vigorously moving their tongues teasing the other. One hand of the father was kneading and fondling the plumpy right flesh mound of our mom while his right hand was tweaking her left nipple most passionately making mom release moans of pleasure and pain intermittently. It was my first ever experience to watch the sexual act of man and woman, of which I was aware only theoretically. It was so exciting that it didn’t bother me that the persons I was watching were my own parents. In fact, the spectacle aroused me so much that I thought if I could have taken my father’s place to use that sexy body for my pleasure. However, my thoughts were distracted as Nishi was pulling me to give her the space to watch.

Both I and Nishi were aware that we were watching the most forbidden thing of the world and should not make any sound or get caught. So reluctantly I moved away allowing Nishi to peep. Nishi’s height made her to bent a little to peep at the level of the keyhole and it just provided another spectacle before me to watch.

As Nishi bent before the keyhole, her cotton night trousers without panties prominently revealed her round humongous asses with her trousers serving as divider between two mountains as her trousers were sticking in the crack between the butts. I eagerly watched the asses of my elder sister as she was busy watching the primitive game that was going on inside the bedroom.

Perhaps she had peeped for five to seven minutes at a stretch after which she beckoned me to be near her to watch something. She moved away to give me access to the keyhole. But as she was moving sluggishly on the floor, careful not to make any noise or sound, her loose night tops gave way to my eyes that could clearly see her tender buxom boobs with her nipples standing out most obstinately and provocatively. I couldn’t take away my glances from what I saw in front of me. My attention at the young and voluptuous boobs of my elder sister delayed my movements to the keyhole. Nisha had noticed my glances and knew what I was watching. She pulled me nearer by holding my ear and whispered, “You’ll find enough time to watch what you’re watching. But just look what is going on inside.”

As she spoke, I could feel her breathing heavily and she was full of excitement at what she had seen. I peeped through the keyhole and my head reeled to watch what I saw. Our father was lying on his back completely nude. His hard cock was like a pendulum moving this way and that. Mother’s head was lying near his crotch and father was caressing her hairs lovingly. Mother was busy, she had taken father’s hard dick in her palms and was caressing it lovingly. I heard her say, “My lovely boss.”

My own cock was in full revolt now. I saw our mother kissing our father’s hard cock and then she pushed her tongue like a slut inside the foreskin that kept the glans covered. She slowly worked her tongue around the cock making the foreskin roll backward and exposing the bulbous pink glans. She caressed them for sometime while dad grunted in pleasure. Then slowly I saw her licking the entire length of his nearly 7.5 inches monster dick. The way dad reacted revealed his extreme excitement. Mom continued to tease his manhood. Dad was restless; sometimes his hands came to tweak hear boobs, sometimes they went down to fondle her asses and it was clear from her facial expressions that mom was enjoying the way dad was caressing her. Both were enjoying in a manner as if there was no next day. Passionate and horny as young lovers, they were almost devouring each other like two wild animals. The intimacy went ahead with mother slowly swallowing part of his manhood in her mouth and started sucking it. I heard father groan and said, “Suck, but don’t make me come inside your mouth like a slut. I prefer your hot pussy instead.”

I saw mom smile and she slowly put his dick out of her mouth. It was still hard and with mom’s saliva it was glistening. I was surprised at the behaviour of our parents, the languages they were using. I knew that sexual intimacy is a basic thing between a couple but I was not aware that couples behave in this way. But more surprise was there for me. My father got up from bed and positioned his two legs on the two sides of our mom and started rubbing his hard wet cock on her nipples. My mother giggled. At this point, Nisha was restless to watch again and started pushing me so that she could occupy the space in front of the keyhole.

I moved slightly to give Nishi a little place and we both decided to look through the small keyhole. Both of us could use half of our one eye to look inside. It was difficult and clumsy but none of us was ready to miss the spectacle of a live blue film going inside. As a result, our heads and cheeks were pressing against each other. I didn’t know about Nishi, but the physical proximity to her, the smell of her hairs and body made me feel horny. On the plea of sharing the keyhole, I hugged her from her left and felt wetness at the tip of my cock. Nishi didn’t object and both of us were busy to see what went inside the bedroom.

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